Minecraft Plugin Developer For Hire

Minecraft Video Game Testers

Hiring Minecraft Modders/Plugin-Developers

Provides quality assurance services in testing video games like Minecraft. They ensure the games are free of any bugs and report defects for rectification. The testers create test cases and scripts for executing the tests and verifies the outcome as against the expected test results. Their annual salary is normally around USD 53K which may rise as high as USD 100K with experience.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Minecraft Freelancer

Rates can vary due to many factors, including expertise and experience, location, and market conditions.

  • An experienced Minecraft freelancer may command higher fees but also work faster, have more-specialized areas of expertise, and deliver higher-quality work.
  • A contractor who is still in the process of building a client base may price their Minecraft freelancer services more competitively.

Which one is right for you will depend on the specifics of your project.

Minecraft Video Game Developers

Video game developers understand the business requirements, and design pertaining to video games like Minecraft and develop the games. They also modify or add new features and functionalities to video games. Their annual salary ranges between USD 55K to USD 70K.

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Reported Effects On Spigotcourse

Testing code TAKES TIME. Must restart each time.Testing code is EFFORTLESS. No reload needed!
Code becomes HARDER over time.Code stays BEAUTIFUL and CLEAN over time.
Solving errors is PAINFUL and TIRESOME.You UNDERSTAND errors and IMPROVE after solving each one…
Your plugins ARE NOT SELLING& you don’t understand WHY.Your plugins SELLING & you understand WHY.
You are trying, but NOT GETTING RESULTS.Results are CONTINUOUS.

Hiring Paid Server Developers

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PAIDIMMEDIATELY————————————-THEN iCRAFT IS FOR YOU!————————————-

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Do you need spawn builders? I have a build team of 2 great builders that can be paid to build a spawn. We have experience as well.

  • Minecraft:SirCodalot
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Before I apply may I ask how much are you willing to pay to the developers?

for ) }
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    In reply to william021810:

    Our spawn is complete so we won’t be needing builders at the moment. Thanks for your expression of interest, though.

    In reply to FireDragonSTZ:

    If you’d like to view our Salary Package options, please reply with your email so we can send you through the necessary information. Alternatively, you can send us an email . We hope to hear back from you!

    My email is:

    for ) }
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    • Available Working Hours:
    • Past Server Recruitment:

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    What’s The Catch Seriously

    Alright, I get it.

    You are about to invest in yourself, you want to know that it is a worthy investment.

    Here Is the Truth

    1. You only get as much out of this course as you put in.

    You have to push updates, fix bugs, be there for your players etc. If there would be a secret “hit it and quit it” strategy, everyone would be rich years ago…

    2. The first months will be hard.

    This is not a “get rich quick” scam bullshit.

    Not as hard in terms of how much you need to work, but you probably will experience setbacks and to release your server 2.0 will probably take longer than you think. That’s fine, as I discussed above, it took me time to get to the point where I am now.

    However, with SpigotCourse, you have our Facebook group and email support available AT ALL TIMES. I am on there as well and will gladly help you if you reach any difficulties!

    3. If you want to sell premium resources, Spigot has requirements before you can start doing so.

    They are there to prevent scammers, and keep the market high quality. All members of that forum must have 8 weeks old account, 20 posts and released 3 free plugins before they can start to sell.

    That is not difficult at all, but enough to separate the winners from the rest.

    See this link for exact information.

    PS: If you have any pre-purchase questions, don’t hesitate and send an email to and I get back to you ASAP.

    What Qualifies You To Teach This

    You may wonder why should you trust my advice and what qualifies me to teach.

    Neither took I an examination in copywriting or Java, nor there was any God-like power that gave me the knowledge to teach.


    Years of real-life experience.

    Whatever problem you come across in coding or selling, I was once probably in your shoes, confused, and I had to figure it out on my own.

    The price? Time.

    It took me HUGE AMOUNTS of time figuring things out…

    Since 2012 I have been figuring Java and Bukkit plugins that are high in quality and great in features….

    In 2013 I released ChatControl, by that time a very easy plugin to prevent the game chat from being abused….

