Minecraft Prison Servers With Cells

What Is The Best Minecraft Prison Server

Making a Minecraft Prison Server – Part 3 (Player Cells)

Purple Prison is currently one of the best Minecraft prison servers. It has been online for almost 8 years and has enjoyed over 3 million unique joins since then.

It supports all versions of Minecraft, including the latest. Despite being a classic server, it still receives frequent content updates and is 100% completely free to play.

Top Best Minecraft Prison Servers Of 2022

The majority of prison servers begin with maps that are crowded and limited. To rise through the ranks, you will need to earn and spend money. You can access the entire map once you reach the top level. In each map, there are PvP and battle zones. Overall, its a lot of fun to play on the prison server. Lets see which Minecraft Prison servers are the best to play on.

How Do You Get Water And Other Items On Prison Servers

Prison servers are not just a simple jail full of mines! Use the money you earn from mining to buy a whole range of items from the in-game shop. On TheArchon, the shop is packed full of items to enhance your gameplay. Here you can purchase items which can’t be obtained in the mines, such as water and apples. To get started, run the “/shop” command on the servers.

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Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Players that invest actual money for advancement on prison servers receive bonuses. Some of the benefits are modest, such as better items and access to unique mines and a large number of more. There are hundreds of Minecraft prison servers to choose from, all of which will provide you with lucrative and enjoyable experiences. Many of them have advanced features that make the game-play much more interesting.

However, if youre unsure which one to choose, youve come to the right place weve listed not just a couple, but a total of 10 of the best Minecraft Prison Servers that you will undoubtedly like and should definitely try.

Prisoncraft Prison Server Can You Escape


No violence

1. Why do you want to be a guard?2. How long have you been on the server?3. Do you understand the rules of being a guard?4. Do you understand the difference between server and prison rules? Explain.5. A prisoner tells you that someone killed them, but you did not see it. What do you do?6. Why would we choose you over someone else to be a guard? 7. Do you fully understand that if you are inactive your position will be given away, and you will be demoted?8. Do you fully understand that if you abuse your powers you will be banned from the server? 
1. Why do you want to be a hunter?2. How long have you been on the server?3. Do you understand the rules of being a hunter?4. Do you understand the difference between server and prison rules? Explain.5. You are standing next to an escape exit when someone escapes through it, what do you do right away?6. Why would we choose you over someone else to be a hunter? 7. Do you fully understand that if you are inactive your position will be given away, and you will be demoted?8. Do you fully understand that if you abuse your powers you will be banned from the server? 
7/2/2011 - Opened server.7/3/2011 - VIP cells for donors made.7/4/2011 - Donations now open.

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What Do You Do In Prison Servers In Minecraft

The aim of the game is to mine your way to freedom. Mine your way through the A – Z mines and complete your prison escape journey. Compete against other players in the leaderboards and try to earn the most money. Side aims include working on your plot and obtaining the best custom items in the game.

How To Make It

Players should start by building the redstone fence first. The video above provides a clear description of the process. Next players should place sticky pistons in the ground and allow the iron bars to sit on them to open and close.

Players will then need to create a fence post using the sticky pistons. Place these pistons two blocks out from the hole in the ground in both directions. Players will then want to place iron bars right next to the pistons.

Players will then want to place a torch on the ground on each side of the posts. The torch should be right next to the bottom piston. Players will then need to place a stone brick right above the torch to close in the fence.

Minecraft players will then need to start building the roof platform and place two sticky pistons right above the 2 x 3 hole in the ground. These pistons will allow the fence bars to point downward.

Once the roof is finished, players will need to place restone dust on each block, allowing the pistons to activate and close the fence.

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Why Play Prison Minecraft Servers

The gameplay on prison games isn’t just about jail itself. Popular servers such as TheArchon bring lots of new features which turns the game mode into their own kind of MMO. Head into The Arcade and play darts with hundreds of other online players, or even fight other parties in the battle arena. Level up through the mines and make your way through the prestige system. Can you become the richest?

What Is Op Prison

Minecraft: Prison Server! Ep. 3 “Cell Block C!”

A OP Prison Minecraft Server is a Prison style server, in which you are forced into an enclosed space with two roles of guards and prisoners, with additional ‘OP’ additions. These addtions vary from server to server so try a fewout to find which ones work for you and what rewards you get for voting. OP stands for Over Powered, OP Prison servers tend to speed up the process of supply and currency gathering to get to the higher tiers faster.

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When Did Minecraft Prison Servers Come Out

Maps started to appear for download shortly after the game came out in 2011. However, these were mostly singleplayer or designed for small groups of people. It started with players in cells and small mines, but today there are candy prison type servers like TheArchon with dozens of mines and new features to enjoy.

