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Its become a breeze to travel with a Minecraft loving kid. In times of need, the iPad with the Minecraft Pocket Edition game subdues tantrums and stems boredom on long-haul flights, immigration queues and big road trips. With the new Minecraft StoryMode available on iPad and on consoles, the new Mojang game makes for a powerful carrot to dangle for good behaviour. Oh yes, we do resort to bribery.

Gift Ideas For 10 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything

Right. The problem with these questions is all the answers on other sites are always ridiculous. “What do you buy the boy who has everything? A DIAMOND-ENCRUSTED PONY!” which is no help whatsoever!

Honestly, your best bet is think about what they’re into and go from there.

If they already own a games console, look at what games are out this year. If they’re into playing with toys, look at buying them a wave of Marvel Legends .

No child has everything. Even if their parents are millionaires, they still won’t have everything. And even if you do find something unusual like a diamond-encrusted pony, there’s a high chance they won’t like it because of how unusual it is.

Always, always go with what they like rather than trying to think outside the box. Outside the box is rubbish.

The Best Gifts For Kids By Age According To Our 2021 Gift Guides

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If you’ve ever struggled to find the best gifts for kids, babies or teenagers, don’t despair. Finding the right toy or book for kids is a struggle, even for their parents.

We’ve taken the guesswork out by speaking to experts about the just-right gifts and toys for children of any age. Here are the best gifts for kids from our gift guides:

Dont forget to check out Shop TODAYs Gift Guide to find the perfect present for everyone on your list!

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I Still Need More Gift Ideas

Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here!

Have a stroll on over to our toys for kids hub where you’ll find all our expert gift guides broken down by individual ages.

If you’re looking to pick up gifts for an older or younger sibling, there’s a very high chance we’ll have a gift guide that’s perfect for them.

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The Disguise Authentic Minecraft Pickaxe

Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

As the name suggests, Minecraft is all about exploring the game universe and mining for resources. One of the most fundamental tools involved in mining is a pickaxe and that is why the 8-bit pickaxe is an enduring symbol of the Minecraft video game. For collectors, an authentic large-sized Minecraft pickaxe is very valuable.

This pickaxe has a very authentic design inspired directly from the 8-bit graphics present in the game. The handle of the pickaxe is made of brown pixels, and the blade of the pickaxe is blue in color. The blue color signifies the diamond material of the blade, which is the most powerful and rare Minecraft pickaxe.

The pickaxe is actually quite large. It will fit snugly into the hands of a child and an adult. I would suggest you to get this pickaxe if you are interested in Minecraft roleplay, board games, and cosplay. This pickaxe is a wonderful accessory for a Halloween costume.

  • Authentic 8-bit design inspired by the game
  • The pickaxe blade is blue signifying a diamond pickaxe
  • Fits snugly into child and adults hands
  • A valuable addition to Minecraft merchandise collection
  • Can cause injury if handled irresponsibly

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Minecraft Tnt Block Desk Lamp

Pick up the TNT Block Lamp if you’re looking for a unique d├ęcor to add capow to your room. This light’s removable shade is like a TNT block, and the cord pull is like a creeper. This is an explosive combination! Your birthday party will certainly be partially decorated with this lamp. But it is a real light, suitable to read or do homework. It’s a real light. It looks great at the desks, in children’s and adult fans’ homes and workplaces. It looks great.

Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle Logic Game

This game is a great way to get your Minecraft fix even when youre on the go! In this puzzle, the ender Dragon is trying to prevent you from travelling through the worlds of Minecraft . You must solve the challenges to win.

The game includes 9 magnetic Minecraft items, an instruction manual, and a challenge booklet containing 40 beginner to expert challenges and solutions.

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Think Geek Minecraft Pickaxe

How can your kid be a good miner without a good pickaxe? After all, there is no finer tool for the mines of Minecraft than a pickaxe. So weve got you the replicated, officially licensed pixelated Foam Pickaxe. This sturdy, yet pliant tool is safe for kids of all ages to play. Yes, it may not help him bash through rock or even drywall, but will make him feel that he can with this baby in his hand. Or your diehard Minecraft fan can even place this pickaxe next to the computer as he goes on his next quest.

The company claims that the pickaxe Minecraft kids toys can withstand more than 132 uses, making it a durable toy. And since its an officially licensed toy, your tyke will be happy too!

The Minecraft Transforming Sword And Pickaxe

10 Best Minecraft Toys 2021

In the blocked three-dimensional universe of the Minecraft video game, a pickaxe and a sword are the two most important tools a player can have. This gorgeous collectible is a two in one pickaxe and transforming sword at the same time. You can use it for pretend battles, real life Minecraft games, cosplay, etc.

The two in one transforming sword cum pickaxe will fit snugly in your hands while dueling and cosplaying. The design of both the weapons is very authentic and derives directly from the iconic pixelated graphics present in the game. The toy pickaxe can be converted into the Minecraft diamond sword with the help of one fluid motion.

