Minecraft Server Hosting Price Comparison

Ddos Security And Firewall

Top 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies of 2021

Paid Servers are highly secured as the technical teams are monitoring them 24×7. Free servers are prone to various attacks like DDOs and Bruteforce.

You can restrict the malicious activity on the server. Spammers can be removed and hence making your Minecraft server a safe place to play is in your hands.

One more benefit is better Uptime. If a good web host is used to create a Minecraft Server, you will get around 99.9% uptime, isnt it a great deal?

Which Minecraft Server Types Are Supported

All Minecraft hosting plans from Shockbyte support Java Edition and Bedrock Edition and are always up-to-date. We have every possible Minecraft server type available as a one-click install, updated each hour by our automatic system.

Every Minecraft server version is supported, including Spigot, CraftBukkit, Forge, Sponge, BungeeCord, Fabric, Vanilla and Snapshots. We also support all Bedrock Edition server types such as Bedrock Dedicated Server, PocketMine-MP , NukkitX and more.

Additionally, every Minecraft server hosted with Shockbyte supports all modpacks including Feed The Beast, Technic, ATLauncher, and any modpacks not listed.

If you would like to install a custom server type or any of your own mods, this is possible too. We provide full access to your server files via our control panel, so you can upload any Minecraft server types, plugins or mods. Our 24/7 support team is available to assist if needed.

What Hosting Services Should You Look For

Services and network features are the most important thing to consider when picking a host. Maybe even more so than hardware!

Minecraft servers are generally very competitive, so if your server is big enough, try looking for a host or hosting package with decent DDoS protection included as standard. Subdomains are generally provided for free, but some hosts take it one step further and provide a free dedicated IP on their more premium hosting tiers. This will allow you to get rid of the server port when giving other players your servers IP .

Its worth looking for hosts where a test server IP is being provided. That way youll be able to test for a lag-free connection and adequate bandwidth yourself.

Services are, in our opinion, what separates a good host from a great host. 24/7 and Config Support can be priceless when your very important server just starts crashing for no apparent reason in the middle of the night. Additionally, an Uptime SLA can guarantee your server will almost always be available!

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Number Of Allowed Slots Or Players

When you research server hosting sites, pay attention to the number of slots or players you can have. The number of slots indicates how many players can be on simultaneously. The number of players is the number of people who will play with you simultaneously. A server hosting site can offer unlimited slots, but if you havent purchased a plan with enough RAM, you wont be able to fill them.

Before you choose the number of slots, you should have a good idea of how many players youll have, and how many will play simultaneously. For instance, if you have ten players, but only five slots, no more than five can play together. If you have ten players and ten or more slots, all ten can play at once.

Plans are upgradeable and downgradeable, so dont worry if youve purchased a plan with too little or too much RAM.

How Much Should You Pay For Mc Hosting

16 Best Minecraft Server Hosting in 2020

You first need to figure out how much youre willing to spend on your server and what youe looking to get out of it. We list many cheap & affordable hosts on our list. Even some that are totally free! Yes, you heard that correctly: Server hosting for Minecraft, for free, 24/7. As a general rule of thumb though, you usually get what you pay for.

Theres lots of options in the world of Minecraft hosting, if you have this stuff figured out, your selection will be much easier!

If youre really serious about your project, its best to spend a bit extra and invest in a fast server with higher-quality CPUs, better support, guaranteed uptime and reliability

If, on the other hand, youre only looking to host a small personal server for you and your friends, your hardware spec and support requirements should be much more reasonable, thus allowing for a cheaper hosting deal. In such cases, having live chat support is less important for example.

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Mods Allowed And Included

A Minecraft mod may modify the user interface and provide additional tools for players to utilize while exploring the game. Because they are always a key part of enhancing the gaming experience, be sure that the gameserver hosting provider has the greatest Minecraft mods installed or at least freely allows you to add the ones you enjoy.

Renting Or Hosting Your Own Server

If you want to enable a Minecraft multiplayer game, you must rent or host your own server.

You must ensure it supports the game and offers sufficient resources to support your gaming group .

Getting started is as easy as downloading the file and connecting to the server, but be sure to discuss available packages with your provider before committing to a specific plan and be mindful of scalability.

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Minecraft Server Hosting The Best Way To Build A Game

Wondering how to set up your own Minecraft server?

Then youre in luck!

We reviewed the best Minecraft server providers and discovered which ones get you the most bang for your buck.

Minecraft gained so much traction over the last decade that hosting the game has become one of the most sought-after services. Consequently, more and more established hosting providers are offering dedicated services for just this application.

Aside from being an awesome way to have fun with your friends, buying a Minecraft server can open education opportunities or even become a fully-fledged business.

Whats not to like?

