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Tips For Getting Popular

How To Advertise your Minecraft Server – Best Tips And Tricks
  • Be unique! Why should players join your server instead of the others? Your server needs to be different and fill a need that is going unfilled.
  • Encourage Referrals. You should reward your players when they bring their friends to the server. This encourages word-of-mouth recruitment which shouldnt be underestimated. Just make sure the rewards are large enough that its worth it for players to participate.
  • Show off your server. If you want new players to join, you have to convince them that your server is the best option. Make sure you create a Minecraft server website to promote your features and showcase screenshots.
  • Have Active Staff! This is probably one of the #1 factors in the success of a server. Ive played on so many servers that were incredible, but once the admins stopped adding updates and events, everyone started to leave!

Minecraft Server Advertising: The Ultimate Guide

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Launching your very own Minecraft server is not an easy thing to do. Despite what you may think, or how skilled you are technically, gaining players can be tough! Thankfully, there are lots of different tools and resources you can leverage to boost your player count.

Lets dive into some popular methods of Minecraft server advertising. The more of these you do, the better your chances of gaining new players.

Ways To Advertise Your Community Discord Server

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat app thats free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Its perfect for gamers looking to connect with other players online or just hang out with friends in real-time. And it has tons of great features like channels, video chat, screen sharing, and more!

We have many different ways you can advertise your server through ServerTilt. Our ambition is to meet and exceed the standards of our visitors, becoming the go-to directory for gamers worldwide who look for a curated and premium list of servers so they can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. Check out our website now to find out how you can get started today.

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How To Keep Players On Your Minecraft Server

After taking the effort to attract people to your Minecraft server, you will want sure to keep them coming back. The best community servers are always full of life. Projects are completed faster and friendships are made over the slaying of the wither. Here are a few ways you can entice people to stay:

Ask yourself what you would want from a server and take the time to create those aspects for your community. Look at other successful servers to see what they helped them succeed. Get feedback from your moderators periodically to find out what things you can do to improve it so that you can continually attract new players over time.

How To Advertise Your Minecraft Server


Minecraft servers are best when you get to play and enjoy the game with more players. For new server owners, it can be challenging to get players into your server which is why we will guide you through some tips and tricks to jump-start your very own Minecraft server community.

Our checklist below will help you prepare your server to make it more appealing and ensure player retention. It is recommended to go over this listbeforeyou advertise your server.

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Join Minecraft Server Lists

Another method to help gain users is to promote your server in places that there is an abundance of them. Believe it or not, people are actually already looking for your server! No matter how new, old, great, or rusty it is… There are people out there that want to play it. All you have to do is get the link in front of them.

One of the best ways to do that would be adding your server to as many server lists as possible. There are a lot of servers so be sure to follow the next step and enable votifier as well. You’ll want to get your users to vote on server lists because the higher you rank, the higher chance you have of gaining new users.

There are many server lists but the following are some of my personal suggestions:

Stream Minecraft On Twitch Or Mixer

Both Twitch and Mixer are great avenues to meeting and connecting with other gamers. Entertaining streamers who can engage with their community can grow their channels while also growing their server. Many Minecraft viewers actively look for streamers who are playing on multi-player servers they can join.

The best way to add them to the server while you are streaming is to give your moderators whitelisting permissions. Make sure that your Minecraft rules are clearly listed when people log on to the server. You can also post them on your stream channels profile and your communitys Discord server.

In our opinion, streaming is one of the best ways to promote your Minecraft server, and with subscriptions and donations, you may earn enough to upgrade your server further.

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Before You Start Advertising

Before you even start advertising it is important that your server is ready for the players. Both if the server can handle it, but also that the players will stay. This is where having fun and engaging gameplay comes to play. You want the players that connect for the first time to stay, and later invite their friends, who invite their friends.

Advertising Your Minecraft Serverprint

How to advertise a Minecraft Server
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Looking to advertise your Minecraft server and need help on where to start? You’re in the right place! To advertise your server, we would recommend these different ways you can help advertise and grow your server to gain more players and grow your community.

Minecraft Server Listing Websites

Minecraft server listing websites allow you to list your server to be seen by others publicly! Most server list websites also include a voting system that can be hooked into the NuVotifier/Votifier plugin on your Minecraft server to give players rewards for voting. You can learn more about NuVotifier/Votifier below.


