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Technology Holiday Summer Camps: United Kingdom

Popular Bay Area Summer Camps Canceled Due to COVID-19, No Refunds Offered

Non-residential and residential summer tech camps in Winchester, Abingdon, Chelsea, Harrow, and elsewhere. Campers play with robots, Raspberry Pi, laser tag, quadcopters, and lots of other gadgets, as well as learn about game physics and invention.

Fire Tech Camps

Courses in Arduino, Java, Python, Game Design, and more in London, Brighton, Bristol, Reading, Cambridge, Buckinghamshire, and Manchester.

Tech CampsNew

Java, Minecraft, Lego NXT, 3D Game Design, Drones, and other tech courses taught in Maidenhead, Hampstead, Richmond, Reading, Oxford, St. Albans, Northwood, Weybridge, Tonbridge, and Bristol .

Active Coding AcademiesNew

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, their curriculum includes Scratch, Python, JavaScript, HTML, Java, Android, and Big Data. There are no requirements to participate in summer program, only a desire to learn.

Teachers Provide Instruction Inspiration And Interaction

CAMP SCHEDULES: Our week camp schedules are 9:30 AM to 12 PM. This allows you to build your childs experience based on schedule, interest and budget. Morning themes complement each other and projects/activities are not duplicated.

Summer 2021 Transfer & Cancellation Policy

We understand that there is a need for a change in cancellation policy and more scheduling flexibility this year than normal.

Here is our Transfer and Cancellation Policy:

  • YOU CAN MAKE UNLIMITED CHANGESwith no fees. Please let us know up to 24 hours before your online session.

  • CANCELLATION OPTIONS: If you cancel your enrollment, you can choose to receive a credit voucher for your full amount paid to date . Please let us know as much in advance as possible, to allow others to enroll. The credit voucher can be used anytime for all our programs that we offer.

Technology Summer Camps For Kids

As a learning resource, our team at beanz magazine is here to help you find a tech summer camp, because learning and fun never stop! Kids technology summer camps range from one- or two-week sessions, day camp or residential, from outfits iD Tech and Digital Media Academy to local colleges and universities who sometimes offer technology summer camps. There are several groups that offer technology classes, including Tech Kids Unlimited, Black Girls Code, the coding club Coder Dojo, and more. Another helpful hint is to search online with the phrase technology summer camps and your city might reveal other choices to look into. The local YMCA or YWCA also might have summer camps with technology options.

So you found a computer camp for kids. What do you do next? How do you evaluate these camps? The first step is to look at how many years of experience that the company has. The number of years in business is a great metric because a company that can successfully run camps over years suggests they have happy kids and parents. We also suggest giving them a call to get a personal read if this is the camp for you. The company will also be able to provide you with references. Another metric might be turnover rate for their teachers and camp organizers. And what kids learn also matters: ask your kids if the technology or software taught interests them, especially if they learn a subject like game design instead of software like Minecraft.

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Private Lessons At Camp

Private lessons are offered in many of our camp subjects. You may book an AM lesson from 8:00am to 8:45am and a PM lesson from 3:30pm to 4:15pm or 3:30pm to 5:00pm.

If your child is enrolled for a private lesson before camp, early arrival coverage is included in the cost of the private lesson on that day.

  • Lessons are offered in the subject matter of your childs camp and tailored to your childs ability level.
  • Private lessons are only offered to campers in attendance during that camp week.
  • All lessons should be booked via online enrollment. Spots are limited!

List Of Minecraft Camps And Programs

iPhone Game Apps Summer Camp
  • Instructor lead
  • Debate
  • Programs specializing in Minecraft

    Camps below offer programming dedicated to Minecraft. In some cases, this might only be specific sessions with this focus. Look closely at camp listings to get details.

    Programs offering Minecraft as an activity

    Camps below off some Minecraft activities as part of a broader curriculum.

    Organizations with Minecraft programs

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    What Is Taught At Minecraft Camp

    The objective of Minecraft game is simple. The player can practically build anything from elaborate architecture masterpieces to engineering marvels. Despite being a very fun game Minecraft is well suited for learning purposes because its a game based on building things.

    Minecraft teaches creativity and real world skills. While playing Minecraft, kids dream of having new custom items, recipe and custom blocks. When kids want to modify the game, they must change or write new code to modify the game. Thus, Minecraft-based modification teaches kids how to code using Java.

    In our Minecraft camps, we make sure to have specific learning objectives in mind. Each Minecraft camp has its own learning objective and kids can easily take multiple camps and learn new skills this summer. At Vision Tech Minecraft summer camps, Minecraft is used as a learning platform for many important skills, such as coding, engineering, critical thinking, and project management.

    In beginner Minecraft camps such as Adventures in Minecraft or 3D Game Design with Minecraft, kids learn game design concepts such as level design, storyboarding, objectives, and technical skills such as scripting, redstone circuits, proficiency with software tools, and navigating Minecrafts file structure.

