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The Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022

TOP 20 BEST NEW SEEDS For MINECRAFT 1.19! (Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seeds)

When you spawn into a Minecraft world, it uses a seed number to generate well, everything. This seed is the core code that builds the world and decides your spawn point in it. The cool part is that if you find a world you really like, you can copy, save, and share the seed. The result is a growing collection of very useful or interesting seeds that are perfect for players who want something new but not entirely random to explore. Down below are some of our favorites!

Note: These seeds are designed to work with the Minecraft Java edition. Theres no guarantee they will work with other versions of the game. However, you can sometimes switch to the Bedrock version using seeds up to 2147483649 and then subtracting or adding 4294967296 to Java seeds higher than 2147483649. Seeds higher than 4294967296 and negative seeds wont work in Bedrock. We know, its weird, which is why its best to use the Java version whenever possible for this trick.

Tall Woodland Mansion At Spawn

Seed Code: -7457009251932508969Coordinates: Z: o X: o

This seed is quite interesting and special. As soon as you get spawned, youll get to see a tall woodland mansion with clouds going through its room. This is not only a rare Minecraft seed but youll also find quite unique loot spawns, anyone wouldnt want to miss. Theres a dessert village just under the mansion with a blacksmith which works as a cherry on the cake.

Ancient City Mountains And A Village

This next Seed has a little bit of everything.

Upon entering the world, youll see snowy mountains, frozen lakes, and a waterfall flowing out of a particular mountain. Sign us up!

Additionally, after exploring, youll come across a decent-sized village in the area.

The mountains nearby also contain Goats, which are very rare at spawn, so youll also have an effective method of farming Goat Horns. Theres also a Dripstone Cave nearby!

Lastly, this Seed is valuable because behind the mountain you spawn in is a massive exposed cave. Following this will lead you directly to an Ancient City!

Talk about being packed!


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Survival Island With Shipwreck

Over the years, players have discovered multiple challenging ways to play Minecraft. But still, nothing seems to impress players more than the survival island spawn. It puts you in a tricky situation where you have to survive with limited resources and no sense of direction. And thats where our next seed puts you in Minecraft 1.19.

Fortunately, the spawn island is loaded with wood and even has bees. So, you can easily make a bee farm in Minecraft to survive and gather resources. Then, if you want to make progress, there is a floating shipwreck quite close to your spawn point. You simply have to swim to the shipwreck to collect everything else you need.

  • Seed Code: 8490635458390752516
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: -371, 66, -225

Desert Village In Bamboo Jungle

The best Minecraft seeds

code: 1942743729653594874 version: 1.18+

Heres another very unusual village desert buildings but inside a bamboo jungle biome! Located just a short journey from spawn at X=-514, Y=74, Z=-832, this fascinating combination is extremely rare.

If youre interested in some more adventure, this seed has plenty more to offer. A can be found close to the desert village, and next to the spawn is an abundance of fossils dotted around the swamp.

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Three Ancient Cities Next To Stronghold

If I had to choose a favorite seed from our list of best Minecraft 1.19 seeds, this is probably the one. It spawns 3 ancient cities within 100 blocks of each other. You can get all the loot you will ever need and some more from these structures.

But thats not all. If you move a few steps above the cities, you will find a full-fledged stronghold merged into a mineshaft. Everything in this seed is super rare, and you probably wont find anything similar in Minecraft anytime soon.

  • Seed Code: 7901583960864769992
  • First Ancient City Coordinates: 1224, -44, 488
  • Second Ancient City Coordinates: 1384, -44, 184
  • Third Ancient City Coordinates: 1624, -44, 104
  • Stronghold Coordinates: 1641, 6, 339

Random Worlds Vs Customized Worlds

There are two types of players in Minecraft, one who just jumps into the game in a random world without any preference. On the other hand, some players want to enter into a world that they know about. Minecraft generates worlds for each player randomly without providing preferences to them. But while using seeds, one can define the world they want to enter into according to their preferences and conditions. With the help of seeds, you can always determine the world you want to enter in and have your preferred world and environment around you.

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Mountain Range And Deep Dark Biome

Another seed which gives you early access to the new Deep Dark biome, here you’re presented with the gorgeous vista of a snowcapped mountain range surrounded by forest. Delve deep though, and you’ll find yourself in the centre of a truly colossal Deep Dark biome filled with numerous Ancient Cities. Have fun exploring – just be wary of the Warden!

Seed: 7644964991330705060

How To Use Minecraft Seeds

The Best Seeds for Caves and Cliffs 1.18 Minecraft

Simply put, Minecraft seeds are a string of numbers that dictate an exact Minecraft world for you to load into. Before creating a new world, you can punch these numbers in to conjure up the particular place you want to explore, and creators share these codes online. You’ll find a field to enter your chosen seed in the “More World Options” menu when creating a new world. Using a seed will get you exactly the same world generation as someone else who’s used it.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to make sure youre running the correct version of Minecraft. Otherwise, your seed has a chance of not spawning exactly what you want, or being just slightly different.

