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Minecraft 1.20 Update | EVERYTHING WE KNOW! (News, Leaks, & Theories)

The official release date for the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update is Tuesday, June 7th, 2022, whilst the release time for the upcoming update is expected to be 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM BST. This is the time in which new snapshots are released each week, and will likely be the release time for the 1.19 update.

Should a more official release time be announced by Mojang Studios for the Minecraft 1.19 update, we will be sure to update this article.

Well now youve gone and done it All that noise youve been making has awoken the warden!Will you test your courage in #TheWildUpdate? Coming June 7!

New Blocks And Items In Minecraft 119

  • Froglights
  • If you manage to get a frog to eat a magma cube, youll be treated to it giving you a frog light.
  • Boats with chests
  • Keep exploring the vast oceans and murky swamps with a handy chest to store what you find.
  • Swift Sneak enchantment
  • To fight against the Warden, youll need to be quiet and stealthy. So what better way to do this than enchant yourself to be a bit quicker.
  • Sculk Catalyst block
  • When an enemy dies near these blocks, it changes the rest of the blocks around it into sculk. Breaking open a sculk catalyst will drop the experience points it has harvested from the dead enemies.
  • Sculk Sensor
  • Used to summon a warden when it detects you nearby.
  • Mud block

Echo Shards And Recovery Compass

As you explore the Deep Dark, you’ll find treasure chests. Within, you might find a new item called Echo Shards. Echo Shards are small dark crystals that you can use to craft a Recovery Compass. To do this, place a regular Compass in the centre of a Crafting Table and then eight Echo Shards around the edge.

A Recovery Compass will point players who have previously died to their last death location. This makes it easier than ever to collect your loot after you die. This will prove especially useful for those who enjoy mining, as the risk of falling to your death and losing everything after finding Diamonds is suddenly a lot less scary.

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Minecraft 119 Prerelease: How To Download The Prerelease Version Of The Wild Update

While The Wild Update doesn’t release until June 7th, those playing Minecraft Java Edition on PC can download and play a prerelease version of Minecraft 1.19 right now. The prerelease version includes many of the additions coming in the full release of The Wild Update, allowing you to see the new biomes, mobs, blocks, and items before they officially release for everyone next week.

To download the latest Minecraft 1.19 prerelease, simply open the Minecraft Launcher and select Minecraft Java Edition. From there, go to the Installations menu on the top bar and then tick the Snapshots box on the right. This will allow you to download Minecraft 1.19 and play early.

Prerelease versions can corrupt current worlds, so make sure you make a backup or start a new world that you aren’t worried about.

That’s everything you need to know about Minecraft 1.19. If you’re eager to get back into Minecraft before The Wild Update launches, take a look at our list of the best seeds in Minecraft to get the best start. If you want to start experimenting with lighting to find the perfect glow before 1.19 launches properly, take a look at our list of the best Minecraft shaders.

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Minecraft The Wild Update Release Time And Date

What Is The Next Minecraft Update 1.17

    The Minecraft The Wild Update is available now for all players to download. The long-awaited Wild update, which was supposed to have some features launch with the previous Caves and Cliffs two-parter update, introduces two new biomes and some new mobs to Minecraft. Youll be able to explore the Mangrove Swamp biome, meet item-gathering Minecraft Allay mobs, and sneak your way through the Deep Dark biome, avoiding the new Warden mobs. Also, there are Minecraft frogs! Heres what you need to know about when the Minecraft Wild Update releases.

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    Point Of Interest Types

    • Removed `unemployed` and `nitwit` `point_of_interest_types`
    • Added tag `point_of_interest_type/acquirable_job_site` for all job sites seeked by villagers with `none` profession
    • Added tag `point_of_interest_type/village` for PoI that are part of village
    • Added tag `point_of_interest_type/bee_home` for all PoI targeted by bees

    Don’t Want: Redstone Changes

    Redstone is the Minecraft equivalent of electronic wiring, which in itself is quite complex to learn and master. Simple constructions can really make a survivor’s life a lot easier, but unless you’re a bit of a genius, most of us have no clue what most of the items do or how to make them. Redstone wiring is a bit of a niche thing, and outside of making the simplest mob grinders and experience farms, we probably don’t need anymore complex Redstone functionalities to further confuse us. If anything, a guidebook would be much appreciated, Mojang!

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    What Are The Features And Gameplay Of The Wild Update For Minecraft

    The Wild Update may not be quite as grand in scale as the highly ambitious Caves and Cliffs Update that predates it, but it still contains a plethora of brand-new features and improvements to Minecraft. As Mojang Studios divulges more details on what’s included in The Wild Update, we’ll update the below sections with everything we learn. With new biomes, mobs, blocks and items, and several other changes, The Wild Update is another exciting addition to everything that makes Minecraft great.