Bumping Your Minecraft Server Listing

Some Minecraft server listing websites include a bumping feature. This bumps your server to the top of the recently updated servers list. On PlanetMinecraft, you can bump your server by editing it and going to this area:

NuVotifier/Votifier Voting on Server Listing Websites

As mentioned above, Votifier is a fantastic way to promote voting on your server and improve your server’s ratings on server listing websites.

You can learn how to set up NuVotifier/Votifier on your server by using this guide!

Social Media/Community Sites

This helps in collecting community feedback, hosting fun events like building contests, and even just playing with your community!

Here are examples of our social media and our Discord:

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Lets Be Real This Can Be Hard

These are the basic components of what you need to advertise your server.

However, I need to be real with you after being part of an advertising and marketing position for two years I can say that its not easy. Youll have to endure moments of drama, down periods of inactivity, numerous mistakes and heavy decisions made by you and your team over the course of the period. Teams will fall and rise from mismanagement, a loud and toxic minority can corrupt a plentiful basket, and the list of what can happen can go on and on. Any factor can come into play, and it will kick you down or block you from a goal you had in mind.

And its frustrating, especially when youve worked hard only to see your money and effort doing nothing but wasting your time when the results arent satisfactory. That doesnt mean you shouldnt give up though. I have surveyed a lot of servers in the community, and theres one thing that keeps a plentiful amount of them alive: mindset.

Each obstacle isnt seen as a waste of time or development, but a moment to learn for the long-term. Instead of saying, it didnt work, we cant do it now, they say this didnt work but heres what weve learned.

They see failure as not a moment of grief but a moment of redirection a change in their trajectory to their goal as developers, and it goes the same for advertisers.

Make Youtube Videos Showcasing Your Server

Start a YouTube channel and upload Minecraft compilations, pranks, or how-to videos. Find an editor who understands how to appeal to other Minecraft players. Ask others on the server to share the videos to find a larger audience. Watch other Minecraft videos to find out the type of content that gamers seek out. Find your own way to create similar content.

If other people on your server are interested in creating their own YouTube channels, collaborate with them to make entertaining content. As people connect with you, they will naturally want to play with you and will join your community server.

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Register To Server Lists

There are dozens of Minecraft Server Lists available, which you can register your server too. That way, they appear in their directories which other players often look through. These Server Lists allow you to categorize your server, so that its modes and versions can be displayed, allowing users to filter through them.

Its a good idea to have an eye-catching banner, one in a GIF format is a good choice. Some server lists also rank servers by their uptime, so having your server online 24/7 is also recommended. Or some lists also use Votifier, where players on your server can do the /vote command.

Consistency Needs To Thrive

Guide to Advertising a Minecraft Server for Free ...

Consistency can be implemented into your advertisements just continuous posts and updates and thats fine. It should be simple enough for you to follow through on regularly, but were going to be talking about player base consistency. Its one of the hardest parts of managing a server: the ability to keep them without worrying that theyll just leave and never come back. Worse-case scenario, they say theyll come back giving an excuse to why theyre leaving and then drop off the face of the Earth forever.

Well, that does sound daunting, but the first thing we have to learn is that you cant appease everyone.

Some people just want to watch the world explode.

People will come and go, talk crud or talk gold, and youll be the one who has to handle their presence on your game. Forming a community needs you involved in the mix, because youre the server owner and if you cant talk to your own players then whats the point? Your potential players are the ones thatll give the constructive criticism , giving you a source of feedback to how one can improve your community and the first impression of your server.

This is where we can finally say our last tip: encourage the word-of-mouth.

You have no idea how effective direct communication and referrals can be. In a previous survey Ive done with my current server, Ive noticed how major the presence of word-of-mouth is.

Out of 50 responses, we got 19 people telling us that theyve been referred to the server by someone else.

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B: Getting The Message Across

This is, in my opinion, something easy to achieve, but something most server owners get horribly wrong.

First of all, it goes without saying, make sure your banner looks good. Nobody is gonna click on a blurry,stretched banner that has nothing more than a stock image you got off of Google and some 90s gradient fonttaken straight from MS office.

This aside – check out this screenshot. It’s an older screenshot from the survival servers list I’ve circled ingreen where eye lands when looking at each banner.

OhhGee has, by far, my favorite banner on the website, and is the one I provide as an example to everyserver owner asking for help with optimization. Calamity have been following my advice on banner design eversince joining the website and they haven’t looked back.