Thankfully, its pretty painless to run legacy versions of Minecraft. All you need to do is open the launcher, click on “Launch Options” then “Add New.” From here you can name it, and below that is a drop-down box with all the previous editions. Just click on the one you need, head back to the News section, and load up the version you need. Now, an in-depth look at the best Minecraft seeds.

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Deep Double Dungeon Cave In A Mountain Range Seed

  • Seed: -393209201

Meanwhile, the fourth featured seed lets you explore a deep cave with dungeons, a perfect location to farm mobs. And if you need to take a break, just go out of the cave to soak in the beautiful mountaintop vista and trade with Villagers nearby. Theres also a huge, sprawling Dripstone Cave that you should explore.

Jungle Temple Of Diamonds & Bones

Minecraft Seed Code: 87953651674304230

Once youre ready to drag your frozen butt out of the icy tundra, why not live out your Indiana Jones/Lara Croft fantasies in-game? This Minecraft seed world sends you west of a pretty expansive jungle island with a beautifully designed temple .

Dont worry the architecture isnt the only thing of note. According to legend, you can find some sweet, sweet loot deep within the temple. Hint: its in the worlds name.

Once youve successfully conquered the temple, head on to the ocean. Theres apparently a mine to find and a couple of cave spider spawners to stumble upon.

Important! The loot youll find in this seed actually depends on your platform, so dont be surprised if other players manage to gather things that are completely different from your own haul.

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Swamps & Rock Formations

Part of the charm of Minecraft’s terrain generation has always been the random quirks and oddities that appear in certain places – and it seems as though 1.18 has its share of those as well. This Bedrock seed spawns you on the edge of a sprawling, pockmarked Swamp – a biome that is set to receive a fair bit of attention in Minecraft 1.19 – but the most eye-catching feature of this seed is definitely the nearly-floating rock formation on the coast next to you. It’s also a useful feature for a starting seed, as you’ll find various pieces of coal and iron ore readily exposed for mining within these rocks.

Seed: -1759273619

Fast Diamonds: Seed 939276771201220157

The best Minecraft seeds

After dozens, hundreds, or thousands of hours of Minecraft, you might just want to get to the good stuff right away.

Diamonds can be a pain to find if luck isn’t on your side, but this seed will spawn you right by two desert temples full of treasure, including nine diamonds. That should be plenty to kickstart your adventures.

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Turtle Power Minecraft Seed

Minecraft Seed Code: 519124461

Upon first glance, this seed appears to have one sole purpose, and thats to let you raise your own turtle colony. Cute, fun, and definitely worth a few hours of game time. However, once the novelty wears off, you might find yourself searching up some new Minecraft seed codes so you can jump to other worlds.

Not so fast.

Look to the right of the spawn point. Yep thats an honest-to-goodness buried ocean ruin. Have fun looting! Theres a second ocean ruin for you to explore when youre done with that one.

Minecraft Seed Code: 2151901553968352745 | 8091867987493326313

If youre fairly new to Minecraft, then you probably dont know this, but Minecrafts own title screen has been an elusive white whale. For years, no one could figure out just where that iconic location was which is a pretty ironic thing to say!

The body of water, the cliff faces, what we now know is the original Minecraft vista nothing in the picture could definitively give it away.

That is until dedicated researchers took it upon themselves to manually reconstruct as much of the blurred map as they could snip out all the seeds that couldnt possibly match up, and then plow their way through the remaining few million seeds to find the exact same 3D data.

Yes, you read that right: horse island.

If youve ever wanted to banish yourself to a deserted island and live out the rest of your days surrounded by happy horses, this Minecraft seed world is for you.

Spawn Next To A Large Mountain Village

Seed: -5825474964779901595

This Minecraft seed will spawn you right next to a large village in front of a nice mountain range. The village has a lot of farms that you can harvest right away for instant nutrition, and the buildings provide you with a nice place to spend a night . The mountain range itself is also very cool, with plenty of caves to explore.

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Spawn Near Floating Mountains

Seed: 4079393558202846493

When it comes to pure building potential , this is one of my favorite Minecraft seeds. The mountains here have a lot of character, and like a lot of people, I’m a huge fan of the large overhangs and floating mountains. In terms of eye candy and pure awe factor, this is one of the best seeds out there.

Village On A High Pillar

10 best Minecraft seeds | Minecraft survival seeds, Minecraft village seeds, and more

Seed: -5694368681594500133

Platform: Java

This seed has reached over 4,700 upvotes at the time of writing, and its not hard to see why. This incredibly unique Minecraft seed features a towering plinth with a small village resting atop it. Any Pillagers that spawn to attack the village seem to appear down at the bottom of the pillar, meaning that they cant reach the Villagers, and so the raid will quickly be over!