Thats why we, at HostingTribunal, decided to find and review the leading MC hosting solutions. Whatever your reason for hosting Minecraft may be, you will find the most optimal server for you just below.

Minecraft Server Hosting History

Free/Paid/DIY Minecraft Servers (Setup & Comparison)

A good Minecraft server hosting is necessary to keep a persistent world online. This private server will allow anybody around the world to join. It runs 24/7 and ensure that the players content are kept safe. Trying to run a server on your own computer means that you will need to keep your computer on all day. You also need to ensure there are no interruptions to your internet connection. You also use up resources on your machine hosting the game and thus harming your performance. As you can see, doing a DIY job on you Minecraft server is hardly worth it when the cost of it is so low.

Before Minecraft was popular, hosting companies simply provided a space for your game. Now, you can gain access to an amazing array of easy tools to manage your game without any coding. It was only when the explosion in popularity came did specialist providers spring up. These expert niche providers who only sell Minecraft hosting started developing custom platforms.

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Minecraft Server Hosting Minimum And Recommended Requirements

Minecraft isnt a resource-intensive game. You need to have a basic server for it to run flawlessly. nsure that your system has the following hardware:

  • Intel Core-Based/AMD K8 CPUs the computing power for supporting up to 5 players.
  • 1 GB RAM the systems random access memory for the smooth running of apps/mods.
  • 10 GB storage the amount of space needed to run Minecraft. If you wish to install custom apps, consider having at least 50GB of storage.
  • Windows/Linux/MacOS any of these operating systems is ideal for installing the game.
  • Java the original version of Minecraft is built on Java. Therefore, ensure that you have the latest version of the software on your system.

Enjin: Fantastic For Beginners

Enjin are proud proprietors of a purpose-built Minecraft CMS. They built it from the ground up, with the specific goal of creating the ultimate content management system for managing a Minecraft Server community. Its pretty awesome, as most purpose-built systems tend to be. Its highly sophisticated and has been built so you dont need to be a NASA scientist to work with it. Theyve made it pretty customizable and theyre continuously adding and fine-tuning it. Its not perfect, but its a really good place to start especially if youre a beginner.

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Your World Your Rules

When you run a Minecraft server, its your world. You create the world and make it what you want. You design it, establish the rules, decide who plays, and who doesnt. Your friends and other players get to come in and explore your world, but they must follow your rules within the spaces youve set up. You get to choose mods and plugins, and the people playing on your server will have to adapt or play somewhere else.

Best Minecraft Hosting : Top Picks

Apex Hosting Review 2021: A Good Minecraft Server Host?

Apex Hosting is another Minecraft hosting service provider. They provide dedicated hardware features like high clock speed CPUs and SSD hard drives. The site also offers high TPS and lag-free servers.

Here are some good hosting plans provided by them:

  • 24/7 Servers with 99.9% Uptime.
  • Full FTP & MYSQL Database Access.
  • Java & Bedrock Edition Servers.
  • Get started in less than 5 minutes.
  • 200+ 1-Click-Modpack Installers.

Refund Policy:

This hosting service provider offers full refunds within 7 days of payment. In case of failure, they do provide 1 month of compensation.

Customer Support:

They dont have any specific SLA for customer support response times. However, they mostly respond maximum within an hour. They offer 24/7 customer support service.

Network SLA:

They have two types of downtime 1)Emergency 2) Scheduled Downtime.

Emergency Downtime means situations where Apex Hosting must temporarily induce Downtime on a Server. It is mainly done in events like hardware failure, vulnerability, and other such situations requiring the systems immediate shutdown.

Scheduled Downtime refers to situations where Apex Hosting will inform you of Downtime periods prior to the application of the Downtime.

Downtime alert:

They do not provide any alerts for unplanned Downtime. However, notice will be sent for any planned downtime. They have a status page where you can monitor the status of all of their nodes.

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Requirements To Host Minecraft Servers

In the gaming world, hosting games is now becoming difficult. This is because the online games need more specific resources to run when compared to the other web-based applications. Surprisingly, Minecraft is different from the rest. It is not a resource hog and you dont require high hardware resources for it. Hence, it can easily be run on web servers that support the basic specifications.

But, a thing to be remembered here is that we are talking about the vanilla version of Minecraft. When you start adding mods and upgrades, it needs more specs. Even then, as compared to the other games, it is pretty simple. For the Vanilla version and 10 players, you can play Minecraft on the VPS Hosting. So you can see what I was talking about initially, right?

Lets take a peek at the minimum requirements one needs to have to host Minecraft in the plain Vanilla version.

Minimum Requirement: 1GB RAM / 1 CPU CORE

Recommended Requirement: 2GB / 2 CPU CORE

These are the bare minimum you require for roughly 10 players. If you are going pro and want to add more players, like 50 and above, you need to get better numbers. Furthermore, go for other additions like modifications and all. For that, you will require higher specifications.

