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Minecraft Realms Platform Compatibility

Top 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies of 2021

Two versions of Minecraft Realms are available from Mojang:

  • Minecraft Realms version for mobile devices, consoles, and Windows 10 platforms
  • Minecraft: Java Edition for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms

The two versions are incompatible, so players using Minecraft: Java Edition on a Mac or pre-Windows 10 computer can’t play with players on a mobile device or console.

Overall, Minecraft Realms are a worthwhile and official answer to creating and managing a server for Minecraft if you want a simple gaming experience. Hosting your own server provides a user-friendly alternative to third-party server hosts.

However, Minecraft Realms are not for everybody. If youre into the scene of modding, you should stick with a host that allows those adjustments.

What To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Minecraft Server Hosting

There are a plethora of factors to keep in mind while making decisions about the Minecraft server:

  • RAM There is never too much RAM. The more, the merrier is followed here. Having a large amount of RAM lets your server have more server instances and handle all the plugins and mods with ease.
  • Latency Latency means response time for your server. Here the location of your server is crucial. It also affects the speed of data transfer when you are planning a server targeting worldwide players.
  • Processor Processing power is a key factor in determining the general playability and scalability of the servers. Low-powered CPUs will often result in a server with lag when the player account or additional plugins are activated.
  • Storage Anything below SSD is a no-go. Normal hard disks provide a meager read-write speed in a few hundred megabytes on the RAID. Most of the Minecraft server hosting offers typical SSDs on their standard plan. You go higher up the pay ladder, and NVMe storage is served on the platter. The M.2 based storage is always better in every aspect.
  • Installation support Generally, Minecraft is provided as ready to use with a version of the client installed. Installing plugins and modpacks on some hostings can be a hectic task. If you are an absolute beginner, go with the services that offer a 1-click setup of the programs.

Cost Difference & Server Management

The first and most major difference is that Minecraft Realms costs money whereas downloading a server package is completely free assuming you intend to host it on your own machine. The features of the two differ quite a bit too. With a server package you are given all the files and can freely edit them or add new ones to change how the gameplay works in-game. Minecraft Realms doesnt grant you any sort of access to the files which makes it impossible to add extra features through plugins. Though, Mojang has said that further customizations of servers will be possible in later versions.

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What Are The Benefits Of Running Your Own Minecraft Server

Starting your server may seem like a momentous task, to begin with. However, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks by a distance:

  • Build your community with players who have similar interests and passions regarding Minecraft. Bring in your friends and create a close-knit community to have a good time. Find new players in your region, conduct game parties, and share your passion for the game.
  • Run the server like you want, without the interference of overpowering mods and admins. Set the rules based on your philosophy and create a fun environment for yourself and other players.
  • Monetize the server to earn a few extra bucks. Running a Minecraft server costs money, and you can offset it by creating revenue inflows. Set up items shop, merchandise, and moderator post for a fee.

Realms Vs Paid Server Hosting

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I just thought of something when I was about to keep my realms subscription. With some internet research I found that paid server hosting is actually cheaper. For the same price price of realms I can get a 48 slot server and have more control over it that is going to allow mods/texture packs. Pardon me but would I have to say this is rather stupid to pay for for less? 10 slots vs 48+Customization. Also I don’t have to be forced to use a white list but I can if I want to. Any reason why I should keep realms? Please tell me.

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Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecrafts multiplayer gaming created a great opportunity for hosting companies. There are a large number of these providers around, offering customized bundled plans to meet the basic and specific requirements of any player.

These customized plans are available for a contract length of up to 1 year, billed monthly. Just select a plan, complete the transaction and your Minecraft server is up and running.

But perhaps you should play it smart and check out a free Minecraft server hosting service first to learn about the nuances. There are many free service providers, and these are the best of the lot.


The 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2021

With a game thats as beloved and agile as Minecraft its not much of a surprise that many people are looking towards setting up their own Minecraft server.

There are several ways you can play Minecraft with friends, but the most versatile by far is on a Minecraft server that is hosted online.

Think of Minecraft as the modern day version of a classic that hasnt gone out of style. In fact, Ive seen it referred to before as virtual Lego. This might not be accurate though as Minecraft has become so popular that theres even an entire Lego theme of it!

Its simplistic graphics coupled by basic gameplay that still allows a great deal of innovation has made this game skyrocket in popularity.

Thanks to its supportive fan base, Minecraft has been able to push out onto virtually all digital platforms, from desktop computers to mobile devices and consoles. Today, Minecraft is available in plain vanilla or as one of many custom builds that fans and developers have created.

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Best Minecraft Hosting Paid

Free hosting companies provide players with the opportunity to enjoy multiplayer gaming without any extra or hidden charges, yet they do have their limitations. Free hosting options can fulfill the requirements of a few players, but they cannot provide limitless access which is only possible with the paid hosting services.

