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7 FASTEST Ways to Mine Diamonds in Minecraft!

Diamonds are rare in Minecraft, but it isnt that difficult to find them. They only spawn at the deepest levels, so you need to grab your best gear and delve deep. You can branch mine or spelunk natural caves, but you have to dig deep to find diamonds in Minecraft one way or another.

How To Get Netherite Ingots In Minecraft

Netherite is an extremely strong material in Minecraft found in the Nether, so it’s a great thing to keep an eye out for while searching for Potion-making ingredients and the like. With Netherite Ingots you can make the very best Minecraft armor and tools. To get Netherite Ingots, you need to mine Ancient Debris in the Nether. Ancient Debris is an ore block that spawns most often at Y-Level 15 in the Nether, much like Diamond in the Overworld. We’ll update this page if this changes with the 1.18 update. Netherite can only be mined with a Diamond Pickaxe or a Netherite Pickaxe.

When the world is generated, Ancient Debris is never spawned next to an open air block – meaning it will almost always be surrounded by other blocks. However, Ancient Debris is blast-resistant, so mining with TNT at Y-Level 15 is actually a decent way of getting your hands on some Ancient Debris.

Ancient Debris can be smelted into Netherite Scraps in a Furnace or Blast Furnace. After that, you can make a Netherite Ingot by combining 4 Netherite Scraps with 4 Gold Ingots in a Crafting Table.

If you’re lucky you can also find some Netherite Scraps as loot inside a Bastion Remnant in the Nether, which you can use to craft more Netherite Ingots.

As This Reduces The Risk Of You Digging Underneath A Lava Pool

Optifine lets you see through lava, ie makes lava translucent and . In minecraft, the diamond level and lava level are the same. This is because lava pools and diamond ore tend to populate the same. Can you find diamonds under lava? It will let you see through the lava to find out what’s underneath. However big the vein of diamond ore you find in minecraft, just make sure there is no lava underneath. There is a way to mine diamond ores below lava lakes using optifine. Minecraft diamond mining tips and tricks. Neat trick you can use to find diamonds and other ore while mining. However, diamonds will spawn anywhere under y=16. Anything below that will just cause the block to break, resulting in no . Minecraft diamonds next to a lava lake . Below we’ll explain the best method for finding and mining diamonds in minecraft 1.17 as well as the upcoming minecraft 1.18, .

Minecraft Diamond Under Lava. Optifine lets you see through lava, ie makes lava translucent and . Minecraft diamond mining tips and tricks. Neat trick you can use to find diamonds and other ore while mining. I m., minecraft answers for the pc. However big the vein of diamond ore you find in minecraft, just make sure there is no lava underneath.

Minecraft diamonds next to a lava lake . Minecraft diamond mining tips and tricks. This is because lava pools and diamond ore tend to populate the same.

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How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft

While Minecraft Netherite is now the strongest material for weapons and armor in Minecraft, Diamonds work as the base and are much easier to acquire in comparison . If you get yourself a full set of Diamond armor and a Diamond sword, plus an Enchanting Table, you’ll be set for any enemy that tries to take you on. Here are some tips for finding Diamonds in Minecraft.

Ultimately, finding Diamonds is luck in Minecraft. There is a method to the madness though only one Diamond vein will spawn per chunk below Y=16, and that vein can be anywhere from 1-10 Diamonds long. So if you decide to clear out an entire chunk, you are guaranteed to find Diamonds inside. It’s a lot of effort for a somewhat small reward though, when you could use a more effective mining style like branch or strip mining. Either way, find enough Diamonds to kit yourself out and you’ll be the envy of the entire server.

How To Check Your Current Mining Level

Diamond Ore

If you are playing on PC, you can check your coordinates at any time by pressing F3. This will bring up the debug screen. Look in the top left corner for the XYZ area . The middle coordinate is your height, and should be around 10 for finding diamonds.

The debug screen is only available on PC. If you are playing Bedrock Edition, PS4 or Xbox, you will need to use other methods. If you are playing on one of the devices that has a map, you should be able to see coordinates there. Otherwise, dig all the way down to Bedrock, then go up again around 5-8 blocks, this is the level where Diamond Ore spawns.

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Best Ways To Find Diamonds In Minecraft


  • Dig the Stone around the Diamonds
  • Finding Diamonds in Minecraft can be a chore, they are rare just like in real life, and as a new player, coming across diamonds can be hard at the start but there are useful ways to know how we can find diamonds just a little bit easier using simple rules and techniques to mine our way into a chunk of Diamonds. We will show you the Best Ways to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

    How Diamond Spawns

    What Y-Level do Diamonds Spawn?

    Diamonds can be found anywhere below Y-Level 16, but the common spawn spots are either Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11, or Y12. They are abundant in these Levels but far from each other, focusing on mining at these Levels will likely have a higher chance in coming across Diamonds.

    In order to make this efficient, we can mine around Y9, Y10, Y11 since its in the middle of the appropriate Y-Levels. We can see both up and bottom levels if we ever struck diamond. The worst thing is digging past a Diamond that is only 1 block away without knowing but mining at the said levels will avoid this problem.

