Minecraft Toys For 7 Year Olds

Have Minecraft Will Travel


Its become a breeze to travel with a Minecraft loving kid. In times of need, the iPad with the Minecraft Pocket Edition game subdues tantrums and stems boredom on long-haul flights, immigration queues and big road trips. With the new Minecraft StoryMode available on iPad and on consoles, the new Mojang game makes for a powerful carrot to dangle for good behaviour. Oh yes, we do resort to bribery.

Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets

The Stomp Rocket is a must-have if you are searching for a toy that gets kids active and outside. Run, jump and stomp to launch the air rockets up to 20 stories high. Be prepared to attract a neighborhood crowd with the two launch pads where you can challenge friends to see whose rocket can go higher.

Funko Marvel Battleworld Mystery Of The Thanostones

A challenging game for one or two players, Battle Ball is easy to play and very popular among 7-year-old boys. You’ll love the budget-friendly price point while they’ll love this super fun game. Pick your favorite Hero and win battles to defeat Thanos, then crack open the stone to reveal the mystery character inside.

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Transforming Sword & Pickaxe

Let them play Minecraft in real life with this awesome transforming sword and pickaxe. One minute its a Diamond sword, the next its a pickaxe! Suitable for Minecraft fans of all ages, this two in one Minecraft toy is great for battling creepers or digging for resources. Measures over 17 inches long and weighs 1 lbs.

Minecraft Daytime 7 Piece Full Bed Set

586Compatible with Lego Phantom Ninja Building Blocks ...

The Minecraft bed set we looked at earlier may be popular for some, but if your little gamer isnt a fan of those creepy Creepers, you may find that this Minecraft Daytime 7 Piece Full Bed Set is more to their liking.

The vibrant design is printed on super-soft, fade-resistant Microfiber that ensures the comforter, sheet, and two pillowcases can continue to be used night after night, wash after wash.

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Snipper Clips: Cut It Out Together

This fun shape game lets families work together to solve puzzles some adorable 2D figures as your characters. This game has many different puzzles that evolve as the game progresses.

I would highly recommend this game if you are looking for something clever and different to play with your 7-year-old. You can find the game here!

Buying Games For Your Kids Based On The Rating System

The rating system was designed to help parents determine what games were appropriate for their children to purchase and play. A games rating is given a letter based on what the Entertainment Software Rating Board feels that the games content reflects.

Here are the rating letters and a brief summary of what they mean, so next time you are buying a game with your 7-year-old you will be able to determine with them if the game is appropriate for their age.

  • E : This rating means that, as the name suggests, the game is appropriate for all ages. It also means that your children will not be surprised by any bad content or harsh language while playing the game.
  • E 10+ : This rating doesnt necessarily mean that the content of the game has turned sour, but it does mean that the gameplay or story might be a little more challenging for a child who is under 10-years-old.
  • T : This rating lets the buyer know that the title is only appropriate for audiences 13 and older. Teen games may contain more crude humor, violence, and suggestive content.
  • M : This rating suggests that these games are only appropriate for audiences 17 and older. Games with this rating often have more scenes of intense violence or gore, strong language, strong sexual themes, and partial nudity.

Now that you know how the rating system work, you can feel confident in picking out a game with your 7-year-old that you will both love to play together.

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Minecraft Baby Animal 3 Pack

For the Minecraft Farm

For a child looking to create a Minecraft farm, this three-pack will undoubtedly bring delight. Your little one receives a cow with hay, sheep with grass, and a pig with its carrot in the bundle. Thats enough to start populating their own farm.

Each animal is created using the famous pixelated design, with articulated body parts, enabling your child to play.

The bundle is suitable for children aged six and up. Each figure measures approximately 2 inches.

Which Minecraft Gift Ideas Are Right For Your Kids

Building a Pacman House in Minecraft – How to Build | 7-year-old Oscar (LittleGinge)

Most of these toys are good for *any* person whos really into Minecraft. But definitely keep your kids personality in mind. If they dont like playing with Lego, chances are they might not play with Minecraft Lego either. If they arent into card games or board games, go with something a little more active. For example, the sword and the flashlight lend themselves very well to pretend play.

I hope you found the perfect gift for your kid who loves Minecraft!

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Lego Minecraft The Zombie Cave

Minecraft has swept the world by storm, and it would be difficult to find a 7-year-old boy who doesnt love spending time exploring the Minecraft world.

This Lego set builds up to create a Minecraft cave, complete with toy coal, redstone, diamond ore, and gold elements. There is also a furnace and ladder to mimic different features found in the game.

A Steve Minecraft mini-figure is included with the set, as well as a bat, a baby zombie, and zombie figures.

Kids can create their own mini-Minecraft world right in front of them for hours of creative play.

With 241 pieces, the set is compatible with other Lego sets and bricks, and the finished cave measures over 4-inches high and 7-inches long.