    Dripstone Caves And The Deep Dark Biome

    What Will Minecraft Update Next? 1.17 To 1.19 Theme Potential

    Dripstone Caves are now in Minecraft as of the 21w37a snapshot. Though the stalagmites and stalactites did make it into 1.17, theyre also what will make the Dripstone Caves stand out. Destroying the blocks at the top of the stalactites will drop the rest from above. On the other hand, Stalagmites act like spikes and can hurt friends and foes alike. Stalactites also drip water, so you can use a bucket to collect the water. This gives you a renewable source of water.

    You can combine multiple stalagmites and stalactites to make them as long as you can imagine. Stalactites will not only drip water, but they can also drip lava, which you can collect in a cauldron placed below it, just in case you need it for later. Its also worth noting that the dripstone will break if you throw a trident at a pointed dripstone. You can also find more copper ore here than in normal caves.

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    Minecraft 119 New Content: New Biomes And The Warden

    In an official announcement from Mojang, we learned a little bit about what to expect from the Minecraft 1.19 update before it officially released. For starters, there are two new Overworld biomes called the Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamp.

    As the name implies, the Deep Dark can be found in an underground area below the surface. In the Deep Dark, youll be able to find new items like sculk blocks. But watch out while youre exploring, because you might run into a new mob called the Shrieker. Youll have four shrieks to escape it, or youll come face to face with The Warden.

    The other new biome in the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update is Mangrove Swamp. This is a much more calming biome compared to the Deep Dark and is full of lots of foliage and the new mangrove trees. These massive trees will introduce a new type of wood to Minecraft as well as the mud block. Naturally, youll also be able to craft a mud block with dirt and water.

    In addition to the new biomes, The Wilds update also introduces three new mobs. Perhaps the biggest is the highly anticipated Warden, which is a challenge unlike any have ever seen, according to Mojang. The Warden resides in the Deep Dark biome and you can only escape it by using your stealth skills.

    What Is The Release Date For The Wild Update In ‘minecraft’

    After much anticipation, the Wild update is finally confirmed to be released on June 7, 2022, for both the Java version and Bedrock version of Minecraft. While those who have been playing the Java version of the game have been able to get a sneak preview of the update in various previews, the entire update will be available to all players, regardless of what platform they’re playing on starting June 7.

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    Minecraft 119 The Wild Features

    Here’s all the latest news and details on The Wild update including the 1.19 release date, new biomes, Minecraft mobs, features, and more

    So you want to know about the Minecraft 1.19, The Wild update? First announced in October 2021, The Wild update is a major addition to the Java edition of the beloved sandbox game and it is now live.

    The update includes a bunch of new features, from new biomes such as the Deep Dark and Mangrove swamp, new Minecraft mobs like The Warden and the allay mob, which won the Minecraft mob vote in 2021. The Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update also features new world generation such as ancient cities that spawn in the Deep Dark an area that only spawns underground. The Deep Dark also features new items like echo shards and disc fragments.

    You can make clay or mud brinks thanks to the new Mud block, which you craft by mixing soil with water. There’s also a new enchantment, and Frogs will debut during this update. Heres everything we know about the Minecraft 1.19 release date, as well as a summary of the key features.

    Minecraft’s The Wild Update Releases On June 7


    As you no doubt noted by the headline, The Wild Update is coming to Minecraft on June 7.

    The Wild Update will come with two new biomes: the deep dark and the mangrove swamp. The deep dark lies below the surface To get there, you will need to find the base of a cave and start digging. It is the only place where you will find sculk blocks.

    One of the things you will notice about this biome is how silent it is – until you set off a shrieker. Triggering the creature will give you only four chances to get away from it. If you by chance make it shriek a fourth time and don’t get out of there quick enough, you will come face to face with the only mob that dwells in the deep dark.

    The other biome, the mangrove swamp, is full of large trees with big roots. They bring a new type of wood that you can use to build with alongside the new mud block. You can build the mud block using dirt and water.

    While in the mangrove swamp, you can use a boat to travel across the place, and it contains a which you can fill.

    The Wilds Update also comes with new mobs. These are the warden, the allay, and the frog that you can feed tiny slimes. The frog is actually more than one mob as it comes in three forms: frogspawn, tadpole, and adult frog.

    Announced during MineCon Live 2021, come June 7, you can download The Wild Update for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Minecraft: Java Edition on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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    The next major change to Minecraft will be the 1.19 update, which has just been released into the game! Heres everything you need to know about it.

    Known as The Wild Update, the latest update in Minecraft has many new elements that Minecraft players around the world cant wait to sink their teeth into.

    Heres everything you need to know about the Minecraft 1.19 update, including the release date, all new features and more.

    What Is The Wild Update For Minecraft

    The Wild Update is Minecraft’s 2022 titular release, and will bring new levels of polish and quality to the game after the fundamental shifts and changes introduced in the gargantuan Caves and Cliffs Update. The Wild Update will be smaller than its predecessor, but will also have a finer focus on parity between Bedrock and Java Editions of Minecraft, achieving a greater level of quality for new and existing features, and making Minecraft’s Overworld a more exciting and diverse place with which to explore and interact.