    After years of updating, rewriting and constantly improving it, by the time of writing this it reached over 500,000 unique downloads. I realized I became one of the most popular authors on Spigot!

    SpigotCourse cuts your learning curve in half, and leads you by one of the most popular authors on Spigot.

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    If You Are Coding Or Selling Already You’ll

    • Skyrocket the quality of your plugins.
    • Expand your coding knowledge so everything becomes possible…
    • Cut your testing time in half while maximizing efficiency.
    • Increase your sales and understand how the market works!
    • Eliminate bugs that are impossible to fix due to poor programming strategies…
    • Get skills to promote any product successfully!

    How Do You Write A Minecraft Freelancer Job Post

    Minecraft Modding! Step 2.5: Minecraft Development Plugin Forge and Fabric 1.16.5

    Your job post is your chance to describe your project scope, budget, and talent needs. Although you dont need a full job description as you would when hiring an employee, aim to provide enough detail for a contractor to know if theyre the right fit for the project.

    Job post title

    Create a simple title that describes exactly what youre looking for. The idea is to target the keywords that your ideal candidate is likely to type into a job search bar to find your project. Here are some sample Minecraft freelancer job post titles:

    • Need a Minecraft developer to build game plug-ins for our specific project
    • Minecraft expert needed to help build different environments and identify goals
    • Strategic thinker needed to help successfully navigate various Minecraft modes

    Project description

    An effective Minecraft freelancer job post should include:

    • Scope of work: From creating modifications to developing custom maps, list all the deliverables youll need.
    • Project length: Your job post should indicate whether this is a smaller or larger project.
    • Background: If you prefer experience with certain industries, modifications, or scenarios, mention this here.
    • Budget: Set a budget and note your preference for hourly rates vs. fixed-price contracts.

    Minecraft freelancer job responsibilities

    Here are some examples of Minecraft freelancer job responsibilities:

    Minecraft freelancer job requirements and qualifications

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    Freelancers Are Bidding On Average $187 For This Job

    Hello, I read your project details and really interested in your mentioned job. I have 5+ years experience doing similar jobs related to these skills WordPress, JavaScript, HTML, Software Architecture and PHP. I thinkMore

    Hello Sir/Madam hope you doing well.I have seen your description I need a minecraft plugin developer and come to know your requirements regarding the project and we can develop a website with efficiency to assess youMore

    Welcome!I am available right now!I amexperienced WordPress Theme and Plugin Developer. I have developed several themes & plugins to meet the requirements of my clients using my high-level skills in HTML, PHP, WordPMore

    Hi,I am a very talented software programmer with 12+ years of development experience . I am a results-oriented professional and possess experience using cutting-edge developmentMore

    Level 4 Content13 Lectures 3hr 8min

    • Hoverable / Clickable Text
    • FOLLOW-PROJECT: Rank System 16:00
    • FOLLOW-PROJECT: Rank System 17:59
    • EXTRA: Kits #2 18:28
    • EXTRA: Teams 23:02
    • Creating BungeeCord Network 10:47
    • Creating BungeeCord Network 07:20
    • Custom Packet Listener 22:15
    • Should be able to install Eclipse/IntelliJ
    • Should have a Minecraft account

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    Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

    Regardless if you choose the free YouTube tutorials or professional courses like SpigotCourse,


    Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Even the biggest networks started with the first step. If you put in the effort, results will come .

    You have a great journey ahead.

    In the course, I provided all the information you’ll ever need to master your journey.

    But I cannot kick you into action, this final step is up to you!

    Choose A Powerful Server Host

    Create Minecraft plugins without Java  Shockbyte  Medium

    Server performance is one of the most important things to players on your server. Players want to be able to move around your server 100% lag-free. Im sure even you have quit a server before due to a poor connection. Having good server performance will keep your players online, and returning as they know they will have a consistent experience.

    Finding a good host for your Minecraft server is very important to ensure that your servers performance is up to par. Shockbyte provides powerful Minecraft servers at a low cost, which makes it the perfect choice for your server. Shockbyte supports both Minecraft PC and MCPE servers.

