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The Best Minecraft Texture Packs You Can Get

The Best Minecraft Resource Packs That Improve The Vanilla Look

There’s a lot of good texture packs on the storefront, but considering they’re pre-curated to some extent, below we’ve taken a different angle and gone through some of the best texture packs available online – all of which are still active with recent updates, and should be functional on newer iterations of Minecraft. If you want those blocks to pop, check out some prime selections below.

Realistic Texture Packs & Resource Packs

Often people make fun of Minecraft because they think it doesnt look like a real video game. According to them, everything is just pixels and the textures dont look nice. Some even claim that the game graphics look like in a game from the 90s. Today we want to convince each of them otherwise, because realistic texture packs will make Minecraft graphics look much better. Many of them are quite modern and encourage you to build a futuristic building. Others are more medieval, but still have some realism to offer. Our personal favorite are photo-realistic texture packs. You can see that there are different styles in this category. One thing they all have in common is that they add new paintings that are so great that they could hang in your real life bedroom.

Create A Manifest File

To load a resource pack into Minecraft, a manifest file will need to be created. The manifest file is a JSON file that contains the following information:

  • Description: In-game description of what the resource pack does.
  • Name: In-game name of the resource pack.
  • UUID: Universally Unique Identifier.
  • Version: Version of the resource pack.
  • Minimum Engine Version: Required version of Minecraft that this pack will work in.


To learn more about how a manifest.json file works, see the the Addons Reference manifest.json documentation.

Minecraft will parse the information from the manifest file and display it in the Add-On section of the game. Inside the file, the information will be split into two separate sections: header and modules. The header section will contain the overall information for the pack, and the modules section will contain the dedicated packages information.

  • Right-click in the Explorer window, select New > Text Document.
  • Name it manifest.json.
  • You will need to change the file extension from .txt to .json. If your Explorer window does not show file extensions, you can enable File Name Extensions under the View tab.
  • Double-click the manifest.json file to open it in a text editor.
  • Copy and paste the following code into your file.
  • ,"modules":    } ]}

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    Bloom Bright And Retro

    Throw a splash of bright paint over your Minecraft worlds Bloom, Bright and Retro is an eye-catching resource pack that turns your textures up to 11, in a high-contrast, old-school Nintendo style. Theres also an add-on that will let you wield the Master Sword from Zelda, so you can go and save the realm like the hero you were born to be.

    Players Joining Your Server


    When players join the server, they will now see a message prompting them to download the Resource Pack, if they wish. If they answer yes, they will see a red progress bar as it downloads, and then a branded Mojang screen will appear for few moments. After it disappears, all the textures will be changed to the ones from the Resource Pack.

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    Realistic Minecraft Texture Packs

    If you have a PC that can take Minecraft to its highest visual levels, these texture packs might quickly become your favorite. One of them will require powerful GPUs or a compromise with the FPS to make it work, but it will be worth it. All other texture packs will run fine on almost every Minecraft-supported computer.

    4. AlluringBliss

    This vibrantly styled texture pack isnt heavy on your system but does a ton of tiny tweaks to make your same feel more realistic. From the realism in the fire to the way wood and soil textures are defined, this texture pack has a lot to offer. It gives you an overall classical knight-styled royal look to the whole world. Even sky textures feel like out of an archaic movie. To complete the feel and become powerful in this medieval world, we suggest you check out the best sword enchantments and best armor enchantments in Minecraft.

    Alluring Bliss Texture Pack

    5. Andorhal HD

    This texture pack gives you a rich realism-based world. The colors are more vibrant here, and the textures are fixed at 64 x 64 pixels, which arent really high, but it will give benefits in terms of FPS. Its slightly better than Alluring Bliss and requires a little more power but nothing beyond a medium-range PC. You will immediately notice the richer grass, new torches, and more textured woods when you enter a village. The other additional changes are discoverable as you move into the game.

    6. ModernArch R

    ModernArch R

    Uploading A Resource Pack

    To upload a server resource pack, click the Upload button next to the resource pack option on the Options page.

    You can then select a resource pack file, or drag and drop resource packs into the resource pack list.

    It is also possible to combine multiple resource packs, just like it is in the Minecraft client. The higher up a resource pack is in the list, the higher its priority.

    The order of your resource packs can be changed using drag and drop.

    When you are done adding your resource packs, click the Upload button to begin the upload.

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    Creating Minecraft Resource Packs

    If you’re interested in creating textures for Minecraft then you’ll need a graphics editor, motivation, artistic talent and time. There are many editors available including Aesprite, Photopea, Photoshop and even Microsoft Paint all of which will edit Minecraft graphics. It will be exciting to see your first custom texture in Minecraft and after that finishing a texture pack is mainly a matter of time and dedication. You can share your pack progress with the Minecraft community to get feedback and motivation to continue on your artistic journey! Learn how to create a Minecraft Texture Pack.