With the help of this awesome collectible, you will be able to take on creepers and dig for resources at the same time. The diamond design of the transforming sword is attractive as well. These amazing and innovative Minecraft toys for boys will allow your child to have an immersive and engaging play experience. Minecraft is just as fun in real life as well.

The minecraft toy is made of durable plastic, which is built to withstand shocks from dueling and rough play. You can make your gaming sessions immersive and realistic by using these amazing weapons, tools, and accessories.

  • One motion converts the pickaxe into a sword
  • Sword has an iconic diamond design
  • Allows players to practice immersive play
  • Careless and rough handling can cause injury

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Good For You Girls Gift Set

If your 10-year-old is bordering on the tween-zone, theyll love their own skincare gift set made just for kids who are in the early stages of puberty. Produced in the U.S. with all-natural ingredients, the giftable set comes with lotion, wash, toner, deodorant, lip balm, and much more.

Amazing for kids who like to cook, or eat, a membership to Radish Kids is a thoughtful gift. The monthly subscription service comes with three themed recipes, a kitchen tool, culinary skills lessons, table topic conversation starters, and more. Since food is not included, families can shop together and prepare the meals at a convenient time. Select shipments from one month up to a full year.

Pics Unofficial And Independent Minecraft Guide

Looking for the perfect way to incorporate Minecraft into their learning? The 100 PICS Unofficial and Independent Minecraft Guide may be just what youre looking for.

Though billed as a guide, its a fun travel-sized card game for kids in which they first have to identify the Minecraft-related object or character before figuring out how to spell it.

To help them along, all the letters from the correct word are printed on the bottom of the card in scrambled up order, meaning all they have to do is arrange them correctly to spell the word.

A fun way to engage them in learning their spellings, the game contains 50 colorful cards and can be played solo or in a group.

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Minecraft Dungeons Nano Metalfigs

So, you already bought them the six-pack of mini-figures we saw earlier, and now they want to expand their Minecraft figure collection.

If so, theyll love these Minecraft Dungeons Nano Metalfigs, a bumper pack of 20 die-cast figures measuring 1.65 in height.

Featuring the entire Wave 4 series of collectibles, these highly detailed figures include popular characters such as Valorie, Adriene, Iron Golem, Skeleton Vanguard, and more.

Minecraft Sprites Characters T

586Compatible with Lego Phantom Ninja Building Blocks ...

Whether its , Minecraft, or something else entirely, clothing based on the popular characters they know and love from any franchise is always going to be a big hit.

Thats perhaps why this Minecraft Sprites Characters T-Shirt has gone on to be one of the biggest selling items of Minecraft merchandise ever.

Available in a range of sizes suitable for kids aged 5+. The shirt features Steve, Creepers, Zombies, sheep, pigs, and all of the fascinating creatures from the game.

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Minecraft Steve Large Figure

For Steve Fans

For all the miniature Steve fans out there, this giant figure will undoubtedly be a hit. It measures 8.5 inches tall and has all the details youd expect from a Minecraft figure.

Steve is fully poseable, enabling your child to move his arms, legs, and head when they play. For older children, it will become a collectible theyll want to show off every time.

The large size is excellent for sparking fun and creative ideas for imaginative play. Your little one will also want to take Steve along on their real-life adventures through this world too.

If your child has a different favorite character, there are plenty to choose from, even a cool-looking zombie.

Our #5 Choice Mattel Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe Action Figure

Minecrafts iconic pickaxe is ready to be used as a toy which can also transform into a coveted diamond sword at the behest of your child.

  • Easy to bend or break
  • May encourage exploration of dark caves

Diamond equipment is extremely difficult to produce in Minecraft. Your young Minecraft player is already in the habit of delving deep into the earth in search of tiny deposits of diamonds. Handing them a diamond pickaxe which is also a diamond sword might seem a bit like cheating.

Nonetheless, this toy represents everything that the Minecraft player aspires to accomplish.

Rather than spending hours digging and braving hazards like lava and monsters, you can pass this toy off to your Minecrafter with the knowledge that theyll cherish it and take care of it like they dug it from the earth themselves.

The toy isnt as durable as the diamond tools that your Minecrafter seeks in the game, however. They probably arent about to pierce any rock with the toy, which theyll understand.

Transforming the toy from a pickaxe into a sword is a simple joy which will keep the toy fresh for a long time, however.

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Lego Minecraft Pig Bigfig And Baby Zombie

In the Minecraft universe, you can find a lot of pigs Lego sets. They are a very common and iconic element of the video game. Gamers can ride the pig and use it to derive food and porkchops. This Lego toy set will allow you to enjoy them in real life.

The BigFig pig and baby zombie are extremely easy to assemble. Your child will have a really great time assembling them and then engaging in imaginative play with them. The pig action figure is quite large so your child can use it to transport the baby zombie from place to place. Both the action mini figures have fully articulated and adjustable joints.

These awesome Minecraft toys can be used by your child to play their own games. The articulated head and limbs of the BigFig pig mean your child can come up with loads of scenarios and game possibilities. Your kids creativity will be enhanced as they invent their own stories and act them out with the help of these characters.