    Where The Virtual World Meets The Real World

    Kids who love Minecraft have a real-world outlet for their love, through Minecraft camps and programs that incorporate activities related to the game. Camps and specialized sessions of some camps use Minecraft materials to encourage learning in areas such as mathematics. Here, kids can adapt their love of the game and expand on it, with practical-minded real world activities, social engagement and interaction outdoors.

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    What Do Parents Have To Say

    My kids loved CodeREV Tech camps. They came into it a bit weary, not knowing anyone the week they started… But after the first day, they couldn’t wait to get back. They were hooked, and made a bunch of new friends they still keep in touch with. They went back 3 different weeks last summer. They were a bit sad when summer ended, but will be back for Spring and Summer camps this year. We’ve already reserved their spots for 4 different weeks! Best part is that they are learning a ton. Happy kids, happy mom.

    – Britney P.

    My son is 10 years old. He’s a bit shy, and isn’t really into sports, so camps can definitely be hit or miss for him. When we signed him up for CodeREV we were hoping it would be a good fit. CodeREV was the perfect place for him! He got along great with other kids and didn’t feel intimidated at all. It was like he found his own heaven where everyone got him and he felt like he fit in. He has continued coding there throughout the year, and we can’t wait to send him to camp again this year.

    – Allison M.

    I think the thing that makes CodeREV Camps so great is their unique approach to teaching. My kids don’t always do that well in a classroom in school, but they had no problem picking up what CodeREV’s instructors taught them last year – which was REALLY complicated. Their teacher, Max, said that Parker was one of the top students in his class, and the game that he made and brought home is truly amazing.

    – Jennifer S.

    For The Burgeoning Artist: Summer Camps In The Bay Area

    CAMPING IN THE NETHER – Minecraft Summer Camp Episode 7

    When you’re an adult, summertime isnt that special. Sure, there are a few mattress-and-truck-sale holidays, but theres no summer vacation from work and here in the Bay Area we dont even have the warm beach days that are synonymous with the season.

    Summer poses an additional challenge for parents: whos going to look after the kids? Finding a summer camp that ensures your child doesnt forget half of what they learned during the school year can be difficult enough. But add the fact that it needs to be at a place thats affordable, within a reasonable distance from home or work, and hopefully one that offers additional enrichment makes it seem impossible. But fret not weve compiled a list of 10 camps that represent a broad spectrum of creative and artistic fields, age requirements, and prices all throughout the Bay Area. Whether you want to sign up for multiple sessions or try something out a new camp one week for a change of pace, the options are plentiful.

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    Personalized Technology Education Supporting Individual Learning


    A focus on empowering students to further their own learning goals allows students to take ownership of their own learning and keeps students motivated.

    Real Instruction

    Our instructors introduce and lead students through lessons designed to have them understand new concepts and confidently dive into applying them to their own individualized projects.

    Fun and Engaging Curriculum

    Our carefully planned curriculum encourages students to become active participants on their own learning journey by incorporating lessons that are engaging and relevant.

    Project Based

    After students feel empowered by their skills, we encourage students to investigate and design their own projects that they are proud to build and take home.

    A Summer Immersion Experience


    With countless awards, Empow is known as a favorite among families in the region and is trusted by more than 150 educational and enrichment organizations that support STEM programs.


    Our incredibly talented, passionate and zany teaching team combines fun, creativity, and the very latest in technology to keep campers engaged, challenged and coming back year after year.


    Our locations outnumber any other STEM or coding summer camp in Massachusetts. Just choose the one that is most convenient for you.


    With an 8:1 camper-to-counselor ratio for on campus programs, and a 6:1 ratio for LIVE Virtual camps, we get to know each and every camper personally, providing the unique and personalized support they need to thrive.


    Our comprehensive educational programs are flexibly designed so that every camper can create their own fun while learning new skills and making new friends.


    We provide inclusive spaces where kids are encouraged to share their ideas in a safe environment, learning from and with friends and staff.


    Kids get to create cool things that they can be proud to show their friends and family, such as video games, 3-D printed creations, and even robots!


    Enjoy free access to files and software for an entire year, and have access to year-round services throughout Massachusetts.

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    Medication Storage And Administration

    For the safety of our campers, all drugs are stored under lock and key except when in the controlled possession of the person responsible for administering them. For prescription drugs , they are given only under the specific instruction/directions of a licensed physician. For nonprescription drugs , they are given under the signed instructions of the parents or legal guardian or signed instructions from the campers physician.

    How Many Camps Should My Child Attend

    Stanford Camps in Bay Area

    It really depends on your child. Some kids can be single-minded and want to enjoy one camp for the summer and focus on their favorite activity, other kids want to take several classes in different areas throughout the season.

    You can find these Bay Area summer camps and many more camps near you on ActivityHero or download our iPhone app for faster and easier searching!

