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Living Room Color Examples

Minecraft Wall Painter Mod 1.7.10 – PAINT ANYTHING ANY COLOR!

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The color pink isnt for everyone, but it also isnt strictly for a womans home . Although pink isnt typically a go to color for many people when they think about designing their living rooms, its not a color to ignore either. Like most colors, shades of pink can range from a light color with just a touch of pink to deep, dark pink. The color pink can be attractive in nearly any size or design of a living room, but you may want to consider the size of the room when you choose an all-over shade of pink. If you have a small living room, sticking with a lighter color will help make the room look and feel larger. Larger living rooms can benefit from darker colors as it can make the room more comfortable and welcoming. Whether youre planning for an all-over pink or just using pink accents throughout your living room, colors that compliment pink can also make it stand out a bit more.

Wall Colors To Pair With Grey Wood Flooring

Grey wood floors have been a popular choice for homeowners for years now and seem to be here for the long run. But what paint color goes well with grey flooring? Well, rule number one is NOT to go all grey. This can cause a monochromatic and depressing effect that doesnt provide or incite much feeling. Instead, go for these colors:

Furniture And More: Consider All Dcor

While flooring and walls hold great importance, you cant forget about your furniture and accent décor. Always make sure your flooring can blend with your color choices, especially if you have wooden legs on your tables or sofas. Décor such as rugs and wall pieces, are also a great way to add color if you have white or grey walls. Also, take into consideration your blinds and shades! Whether its faux wood or cellular, the color and style of your window treatments can make a difference in your wall paint colors and even flooring decision.

In the end, matching your walls and wood-look floors doesnt have to be complicated. Just remember to consider undertones, avoid adding clashing colors, and try to balance out any aesthetic elements that risk becoming overbearing. If youre considering replacing your existing floors for new solid, engineered, or wood-look flooring, Empire Today can help you choose the flooring that fits your design goals and your lifestyle. If you want to see what others have said about us, head over to our Shopper Approved page where you can find thousands of trusted reviews.

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White Walls Can Add Visual Space

When you think of light colors, white is obviously the easy choice. Not only is it great for ash or white oak floors, but it also makes it easy for coordinating other décorespecially if you like to swap your decor seasonally or even every couple of years. Like other paint colors, it comes in different variations, so have fun finding the perfect shade of white for your space.e.

Storage Shelving And Furniture Ideas

Minecraft Bedroom, Painted Creeper Wall.

Think cubed when it comes to storage ideas. A stack of white or black cubicles to store clothing items, use as bookshelves or displaying your favorite Minecraft decor pieces. A black footlocker trunk for the foot of the bed is a great Minecraft look and added storage for any bedroom. Basic square, black or dark brown side tables add a Minecraft feel. Pair them with a set of brass lamps with squared shades to complete the look.

If Minecraft is a favorite game in your home, why not create a bigger experience of the game by designing a Minecraft bedroom. For more inspiring Minecraft designs, take a look at these 20 awesome Minecraft bedroom ideas.

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How To Paint Minecraft Pig Face

The Minecraft Pig Face on a Gallery Wrap Square 10″X10″ Canvas


Square gallery wrap canvas

Paint Colors: Cadmium red medium hue, Titanium white, Yellow Ochre, Black, Burnt Sienna

1″ square or bright brush for acrylic paint

1/2 bright acrylic brush



Mix a bright Pink paint using just red and white. Cover canvas in a smooth solid Color allow to dry.

Grid one inch squares with ruler or T-square and chalk

Paint the black squares

Mix several very light pinks Using Cad red, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White

Paint the outer squared with these lightest pinks to make the nose

Mix darker pinks using the same colors

Paint in the center of the nose

Using as many shades of pink as you can mix, paint the rest of the pig.

All the pinks used here need to be darker than the nose.

Bed Setup For A Minecraft Themed Room

Twin beds were more appropriate, but we had an IKEA loft bed for G so I wanted to use that. We added a reading nook in the area under it.

The other bed is a regular IKEA twin bed that I got off Freecycle a long time ago.

I purchased red blankets and white sheet sets for the beds, but later discovered that Target was selling red and white Minecraft sets too. Wish Id seen that, although I may have spent less money.

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Go Light And Liven Up The Space

Contrasting dark-toned flooring with light wall colors will help highlight the beauty in your dark floors.

There is a growing trend to lean on dark, moody colors by matching dark flooring with dark walls, but it can be a little tricky to get it right. Flooring and wall color combinations that are dark on dark can make your room start to feel like youre shooting for haunted house aesthetics.

Despite this aesthetic currently increasing in popularity, it can also quickly go out of style, which may lead to a dated look youll end up wanting to change later.

Instead of going for a temporary trend, go for light wall paint colors with dark-toned flooring. This will give you a timeless look that pairs well with a variety of styles. What color you choose may vary depending on the stain and undertone of your floors, but try to keep your walls at least three shades lighter than your flooring.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Minecraft Bedroom Dcor

Minecraft | Wall Painter Mod! (paint your house in minecraft!) | Mod Showcase [1.7.10]

Designing a beautiful bedroom is harder than you think. And unless you have done lots of relocating, chances are youll design your bedroom once or twice in decades.