So, it is recommended to do your homework and see what you will be doing on the server before you go out and rent one. What fun will it be to rent a server, spend money and time and realize that it does not match your requirements and specifications?

How To Get A Minecraft Server

With so many options, it’s best to get guidance from a professional on what you need. It’s always a good idea to see if there are any current promotions where you can get a deal as well.

We hope this article has been helpful in outlining some of the costs of a Minecraft Server. Leave any questions you have in the comments below!

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Best Game Server Hosting 2021

Best Game Hosting provides our readers with the best game server hosting, from Roxservers.com to Host Havoc. Host Havoc especially stands out when it comes to the best game host. Roxservers.com provides a great hosting option when it comes to CS:GO and Space Engineers. Find and Compare The Best Game Server Hosting Providers

Best Minecraft Server Hosting: Final Recommendations

Top 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies of 2020

Everyone is trying to cash in on Minecraft hosting as it is a huge market right now. But Im sticking to classic hosts that know how servers work.

So, consider the resources, tools, and features you need before deciding on the best Minecraft server hosting provider for you. Here are the strengths to recap:

  • Hostinger offers cheap, fast, and excellent Minecraft hosting plans with Minecraft control panel as well as mods and plugins installation
  • Liquid Web delivers powerful VPS plans with great customer support and performance for Minecraft hosting.
  • ScalaHosting is an affordable way to get managed VPS hosting that is easy to scale for DYI Minecraft hosting.
  • HostGator provides good value dedicated plans capable of supporting larger Minecraft communities. VPS is available too.
  • DreamHost enhances Minecraft hosting with Cloud computing technology and powerful VPS and dedicated plans.

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Opinions Of Gg Servers

Nowadays it is common to use hosting servers for Minecraft, since it represents the best option. As a result, it is common to come across opinions about the performance of companies.

GG Servers has one of the best reputations among opinions. Among its positive aspects are the excellent willingness to help and the speed with which they do so.

And they point out that one aspect to be improved is the relationship between the price and the content of the packages. Although the service of the premium plans is one of the most complete among the variety of hosting for Minecraft.

GG Servers is the best hosting for Minecraft Ive ever tried. I wanted to have a small room to play with my friends and they have been able to satisfy this need since the first minute. The price is not expensive if you share it with several friends.

My Minecraft server project has been scaling up thanks to the implementation of a GG Servers hosting. At first, I wanted a small server, but little by little, I have transformed it into a server with unlimited players, which makes the game a very fun experience.

If youre not sure which Minecraft hosting provider to choose, I recommend GG Servers. Their customer service is first class and they have Multicraft, the best panel to configure the Minecraft server in my opinion.

How To Choose The Best Minecraft Host

After youve narrowed down your selection of hosts to 3 or 4, based on all of the above criteria, its always best you look at previous user reviews before making a choice.

If those indicate a positive overall vibe towards the host, you can safely assume theres not much that can go wrong by going with them. If, on the other hand, theres lots of dissatisfied server owners complaining, you can rest assured theres no reason why your experience would be any different. Find out the reason why users were or werent satisfied with each provider and make a decision as to whether thats a dealbreaker for you or not.

Lastly, we suggest you gravitate towards Verified hosts when possible. We implemented this verification system to highlight hosts that are legitimate companies of good standing within the Minecraft community. That doesnt exclude the possibility of you having a bad experience with them. Nor does it mean an unverified host will be any less good. It is, however, something you should most definitely keep in mind when making your choice from our list.

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The Best Minecraft Server Hosting You Can Buy Today

Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid

There are a few reasons why Hostinger is at the top of this list, not least because it offers a dedicated Minecraft hosting service, which is rare among hosting heavy-hitters like Hostinger. It also stands out for a remarkably easy setup. You can use the Game Panel feature to set up a server in just a few minutes, or else manually create an environment with Ubuntu 18, Centos 7, or Debian 9 .

All of Hostingers Minecraft hosting is VPS hosting, which means you get a dedicated allotment of storage, bandwidth, and RAM thats yours and yours alone . Its also cloud-based with versioning support, so you can restore files and Minecraft environments from snapshots in the past in case anything goes wrong and players are unable to connect to your server.

Finally, Hostinger supports a huge number of Minecraft server types, including Official, Spigot, Purpur, Forge, Cauldron, Tekkit, and Feed the Beast, with a wide range of plans starting from $8.95 a month for 2GB RAM and two CPUs and up to $77.99 a month for 16GB and eight CPUs.

Read our full Hostinger review.

Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid

You can also configure your own custom plan, with up to 64GB of RAM, a dedicated IP, and a preferred server location.

Read our full Shockbyte review.

Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid

Read our full ScalaCube review.

Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid

Read our full MCProHosting review.

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