TheArchon is a community-focused, feature-packedserver with minecraft skyblock servers, factions, outlands, minecraft prison servers androbbery gamemodes. We can’t wait to see you online at pvp.thearchon.net!

What Do You Do In Minecraft Prison Servers

There are tonnes of unique things to do when enjoying MC prison servers, such as Mining, PvP, and making money. The main premise of prison servers is earning enough money to rankup, and then either escaping the prison or on some servers prestiging when you have progressed through enough ranks.

There is normally a big reward when you prestige or escape and this is normally the end game goal for players. No two prison servers are the same, however, and many will vary from each other.

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How To Make Money Fast In Minecraft Prison Servers

There are two main ways to make money in most prison servers, which are: mining and trading.

Mining is often the best way for new players to make money in Minecraft prison servers because it’s relatively easy to get materials such as coal, iron, gold, diamond, etc from public prison mines.

Trading is another way to make money in Minecraft prison servers by trading with other players and starting your own in-game shop, buying and selling wares to other players.

On the Purple Prison server specifically, there are tonnes of ways to make money. The classic option of mining is of course available, and there are dozens of beautiful custom mines to excavate on the server.

On Purple Prison you can also make money by playing games such as coinflip and crash, or simply buying and selling items on the server auctionhouse system. If youre more of the entrepreneurial type, however, you can also set up your own player shop at your plot which others can visit and make purchases from.

Top 7 Minecraft Prison Servers

Detained ( PRISON SERVER ) Minecraft Server

Minecraft is an extremely versatile sandbox experience in which players can do just about anything. Because of this versatility, there are many different game modes and types that Minecraft players can now enjoy on the hundreds if not thousands of multiplayer servers out there.

In this article, weve listed the top seven Minecraft prison servers that you can play on right now.

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The Best Minecraft Prison Servers

The players who invest real cash in advancing on prison servers earn rewards. Some of the rewards arent that great, such as more expensive items, access to special mines, and a lot additional. There is a myriad of Best Minecraft Prison Servers/Minecraft jail servers available to pick from. All of them can provide you with profitable and fun gaming experiences. Many servers have modern features that make gameplay significantly more exciting.

If youre still unsure what to pick, Youre at the right spot. However, weve provided not just a few but also 10 of the most popular Minecraft Prison Servers that you will surely enjoy and should certainly test.

What Is A Minecraft Prison Server

Minecraft prison servers are a type of roleplay server for the popular video game Minecraft. Players assume the role of a prisoner and must complete a variety of tasks to progress through the prison ranks. The server is typically set up as a large prison with many cells, yards, and other buildings that prisoners can explore and interact with.

Purple Prison is a popular prison server with a huge number of players. It has an active staff team and is always looking for new players to join in.

The Purple Prison server has a lot of different features that set it apart from other similar Minecraft prison servers, such as:

  • Customized daily PvP events
  • Rankup rewards in the form of rankup crates
  • Well balanced in-game economy with Playershops & Auctionhouse
  • 50 different prestige ranks to complete
  • Active playerbase and Discord Community of over 50,000 members
  • Over 3 million unique player joins
  • Frequent updates & custom plugins

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Is There A Prison In Minecraft

Of course! Some servers operate a traditional prison experience with cells and a prison yard. Newer servers such as TheArchon take on different themes to make the game new and refreshing. Did you know that some of the more traditional prison maps have been around for 10 years? Currently, TheArchon offers a fun and more friendly candy theme. Work your way through the fantasy themed mines today!

How To Build A Prison Cell In Minecraft

Minecraft: Prison Server! Ep. 2 “My Cell!”

Minecraft Prison Cell

Minecraft provides players with several different activities to do within the Minecraft world. The game allows players to build structures in great detail and explore a large variety of geographic terrain.

Prison cells in Minecraft are not that common as most players don’t want to spend their time creating one. Prison cells are located in strongholds and are mostly composed of stone bricks.

Minecraft players can make their own prison cells using a few easy to find materials. Players will just need stone bricks of any sort, mossy or cracked stone work, iron doors, iron bars, redstone dust, torches, and a level surface.

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How Do I Find The Op Prison Minecraft Servers

With so many Minecraft Servers around the world to choose from, how do you know where you can get onto the OP Prison Minecraft Servers as sorted by players votes? We provide a platform which allows you to find that dream Minecraft Serveryou have been looking for with exactly the right game modes, players to form friends with and a community to back it up for you to enjoy! Voting allows you to get rewards in a Minecraft Server for free, we like to promote this activity as it allowsyou to progress at no cost. We rank these minecraft servers below based on votes which you, the players, provide by putting in your username on any of these servers.