Most players who visit that specific page are gonna be looking for a “survival Minecraft server”. So, mygeneral rule of thumb is, give them giant letters saying “survival”. That’s what they’re looking for. Ifyour banner looks cool, they’ll click on it to learn more.

  • They’re not looking for your logo
  • They’re not looking for your server’s name
  • They’re not looking for a fancy pyramid
  • They ARE looking for survival.

Advertising : How Do I Bring People To My Minecraft Server

Advertising is a hard topic for many server owners, business opportunists, and aspirational developers something about the topic seems so stupefying to us because trying to bring in an audience is hard.

You probably had those moments where you bunched in your money and used it to gain advertising services or just overall worrying over how one could attract such an audience without much money in your budget. For a good majority, it also leads to crucial moments of disappointment: YouTubers attracted many new players but only a few were long-term, server lists gave you one month of exposure while sucking your wallet, and the story is the same on and on from there.

Sad Steve is sad when money goes to waste.

Then that begs the question: How can you bring these people in?

Is there a formula to this? A pattern? Manipulation? Black magic? A sacrifice?

You dont really need voodoo or some type of witchcraft to pull in customers , because there is a way to gain the attention of many even with a slim budget.

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Lets Talk About Exposure

This can be clarified in a few ways: exposure can mean the number of platforms used for gaining viewership or the contacts one has made whilst on their journey for self-improvement of their business. Either way, theyre important to the growth of your service.

Why? Because connections are really important to the concept of spreading your name around. You cant just sit on your chair and wait for some sort of Marketing Santa to grant you the gift of a million unique views in just a day hard work needs to be put into action, and if its not, the results wont appear.

The Marketing Santa may look cheery, but hes not very generous.

With that said, well go over platform exposure first.

Platform exposure is the hardest part of this process, not only because of the constant social media diving but the community managing youll need to do to keep yourself up to date with the world. Ever since the World Wide Web came into fruition, however, its easy to find social media websites that allow advertising of specific criteria, so you shouldnt have much hassle with finding good sources of Minecraft players that are craving for a new experience.

If you do want a list of free sources to look through, heres a shortlist:

    If youre wanting to delve deeper into contacts, then I would suggest keeping an eye on a few platforms of interest:

    Promote On Minecraft Forums

    HOW TO:Advertise Your MineCraft Server For Free!

    Find new Minecraft friends by posting on Minecraft forums. Make sure that you read the rules and dont promote if it breaks the rules. Be active on the forums and help new players where you can. As your reputation in that forum grows, people will be more likely to check out your server.

    If you or your community complete an especially difficult build, take screenshots of your creation and post it with a description. Pay special attention to any special details, such as intricate Redstone work or aesthetically pleasing rooms.

    When promoting your server, make sure to mention the following features:

    • The average number of players online.
    • Community rules.
    • The theme of your server.
    • Mode and difficulty of the game.
    • Discord server link .

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    Advertising On Server Lists

    Server lists are an easy way for potential players to find your server. Don’t, however, go for a large server list where your server will get buried down at spot #12045 – try to find a relatively new yet respectable list website. That way you’ll have plenty of traffic at your disposal, yet you won’t have to compete against giant well-established server networks.

  • 1Design a nice eye-catching banner for your server. Make sure it’s in the right dimensions and has a pretty good visual representation of what your server is about. Some listing websites allow animated banners, but some don’t, so if you go for an animated banner, make sure you have a static alternative!
  • 2Plan out and write a detailed description about your server’s game-play and unique features. Unlike a forum post, however, stuff like your server’s IP or website can usually be filled in on a special form – people have a short attention span, don’t make it even shorter by being repetitive. Take advantage of the clean layout a server list provides, and use your description to write interesting facts about your server.
  • 3Make sure to fill out any forms the server list allows, like Video and Discord server links. They help with user engagement. It’s one thing finding a listing with “just another PvP Minecraft server”, and another one finding a server with a video trailer where an active friendly community and impressive buildings are shown, with a link to join Discord directly.Advertisement
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    • make a minecraft forums signature
    • make a thread on the minecraft forums about your server
    • post on server-listing sites like Minestatus or PlanetMinecraft
    • if your good with videos make a youtube account for your server
    • spread the word in person to friends you know play minecraft
    • set up a reward system that rewards people for recruiting new people to the server.

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