    Visit Shockbyte at

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    Certificate Of Course Completion

    That’s right. After finishing this course you will get a certificate of your knowledge.

    There are two certificates for both series of the course.

    • The 1st certificate in Fundamental Series covers the Java language course together with the SpigotAPI.
    • The 2nd certificate in Mastery Series covers the selling section, including sales, copywriting, and design.

    Those certificates are obtained after you complete the course.

    Spigotcourse Contains Over 24 Hours Of Footage

    As such, I decided to split the course into two series:

    • This prevents you from watching 24 hours long course of which half you don’t need.
    • It makes the price lower for each one to make it more affordable.

    PS: If you are a hardcore dude and you go for both packages, I have a special offer for you, too!

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    Top 10 Interview Questions For Minecraft Builders

    While interviewing a Minecraft builder, it is essential to understand if the candidate is proficient in programming, knowledge of servers and plugins. Here is a list from where you can refer for preparing the interview questions along with their expected answers,

    1. How to set up a Minecraft server with evolving?

    Rationale: To understand whether the candidate is aware of the application evolution and its configuration.

    Expected Answer: As a first step, the candidate must talk about installing the application, then defining the players, matchmaking, etc.

    2. Do you know about PubG Minecraft server?

    Rationale: To check the candidates knowledge on the various servers of Minecraft

    Expected Answer: Ensure the candidate mentions the server to be the one that brings in battlegrounds to the game.

    3. State what do you know about clash royale server Minecraft?

    Rationale: To verify if the candidate is aware of how to create unique games in Minecraft.

    Expected Answer: The clash royale Minecraft server is essentially a network used to create unique video games.

    4. Are you aware of Minecraft pokemon plugin?

    Rationale: To judge the awareness of the candidate on the most common concept of Minecraft.

    Expected Answer: The candidate must highlight the most popular mod of Minecraft as Pokémon or Pixelmon 5.0.5 used for moving Pokémons for a better user experience.

    5. What do you understand by Minecraft Spam Bot online?

    6. State the top 5 Minecraft servers

    Reviews Of Our Minecraft Developers

    How to make a minecraft plugin 1.17 | Plugin Development

    Pietro Noviello

    This was my fist time using codementor and Anton made it a great experience.- Great communication, explained things well and made them easy to understand.- Finished the job faster than expected.He is a true asset to this website and I will certainly go to him again in the future.

    Tamar Patel

    Dave is extremely professional and fun to work with. He took the initiative right away and helped me with my project to deliver. Very knowledgeable in Data Science space and curious to resole problems using simplistic approach. I would definitely work with him again in future.

    Shamlan ART

    Extremely professional Coder, takes his time to understand every specific second.. He is easy to talk, quick in his work and Plus he is more than willing to support any time, I am greatly thankful to him.

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    If You Are Intermediate Spigotcourse Will

    • Eliminate poor PROGRAMMING STRATEGIES that you may have learned over time.
    • Unleash your FULL POTENTIAL so you can implement ALL the AMAZING ideas you have WITHOUT LIMITATIONS.
    • Save you tremendous amounts of TIME doing repetitive tasks and tiresome coding afternoons.
    • Increase your PRODUCTIVITY by spending LESS TIME on testing and more time on developing.
    • Improve your existing plugins so you don’t have to hire a paid PROFESSIONAL to achieve great results.

    Top 10 Companies Hiring Minecraft Builder And Salaries Offered

    Let us now understand which are the top companies currently hiring Minecraft builders or developers. The entry-level salary varies between USD 25 to USD 30 per hour. The compensation increases with the increase in the experience level, skill set, and qualities.

  • Microsoft Corporation, a multi-national technology conglomerate of the US
  • Hive Games, the official partner of Minecraft for providing servers
  • Varuna, leading 3PL logistics and Warehousing company
  • Adventurize, an advertising services company
  • Shockbyte, the largest gamer server in the APAC region
  • Evolve, a place for video gamers to login and play games
  • DigitalOcean, a cloud infrastructure provider in the US
  • BisectHosting, hosting service provider for Minecraft
  • Apex Hosting, a company in the US, delivering support for Minecraft server hosting
  • Mineplex, a company specializing in creating Minecraft mini-games like clans, bridgers, super smash mobs, etc.
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    I Never Thought This Was Possible

    I loved it.