    How To Install Resource Packs In Minecraft

    10 Awesome Minecraft Resource Packs That Improve The Vanilla Look

    In a Nutshell:

    To install resource packs in Minecraft, download the Resource packs files and place them into a specific directory. Then, start Minecraft go to Options, then Resource Packs, hover your mouse over the pack so an arrow appears, then click the arrow. Finally, click Done to cause the game to load the Resource Pack.

    First, download your Resource pack from whatever site you want to get it from.

    Next, take the file and place it in this directory: C:\Users\YOUR PC USERNAME\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\resource_packs If there isnt a resource_packs folder in your com.mojang folder create a new folder and name it resource_packs.

    Close and reopen Minecraft, go to Settings, scroll down to Global Resources, click on the pack, and click activate.

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    Best Minecraft 118 Texture Packs

    Even though all of the texture packs on this list work on any Minecraft version, not everyone may have updated to the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update. Thats why we have a separate section dedicated to the ones made for upgrading your new Minecraft 1.18 worlds.

    19. Alacrity

    This Minecraft texture pack refreshes the all-around plantations in Minecraft worlds. We get better trees, realistic plants, improved stones, new items, and a lot more. Not to forget, it works even better if you are using one of the best Minecraft shaders from our list here. If you are planning to create a realistic base in the game, this is the texture pack you need.

    Alacrity Texture Pack

    20. Stay True

    This texture pack focuses on improving the default texture pack by adding more clarity and realism to them. In simple terms, it breaks the blocky limitations of most textures like leaves. With that, the Minecraft world feels more open and free. Fortunately, the pack doesnt do it too much. So, you get a taste of the enchanted world of Minecraft without going far from its vanilla touch.

    21. Tissous Zombie Pack

    Tissous Zombie Pack

    22. Excalibur

    Excalibur Pack

    What Are Minecraft Texture Packs

    Minecraft texture packs are what players use to give their Minecraft world a new look. These are add-ons that replace the games original textures.

    They are available in different forms and types giving Minecraft players a lot to choose from.

    These are also identified as block files where the blocks include building materials, items, mobs, and anything else visible in your game.

    Some texture packs are smaller and more focused on specific aspects, whereas others completely change the look and feel of your game.

    Even though 2022 has just begun, there are already some exceptionally realistic texture packs available.

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    The Best Minecraft Texture Packs

    The best Minecraft texture packs for version 1.18 in 2022 to change how your game looks with new styles – from grim fantasy to stylishly cartoony visuals

    Looking for the best Minecraft texture packs for the Java Edition? Minecrafts low-fi charms were predictably the first thing modders took to fixing. The ruddy textures, while distinctive, are an obvious target for an upgrade if you stare at them long enough. While Mojang has been gradually revamping the aesthetic appeal of Minecraft, particularly with the introduction of Minecraft Ray Tracing, if youre chasing a specific look, then texture packs are your best bet.

    Weve compiled this list of the best Minecraft texture packs in one handy location. Theres nothing too crazy here, as massive visual overhauls tend to be part of more extensive Minecraft mods that fundamentally change the game, but thats another article entirely.

    One thing to note is that this list of the best Minecraft texture packs is for the Java Edition of Minecraft, which you can access via the new PC launcher, so if youre using the Bedrock Edition, youre likely to run into some issues. Its worth mentioning these Minecraft texture packs will work on the Java version you can find in the PC Game Pass version. Below is a fantastic selection of texture packs that give Minecraft altered visual styles, from the ultra-realistic to the cartoonish, to far-out sci-fi and subtle makeovers.

    The best Minecraft texture packs in 2022 are:

    How To Install The Best Minecraft Texture Packs

    SnowSong Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2

    Installing Minecraft texture packs depends on what version of the game you’re running, as well as whether these packs are official and on the storefront. We’ve broken our instructions into Java and Bedrock versions, so players can set it up accordingly.

    Minecraft Java Edition

    While you’re tinkering, check out the best Minecraft mods!

    Of course, this assumes that you’re downloading packs, not buying them. The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft has a storefront built in which players can pay for new texture packs, without having to go through the trouble of downloading and installing them.

    Any packs you buy this way will also be in Settings/Global Resources for you to select, but they’ll also be tied to your Minecraft account, so no matter which platform you log into the game through, you should be able to access that store-bought texture pack .

    Of course, knowing how to set up texture packs is only half the battle – now you have to find some with installing in the first place.

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    Minecraft Pvp Texture Packs

    Minecraft PvP texture packs are a bit different from the usual resource packs. Unlike other visual overhauls that prioritize a certain look, a PvP texture pack has different goals. Many PvP packs will be lower resolution to make sure your performance and FPS stay as high as possible. You’ll also find that PvP texture packs focus on reticles that are easy to see, making swords smaller so they don’t block as much of your view, and helping distinguish between ore blocks better. The PvP packs down below each do most of those things, but if you want a quick boost to your PvP play you can try out smaller additions like Short Swords, Clear Hotbar, and Clear GUI.

    Best 119 Resource Packs

    These are the best resource packs I could find that are up to date on the latest version. These packs are meant to improve the game in some way, usually by changing the art style and graphics. All of these packs will be for Java.