    F3 on Windows or Fn + F3 on Mac to see Level coordinates

    This brings up a detailed informational overview about the game, including your coordinates of your locations. With this, we can see the Y-Level coordinates in the X/Y/Z on the left, which is how youd find the appropriate level for Diamonds on the Y Coordinate.

    How many Diamonds can spawn per chunk?

    Common Diamond Spawns

    Lava Lakes
    Spawned Chest
    • Villages

    Mining Methods

    Other Ways Of Finding Diamonds

    While the world generation changes for update 1.18, the structures and treasures are more or less the same. If you run far enough, youll come across villages or even desert temples with some valuable loot. Unfortunately, netherite cannot be found in loot chests in the overworld, but the best you can find is diamonds, which is necessary to create netherite. Gold and Iron isnt too uncommon either.

    Youre likely to come across these structures if you spawn in a desert biome

    Desert temples are quite noticeable due to their size, but also something players should keep an eye open for. Sadly, theres only a 6.3% chance of diamonds spawning in the chests inside. On the other hand, each temple contains 4 chests, which increases the chance. Desert pyramids are fairly common and youre likely to spot several ones if you run through a desert. Theres also an 18% chance of finding gold ingot.

    Even though some players tend to see gold as a somewhat useless ore, its still a key resource to crafting netherite ingot. In fact, desert temples are most useful at the very beginning in your newly created world because its relatively easy to find and instantly loot. That does not change the fact that its a very inefficient way to find diamonds once youve gathered resources and can explore deeper down.

    Treasure maps are everywhere and youll most probably find diamonds here

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    Mining In Nether In 118

    Surprisingly, as I am typing this now, Mojang has still not intended to change the range of the nether y-axis. Neither have the developers gone out to the community and stated something or given hints. It might actually be a little tricky because, unlike the overworld, nether has a roof. Strangely enough, you can enter the area above the nether roof using a glitch. The question is how should the developers change the world generation if people have already started building things on the roof? Only a Minecraft developer can tell.

    Ancient debris blends in really well with netherrack

    With that being said, whether the generation for ancient debris changes or not, there are still only a few ways to effectively find them. The first way is to simply create a ton of pickaxes and dig through the entire layer y=15. Preferably enchanted with mending because we all know how short pickaxes last in the nether. Or you can start using a much more efficient tool bed.

    Where To Dig For Diamonds


    Every “Minecraft” world is divided into layers think of it like altitude. Sea level in “Minecraft” is roughly layer 64, for instance.

    Diamonds only spawn at layer 15 and lower, and most commonly between layers 12 and 5. This is pretty deep, almost down to the very bottom of the world.

    Quick tip: If you’re not sure what layer you’re on, you can check the debug menu, also known as the F3 screen. This menu shows you your exact coordinates, as well as a wealth of other information.

    You can open the debug menu by pressing F3 on a PC, or Fn + F3 on a Mac. Your current layer is the Y coordinate in this image, 12.0000.

    To get there, find a cave, or start digging diagonally down into the earth. Never dig straight down if you accidentally dig through the ceiling of a cave, you could find yourself falling into lava, or into a massive ravine. Place torches as you go to light the way and track your route.

    As you go, you’ll likely run into enemies like spiders, skeletons, zombies, and witches. Stay alert and either avoid these enemies you’ll usually be able to see or hear them before they notice you or carefully take them down.

    If you need to run, use your blocks to build a tower and escape to higher ground just don’t slip and get killed by the fall damage. Or if you’re at a dead end, quickly mine into a wall and then place blocks to seal the exit.

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    Where Else Can You Get Diamonds In Minecraft

    While branch mining is the fastest, most foolproof way to find diamonds in Minecraft, it isnt your only option. If the thought of mindlessly digging endless parallel shafts to find a vein of diamonds bores you to death, you might want to try a different option. These options take longer and arent guaranteed to pay off, but they do provide some variety.

    Here are the other ways to get diamonds in Minecraft:

    • Spelunk natural caves: Look for natural caves, and traverse them. If a natural cave goes deep enough, you may find veins of diamonds there.
    • Explore abandoned mines: Chests in abandoned mines sometimes contain diamonds in addition to tons of other great loot.
    • Look for villages: Chests in villages can also contain diamonds, so check them if you find them.
    • Go exploring: Several other biomes and unique locations can have chests with diamonds in them. Look for Bastion Remnants, Desert Temples, Jungle Temples, Shipwrecks, and Strongholds. If youre further in the game, you can also look in Nether Fortresses and End Cities.

    Bring Plenty Of Torches

    In Minecraft, you can rarely have too many torches. It may not be as much of an issue when mining in a controlled and personally crafted mine, but if the mining is conducted in a naturally occurring cave system, those torches can disappear quickly.

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    Players who may not like carrying stacks of torches may want to consider carrying the raw materials used for crafting them instead. Either way, the light in Minecraft can make the difference between returning home with diamonds and shutting off the console due to the anger from dying to an enemy.