Funko Pop Steve In Diamond Armor

Kids love FUNKO POPs almost as much as they love Minecraft! These highly collectible bobble heads are everywhere these days and theyve taken over the word of Minecraft too! A great toy for kids who love Minecraft, FUNKO POPs can be played with like an action figure. But they also make great decorations to display in any childs room. Our boy, Steve here is the main hero character in Minecraft, but also available are the zombie-like Creepers flaming skeletons and many more! Because they offer so many fun characters from the game, FUNKO POPs are some of the best gift ideas for kids who love Minecraft.

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Lego City Space Deep Space Rocket And Launch Control

Your 7-year-old boy can set up to explore outer space in their room with this incredible set.

They can build a large multi-stage rocket and opening launch control tower with all the pieces included.

There is also a buildable monorail system that transports astronauts from the tower to the training ground and the rocket.

The set has 6 mini-figures, 2 astronauts, 2 scientists, a launch director, a ground crew technician, and a robot figure, as well as an awesome space telescope that has an articulated arm and Launchpad!

Standing, the rocket measures over 16-inches tall, and really is the ultimate Lego set for the boys who one day want to explore beyond our world!

Lego Minecraft Creeper Bigfig And Ocelot

LEGO Minecraft The Dungeon 21119 Toy for ages 8 year old ...

The BigFig Creeper and the Ocelot are two of the most iconic Minecraft characters of all time. Within the game, these two characters have a memorable interaction and confrontation. Your young Minecraft fan will be able to creatively recreate their interactions with the help of this awesome toy set.

Minecraft Lego crossovers have resulted in the development and release of some of the most iconic characters from within the game. These two characters are a huge element in the game and it is wonderful to see their real world versions. These characters are extremely easy to assemble and build. Its certainly easy enough for kids aged 7 and above.

The BigFig creeper action figure is 10 cm tall and has articulated joints. Your child will be able to modify the position and stance of the figure. The ocelot mini figure has a lot of interesting animatronic features, such as a movable head and tail. Your little one can also adjust the limbs of both the characters.

Theres a small fish accessory that comes with the set, which I thought was a charming and thoughtful addition. The ocelot and the creeper will be able to have their usual fights over getting to eat the fish.

  • This set isnt much fun on its own

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The Best Lego Sets For 7

For 7-year-old boys, Lego is such an amazing toy. They can explore endless opportunities of creation, and with some great Lego sets being released, they can recreate some of their favorite game or movie scenes or role play with police or astronaut sets.

The above Lego sets are all suited for 7-year-old boys, and are great gifts to keep them entertained indoors on rainy days, or to build up a collection of different Lego sets and bricks to create any scene imaginable! All the above sets are compatible with other Lego sets and bricks.

Lego Minecraft The Crafting Box

We really did try to control ourselves with the LEGO sets, but since they genuinely make some of the best Minecraft gifts for kids who love to create, we couldnt resist including this LEGO Minecraft The Crafting Box set in our guide.

Thats partly because it contains a whopping 564 pieces, making it a super-sized set thats suitably challenging for players aged 8+. Also because it includes a whole assortment of different scenarios and set-ups so that no two LEGO adventures need ever be the same.

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Lego Minecraft The Pillager Outpost Playset

A high-ranking entry in our guide to the very best LEGO playsets under $25, this is a great option if youre looking for low-cost Minecraft gifts that your child can take along to their friends birthday party.

Still, just because the LEGO Minecraft The Pillager Outpost Playset is affordable doesnt mean that its by any means cheap.

This value-for-money playset is suitable for ages 8+ and contains multiple Minifigs, accessories, and a three-section playset that will keep them entertained for hours.

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit For Kids Available At Amazon $1749

My 9 Year Old Let’s Play World Got CORRUPTED 🙁

With a few household items, this kit amazes kids with changing colors and textures of chemical reactions. For young scientists, the step-by-step instruction and activity guide provides explanations of the experiments. These science activities are open-ended and cool enough to appeal to all kids, regardless of their level of interest in STEM subjects.

Recommendedages: 6 years and up with adult supervision

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A Deliciously Silly Card Game

Throw Throw Burrito

Admittedly, I had my doubts about Throw Throw Burrito. But even the biggest skeptics among us may dissolve into laughter when confronted with this quirky card gamebecause, really, why wouldnt you want to ruthlessly pummel someone with a squishy fake food burrito? The aim of the game is to swap cards until you find a match or play a burrito card, leading to a back-to-back burrito duel or an all-out burrito war. Sharp reflexes are a must.

Ellen Lee

Grimms Wooden Color Spiral Mosaic Puzzle Weve noticed stock issues with this item. Well update this article once its available again.

The real wood pieces of the Grimms Wooden Color Spiral Mosaic Puzzle are stained in bright colors and fit together in an endless number of designs that kids can arrange. When I play around with it, I feel like Im making a picture from an adult coloring book. But its when my boys, with no apparent plan or strategy, arrange free-form puzzles and creative designs that it really shines. Interestingly, the puzzle has become something they gravitate toward without thinking much. Ill look up on a random day, when theyve just told me they have nothing to do, and find these pieces spread out on the floorand its a gorgeous, welcome sight.

Kelly Glass

Pokémon Adventures Red & Blue Box Set Weve noticed stock issues with this item. Well update this article once its available again.

