Minecraft Toys For 5 Year Old

Best Minecraft Action Figures: Minecraft Core Enderman Pack

Is Minecraft for kids? 5 year old JessePics shows you how much fun it can be on Toy Story world.

Key features

  • Pack includes Enderman Minifiguresand accessories
  • The figure is well-designed andarticulated
  • Can be used as cake toppers
  • A must-have on any Minecraft fanscollection
1.5 x 0.75 x 3.75 inches
Item weight
Recommended age6 15 year old

This Core Enderman Pack includes action figure Enderman from Minecraft and accessories. The figure is high-quality and has an articulated design for fun play.;

Any Minecraft fan wants this to be in their collection. Besides, it can be used as cakes toppers on birthday parties.

  • Can be used as cake toppers


  • Products size is quite small

Our #5 Choice Mattel Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe Action Figure

Minecrafts iconic pickaxe is ready to be used as a toy which can also transform into a coveted diamond sword at the behest of your child.

  • Easy to bend or break
  • May encourage exploration of dark caves

Diamond equipment is extremely difficult to produce in Minecraft. Your young Minecraft player is already in the habit of delving deep into the earth in search of tiny deposits of diamonds. Handing them a diamond pickaxe which is also a diamond sword might seem a bit like cheating.

Nonetheless, this toy represents everything that the Minecraft player aspires to accomplish.

Rather than spending hours digging and braving hazards like lava and monsters, you can pass this toy off to your Minecrafter with the knowledge that theyll cherish it and take care of it like they dug it from the earth themselves.

The toy isnt as durable as the diamond tools that your Minecrafter seeks in the game, however. They probably arent about to pierce any rock with the toy, which theyll understand.

Transforming the toy from a pickaxe into a sword is a simple joy which will keep the toy fresh for a long time, however.

What Are The Best Minecraft Toys For Kids

To be more convenient for your references, I put here a list of 15 suggested best Minecraft toys with each of them having differing advantages. Take a look at it and make your decisions.

Minecraft movie creator for storytelling, vivid background, and game figures included.

Best for 9 Year Old: Minecraft Sword/Pickaxe

Minecraft sword can be transformed to pickaxe, good size, suit Halloween costume.

Best LEGO Minecraft Villager:;LEGO Raid Minecraft Toys

3-section LEGO Minecraft action set, easy to follow, best instructions.

Best for Christmas: Animal 6-Pack Minecraft

Includes six animal figures, meticulous design, Minecraft fans favorite.

Best Minecraft Toys Plush: JINX Panda Minecraft Toys

Cute and elegant design, soft and high-quality plush, made for Minecraft fans.

Best for 6 Year Old: Minecraft Periodic Table Of Elements

Minecraft stop-motion periodic table, high-quality, easy to play.

Best for Toddlers: Creeper Plush Minecraft

Soft stuffed Minecraft monster, cute and well-designed, matches for all kids.

Best Fidget Cube: Minecraft Grass Block

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The Top 7 Best Minecraft Toys

Minecraft remains one of the hottest video games for children in 2021, many years after its initial release. Kids who play Minecraft want toys to continue their play when theyre not logged in, however.

Most parents and relatives dont know much about Minecraft, though. Purchasing the right gift for the Minecraft fanatic is thus a bit difficult. In this article, well give a helping hand and walk you through a few of the best Minecraft toys on the market.

When your special Minecraft lover gets one of these toys, theyll be elated to take some of their mining into the real world.


  • Same old UNO gameplay
  • No Minecraft game mechanics

UNO can be a lot of fun when youre playing with your entire family, and this Minecraft-branded UNO set is no exception. Each card has a unique Minecraft-themed image, and if you want, theres even a special Minecraft game modification that you can try.

Fundamentally, this is a UNO set, which means that it might be a good pickup if youve been looking to get your family into UNO. The downside is that your Minecrafter probably wont want to use this collection to play with their friends when they could be playing Minecraft instead.

So, while you can get some great family time out of the set, it wont be enough to pass this gift off and hope that it will reduce your childs amount of screen time. Youll need to reach out and use the Minecraft theme as a way of adding appeal to a family-oriented time.

Color Changing Potion Bottle

SY1433 Minecraft Building Blocks Minifigures Toys for Boys ...

Looking for that unique and unusual Minecraft gift? Let their Minecraft imagination come to life with this colorful potion bottle. Featuring eight different colors including cyan, green, peach, yellow, red and white, this potion bottle also has a three-minute timeout feature to help preserve battery. Officially licensed merchandise, any Minecraft player is sure to like it. Measures 7 inches high by 5 inches. Requires 2 AAA batteries.

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Crikey Its The Irwins:

After the tragic death of Steve Irwin, his family continued the legacy of wildlife conservation. In this show, kids can watch how the Irwins run the Australian zoo, the variety of animals there and much more.

Network: Animal Planet

Image: StoryBots blog

Kids are curious and have many questions. This show has the answers. If your children are asking questions like Why cant I eat desserts all the time? or How do ears hear? then show this educational TV show for kids to know the answers.