These character set toys arent just meant for children, by the way. They come in original mint-in packaging, which makes them valuable for Lego collectors and Minecraft geeks. If this game was a huge part of your child, show tribute by buying these toys.

  • BigFig pig has articulated limbs and joints
  • Baby Zombie has articulated limbs as well
  • Easy to assemble and play with
  • Enhance the creativity of your kids
  • Not much fun on their own

Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition

Minecraft Farming… 5 years old girl playing minecraft

Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 2 inches | Material: Not Listed | Recommended Age: 8 years and up

  • Some reviewers found the game too easy for older kids

Get kids to turn off their electronics for a few hours with a fun family game like Watch Ya Mouth. This hilarious family game is perfect for players ages 8 and up, and young boys will love trying to speak phrases while wearing the games signature cheek retractors. Watch Ya Mouth can be played with three to 10 players.

Dimensions: 3.7 x 11.18 x 15.16 inches | Material: Plastic | Recommended Age: 6 years and up

  • Can be difficult to maneuver after building

Though your 8-year-old wasnt born when Back to the Future came out, they can learn all about the classic movie through the DeLorean toy. The time traveling car has fun lights and winged doors that open and close. Of course the car also comes with Marty McFly, Dr. Emmett Brown, and their fury friend Einstein.

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Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush

If youre looking for the best toy for Minecraft fans and your little one prefers to cuddle up with their plush animals rather than going on adventures with a Diamond sword, this Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush may be just the thing.

Soft, cute, and adorably cuddly, you can also buy baby cows and pigs in a similar style so that they can create their very own Minecraft farm.

Personalized Gamer Name Decal

Complete your gamer room with this awesome 3d looking name decal. Each name is custom designed to look 3d and fun. The height will vary because the length of each name is different but dont worry, it will look proportional. Mock up sent upon request. While the decal may have features that look like something from a well known game where you mine and craft, the unique designs and artwork are individually designed for each name by a designer that is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by any game or company.

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Thinkgeek Minecraft Color Changing Potion Bottle

This one actually looks like its just been taken out of the computer screen!

The signature potion bottle is made into a real one that runs on 2 AAA batteries. Just tap the top button, and the magic starts!

It lights up and switches between 8 different colors: red, yellow, indigo, cyan, peach, green, blue, and white. Tap on it and the color will change instantly!

To preserve battery life, the bottle has a 3-minute time out that can be restarted by re-tapping the bottle.

Jinx Minecraft Happy Explorer Baby Llama Plush Stuffed Toy

Gifts for 9

Talk about a cute plushie! This Explorer Baby Llama will make everyone smile, even if they dont love Minecraft! This little guy is designed for cuddling anywhere you go!

It is only 6.5 inches tall, so hes easy to bring along with your Minecrafter everywhere. This llama is made by the same company as the Creeper plushie above. However, the llama is part of the JINX Happy Explorer series of small toys. They have pretty much any character from Minecraft you could want!

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Mega Construx Pokemon Blastoise

Dimensions: 1.88 x 12.83 x 9 inches | Material: Plastic | Recommended Age: 8 years and up

  • Includes two working water cannons

  • Not compatible with Legos

It comes packed with clear instructions and pieces that snap well into each other, so building Blastoise shouldn’t be too difficult. The coolest part about this Pokemon building set is that it comes with two working cannon blasters, so your 10-year-old can make Blastoise unleash his Water-type moves when it’s time for battle.

Minecraft The Polar Igloo By Lego

For Icy Adventures

This Lego Minecraft igloo is perfect for children who love an icy adventure. They get to build an igloo on top of a snow-covered landscape.

While constructing the igloo, they can mark their territory using the banner. The landscape can spark tons of imaginative play. It features a small water area, ice blocks, trees, and plants even an arrow dispenser.

Your child also receives an Alex figure to watch over their icy fort. He may even get a visit from the included mama polar bear and baby.

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Jinx Minecraft Creeper Plush Toy

The creeper is one of the most notorious villains in the Minecraft universe. They are tall, green beings that move around and try to swarm and kill the protagonists. They are an iconic element of the franchise. If you have a young Minecraft fan, this would be the perfect bedtime friend/gift for them.

This plush creeper toy is part of a line of Minecraft toys for kids. Measuring approximately 10.5 inches tall, this cuddly green monster is made of polyester velboa fibers. As a result, it is very soft and easily huggable.

Moreover, as it is made of soft polyester velboa fibers, this plush toy is 100% kid-friendly. This plush toy will become an instant friend and companion for your little one. It also can be cleaned easily.

The design of the toy is authentic. The pixelated appearance has been lifted directly from the Minecraft video game. The toy designers have made this creeper plush toy stay faithful to the design of the virtual creeper entity. This plush has the iconic 4 creeping limbs and malicious face as the creepers from the Minecraft video game universe.

  • Made of polyester velboa fibers
  • 5 inches tall and perfectly cuddly
  • Designed to look exactly like the video game creepers
  • Great companion for little one kids
  • Plush toy can be boring for older kids

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