These services offer different RAM size, multiple server locations, better protection, ad-free gaming experience and a wide range of other features.

We present you with the best hosting service providers.

Tip 2 Only Consider The Best Hardware

Standard Minecraft servers VS Dedicated Servers | CrewCraft Hosting

Our game servers feature the latest Intel hardware, a choice of SATA or NVME discs at no additional cost, consumer-grade CPUs with excellent clock speed. They also come with 500GB of dedicated storage space as standard, for complete peace of mind. OVHcloud technical and commercial experts are on hand to guide you through the full range of server models, so you can make a fully informed decision about which one is best suited to helping you run a profitable reseller business.

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How Do I Host A Minecraft Server

You can make your own Minecraft server by choosing a provider and determining the size that you need and selecting which version to start with. Most packages are instantly deployed and after completing checkout your server will be up and running within a few minutes. All you need to do is share the IP address with everyone you wish to play with.

Create Your Minecraft Server With Ease

We make it simple to create your Minecraft server by providing the best minecraftserver hosting for any version you would like to start with industry leading customer service.We have hosted over 300,000 Minecraft servers and have the best support in the industry. Our dedicatedhardware features high clock speed CPUs and SSD hard drives providing high TPS and lag free servers forevery one of our customers.

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How To Start A Minecraft Hosting Company

Security is perhaps the most pertinent aspect not just in all areas of life however also worldwide of the Web. Opening a Minecraft server involves taking unique care with security and user privacy . With this Hosting you. apex minecraft hosting. Because of that, it is best to choose the most expensive services.

Is Apex Minecraft hosting good?ApexhostingMinecraftApex HostinggoodIs Apex Minecraft hosting free?Apex HostingMinecraft server hostingfreeMCMinecraft server hostingMCHow do I enable flying in my apex hosting?How to Enable Flight on A Minecraft Server

  • Login to Command Center.
  • Click Manage on the server you want to enable flight on.
  • Click Files and then server. properties.
  • Change allowflight=false to allowflight=true .
  • Click Save and then Restart on the server to apply the changes.
  • How do I stop apex hosting?Is 1gb of RAM enough for Minecraft server?1GBserverHow much RAM do I need for minecraft server?


    Is Minehut really free?MinehutfreeWhat is the most popular Minecraft Server 2020?The 10 best Minecraft servers

    • Hypixel. Screengrab via Minecraft Java. IP: mc.hypixel.net. It is tough to talk about the best Minecraft servers without mentioning the Hypixel network. …
    • Mineville. Screengrab via Minecraft Java. IP: server.mineville.org. …
    • PirateCraft. Screengrab via Minecraft Java. IP: mc.piratemc.com.

    How much does it cost to host a modded Minecraft server?averageMinecraft servercostserverWhy can’t I fly in Minecraft?Flyingmode

    Joining Another Player’s Server With Realms

    Best Minecraft Server Hosting

    Image: 9, 10

    Caption: Minecraft will make sure you know about your realms invite with an envelope icon on the main menu and in the realms menu.

    1. Launch “Minecraft.” On the main menu, you should see an envelope icon on the Minecraft Realms option, if you received a Realms invite. Click it.

    2. At the top of the screen, select the “New invites!” notification to be taken to pending invites.

    3. Click the green checkmark to accept the invite and then click “Done.”

    4. Now, from the Minecraft Realms screen, you can enter the realm you have an invite for by selecting the realm and clicking “Play.”

    Once you’re invited to a realm, as long as the subscription and realm is active, you can always enter and play in that world, regardless of whether or not its creator is online.

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    How Many Gbs Of Ram Is Needed To Run A Minecraft Server

    You can get the ball rolling with a minimum of 1 GB for a regular server. It can easily host 4-10 players. Anything until 20 will require 2 GB at a bare minimum. The server optimization also plays a key role here, which also varies on different hostings.New cloud servers with the option to set up from scratch are the best option if you know your stuff. The only thing holding you back here is that you need expertise in the technical know-how or hire someone to set it up for you.

    How Much Bandwidth Does Hosting A Minecraft Server Use

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    According to of specialized websites, APEX Hosting stands out among the most popular Minecraft server hosting services on the Web – apex minecraft server hosting. Few sites supply servers for Minecraft and utilize such sophisticated tools. There are lots of things to consider to know why this Hosting is our best choice. To start with, we need to consider the service it uses us.

    apex Hosting will give us a, which is generally what we require to develop a Minecraft server – apex minecraft server hosting. Not only that, thanks to the Multicraft tool we can make sure to manage the website effectively. On the other hand, developing a new server for Minecraft has an expense that we need to think about.

    The price to pay will be worth it in relation to its amazing quality. The viewpoints make it clear . When producing your own Minecraft server, is exceptionally crucial. That is: If the hosting management procedure is troublesome, users will tend to desert it to discover a Minecraft hosting site that provides much better possibilities.