Network: Netflix

Prepare For Adventure With Our Minecraft Figures

Playtime just got a whole lot better. Bring the adventure to life with our Minecraft figures and LEGO playsets. Whether you are looking to add to your own collection or find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life, we have a variety of Minecraft toys and figures that are great for fans of any age. Built for play, our selection of action figure packs, LEGO building kits, and plushies are ideal for fans who want to create their own adventures. Those who prefer to display their Minecraft collections will enjoy our selection of die-cast metal figures, vinyl figures, Nano Metalfigs, and Funko Pops.

Build, mine, and battle hostile mobs in the real world with hands-on adventures. We offer a wide array of Minecraft figures based on your favorite characters from the hit game, including Ender Dragon, Creeper, Baby Zombie, Diamond Steve, Alex, and many others. Recreate your favorite scenes from the game or build new spaces and experiences. With our Minecraft figures, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

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Minecraft Figure Pack Steve With White Horse

Best Minecraft Action Figure Set

Steve is one of the most popular characters in the Minecraft world, so this set wont disappoint. Its Steve and his white horse, packed together and ready for action.

Your youngster also gets an apple and hay block in the bundle. The figures are fully articulated, allowing the player to move their arms, legs, and head. Steve can sit on the horse, and you can remove the horses saddle and bridle if needed.

This set is excellent for both girls and boys. Minecraft recommends it for children aged 4 and up.

Our #7 Choice Lego Minecraft The Mushroom Island


Mushrooms are an essential good in Minecraft because they let the player construct a delicious mushroom soup and thats exactly why Minecrafters love to encounter mushroom islands.

  • Not a good first set
  • Creeper explosion may be dangerous for eyes

As with other Minecraft Lego sets, the point of this set is not to offer your child an extremely engaging Lego experience that takes a long time to assemble. Instead, the Lego set is great as an add-on to an already existing Minecraft Lego playspace.

Mushroom islands are lucrative opportunities for Minecraft players, and this set shows off every reason that players find them valuable. With the set, your mushroom farmer will get a player with a diamond pick, a mooshroom cow, a mooshroom calf, several building-sized mushrooms, and a Creeper.

Whether your player decides to let the Creeper detonate with the sets built-in spring-loaded explosion function is up to them.

Either way, they can harvest delicious mushrooms, find a source of mooshroom steaks, or simply harvest the caps from the mega-shrooms to make for a delicious bowl of stew.

Your child will also be able to link up this Legos with their other Minecraft Legos, contributing to their playscape. This set makes a perfect companion to the cave set, the volcano set, or the plains and pastoral playset.

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Minecraft Gifts: The Perfect Present For Creative Kids

Theres no question that one of the main reasons why the Minecraft video game has enjoyed such unprecedented success is that, unlike other video games, theres much more to it than simply wandering around and blasting things with a gun.

Its a game that requires creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills. This means that parents are more likely to let their kids enjoy it as it helps with their learning and development while the kids themselves enjoy the challenge and imaginative thinking that comes with using Minecraft to build a whole new world.

It also means that many of the best Minecraft gifts for kids also serve a similar purpose. The Ravensburger Minecraft: Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game and many of the other games featured in this list can all be every bit as mentally stimulating as Minecraft itself, while LEGO sets and other toys are ideal aids for creative play that fires their imagination.

Still, not every gift has to serve a purpose. Options like the Minecraft Sprites Characters T-Shirt may not do much to aid learning, but theyll certainly think it looks cool, and if youre simply looking to give them a gift as a treat or reward, then it will more than do the job.

In other words, no matter what the occasion, no matter what age your kids are, and no matter what else they enjoy, youre always bound to find the perfect Minecraft gift just for them.;

Coolest Minecraft Gifts For Kids

Just about every kid I know whos at least 7 years old and up to age 13 is, or was recently, totally obsessed with Minecraft.

It took me a while to get it, but I can now see the appeal, and I love watching my daughter build her worlds. Over the years, shes collected her share of Minecraft fan gear and accessories, so I have some experience with the types of gifts that a Minecraft fan will appreciate.

Both of my daughters have been fans at some point so Ive made sure to include Minecraft gift ideas for girls and boys.

Here are 19 gift ideas you cant go wrong with, starting with my favorite: gifts under $20!

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Minecraft Creeper Light Up Figure

It may not be every kid that loves the Creepers , but for those who are fans of the little green gremlins, this Minecraft Creeper Light Up Figure makes a beautiful addition to their bedroom or playroom.

Though its classed as a light-up figure, its less of a play-thing and more of an accessory that can serve well as a bedside table light.

Adding to the fun, the light-up figure also plays Creeper zombie sounds when pressed.

Minecraft Bed Sheet Set

LEGO Minecraft BigFig Pig with Baby Zombie 21157

Send them to sleep with Minecraft on their mind with this awesome four piece Minecraft bed set. Including two pillow covers, one duvet cover and a fitted bed sheet, this set will transform their bedroom into the ultimate Minecraft lair. Featuring a huge creeper on the duvet, any Minecraft addict will love this gift. Made from brushed microfiber polyester.