Thearchon Minecraft Prison Server


Come and join org.archonhq.net today for incredibly high quality gamemodes – featuring much-loved modes such as Factions, Skyblock, and Prison, and even brand new custom gamemodes such as Robbery and Outlands! Join today!


Come play on the best Minecraft server in the world, play.becto.net


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What Is The Best Op Prison Minecraft Server

You can find a list of the Best OP Prison Minecraft Servers right here on the site above, we list them by vote count, so only the top servers who reward players well rise to the front page! Some servers have provided voters withspeed boosts when mining or massive amounts of currency to help you accelerate your progress to becoming one of the best players in the game. OP Prison has become on of the most popular game modes in recent times due to its access to high levelgear community focus as you are all together in a small space working together.

Best Prison Minecraft Servers


Top Minecraft Servers lists some of the Best Prison Minecraft Servers on the web to play on. Browse down our list and discover an incredible selection of servers until you find one that appears to be ideal for you! Click on a server to learn more about it, or just copy the ip address into your Minecraft client and find out for yourself just how great it is.

Game Modes:Oneblock / BedWars / Skyblock / Minigames / Survival / Manhunt / Vanilla / PvP / Prison / Faction
Game Modes:Adventure / PvE / Prison / Dungeons / Minigames / Economy / PvP / Towny / Mcmmo / Survival
  • 1

Game Modes:Roleplay / Skyblock / Creative / Prison / BedWars / Pixelmon / PvP / Parkour / Anarchy / Faction / Survival / GTA

Huge youtubers and streamers play here!Some popular YouTubers that have joined our server in the past include:- PewDiePie Join now to find out why we are consistently described as “the best Minecraft server”We have tonnes of gamemodes to play, including all your favourites )Absolutely everyone is welcome is welcome to play here :)See you there!

Game Modes:Skyblock / Economy / Faction / Towny / Creative / Roleplay / KitPVP / Prison / Minigames / Parkour / Survival / PvP

Welcome to LemonCloud! Our awesome gamemodes:OP Prison

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Top 7 Best Minecraft Prison Server

Ollie Mattison

Minecraft has no limits to creativity. Among the best examples of such ingenuity and imagination are the prison servers. You can find hundreds of Minecraft prison servers online to provide you with a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Many of them offer advanced features to increase your satisfaction with the game.

On prison servers, rewards are given to players who invest money for advancement. Benefits vary from modest to substantial, such as better items and access to unique mines for various purposes. Many Minecraft prison servers are available, each offering lucrative and entertaining experiences. The gameplay of many of them is considerably more interesting due to their advanced features.

However, if you’re unsure which one to choose, you’ve come to the right place. We have listed some of the Minecraft best Prison Servers below that you will enjoy playing.

Purple Ore Mc Minecraft Prison Server


PURPLE ORE has been online since 2014. We are proud to have been rated the BEST MINECRAFT SERVER IN 2021! Absolutely EVERYONE is welcome to play here! Whether you’re a noob or a Minecraft pro, come join in! :3 We also boast a large discord server of 50,000 members and our server has been played by P


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How To Level Up On Prison

The main aim of the game is to escape the mines which you do through mining it is Minecraft after all! You start in the A mine and work your way through different landscapes all the way to the Z mine. Each mine contains a different set of ores. From simple coal ores all the way to emerald blocks. Aim for the rarer blocks which stick out to earn maximum money. Look for the prisoner merchants around the entrance of the mines to sell your items to.

There’s also a wide range of ways to further increase your progress on the Minecraft server. Candies are created by the game developers just for TheArchon. Plant seeds which grow into random candies. They give you special effects when you eat them such as mining faster. This is perfect for levelling up quicker and making your way through the game. Trade items with other any of the thousands of other players for money too!

When you unlock the top mine and prestige you can unlock sell boosters, custom pickaxes and more to make the grind even more rewarding. Compete with other players in the leaderboards for the seasonal rewards or just unlock new perks such as our custom pets.

Top 10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers Of 2022


Investing real money in prison servers earns rewards for players. There are a lot of additional features, such as access to unique mines, more expensive items, etc. You can choose from an array of Best Minecraft Prison Servers/Minecraft jail servers. They can all provide you with a fun and profitable gaming experience. Many modern features on servers make gameplay a lot more enjoyable.

If youre still undecided, youve come to the right place. Nonetheless, weve put together a list of the top 10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers, which were confident youll enjoy.


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