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Lego The Modern Treehouse

Best Minecraft House⦠ever!

Buy on LEGO Store

MFG recommended age: 9+ | Pieces: 909 | Product dimensions: 11 in. high, 7 in. wide and 6 in. deep

Item # 21174 | Minifigures: 4 + 3 animals

â NEW Minecraft LEGO set 2021

â Breathtakingly beautiful design

â A myriad of figures

â 4 reconfigurable rooms

â You can remodel the rooms as you like

â Goes great with Minecraft Village

â Pricey

If youâre looking for a Minecraft LEGO house, this new LEGO set is the perfect option for you. There used to be a Minecraft LEGO The Jungle Tree House but itâs not available for sale in 2021 .

As you know you can do pretty much anything in Minecraft â the only limit being your imagination. In that sense, building structures in Minecraft is something every architecture enthusiast might find their safe space in and unleash their creativity .

Adding this Minecraft Jungle treehouse to your collection is a must!

The unique design of this LEGO set is one of the reasons why we included is as #1 on our list â the rooms of the house can be rearranged anyway you like. Thatâs why this Minecraft LEGO set is great for play dates!

Stimulating the creativity of your child has never been easier.

Lego The Crafting Box 30

Best Minecraft gift

Buy on Amazon

Buy on LEGO Store

MFG recommended age: 8+ | Pieces: 564 | Product dimensions: the castle measures 7â high, 10â wide and 10â deep

Item # 21161 | Minifigures: 5

â The set provides freedom to create

â Build a Minecraft castle or a Minecraft farm

â 5 minifigures

â Instructions for different constructions

â Pricey

If youâre looking for a Minecraft gift but you have no idea which Minecraft LEGO to choose â this is your chance to shine. This set has it all â itâs a fail-proof choice for Minecraft fans of all ages.

How to build a castle in Minecraft?

You can get a LEGO set and do it in real life.

Or build a Minecraft farm â the choice is up to you!

The set comes with instructions to guide you build different LEGO constructions from the same set of bricks which is what makes this set so awesome! You get Steve, Alex, a Creeper, a pig and a zombie with this set which is more than enough for an awesome Minecraft play date.

With the 564 LEGO construction bricks you can either build a LEGO castle or⦠do whatever you want basically. The price might seem overwhelming at first, but what you get more than makes up for it. Building different Minecraft castles and farms from a single Minecraft LEGO set is just awesome!

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Lego The Horse Stable

Best affordable new Minecraft set

Buy on LEGO Store

MFG recommended age: 8+ | Pieces: 241 | Product dimensions: 3.5 in. high, 5.5 in. wide and 5.5 in. deep | Item # 21171 | Minifigures: 2

â NEW Minecraft LEGO set 2021

â Unique diamond armour horse and a golden carrot

â Three Minecraft horses included

â Goes great with Illager Raid

â Small set â under 300 pieces

This new Minecraft set features three horses and two minifigures . Minecraft fans canât wait for the diamond armour horse and with this set theyâll get two additional horses as well. Itâs a small and affordable set but it would bring value to your Minecraft collection for sure.

The doors to the Horse Stable open so you can take care of your horses inside the stable and out. The skeleton horseman is a wonderful addition to the set â you can battle him on your diamond armour horse as if you were a medieval knight.

A must-have affordable set!

Best innovative design

Buy on LEGO Store

MFG recommended age: | Pieces: 316 | Product dimensions: 5 in. high, 8 in. wide and 5.5 in. deep | Item # 21172 | Minifigures: 4

â NEW Minecraft LEGO set 2021

â Hand-activated portal

â Small set

Does the fiery Nether feel closer to you already?

Teleport yourself into the Minecraft world and enjoy a battle with a wither skeleton . Join Steve with his netherite armour and sword in this portal adventure and discover what lies on the other side. The set includes a baby sheep and a baby hoglin to spice things up.

Best Lego Minecraft 2021

LEGO Minecraft

According to the latest Minecraft player count 2021, around 126 million people play Minecraft every month. This is one of the most creative games of all time and when combined with the power of LEGO â the experience is nothing less than LEGENDARY! It goes without saying that any Minecraft LEGO set goes perfectly well in addition to another one. Discover your next favorite Minecraft LEGO set today on TechACake.com!

SUMMER 2021: new Minecraft LEGO is arriving!


Your next favorite LEGO Minecraft is on this list:


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Lego The Illager Raid

Buy on Amazon

Buy on LEGO Store

MFG recommended age: 8+ | Pieces: 562 | Product dimensions: 18â long, 13â wide and 10â high

Item # 21160 | Minifigures: 6 + 2 animals

â Action-packed set

â Relatively easy to assemble

â Pricey

This LEGO Minecraft set was released in January 2020 and itâs an awesome action-adventure journey kids would love to dive in. The one-storey Minecraft house comes in beautiful colors and would fit perfectly with any other Minecraft buildings in your collection. The roof of the building is easily removable so you can see whatâs inside the house.

Thereâs a lot going on in this LEGO set â the Minecraft Kai figure comes in to terrorise the village alongside with the Vindicator arriving on a movable Ravager beast â talk about bringing Minecraft to action in real life!

Best Minecraft Lego 2021

One important thing before we get started:

Minecraft was released back in 2011 and there have been more than 60 Minecraft LEGO releases so far. Naturally, many LEGO Minecraft sets are already not available for sale. Just as the best Harry Potter LEGO sets, there are new sets coming up in 2021 and we decided to focus on those sets that are actually available for sale online.

Minecraft fans, enthusiasts, fanatics⦠our list begins with a Minecraft toy house:

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Lego The Creeper Mine

Buy on Amazon

Buy on LEGO Store

MFG recommended age: 8+ | Pieces: 834 | Product dimensions: mine dimensions are 8â high, 14â wide and 8â deep

Item # 21155 | Minifigures: 6

â More than 800 LEGO pieces

â Working rail track

â Expensive

â No LEGO trees included

This is one of the few Minecraft LEGOs with a Minecraft mine as a part of the setting. The Creeper Mine came out in 2019 and it really catches the eye with its unique design. The giant Creeper statue is a super collectable item and the fun thing is you can put things inside that big LEGO head of his.

The Creeper Mine is one of the big Minecraft LEGO sets weâre reviewing today. The fact that it includes a working rail track with a mine cart is one of the coolest features of the set. And if youâre into Minecraft Monsters, this set would be a perfect addition to the collection.

Speaking of monsters:

Best set featuring Minecraft monsters

Buy on LEGO Store

MFG recommended age: 8+ | Pieces: 489 | Product dimensions: the Jungle Abomination is over 5 in. tall | Item # 21176 | Minifigures: 4 + Iron Golem

â NEW Minecraft LEGO set 2021

â Awesome Minecraft monsters

â Minecraft Iron Golem figure included

â Relatively affordable

â Great for role-playing/play dates

â No buildings included

The set would make a wonderful Minecraft gift so look no further!

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LEGO Minecraft The End Battle review! 2019 set 21151!

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