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Come join MineFun to play on a large 1.18 world and claim your own land! We have an amazing community and active staff and many amazing features for you to enjoy. We are the largest 1.18 SMP with no lag. You can also play on bedrock by typing the same ip and using the 19132 default port! We are wait


Looking For The Best Minecraft Survival Servers

Do you want to know the best and most popular Minecraft Servers with a feature for Survival mode? Well, Survival Mode in Minecraft is where players have to manage hunger, collect resources, battle mobs, and build structures in an effort to survive.

The Survival mode is available in all versions of Minecraft and it lets you search for resources, gain levels, and having a health and a hunger bar. If you create a new world in Minecraft to play with your friends on PC, you can easily switch between Creative and Survival modes using the game mode command.

No doubts, Minecraft has been a huge creative outlet for players who want to build to their hearts content, even without understanding a single line of code. This is made possible through the support of thousands of servers, with each having its own self-contained multiplayer world, own rules, game style, and of course, communities.

You can now join the SeekaHost Minecraft server and play online for free: demo.seekahost.co

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Here, weve compiled the very best of Minecraft survival servers list, featuring everything from breathtaking vistas to worlds with a whole new rule and different game modes.

With every server as its own self-contained multiplayer world, and Minecrafts popularity hinging on the highly customizable features which have paved the way for an onslaught of modifications to the games performance in a number of ways.

Minecraft Survival Servers No Pvp

PvP is not for everyone, we fully understand that! Youve found a non pvp Minecraft Survival Server. Players can not attack each other anywhere on the Empire without consent .

On the Empire, We focus on players TEAMING UP together, to go out and slay some monsters, mine some blocks, and build together.

Most minecraft survival servers either classify themselves as vanilla or non-vanilla. Weve been dubbed by many of our loyal members as a French Vanilla server. Despite having one of the most custom experiences youll ever find in non pvp Minecraft server, youll always have that Just Outside Vanilla feeling.

Whether youre all about braving it in the wild to gather resources for your amazing build, while running into Custom Mobs and challenges, or you want to dominate the market by having the best mega mall and shop in Town, the Empire has everything you need and more!

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Best Minecraft 117 Java Edition Survival Servers

Although the development of Minecraft began over 12 years ago, the foot hasn’t been taken off the gas pedal. Mojang has described the brand new Minecraft 1.17 update as one of its most ambitious undertakings to date.

The 1.17 “Caves & Cliffs” update brings a bountiful of new blocks, items, features, and advancements to the blocky world of Minecraft. All of these new features can easily be enjoyed with others online by playing for free on a Minecraft 1.17 survival server.

Minecraft survival servers provide a more classic Minecraft experience, with the goal being to survive in a large world filled with other players. No two servers are the same and will vary in terms of rules, gameplay features, and more.

Finding The Right Minecraft Server For You

5 best survival servers for Minecraft Java Edition

Whether you’re looking to gather and trade resources in survival, create a role-playing persona or jump into action packed mini-games, there are servers out there for you. We recommend filtering by the nearest country. The closer you physically are to the server, the less lag you’re going to have in the game. After that, you can narrow by category or search for keywords that match what you’re looking for in a multiplayer experience. Depending on your gaming preference you may prioritize an older established server or perhaps you want to help start a brand new world with an ambitious server owner. Ultimately, you won’t know if the server is right until you join.

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Survival Server Needs Players

  • Xbox:Arktic Product
  • Member Details

New server just recently started need many players. We also have a functioning discord with many members. If you join then you have to follow some simple rules.

1) If you want to build something somewhere, check and make sure someone isn’t planning to build something there already. That being said, you can’t go around claiming everything.2) No stealing. Just don’t.3) Shops are allowed. There will be a shopping area which you should try to keep your shops in, but you can build one anywhere you want.4) Respect coolness. If someone has some kind of secret entrence, don’t break into it! Never strip mine where you think someone’s base might be. 5) Don’t argue all the time.6) Don’t completely destroy any biomes near spawn. Far away is fine though.7) Have fun!

Why Play Minecraft Survival Mode

Minecraft is one of the best online games in the world and its no surprise why. Despite what the blocky exterior might have you think, the game is very deep and has tons to offer. You might even find yourself sinking hundreds of hours into the game without realizing it. However, if the base game is already great, why should you even consider trying Minecraft survival servers? There are several reasons we can think of but here are three of the biggest ones.

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Complex Gaming Ip: Playmc

Complex Gaming is a great modded Minecraft server that supports some of the most popular modpacks.

Complex Gaming is also currently one of the largest fully modded Minecraft communities in existence, boasting hundreds of players daily.