To keep your bedroom design in the right direction, here are a few things that yous should consider.

Make an Efficient Budget

Before doing a solid Minecraft design, you should have a clear and concise idea about what you are doing and how you want to design it?

But before all of that, you must decide how much you are willing to spend to design your bedroom. A proper budget will help you to determine the items youll need to design your bedroom.

Choose a Subtle Color

Selecting a perfect color for your room feels cohesive and looks great. As youre decorating your bedroom in the Minecraft theme, color plays a vital role.

If you prefer brighter colors, you may use light green, red, or yellow undertones. The pixelated combination of green and yellow also represents the Minecraft theme. If you prefer darker colors, go for dark aqua, gray, or black colors. These colors suit any house.

However, you can also use Minecraft wallpaper on the wall. If you do so, make sure to paint the other walls that suit the wallpaper.

Leave Some Free Space

If you prefer minimalistic room décor, you may skip this section. And if you dont, read this section very carefully. An overcrowded room may result in restlessness to you. But, enough spaced room will keep your mind peaceful.

Choose Some Sophisticated Furniture

Final Words

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How To Paint A Minecraft Creeper


Square gallery wrap canvas

Paint Colors: Phthalo green paint, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Titanium white and Mars Black

1″ square or bright brush for acrylic paint

1/2″ square or bright to paint the squares

T-Square or ruler



Paint the base the color of the Minecraft character you will be doing with an acrylic paint.

Allow to dry completely.

Using a Ruler/T-Square and chalk Grid your canvas in 1″x1″ squares.

You can mark what squares will be black to help you not to get lost in the patterns.

Follow the fully guided YouTube video to do the Creeper. Tell jokes and be sure to have fun!

Windows And Window Treatments For A Minecraft Themed Room

We installed blinds in this room because the room gets a lot of sun which makes it very hot otherwise. I also create the Minecraft Window Decals to look like the windows in the game. This was super easy with my Cricut Air 2.

For the curtains, I purchased some long red curtains, a couple of sturdy rods, and then made my own TNT curtain tie backs. These were super easy.

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Awesome Minecraft Bedroom Ideas

Minecraft took the gaming world by storm and became an instant sensation for millions of people especially kids, however, there are adults that have fallen into the addictive world of Minecraft as well. Minecraft is a building game created in a 3D world that allows you to utilize your creativity, build structures, along with pieces of artwork, plants and other elements. You have great adventures and even encounter combats with mobs along the way. The Minecraft look is unmistakable and distinct with its block-like structures, earthy tones and unique characters found within the game. A popular trend has been to recreate this look and bring the look and feel of this game alive by creating a Minecraft bedroom. Some of the results are pretty impressive, and here are some tips to help you do the same.

Top 3 Overall Color Schemes:

Paint, Home Décor &  DIY Advice
  • Brown
  • 0.32%

    How is this helpful?

    I think during the early stages of design, it can be helpful to get an idea of whats being done generally. For example, gray is fairly popular, yet you may not have considered gray for your walls or overall color scheme because you think its too blah or neutral. Yet, when integrated with other colors, gray can be a magnificent dominant living room color.

    Learn more about colors

    • Color Psychology: I really like the Empowered by Color website which offers some interesting insights into the different colors.
    • Color Combinations: Another great color resource is this color combination site which showcases hundreds of different color combinations that can be super helpful for putting together your color scheme.
    • Paint stores online: Various paint stores like Behr, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore offer huge color palettes that you can check out.

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    How To Create A Simple Minecraft Bedroom

    Home » How to Create a Simple Minecraft Bedroom

    Sharing is caring!

      How to create a simple and easy Minecraft bedroom without a lot of permanent changes to the childrens room. Tutorials on Minecraft themed windows, a Minecraft chest, and more.

      This post contains affiliate links which may earn me commissions should you click through them and take certain actions. As an affiliate for Cricut, Amazon and other sites, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please DIY carefully. View my full legal disclosures here.

      Please read the whole post so you dont miss any important information!

      My 3 and 5 year old are really into Minecraft. Like. A lot. Ive even started playing with them and Im starting to see the appeal, seeing the game is all about creating things. My 5 year old makes these really elaborate buildings and has fantastic ideas. He definitely is better at designing homes than I am!

      But how could I convince them to unstack their beds?! I mean thats a hard sell.

      Enter. the Minecraft bedroom. I decided to get rid of our huge guest bed and paint the guest bedroom a nice gray in prep for moving the kids into that room. The room is a bit smaller than their current room, but I thought the setup of the closet was more ideal for them.

      Have Fun Without Going Overboard

      When planning your Minecraft-themed room, choose two or three DIY projects that match your skill set and comfort level. Be sure to include areas of solid colored furnishings in addition to the pixelated blocks of color to avoid overwhelming the room with too many “busy” patterns. Have fun with the theme but keep in mind kids’ interests tend to change every couple of years or so.