    I had all of these great ideas in my head when I realized that the plugins on the market could not fulfill them.

    in order for my server to truly differentiate itself, I had to code own in features myselfHiring various developers turned out not only to be expensive and risky, but the constant need of fine-tuning, delays in communication, testing and innovating features become too complicated and slow.

    It seemed impossible at first. I tried to learn from various sources, including videos, articles and even self-teaching as I decompiled others’ products and tried to mess around with their source.This turned out to be a disaster…

    Rate Per Hour Of Minecraft Builder

    100Minecraft Jobs Plugin

    The hourly rate of a Minecraft builder majorly depends on the plugins to be developed and the type of servers handled. Experience and skillset play an important role while determining the rate per hour of a Minecraft builder.

    In normal circumstances, if you are hiring for developing or enhancing Minecraft basketball servers, Minecraft PubG server, Minecraft clash royale server, or Minecraft rocket league server for example the hourly rates are USD 30 in the US states.

    The rate increases with the additional duties and responsibilities. It can rise as high as USD 60 per hour with the increase in the experience level. Microsoft who has bought Mojang, the independent gaming company of Minecraft, hires developers and builders significantly to keep on improvising and supporting the game.

    In the UK, the rates reach up to USD 56 per hour dependent on the plugins to be developed or enhanced. In India, the owner of a Minecraft server hiring developers or builders, has to pay comparatively cheaper hourly rates than that of the US and UK. It is normally USD 15 per hour.

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    If You Have A Minecraft Server You’ll

    • Finance your server and grow your network. Be able to afford professional dedicated servers!
    • Get money back from investing into your server – purchasing premium plugins, hiring professionals, map creators, …!
    • Code the highest quality custom plugins in any area possible…
    • Customize any open-source plugin.
    • Update old or incompatible plugins…
    • Finally be able to turn all the ideas that you ever had for your server into a reality!

    What Is The Best Outfit For A Job Interview

    Why don’t I see job suggestions for Minecraft Plugin Coders For Hire?

    When you don’t see any suggestion for Minecraft Plugin Coders For Hire, it is possible that we haven’t had any Minecraft Plugin Coders For Hire-related job or yet but not reliable enough to post it on the site. In this case, you can contact us to express your questions, we will have timely updates.

    Does the Minecraft Plugin Coders For Hire job’s recruiter employ the full-time internship?

    To make sure of this problem, you must read the recruitment information on our site carefully to see the job description of the Minecraft Plugin Coders For Hire related jobs is suitable for your demand because employers often have certain degree requirements for their position, do not ignore it.

    Can I contact you to ask about Minecraft Plugin Coders For Hire jobs?

    Nope, our mission is to connect between the employers and talented job seekers, we will not intervene in any exchange information process of two parties.If you have any questions related to Minecraft Plugin Coders For Hire job, let the recruiters directly answer your questions, it is the best way for you.

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    Minecraft Plugin Developers Jobs

    Italian Company needs Odoo*/Moodle specialist for deep inte…effort. Looking for immediate start. Time and paying approximatively . *Odoo15 C.E. P.S. the project approximatively concerns developing 1 Moodle plugin, and 3 Odoo significants custom modules, synching bidirectionally the two systems automatically .

    …Application developer to deveop a AR application Using Unity and Should have developed AR APPS in unity before. That should all support all the Devices . Please only Experiance developers or those who have developed similar Application contact or Place Bid No New Freelancer Required .Note: Before Finalization of Project Freelancer has to show a demo of the

    I need to upgrade pushwoosh sdk to latest version. Our application was written in Cordova. It uses a service called Pushwoosh to send out push notifications to use…currently working.This Pushwoosh support page may be helpful for you:

    I want to build WordPress site and need web developers and designers. And maybe need to have system admins and db admins. Anyway related to web development should be have.Please apply for this job if you are fit for this role.Thank you.

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