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Woodland Mansion With A Village

Seed: 1208416085

Located a short distance from spawn, this village has a woodland mansion just outside of it, making it seem like the mansion is a part of the village itself. To get there, look for the pillager outpost when you spawn. Head past it and you should come across the village in no time. Woodland mansions can contain rare items and materials, so head in there once youve gotten some basic gear and see what you can find.

Top 10 Best Minecraft Seeds

Ollie Mattison

May 19, 2022ΓΆΒΆ Proven solutions

What does it mean by Minecraft seeds? What are the best Minecraft Seeds? How to use Minecraft seeds? If you are having questions like these, you are at the right place.

Have you ever wondered why you spawn at a particular place, surrounded by specific landscapes? Well, all the Minecraft players spawn at different places, with different landscapes and scenarios. Minecraft chooses a location randomly for each player. But just like all other things in Minecraft, you can also control the location where you want to spawn. Here you can use Minecraft Seeds to do that.

Minecraft seeds are the codes that Minecraft uses to choose a world around the player. It includes everything from landscapes, landmarks, dungeons, and much more. You can customize the world around you the way you want. But for that, you choose the best Minecraft Seeds that best suit your needs and requirements. And it seems impossible without a proper guide. So, to help you find the best world, we going to list down the 10 best Minecraft Seeds that you can use to generate a world around you according to your preferences.

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Large Mountain Range Near The Sea

The 1.18 update brought along new possibilities, such as caves and ravines. You can find all of them in this world, which beautifully shows how far Minecraft has come. Theres an extensive mountain range close to the sea, and you spawn close by on a small island.

Fans of the new shipwrecks will also be delighted to hear that theres one near the mountain.

Seed: -1824611495

Best Speedrun Seed For Minecraft 119

The best Minecraft seeds

Irrespective of the update, speedrunning is something that isnt leaving Minecraft anytime soon. And if you are a speedrunner too, this seed is perfect for you. It gives you one of the closest possible strongholds to your spawn point on the Java edition. You only have to travel about 1300 blocks to find this exposed stronghold.

While you are on the way, you will find plenty of ruined portals and a couple of villages. All of that would be more than enough to help you collect the required resources and cover your journey into the Nether.

  • Seed Code: 1216998451290974659
  • Stronghold Stairway Coordinates: 1332, 28, 548

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Broken Jungle And Mangrove Swamps

Our next seed is special because of two reasons. First, it spawns us close to one of the largest mangrove swamp biomes. You can get lost on its surface or create new Minecraft parkour maps on its roof. Then, theres a neighboring jungle biome to explore once youre done with the mangrove swamp.

If you follow the jungle biome, you will reach a bunch of islands that create a scene that looks nothing less than the aftermath of a bombing. Floating islands, glitched chunks, sky touching bamboos, it has everything you can imagine. Uniquely, this seed captures the best of both the latest updates of Minecraft.

  • Seed Code: -2794667256771818677
  • -28, 146, -184
  • Mangrove Swamp Coordinates: 22, 63, 132

Effectively Explore An Ancient City

This next Seed brings you to an Overworld with a small valley running between two pairs of mountains.

Although a very unusual spot, theres a Village located here. An even stranger phenomenon is the existence of an exposed zombie spawner right underneath one of the Village houses.

This is fantastic for you to safely farm experience in the early stages of your survival journey.

These mountains also contain a massive hollow area with a Waterfall flowing down. This Waterfall leads directly down to the middle of an Ancient City.

A handy thing about this is that you can use this Waterfall to enter/exit the Ancient City whenever youre having trouble with the Warden.

This allows you to safely explore the City at your own pace without having to worry about the prospect of dying.

Seed Details


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What Are The Top Seeds For Minecraft Survival

You all know the feeling of loading up a new Minecraft world for the first time only to find yourself stranded on an island with nothing but three flowers and a goat to work with. Next time, instead of leaving the structure of your Minecraft world to fate, why not try loading up one of these seeds? These Minecraft seeds have been tried, tested, and found worthy by thousands of players

So what is a seed in Minecraft? Well, everybody knows that each world in Minecraft is randomly generated. Every time you load up a new world, you have no idea what biomes will appear or what the landscape will look like. However, each world has a unique alphanumeric code called a seed that allows you to replicate its exact structure. In short, every time you use one specific seed when generating a new world in Minecraft, that world will look exactly the same every time.

This, of course, is great for when you want to show your friends the mountain you found that looks like an Among Us crewmate but dont want to send them your entire world file. They can just put the worlds seed into their own computer and find the mountain themselves.

So, here are my personal top 15 seeds for 2022 to guarantee an epic survival experience.

Huge Crater With A Lake Seed

TOP 20 BEST NEW SEEDS For MINECRAFT 1.19! (Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seeds)
  • Seed: -520676823

IIIX-unknown-IIIMinecraft Bedrock seed features one of the best sight-seeing attractions utilizing the 1.18 update: a massive crater with a lake at the bottom of it complete with a Village and a Pillager Outpost. Its definitely a unique-looking seed that will entice you to explore the area and discover whats hidden in it.

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