Minecraft Trivia Questions And Answers

Minecraft Trivia Questions And Answers

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The games goal is to survive and be creative where players are put in a new world, expected to use available resources to create the universe they want to live in. Isnt that amazing? If youre a Minecraft lover or even a guru, we have compiled the best trivia questions to test how much you know.

From the rules and regulations of the game to online protection gears used by players to the formulas and even the interesting fun facts about the game e.t.c. These Minecraft trivia questions and answers will leave fans awestruck at how fantastic the game is. Its gonna be fun!

1. How many versions of Minecraft are there?

You Found Horses How Do You Tame A Horse In Minecraft

  • Feed it apples until it stops eating them.Walk up to it and right-click on it with nothing in your hand.
  • Build a fence around it and hang out inside with it for a while.
  • With nothing in your hand, right-click on a horse. It’ll probably throw you off at least once. Once you see hearts, it’ll let you ride. And if you right-click again with a saddle in your hand, you won’t have to ride bareback.

  • shepherd
  • librarian
  • Librarian villagers will sell you nametags after you trade enough other stuff with them.

    Minecraft Characters Trivia Questions & Answers

    Minecraft features many animals like horses, rabbits, chickens, zombies, pigs with saddles, boats, minecarts, TNT, zombies, redstone, villagers, iron golems, potions, maps, books, pickaxes, carrots, and lots, lots more. Honestly, theres a ludicrous amount of cool things to mess about with. You should give it a go at least once while playing Minecraft.

    Q. Which new food does sheep drops?

    Q. What are the two colors of clothes does Zombie wears?

    Q. Which was the first enemy introduced to Minecraft?

    Q. What does the creeper mob drops after it is killed?

    Q. Which mobs scares the Creeper in Minecraft?

    Q. When does the Zombie Pig-Men attacks you?

    Q. In the un-modded game, which mob spawns underwater?

    Q. In which Minecraft stage are the Ghasts?

    Q. During the Pretty Scary Update which hostile mob was added?

    Q. What do the Creepers drop when they are killed by the skeleton?

    Q. Which is the only mob that is found in two different dimensions?

    Q. Which tool does Skeletons use to shoot when you get into their sight?

    Q. How is enderman provoked in Minecraft?

    Q. What is the best way to kill spider in the Minecraft?

    Q. What does the Endermen drop after being killed?

    Q. Which mob can swim against a current in Minecraft?

    Q. What quantity of paper is required to craft a book?

    Q. Who is known by its demented growling sounds?

    Q. Which character is responsible for droping Ink sacs?

    Q. Among zombie pigman, blaze, and wither skeleton which mob is neutral?

    Q. Which item is dropped by slimes?

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    + Interesting Minecraft Trivia Facts

    Going on exciting adventures and building blocks is all that Minecraft is all about. You can either play Minecraft alone or with your friends in teams too. You can build some cool small houses or big castles in Minecraft but before playing explore some little known facts about Minecraft:

    • Minecraft game was first created in only 6 days
    • Enderman will not turn hostile if you wear a pumpkin on your head and look through a transparent block
    • Creepers and skeletons are unable to see you through the glass when not aggravated
    • Obsidian is not armor. It is a glossy block
    • You can get milk from all cows, as all cows in Minecraft are female
    • If Shears are used to destroying blocks of wool they wont take durability damage
    • If you are under or over the skeleton it will shoot itself
    • It takes one hit to kill a chicken with a wooden sword
    • Five different night creatures are there in Minecraft game
    • If the water is encased in something you can move faster through it
    • A chest plate is best to craft before fighting if you have 8 iron ingots and a sword
    • A creeper doesnt drop anything when it is killed
    • During the day, if Zombies and skeletons are standing on soul sand they wont burn
    • Mine craft was inspired Infiniminer game.

    Random Video Game Trivia

    Minecraft Quiz

    via: Unsplash / Matt & Chris Pua

    Sometimes, its best to shake it up a little bit. If youre looking for video game trivia of a more spontaneous nature, why not try out these random trivia questions and answers?