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      Minecraft Wall Decor You Can Make Yourself

      When we moved my son had his name on the wall with those cutesy nursery style letters. But now hes a big kid so I took the letters down and me and my sister-in-law had a craft night where we added grid lines/squares to the letters and painted them to have that pixel effect.

      I think you could do this with almost ANYTHING you wanted to. Canvas, furniture, lamps, etc. The goal is to make it have that pixelated feel. Im hoping this random idea might trigger something you could do too. All you need is to make it look pixelated.

      I felt like I wanted to take the design one step further and add a 3D element. I happened upon a bag of those geometric math squares, grabbed the glue on and it was on like donkey kong. I was super happy with the outcome.

      How To Paint Stampy Cat From Minecraft

      How to paint your walls in minecraft!

      Stampy Cat from Minecraft on a Gallery Wrap Square 10″X10″ Canvas


      Square gallery wrap canvas

      Paint colors: Yellow Ochre, Cad Red medium hue, Phthalo Green, Titanium White, Black.

      1″ bright acrylic brush

      Mix a bright Pink paint using just red and white.

      Cover canvas in a smooth solid Color allow to dry.

      Grid one inch squares with ruler or T-square and chalk

      Paint your Canvas with Yellow Ochre. Allow to dry.

      Create a 1″ grid with Chalk T square.

      Paint your black first

      Add a touch of yellow to your green but leave it still dark paint your dark green square.

      Add white and paint your light green squares both sides.

      Mix a mid grey tone and paint all the grey Squares

      Paint in all your white.

      Mix yellow and red to create a mid orange and paint orange square

      Add a touch of black and paint your reddish brown squares between the eyes

      Add some of these colors to the yellow to make softly different shade and paint random squares

      Square Gallery wrap Canvas

      Paint Colors: Black, Titanium white, Cadmium Red, Purple,

      Artist Tape

      T-Square or ruler


      Paint canvas black and allow to dry.

      5″ from the top tape a 1″ path

      Burnish tape.

      From each edge mark 3 –1″ blocks with your chalk.

      Paint a dark purple center mixing a little red into the purple in the center square on each side

      Add white to your bright purple and paint the outside 1″ squares on both sides.

      Allow to dry and pull tape.

      POOF! You have an Enderman!

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      Examples Of Living Rooms With Each Color

      Beige Living Room Walls in the Traditional Style

      Beige is a warm-toned color that works great to accentuate and complement similarly toned neutral colors. Perfect as a base color for modern, minimalist, or contemporary living spaces, beige is a color that exudes elegance.

      Adding pops of crisp white color and using warm-toned metal décor ties the look together in a cohesive, subtly tied together fashion. Note how the creamy white painted fireplace adds sparkle and depth to this room and works to accent the main beige color scheme.

      Painting your walls beige will create a soft and soothing living space that you can further accentuate with contrasting throw pillows and modern design elements. Play with lighter and darker shades, along with assorted textural elements to create a multifaceted layered look that looks effortlessly cool.

      Notice how the navy blue pillow on the left-hand side of the room picks up the matching navy blue stripe in the pillow across the room from it. In the subtlest of fashions, the monotony of the beige color scheme is broken up and elegantly tied together through the consistent use of navy blue.

      An Eclectic Style Living Room with Cheery Orange Walls

      Bright, juicy, refreshing orange! Orange is a wonderful way to add punchy cheerfulness to a room. The key to pulling off a living room with orange walls is to employ restraint with the other color choices you make.

      Transitional Living Room Style with Multicolored Walls

      Modern Living Room with White Walls

      How To Create A Minecraft Interior

      Is your little one as mad on Minecraft as every other child seems to be? If it has taken over your kids lives and they spend an endless amount of time playing the game. Why not create a Minecraft kids bedroom by turning their playroom into a pixelated fortress!

      This is our guide on creating the perfect Minecraft kids bedroom.

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      How To Paint Minecraft Blocks On A Wall

      Then comes the fun part where you need some patience and some loud music! Tell Alexa to play 80s pop music and get to work!! You will start taping the wall.

      To forewarn you, if you have a textured wall, you will not get perfect lines. The top paint will bleed under the tape in some places. I thought it actually added a bit of a pixellated look, so I was fine with it!

      I made my blocks 12 inches x 18 inches to make it easy. I had a ruler that was 12 and one that was 18. I started at the top and measured 12 inches down the wall and made chalk marks all the way across the wall.

      Then I put the tape so the top of the tape was on the line. You can do it the opposite way but make sure you do it the same way throughout the wall.

      Once I had one strip across the wall, I started measuring 18 inches, adding a line of tape vertical, then measuring 18 over again, adding a line of vertical tape and so on til you get across the wall.

      For the second row, youll want to measure from your fist intersection. Since my blocks were 18 inches across, I put the 9 inch line in the middle of the vertical blue tape and made marks on each end of the ruler for that block.

      Then you can just measure from that edge for the next block. You might have to play with it a little around the window, but youll figure it out!

      I had to take off my two bottom rows because I measured wrong the first timeugh! But it all worked out, just took a little extra time!

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