    Mythic Mythic is a pure pixel art pack with an adventurous feel. Housing a color palette that feels significantly more muted and grounded than Vanilla, this texture pack is a treat. The contrast from the more realistic textures that blocks have with the deep glow of torches and other blocks makes this pack feel great.

    MS Painted MS Painted is one of the most unique texture packs that Ive ever used. The design of this pack is based entirely off of the MS Paint Program. While it may seem underwhelming, this pack brings visuals to life with its abundant charm. The bright, neon colors are reminiscent of when you would doodle on your moms laptop when you were a kid. The vibrance of the color palette may bother your eyes, but thats the point!

    Motschens Better Leaves Better Leaves adds additional layers to leaf blocks, making them appear more bushy and natural. This resource pack doesnt necessarily add new textures, but that makes it compatible with almost all texture packs and mods straight out of the box! These textures even adjust dynamically! It is strongly recommended you use this resource pack with OptiFine for more FPS.

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    Best Nature Texture Packs In Minecraft

    A major part of the Minecraft world is the nature in it. And till we get the Minecraft Wild Update, these texture packs are here to help you level up its nature and wildlife earlier.

    16. Autumn Season

    The world of Minecraft doesnt have any seasons yet. So, this next resource pack brings the amazing cycle of the season to the game. Well, at least for one season. Replacing the greenery in Minecraft, all the forests and jungles of the game turn brownish-red in color. You can even find traces of autumn in the lush caves though the effects arent as dramatic as the overground world.

    Autumn Texture Pack

    17. Better Vanilla Animals

    The next entry on our list is one of the simplest yet highly effective Minecraft texture packs. It aims to upgrade the existing vanilla world of Minecraft by improving its mobs. Changing the texture and appearance of just the animals doesnt seem like much at first. But in the game, it completely overhauls the experience. Not to forget, we also get some variants of textures.

    Better Animals Texture Pack

    18. Winter is Here

    As the name suggests, this texture pack simply gives us a frozen world of Minecraft. It leads you to the winter that Minecraft has deserved forever. This realistic pack has a variety of features, ranging from biome changes to new plantations. In many ways, this texture packs feel like one of the best Minecraft modpacks, and it only does that by changing the textures.

    Amberstone Winter Pack

    Minecraft Default Style Texture Packs

    Possibly The Best Minecraft Resource Pack Looks Even Better Now

    If you want to freshen up your Minecraft experience without getting acquainted with an entirely new look, a texture pack that’s inspired by the game’s default blocks is the way to go. These texture and resource packs often use higher resolution files than standard Minecraft but aim to keep the same style and feel.

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    How To Install Texture Packs Minecraft 114

    Below are the basic steps to Install Texture Packs Minecraft 1.14

  • Launch Minecraft, navigate to Options, then Resource Packs, hover your mouse over the pack until an arrow appears, and then click the arrow.
  • After the above three steps are completed follow the instructions below

    • First, get your Resource pack from wherever you want to get it.
    • Next, copy the file and place it in the following directory:
    "C:UsersYOURPCUSERNAMEAppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.MinecraftUWP 8wekyb3d8bbweLocalStategamescom.mojangresource packs"

    If there is no resource packs folder in your com.mojang folder, make one and name it resource packs.

    • Close and reopen Minecraft, then navigate to Settings, scroll down to Global Resources, select the pack, and click Activate.

    And those were the 7 best Minecraft realistic texture packs in 2022. I hope youve found something that can catch your interest, and youll try at least one of them out.

    This is everything you need to know about the best realistic texture packs in 2022 that you can use in Minecraft.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ripaldi Sabarno

    Adding A Custom Resource Pack To Your Server

    This article is about Minecraft Java Edition. For more information about how to add resource packs to Minecraft Bedrock Edition servers, check out this article:

    In Minecraft, textures, sounds, and other elements of the game can be modified using resource packs. Server resource packs allow you to automatically provide a custom resource pack for all players on your server.

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    Best Pvp Minecraft Texture Packs

    PVP or player vs player mods in Minecraft are highly competitive, and each FPS counts. These texture packs make special modifications to the environment in order to gain a competitive advantage. Different sizes weapons, selective colorization, and even pure style these packs have a lot to offer.

    13. Bombies 15K

    This texture pack is easy on the graphics with low-quality blocks, thus, delivering higher FPS. It also around the corner. There are also carefully designed armors that can act as camouflage in the right environment and as a distraction where you want to stand out.

    14. John Smith Legacy

    This is one of the most up-to-date Minecraft resource packs on the list. That means the effects in this pack have their proper sound effect and cover almost every block in the game, including netherite-based armors and weapons. You are transported to a world out of the period of European knights. The texture pack makes it easy to see the enemies with the toned-down texture of the world while giving you an overall majestic feel. The funny-looking villagers are just a bonus.

    John Smith Legacy Texture Pack

    15. Mythic

    Mythic Texture Pack

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