    Here are 3 random video game trivia:

    32. Alongside Universal Interactive Studios, who else developed Crash Bandicoot, the video game?

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    Once You Leave The End And Get That Sweet Sweet Achievement Called The End Which Achievements Become Available For You To Work On

  • The Beginning?The Beginning!!!
  • Starting Over
  • In Minecraft for PC, you get “The End.” for killing the Ender Dragon and leaving the End. That makes it possible to try for “The Beginning?” which involves spawning a Wither.

    Minecraft.edu, Code.org and others have teamed up with Minecraft to teach all of these subjects.

    Minecraft Trivia Multiple Choice

    11) What was the Founders First Working Name for Minecraft?

    a) Markus

    21) To collect water and lava what a player must use?

    22) Skeletons drop bones, and pigs drop pork chops. What do zombies drop?

    23) The tool Pickaxe is used by the player for what purpose?

    24) One block of which ore does it take to make one iron ingot?

    25) The two blocks of Sand and Gravel are affected by which force?

    26) How many versions of Minecraft are there?

    27) You must complete the monument by collecting the colored wool to enter which Diversity Minecraft?

    28) In which month was Minecraft released?

    29) What vegetable can you use to make a night vision mixture?

    30) Playing Minecraft in school is allowed in which country?

    31) Which version of Minecraft is an augmented reality game?

    32) What currency does Minecraft Earth use?

    33) Which update was announced at MINECON 2019?

    34) In November 2019, how many copies of Minecraft had been sold?

    35) Which version of Minecraft was announced by Microsoft in May 2019?

    36) In which year Minecraft had a beta release and was rolled out fully in late 2019?

    37) In September 2019, which British daily newspaper classified Minecraft as the best video game of the 21st century?

    38) Which American magazine gave Minecraft a special mention in a list of the best video games of the 2010s, in December 2019?

    39) Which Social media sites played a significant role in popularizing Minecraft?

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    Round 1 Materials And Resources

    1 What item can locate Strongholds?REVEAL ANSWER

    2 What condition does Tonic cure?REVEAL ANSWER

    3 Apples restores how many full Hunger Points?REVEAL ANSWER

    4 What are the most durable type of Leggings?REVEAL ANSWER

    5 Paper is made from what item?REVEAL ANSWER

    6 What item is used to power an Enchanting Table?REVEAL ANSWER

    7 What items do defeated Squids drop?REVEAL ANSWER

    8 What item is required to make a Piston sticky?REVEAL ANSWER

    9 What item enhances a Potions level?REVEAL ANSWER

    10 What is used to heal Iron Golems?REVEAL ANSWER

    How Does One Find A Stronghold Which Contains A Portal To The End

    Minecraft Expert Quiz Answer | 6 Robux | Bequizzed
  • Follow the ender eye flight when thrown.Follow your pet wolf after giving him Zombie flesh.
  • Its located directly below a village.They are randomly spread in the game.
  • To locate an End portals one must press use while holding an eye of ender, which will cause it to fly in the direction of the nearest stronghold, traveling through any blocks necessary, and leave a trail of purple particles in its wake, the same particle effect used for ender chests.

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    Easy Video Game Trivia

    via: Pexels / Ketut Subiyanto

    If you need a break from all these difficult video game trivia questions, these next questions are just what the doctor ordered. Check out these easy trivia questions and relax a little.

    Here are 5 easy video game trivia questions:

    20. In the video game Pac-Man, what is the name of the orange ghost

    Round 2 People And Animals

    1-What are controlled with a Carrot On a Stick?REVEAL ANSWER

    2 Llamas will eat Hay Bales and what else?REVEAL ANSWER

    3 Who is the founder of Sky City?REVEAL ANSWER

    4 What do Snow Golems use to attack?REVEAL ANSWER

    5 What animal makes you swim faster when near them?REVEAL ANSWER

    6 What animals bring you gifts when you sleep?REVEAL ANSWER

    7 How many Hearts does a Chicken have?REVEAL ANSWER

    8 What birds can dance around Jukeboxes?REVEAL ANSWER

    9 How many colours of Axolotl are there?REVEAL ANSWER

    10 In Minecraft: Story Mode, what is the name of Jesses pet Pig?REVEAL ANSWER

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    Easy Minecraft Trivia Questions & Answers For Kids

    Take advantage of limitless Minecraft supplies and create anything you can imagine by playing but before that give it a try to some easiest Minecraft trivia quiz to test your knowledge about the game. Lets see how much you can score.