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    Techplayzone In The News Since 2005

    TechPlayzone is a science and technology program that began in 2005 founded by Desh and Daryl Bagley. TechPlayzone staff offers on-site workshops and training. TechPlayzone is not located in a physical location. Staff members bring the equipment, curriculum, and high energy workshops to students at their locations. Desh Bagley is a national consultant and resides in the Tampa Bay community. Camps for Summer 2021 filled. Winter Camp will be held both online and onsite. Onsite campers will be held at Center Place in Brandon: 619 Vonderburg Dr STE B, Brandon, FL 33511 starting in December 2021.TechPlayzone Science and Technology ProgramSummer Camps, Workshops, Training

    Discover Related Camps And Programs

    While we also list , its worth looking at other kinds of camps with programming related to, or that develops kids’ interests beyond Minecraft. Consider these related camp types, presented in order of age of interest:

    is an ideal change of pace for the youngest Minecraft lovers, focusing on hands-on activities with this beloved construction toy. LEGO encourages imaginative world-building at an early age, like Minecraft

    might be considered a logical next step after Minecraft, where young kids transition into real world creation. Bear in mind that this does require the ability to understand series circuits and complex electronics, so its more suitable for kids 12 and older. Parents will also be aware of the career possibilities in this industry.

    are fun-focused programs featuring activities related to Marvel Universe characters and other superheroes. These appeal to many kids in this age group.

    is similarly practical, engaging kids with a diverse, open-ended range of products and media. Makerspace is a suitable next step for kids whove grown up with Minecraft. Parents love how these camps develop creative skills in a fun, collaborative environment.

    and apply a curriculum combining science, technology, engineering and math . Camps present this at the level of kids understanding, starting as young as 7.

    is ideal for kids who want to develop mathematical skills, or explore an interest in the code and functions that underlie technology development.

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    Art Lego And Maker Camps

    Creative kids can grow their skills and express themselves in any number of art camps and maker camps. From learning to draw to learning to build, art and other maker camps can bring out the creator in every kid.

    At a LEGO camp, kids build LEGO animals, spacecraft, and other creations.

    Family favorites:Brainvyne LEGO Camps

    For budding master chefs, a cooking camp like Sprouts Cooking Club or Culinary Dude offers hands-on cooking experience and a daily menu. On-demand activities include recipes and video walkthroughs for meals and desserts.

    Kids and teens who want to learn to sew will find some creative sewing camps such as Camp Couture in San Mateo, owned by Project Runway finalist Alexandria von Brommson. Sewing camps like this let kids design their own fashions, accessories, and even soft toys.

    Woodworking camp is very popular, even in the high-tech age, but harder to find due to the specialized equipment and instructors. Maker Nexus in Sunnyvale has sewing camps as well as woodworking and industrial arts for kids and adults. Youll also find woodworking at Tinkering School in San Francisco and Young Builders in Palo Alto.

    A Typical Day At Camp

    A SNOWY DISCOVERY! – Minecraft Summer Camp (10)

    The flow of a typical week at our award-winning summer camps is awesomely diverse and packed with big fun.

    On the first day of camp, campers engage in some initial, getting-to-know-you activities and circle-up time with instructors. Our 8:1 student-teacher ratio ensures that kids get the appropriate welcome and attention in order to feel comfortable and confident in our camp environment. Theyll get acquainted with guidelines and safety measures, watch tech demonstrations, and be introduced to a wide range of tech options for exploration.

    After exploring the project options on their particular tech path, and with encouragement from our talented, knowledgeable staff, campers will dive into subjects that spark their interest and begin to realize their passion and emerging skills.

    We incorporate outside activities and break times throughout the day to balance the time spent in front of computer screens. Depending on our location, campers will walk to a park, work off some energy on a playground, or get involved with a game.

    At weeks end, our rock star campers will show off their projects to the community and parents, and get continued access to their project or game files to keep the BIG FUN going long after their camp experience is over!

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    Ventana School Summer Camp

    Keep your child wondering constantly at Ventanas Summer Camps! With engaging week-long themes, campers will explore hands on activities that will boost their creative confidence and stimulate their way of thinking. Ventana Summer Camps are full of immersive fun. Summer session themes include: Brilliant Builders, Mad Science, Art Explorers, Wacky Water Week, Movie Making and more!

    Improve Your Skills With Private Instruction

    So many of our campers are passionate about the specialty programs they are participating in and want to further improve and develop the skills taught in camp. Private lessons are a great way to do this!

    Private lessons are offered in many of our specialty subjects. You may book an AM lesson from 8:00am to 8:45am and a PM lesson from 3:30pm to 4:15pm or 3:30pm to 5:00pm.

    If your child is enrolled for a private lesson before camp, early arrival coverage is included in the cost of the private lesson on that day.

    Lessons are offered in the subject matter of your childs camp and tailored to your childs ability level. Private lessons are only offered to campers in attendance during that camp week. All lessons should be booked via online enrollment. Spots are limited!

    Private lessons are limited and are booked on a first-come, first-served basis! Campers have the option to purchase more than one private lesson per week, and each lesson builds upon the progress made at camp and in previous lessons.

    In addition to being a great supplement to the camp week, private lessons are convenient! Lessons occur either before camp or immediately after camp.

    Private lessons can be booked when enrolling for camp, or by contacting our office via email at or by calling one of our camp specialists at . If you already enrolled and want to add lessons, you can log back into your account and add them at any time, subject to availability.

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