Tim Barribeau

Razor A3

Kate Gammon

Signe Brewster

Bearaby Nappling Weighted Blanket

The Disguise Authentic Minecraft Pickaxe

As the name suggests, Minecraft is all about exploring the game universe and mining for resources. One of the most fundamental tools involved in mining is a pickaxe and that is why the 8-bit pickaxe is an enduring symbol of the Minecraft video game. For collectors, an authentic large-sized Minecraft pickaxe is very valuable.

This pickaxe has a very authentic design inspired directly from the 8-bit graphics present in the game. The handle of the pickaxe is made of brown pixels, and the blade of the pickaxe is blue in color. The blue color signifies the diamond material of the blade, which is the most powerful and rare Minecraft pickaxe.

The pickaxe is actually quite large. It will fit snugly into the hands of a child and an adult. I would suggest you to get this pickaxe if you are interested in Minecraft roleplay, board games, and cosplay. This pickaxe is a wonderful accessory for a Halloween costume.

  • Authentic 8-bit design inspired by the game
  • The pickaxe blade is blue signifying a diamond pickaxe
  • Fits snugly into child and adults hands
  • A valuable addition to Minecraft merchandise collection
  • Can cause injury if handled irresponsibly

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Color Changing Potion Bottle

Looking for that unique and unusual Minecraft gift? Let their Minecraft imagination come to life with this colorful potion bottle. Featuring eight different colors including cyan, green, peach, yellow, red and white, this potion bottle also has a three-minute timeout feature to help preserve battery. Officially licensed merchandise, any Minecraft player is sure to like it. Measures 7 inches high by 5 inches. Requires 2 AAA batteries.

What’s Your Favorite Minecraft Toy

Minecraft Toys

While we like to come up with several Minecraft puzzle ideas online, we equally adore having these collectibles. There are tons of Minecraft toys, home decors, and collectibles with fully-articulated pixelated features of the game. You will never run out of options to choose from if youre looking for some gift ideas. You can get any Minecraft-inspired product such as a toy, transforming sword, card game, survival pack, light, tumbler, tee, shelf, and many more. Minecraft geeks and fans will surely love it.

Perhaps the best Minecraft toys for kids are Lego Minecraft sets, which include assorted pieces of Minecraft small figures, action figures, and characters. These are good for playing while passing time, as display collectibles, or as accessories for themed-events.

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Minecraft Pickaxe Adventure Kids Backpack

The only backpack for kids who love Minecraft! This officially licensed Minecraft backpack looks like it was taken straight from the game. A Minecraft pickaxe is on the front and inventory pouches on the side. Filled to the brim with pouches, this backpack has room to hold everything they need. A perfect backpack for school, camping trips, or exploring their backyard and crafting make-believe resources, Minecraft style!

Minecraft Creeper 5 Piece Full Bed Set

If you have trouble convincing your kids to switch off the video game and head off for a good nights sleep, you may well find that adorning their bed in this Minecraft Creeper 5 Piece Full Bed Set means they take much less convincing.

With its Creeper-themed duvet cover, two pillowcases, and bedsheet, this is the perfect way to help your little Minecrafter dream of their next big building project in the game.

The whole set is of high quality, machine washable, and above all else, is super-soft, ensuring a peaceful nights sleep.

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Minecraft Seeds Servers And Mini

Like a virtual lego for kids only with zombies and hostile mobs to fight. Kids will be expertly placing 3D blocks to build impressive structures, spawn creatures into a world of their creation or mine for precious diamonds. Before you know it, kids are exploring other peoples worlds known as seeds, or play collaboratively in mini-games on virtual servers. For little ones, there are G rated servers out there and play should always be monitored.

Mudpuppy Solar System Puzzle Available At Amazon And Walmart $1698

7 Year Old Wins Minecraft Hunger Games on the MinePlex Server!

A beautifully illustrated and educational activity, this solar system puzzle is a way for kids to learn about the planets while using their fine motor skills. On the back of each puzzle piece is a planet’s name in three languages. No matter what age they are, space toys for kids are fun ways to introduce adventure and learning into playtime.

Recommended ages: 5 to 9 years

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A Lego Set Built To Play

Lego Iconic Chess Set Typically around $55, this set has nearly doubled in price due to temporary availability issues.

For a kid who is already into Lego, the Lego Iconic Chess Set can be a fun introduction to the game of chess. My son received this as a holiday gift when he was 10 . He constructed it in one sitting on a dreary winter afternoon, and various family members have been playing with it ever since. The build itself is, not surprisingly, somewhat monotonous. But the end result is a striking and functional game, with a board that doubles as a storage compartment for the chess pieces. A bonus feature: The Lego pieces attach to a small stud on each square, so if someone jostles the boardor you need to set it aside mid-game to save for latereverything stays put. And the set also comes with little red and blue Lego disks that allow you to play checkers on the same board.

Kalee Thompson

American Museum of Natural History Family Membership

Blaine North

We love finding gifts that are unusual, thoughtful, and well vetted. See even more gift ideas we recommend.

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