    Q. Who created the game Mine craft?

    Q. The development on Mine craft begins in what year?

    Q.Mine craft is written in which programming language?

    Q. In which Minecraft version Skeletons were first added?

    Q. What is full name of Notch who discovered Mine craft game?

    Q. Where are Dungons found in Minecraft?

    Q. Name the country were Notch the founder of Mine craft was originally born?

    Q. Name the most precious thing found in MineCraft.

    Q. What type of game does Minecraft is?

    Q. Which tool is used to get wood faster than usual in mine craft?

    Q. Among Pumpkins and diamonds which is the rarest to find?

    Q. Which two main weapons dont exist in the game?

    Q. Which is the second largest mob in Mine craft?

    Q. Ender men most commonly spawn in which dimension?

    Q. How many aggressive mobs are there in 1.6 versions?

    Q. Which block type cant be crafted into armor?

    Q. What protects you from 12% of the damage?

    Q. In a full set how many pieces of armor are there?

    Q. How many seconds does it takes for coal or charcoal to fuel a furnace?

    Q. What do you need to mine obsidian?

    Q. How many wooden planks do you need to craft 4 sticks?

    Q. For crafting a table how many wooden planks are needed?

    Q. Which is the second rarest ore in Mine craft?

    What Is The Gear Block Function

    100+ Minecraft Trivia Question &  Answer
  • It allows to harness waterfall power.Its not in the game anymore, but had a similar function to redstone.
  • It can be used to wheel things around.Itâs a myth, it was never part of the game.
  • Gears never had a real use in game, but could be used by players through the use of inventory edits. They were indestructible. The purpose of this block is unknown, but because their data value was later used for redstone, itâs safe to assume they were to be used in a similar fashion as redstone is used today.

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    How Does One Tame A Wild Wolf

  • Feed it a cake.
  • Wild wolves can’t be tamed.Trap it in a cave.
  • A wolf can be tamed by feeding it bones. Once tamed, a wolf will not accept any more bones. Note that the number of bones required is random â each bone has a 1 in 3 chance of taming the wolf. If the wolf is tamed, it will get an orange collar and the wolf will sit down.

    The Basics Of Minecraft Quiz

    What do you really know about Minecraft game? Let’s play this quiz and check yourself now.

  • What mob only spawns underground?
  • A.& nbsp
  • How do you MAKE obsidian?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Endermen will pick up any block.
  • A.& nbsp
  • What is the spiders special ability?
  • A.& nbsp
  • When it dies, more smaller spiders appear

  • E.& nbsp
  • It picks up blocks, and has a unique attack.

  • G.& nbsp
  • How many passive mobs are in minecraft beta 1.9?
  • A.& nbsp
  • How many crafting recipes are there for obsidian?
  • A.& nbsp
  • How many plants can be grown?
  • A.& nbsp
    • Sample QuestionYou have just spawned. What do you do?Wander around

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    Kidzworld is a social community and Safe Kids Website where you can express your free-spirited self. Kids chat, play games, post in forums and meet new friends just like you. Explore articles on your favourite topics and start new threads to spark conversation. Wherever you choose to explore, there are friends from all over the world who are waiting to get to know you. So lets do thistheres a world of adventure waiting.

    When Starting In Survival Mode What Is The Very First Thing You Should Do

    Quiz Diva ultimate minecraft quiz V2 Answers
  • Start digging a mine and looks for diamond.Build a Nether portal, and invade hell.
  • Find a few basic resources and a good spot to build a shelter.
  • To make it easier to survive your first night, burn blocks of wood in a furnace to make charcoal. You can use this instead of coal to craft torches, which means you can go caving even if you haven’t found cave.

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    Quiz: How Well Do You Know Minecraft

    • 28

    With the announcement of Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC Challenger #7, it’s the perfect time to test on your Minecraft knowledge. As the best-seling video game of all time, many of you will likely have a deep understanding of the game mined from years of experience, and there’ll be a few of you that somehow missed the block-based bandwagon altogether.

    Our little quiz about Mojang’s all-conquering sandbox experience and its history should be enough to find out if you’re a Minecraft master or a redstone rube. Grab your pixel-y pick and smash through fifteen little brain-teasers…

    + Minevraft Trivia Questions And Answers

    Minecraft has been analytically admired winning several awards and being mentioned as one of the greatest video games of all time. Social media, caricatures, adaptations, goods, and the annual Minecon conventions played large roles in promoting the game. It has also been used in educational environments, especially in the dominion of computing systems, as virtual computers and hardware devices have been built in it.