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Minecraft Gifts For Bigger Budgets

Some of these Minecraft gifts for kids are just slightly over $20, so they didnt make the cut of our small budget list. If youre looking for something a little more substantial for a special occasion, keep scrolling through the list.

Lego Minecraft The Nether Portal: Why not combine two popular building activities into one. This particular Lego set is probably the best one in the Minecraft series. It has 470 pieces and includes 5 minifigures! Its fun to build and play with and your Lego-loving Minecraft fan will love it. Find it here.

Minecraft Lunchbox: Kids favorites have long been showcased on lunchboxes and this Creeper lunchbox is just right for holding all of the lunch things. Find it here.

Minifigure Collector Case: My daughter was so excited to get this case to keep her growing minifigure collection contained. We love this case because it comes with 6 minifigures to get your collection started and has a secret Nether environment on the inside for more play time. Find it here.

Minecraft Guide 4 Book Set: If you child is getting serious about their Minecraft play, grab this set of 4 guide books filled with helpful insights and tips on playing the game. Find it here.

Creeper Hoodie with Mask: This Creeper hoodie zips all the way up to the top of the hood and has a mesh mask covering the face. Its a little creepy. But its also a big hit with the kids. Find it here.

Our #3 Choice Thinkgeek Minecraft Color Changing Potion Bottle

Cool decorations which show off your childs aesthetic flair never get old. Much like shimmering bottles in Minecraft, this decoration will emanate a pretty glow and help your kids feel safe from Creepers.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Zero interactivity
  • Fragile

In Minecraft, players need to deploy magic bottles around their homes so that Creepers wont sneak up and cause a problem while the player is puttering around the house.

While the color-changing bottle decoration may not keep away homework or undesirable relatives, it will keep Creepers away from the owners real-life possessions too. Importantly, this decoration cant hold any liquid aside from what is already inside.

The colors change at a press of a button. You can pick between eight different colors, all of which are beautifully incandescent. This makes for a nice gift for a Minecrafter who needs a little bit of extra decoration in their room.

There arent many opportunities for active play with this decoration, however.

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The Perfect Minecraft Gifts For Fans Of All Ages

Looking for the ultimate Minecraft gifts for the mega-fan in your life? Weve got you covered! Add to a gamers collection with our wide selection of Minecraft toys and merchandise, including soft plushies, action figures, clothing attire, pins, and other unique collectibles. The fun doesnt have to end after the game is over. Keep the adventure going with our assortment of home goods. Fans can build their space in the real world with our selection of lamps, mood lights, area rugs, storage bins, and more.

Here at Toynk Toys, we have the best collection of Minecraft gifts for both kids and adults. Dress for adventure with our Minecraft costumes and masks, which are perfect gifts for cosplayers and fans who want to be the main character in their own story. You’ll find plenty of party ideas here, too. ;Find cuddle-worthy Minecraft plushies that make for adorable gifts or shop for action figures that allow fans to build with their imagination. Whether they are young or young at heart, we have the best Minecraft toys for fans of all ages to enjoy.;

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A Passport To Natural Wonders

ASia’s Minecraft Video Free @5 years old – Dream, TommyInnit, MrBeast, Wisp, Ryan Toy’s Review 🙂

National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass

Technically, kids under 15 get in free to US national parks and federal recreation sites, and fourth-grade students can get a free pass for themselves and their families through the Every Kid Outdoors initiative. That year of free admission can be a nice impetus to planning outdoor adventures, whether an ambitious family journey or a day trip to a nearby destination. The individual passport is a fun add-on for kids. The little booklet is divided by region, with space for cancellations and stamps collected along the way. For those who are predisposed to collecting, the passport may help serve as motivation for planning even more park visits. And the booklet ultimately serves as both memento and diary, which just may start a habit of documenting a lifetime of exploration. Of course, the pandemic has changed travel habits, and some sites may have suspended or limited operations .

And note: If a child or other family member has a permanent disability, they are eligible for a special access pass that grants them free lifetime admission to over 2,000 national parks. Keep in mind that the pass needs to be applied for weeks, if not months, in advance of the visit. Additionally, there are many excellent blogs and guides focused on accessible travel ; these guides are also handy if you plan to travel with aging grandparents .

Winnie Yang

Moosh-Moosh Plushies

Ingrid Skjong


Ellen Lee

Ellen Lee

Kelly Glass


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Coolest Minecraft Toys: Thinkgeek Color Changing Potion Bottle

Key features

  • Minecraft changing-color bottle forrooms
  • 8-colors to switch between
10 x 3.2 x 6.3 inches
Item weight
Recommended age6 year old+

This product is a changing-color bottle toy that is designed after the Minecraft style. It has 8-different colors that you could switch between by pressing slightly the button on the top. This will make your room look super cool and light-up very well in the dark.


  • The durability is not so good
  • Broken easily in short time use

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