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    How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft On Ios And Android

    Mining on mobile may be slightly awkward if youve spent most of your time playing Minecraft on a PC, Mac, or console.

    However, the mining process remains the same. iOS and Android devices use the Minecraft Bedrock Edition engine. The core game, its features, and spawn locations stay the same.

    Do most of your mining at levels 11 or 12 on the Y-axis to find diamonds faster.

    Where Does The Warden Spawn In Minecraft


    The Warden will spawn in a new biome called the Deep Dark. This is found in the deepest part of the Overworld, near the Bedrock layer. As you explore the Deep Dark, you will find Sculk growth, which is a new type of block that will come to Minecraft alongside the Warden.

    As you move around and make sounds, the vibrations that you make will travel through Sculk growth and work their way through the Deep Dark. As the vibrations travel, the Warden will hear the movement and come to investigate.

    Very little is known about the Deep Dark yet, but it does seem to contain some valuable loot. In the first look at Minecraft 1.18 shared during Minecraft Live 2020, we got a glimpse at some chests hidden within the Deep Dark. If you are brave enough to sneak around, and skilled enough to avoid the Warden, you might find some valuable treasure to take back home.

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    What Level Should I Mine For Diamonds 2021

    Diamonds cannot naturally spawn in any level above 16. Although the starting point is level 16, diamonds are most commonly found at levels 5-12. One specific level that players have said tends to be the most abundant for diamonds is level 11. Players should just be careful when mining, as lava spawns around this area.

    Don’t Be Afraid To Use Minecarts

    Redstone is a resource in Minecraft that seems complicated and only something smarter players can and should use, but that’s not the case. It’s really easy to understand and pairing it with a minecart can make traversing a personal mine pretty quick and seamless.

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    The motion of running down a flight of stairs, only to run back up gets tedious. Using minecarts can allow players to check their phone for a second, or simply take a drink or eat a snack while allowing the whole process to become an automated event.

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    Once You Get To Layer 15 Keep Digging

    You’re getting awfully close to diamond territory at layer 15, but go ahead and keep digging. Layer 12 is when diamonds, indicated by blue flecks, start to make more appearances. And there’s less lava on layers 11 and 12 than others, so that’s probably your best bet for a large mining operation.

    Remember that diamonds are rare, even in low layers. It might take a long time for you to find any. And of course, there’s always a chance that you won’t find any at all before you need to head back home.

    But once you find diamond ore, mine it with the iron pickaxe and collect your prize. Most diamond comes in a “vein,” meaning that there will be multiple diamond ore blocks connected to one another. Mine all the diamonds you can see, and then move on.

    What Is The Best Y Level For Diamonds

    Minecraft But Mining Diamonds Multiplies Health!

    The ideal levels to find diamonds in Minecraft

    Diamonds can only spawn anywhere between Y levels of 16 and below. Players will never find diamonds above level 16. They will only be seen at the bottom of caves and ravines. Diamonds are very commonly found on levels 5-12, but they are very abundant on levels 11 and 12.

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    Minecraft Caves And Cliffs: New Best Level For Strip Mining

    Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs update is expanding the world’s depth by 60 blocks meaning there is a new level for players to strip mine for diamonds.

    The Caves and Cliffs update is making some major changes to Minecraft, including how players will mine for precious materials and ores. One of the biggest changes the update is making to Minecraft is increasing the maximum height and depth of worlds. This not only allows players to build higher and dig deeper than ever before but also changes where players can strip mine to find the most diamonds.

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    Currently, diamonds are the most precious resource in Minecraft. Even with the addition of Netherite, the new item is useless without diamonds. However, diamonds are rare materials that are hard to find. Players have found that the best level to strip mine for diamonds before the Caves and Cliffs update was Y-level 12, but with the additional 60 levels added to the world’s depth that has changed. This guide will show players the new best level to mine diamonds while also explaining a better way to obtain them.

    Changes In Ore Distribution

    In update 1.18, the distribution of ores changes as the y-axis of the map extends. Most logically, bedrock should be found when y=0, but the numbers go negative now, down to -64. Also, the other end of the y-axis extends to 320. Looking at the data below, you can see the most common altitude to spot each ore.

    • Diamond: y=-63
    • Coal: Between y=136 to 190

    New ore distribution is way more complex than previously

    Diamonds, for instance, have the highest probability to generate at the very bottom of the world, but may still be found in y=15 as previously. Just not at the same frequency any longer. As for ancient debris, which is not displayed in the map above, it remains unchanged. Its not entirely restricted to level y=15 in the nether, but its rather the average altitude to find such ore. Please note that this distribution applies to Java edition users. Despite the Bedrock edition being very similar, the distribution of some ores differ.

    You may also wonder how in the world youre supposed to find emerald or iron in such high altitudes? Although y=255 is likely to be far above the surface, its important to remember that emeralds only generate in mountain biomes. That means youre meant to dig inside the mountains and not straight down.

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