    In the following section, youll find trivia questions about the 2019 popular Minecraft, sandbox video game questions to ask your friends and printable Minecraft quiz for kids of all ages in different categories that you can use for classroom or game night activities.

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    What Is Inside Locked Chest

  • No one knows, it was an April fools joke.A set of ender pearls.
  • Random loot.10 diamonds.
  • These chests were part of an April fools joke. Any player who would try to open this chest would get a message that would lead them to an april fools minecraft store. Locked chests are still part of the game code and some players could still have them in their inventory, but placing them down will cause them to disapear.

    Minecraft Trivia Questions With Answers

    Moot Quiz Show #4 Winners!

    1. How many different ‘Minecraft’ versions are there?

    Two is the answer.

    2. In ‘Minecraft,’ what equipment do you need to mine stone and ores?

    Pickaxe is the answer.

    3. How do you get into ‘Minecraft’ in Diversity Three?

    Answer: You must collect the coloured wool to construct the monument.

    4. Identify some of the key characters from the video game “Minecraft.”

    Steve, Alex, Herobrine, Enderman, Wither, Zombie Pigman, Ender Dragon, and Skeleton are the correct answers.

    5. When did ‘Minecraft’ come out?

    The date is November 18, 2011.

    6. One iron ingot is made up of how many slabs of iron ore?

    One is the answer.

    7. What is it that creepers are afraid of?

    Ocelots are the answer.

    8. What can you wear to avoid being ambushed by Enderman?

    A pumpkin is the answer.

    9.How do you make a Charged Creeper?

    When lightning hits within four blocks of a Creeper, the answer is:

    10. Can you play ‘Minecraft’ on which consoles?

    Computer, Xbox, and Wii are the three options.

    11. Who is the commander of the Endermen?

    Ender Dragon is the answer.

    12. What can you do if you acquire a Cosmic Sky Enchanted Music Disc?

    Answer: Put it in the jukebox to change the music in the game.

    13. What is the height of a Ghast ?

    Four blocks is the answer.

    14. What is ‘Minecraft’s’ premise?

    In the world of blocks, you can destroy, collect, build, and interact.

    15. How many people play ‘Minecraft’ on a monthly basis?

    55 million, to be exact.

    16. With what ore can you build complicated machines?

    Redstone is the answer.

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    Are You A Minecraft Expert

    In November, how many copies of Minecraft had been sold?

    What was the name of the spin-off game which was released in the summer?

    What is the name of the new spinoff game which will be released in 2020?

    What currency does Minecraft Earth use?

    In September, how many people were active monthly Minecraft players?

    Minecraft became the ninth best-selling video game of all time this year. True or false?

    Which update was announced at MINECON 2019?

    Oh no!

    Good try!



    Here Is How To Pick The Best Video Game Trivia

    via: Pexels / Canva Studio

    If youre trying to pick the best video game trivia, theres a lot of different factors to juggle. After all, the first video games date back decades.

    Its challenging to pick the most suitable questions based on the vast history of video games, which spans multiple genres and platforms.

    Dont worry – all you need to do is follow this simple guide.

    Here’s how to pick the best video trivia:

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    What Are The Most Popular Minecraft Games

    The original, classic Minecraft is now playable for no money. Originally released as part of Minecrafts 10-year celebration the original 2009 version of Minecraft is still playable, for free. Searching for the famous Minecraft games available? Here is the list which youre looking for:

    Paper MinecraftBuild and Crush

    Enough With The Creepers You Decide To Get A Cat To Help Keep Them Away From Your House To Do This You’ll Need To Tame An Ocelot But How

    Ultimate Minecraft Quiz V3 Quiz answers | 13th FEBRUARY UPDATE | Quizdiva
  • Give it one raw fish.Give it another raw fish.
  • Surely if you give it enough raw fish, it will eventually like you, right?
  • Like many real-world cats, ocelots can be finicky. You may get lucky and tame one on the first try, but it could take more like 20 fish. The same basic trick works to tame wolves, but you’ll need bones instead of fish.

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