    The Wild Update was announced during Minecraft Live 2021, The Wild Update will follow 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Update Part Two, still slated for release later in 2021, with a fresh batch of additions and features for all platforms Minecraft is available. It will also likely introduce the winner of the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote, alongside all the other changes and brand-new features.

    On the surface, The Wild Update may not be as immediately exciting as the Caves and Cliffs Update’s major shifts to world generation and mining , but it’ll still contain plenty to get players excited. The Wild Update will, hopefully, do nothing but contribute to why Minecraft is the greatest game ever made. As we learn more about The Wild Update and everything it entails, we’ll continuously update this space with all the information we have.

    You can see more concept art for The Wild Update below.

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    Changes To Minecraft Terrain Limits

    As of Minecraft snapshot 21w37a, all of the terrain changes and ore distribution updates are now here. You can get a full list of these changes at the official site, but here are some highlights of the new changes to mountains, rivers, and caves.

    It would not be easy to implement with the current terrain height limitations, so these are changing to allow for the underground biomes. You may have heard Y=0, this refers to the coordinates you can enable in the options menu, and the Y axis shows the vertical distance. The lowest Y axis block distance limit will change to -64 in the upcoming update, giving you a large number of blocks to dig into. This is where youll encounter Deepslate blocks, including new varieties of Minecraft copper, iron, and gemstone blocks.

    The same can be said for the maximum height, as the new highest Y axis block distance limit is 255, and this means there are new snowy biomes to explore:

    Sculk Sculk Catalysts And Sculk Shriekers

    Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update: Part II – Official Trailer

    We’ve mentioned Sculk in other sections above, but here’s a brief breakdown if you skipped down to see what new blocks are coming. Sculk is a strange material found throughout the Deep Dark. As you move, vibrations generate and spread through Sculk blocks. If these vibrations ripple through to a Sculk Shrieker, it will emit a ‘shriek’. If there are multiple shrieks in succession, the Warden will emerge nearby and hunt down the players.

    The tricky thing to manage when in the Deep Dark is the spread of Sculk as you explore. You will find Sculk Catalysts throughout the Deep Dark which, when a mob dies nearby, will cause Sculk to grow on the surrounding mobs. If you spend a long time underground exploring the Ancient Cities and collecting treasure, the spread of Sculk over time will make it increasingly difficult to survive.

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    Minecraft 119 Update Release Date

    The Minecraft 1.19 update released on June 7, 2022 across all platforms. The Wild update brings new biomes, mobs, and blocks to the game. This update was first announced in October 2021 at Minecraft Live 2021 and promised to bring the highly-anticipated Warden as well as two new Overworld biomes, and more.

    Minecraft 119 Release Date: When Does The Wild Update Come Out

    The Minecraft 1.19 release date is finally locked in, with Mojang confirming that The Wild update will be available to download this week.

    The June 2022 launch time for the next major blocky expansion has taken a long time to confirm, and fans will be eager to how the new Biomes and Mobs function throughout the altered world.

    As usual, some items have not made it into the final package, but that doesnt mean fans wont be counting down to when they can install The Wild onto their chosen devices.

    Heres more on when Minecraft: The Wild update will be available to download across PlayStation, Xbox and PC devices.

    Minecraft | Caves & Cliffs Update: Part II Official Trailer

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    What’s New In The Minecraft The Wild Update

    There are all sorts of new goodies coming to the game with Minecraft The Wild update, including several fresh biomes to explore from lush Mangrove swamps to creepy underground cities. New types of blocks will open up extra crafting and building options, while additional animals provide more wildlife to populate your worlds. But beware, as there’s a ghastly new mob lurking beneath the ground, just waiting to emerge and hunt you down.

    Minecraft 1: Confirmed New Features


    Based on the recent developer editions, here are a few features that you can surely expect to find in the Minecraft 1.20 update:

    Spectator Mode

    First spotted in a Minecraft Preview earlier this year, the developers are testing the spectator game mode for Minecraft Bedrock. It was also shown off at Minecraft Now in April. This game mode allows players to see through blocks and freely fly through the solid parts of the world. Since this mode is already a part of the Java edition and its Bedrock edition is quite stable, we surely expect to see it in Minecraft 1.20 update.

    If you dont want to wait, you can use our step-by-step guide to get the spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock right away. Do keep in mind that its not completely functional because this feature is still under development.

    Fix Mobs Spawning in Nether Portal

    As confirmed in the Minecraft 1.19 Pre-release 2 notes, the developers are working on a method to stop mobs from spawning in the Nether portal. If they do spawn inside the portal, the game will at least try to stop them from immediately changing dimensions. This may seem like a minor fix, but it opens up the possibility of safer Nether farms and bases.

    New Bedrock UI

    Its no surprise that Minecrafts Bedrock edition doesnt have the best UI when compared to the Java edition. And thats not only for its settings and pre-game options. In the touch edition of the game, even the gameplay gets compromised due to misplaced buttons.

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