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    Is Hosting A Minecraft Server Free

    Some Minecraft servers hosting services are free, while some services come with premium and paid plans. For free Minecraft server hosting, you may need to compromise with some features, while Minecraft server hostings with premium plans allow you to save all the server data like installed game servers with their IP addresses, maps, uploaded mods, plugins, etc.

    What Are Minecraft Realms

    TheRealms Minecraft Server=Free Server Hosting!

    Minecraft Realms are personal multiplayer servers that let you create a world in Minecraft and allows up to ten players of your choice to be online at the same time. You can either create a new world or add an existing world to Realms and new content is made available each month, including maps, mini-games, and character skins.

    Your Realm will be online 24/7, so anyone that you’ve invited to join you will be able to play whenever they choose. And because you have full control over who can play on your Realm you can revoke access at any time it’s a safe space for younger gamers to gather and play with friends without the worry of who they may be interacting with.

    Minecraft Realms is available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and various mobile devices, and you can access your Realm from any of these provided you have signed in with the same Minecraft account. Crossplay is also enabled, allowing you to invite friends no matter what platform they are playing on. The only thing you should be mindful of is which version you have if you’re playing on PC the Java Edition isn’t compatible with most devices.

    Another point to note is that Minecraft Realms doesn’t currently support mods, aside from the packs that are included with the Realms Plus subscription , so if that’s something you care about, you may have to look for an alternative.

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    How To Make Your Own Minecraft Server Hosting Company

    Rate: from $2 – apex minecraft hosting servers.50/ month Free trial: No Players: 10 Control panel: Customized DDoS defense: Yes RAM: 768MB Mods enabled: Yes Instant setup: Yes Apex uses hosting services for a couple of video games, however the core of their company focuses on Minecraft. In addition to letting you host your preferred variation of the video game, you can likewise produce your own customized Minecraft launcher.

    Apex supports more than 1000 mods and also provides you a pre-installed site and forum along with your server. There are 4 server areas readily available: in North America, Australia, and 2 in Europe. The rates at Apex start from $2.50 for the very first month and $5 after that. apex hosting minecraft.

    A pre-installed website and forum come included. This makes it a fascinating inexpensive solution for newbies, however scaling to 100 players or more gets pricey fast . Price: from $3/month Free trial: No Players: 12 Control board: Multicraft DDoS protection: Yes RAM: 1GB Mods allowed: Yes Instantaneous setup: Yes Apex is another excellent business with a long tradition of dependable Minecraft server hosting – apex minecraft hosting review.

    However, some of them are not going to be readily available for certain versions of the game. The costs at Apex start from $2 .99 a month . Paying quarterly is 10% off, semi-annually is 12.5% off, and yearly is 15% off. For that rate, you get 1GB of RAM, NVMe drives, and 12 gamer slots.

    How To Back Up Or Replace Your World In Minecraft Realms

    You don’t have to stick with the same World when using Minecraft Realms. If you want to start a completely new World or if you want to replace your current one with another, you can do that too. But you might want to back up your current World before doing so, otherwise you’ll lose any progress you’ve made on it.

    To back up your existing World on Minecraft Realms, click the ‘Edit’ button next to your Realm world and select ‘Download World’. This will save the World to your device and you’ll be able to play it locally or re-upload it again later if you change your mind.

    To replace your current World on Minecraft Realms, again click ‘Edit’ next to your Realm world and select ‘Replace World’. You will be then asked to confirm this action before being presented with a list of available worlds to replace it with. Once selected, the new world will be uploaded and you’ll be ready to go.

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    Multiplayer Mode In Minecraft

    Although Minecraft can be played solo, one of its main attractions is multiplayer mode that allows users to engage with each other. This can result in many things depending on the environment.

    For example, players can decide to wage war, run co-op quests, or simply co-exist in peace on their own little plots of virtual land. For multiplayer mode, there are four main options

    • Playing on a Local Area Network A LAN connects a group of computers in a smaller space. For example, linking a few computers in a room is considered a LAN.
    • Minecraft RealmsThe Realms concept was created by Minecraft designers to allow players to quickly host Minecraft games via the service. Its subscription based, on top of the cost of Minecraft.
    • Split ScreenThis is for consoles only and allows up to four users to play Minecraft together side by side using a single screen.
    • Online ServerThis is the most interesting of all and involves a user actually setting up an entire online environment from scratch to host Minecraft games. Most usually the host will rent server space from a web hosting company for this purpose.
    • 2 CPU Core

    Storage space is pretty negligible in context to whats offered, so well skip that here, as long as it is SSD based.

    In these cases Id recommend a VPS plan like the Minecraft Villager Plan on Hostinger, offering 3GB of RAM but clocking in at $12.95/mo. As you can see, the more players you want to host, the higher your potential cost gets.

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