The server supports the following modpacks: Terra Nova, Antimatter chemistry, MC Eternal, VoidPack 2, Advanced Wizardry, Skyfactory 3 & 4, Project Ozone 3, Direwolf20, FTP Revelation, Stoneblock 2, Ultimate reloaded and Infinity Evolved.

All modpacks mentioned above can be installed directly from the complex FTB Minecraft server website, which can be found here.

What Is Minecraft Smp

How to Join Survival Server In Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft has tons of game modes that new and old players alike can enjoy. Theres the base game that you can simply play through until you get to the endgame locations. Doing this just means you can simply play through the Minecraft vanilla servers without using any mods or downloads.

On the other hand, you can also become a speedrunner and try reaching the ending as fast as you can. However, Minecraft is also fairly famous for being a sandbox-type game wherein you can create almost any world you want. For example, you can dedicate a world to become a large mini-game you create through the games engine. On the other hand, you can also simply build and re-create real-life monuments and landmarks.

Lastly, one of the best and most exciting methods to play the game is through multiplayer mode. Its also called survival multiplayer or SMP for short. Minecraft survival servers like these let you enjoy all the survival aspects of the game with fellow Minecraft lovers. Whether theyre your real-life friends or strangers, you can all enjoy playing in one server together.

However, Minecraft survival servers arent always about survival, per se. Contrary to what the name implies, these servers can simply be based on whatever the player wants it to be. Hence, the term SMP can be a little vague as it doesnt exactly pertain to survival mode. Sometimes, Minecraft survival servers simply exist as community servers where friends can hang out.

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The 10 Best Minecraft Servers

Where to find new places to build, explore, and play with others.

There are a lot of servers available for Minecraft multiplayer. Each one is a unique experience that allows players to join a community and make friends. Dozens of websites list hundreds of pages of servers that can be joined by anyone with an internet connection. There is a server for just about every kind of gameplay and community imaginable.

This list provides ten of the best and most popular servers currently running for Minecraft multiplayer. We have picked out servers that are unique for the game and give players lots of freedom to play and explore. These servers have thriving communities that anyone can join and have commonsense rules that need to be followed to play.

All of these servers are up-to-date as of Minecraft Java Edition version 1.16.5.

Dirtcraft Ip: Dirtcraft Gg

Dirtcraft is another server with popular Minecraft modpacks. The server itself is hosted in Europe, so it is an excellent choice for European players to ensure the lowest possible latency and the best connection.

Dirtcraft supports the following modpacks: MC Eternal, RAD, FTB revelation, Stoneblock, FTB Infinity Evolved, FTB Sky factory, Direwolf20, RLCraft, Glacial Awakening, Omnifactory, FTB Interactions, FTB Continuum, Project Ozone 2 & 3, FTB Sky Adventures, FTB Ultimate Reloaded & FTB Sky Odyssey.

The server interestingly features “time-based ranks”, which means that players are awarded special ranks on the server based on their dedication and playtime.

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Managing And Maintaining A Server

Servers are generally managed by administrators and operators. The administrator generally takes responsibility for the server. It may be that the server is running from their machine, or that they simply have jurisdiction over a server. Operators generally assist the administrators to moderate a server and to prevent unruly players and griefers. Both operators and administrators have access to various commands in order to ensure the smooth running of the server. On a default server, players are assigned as operator or administrator by using the /op< playername> command, or by editing the ops.json in the server directory, then restarting the server.

Local servers do not strictly require access to minecraft.net, and so can be played on an isolated local network with no internet connection. They use minecraft.net as a repository of player skins and also a database containing a list of accounts, preventing hackers and griefers from using false names while on such a server. This and other settings are modified by editing the server.properties text file.

The server saves the level in the “world” folder every 30 seconds if chunks have been modified, by default.

Top 10 Minecraft Survival Servers For Java Edition

Survival w/ Viewers!

Minecraft Survival is likely how Notch envisioned Minecraft multiplayer would be played when he implemented the feature into the game over 10 years ago.

Minecraft survival servers can stay true to the game or choose to implement their own twists through server-side plugins to alter the classic survival experience.

This article will list some of the best Minecraft survival servers in Java edition, with a selection of servers ranging from strict vanilla survival to heavily modified servers that attempt to evolve the much-adored game mode.

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Simple Survival Ip: Playsimplesurvivalgg

SimpleSurvival is a fun and friendly server that primarily focuses on vanilla 1.16 survival. The server has a few plugins to enhance gameplay while still staying true to the vanilla aspect.

This is ideal for players who are looking for a more refined and laid-back Minecraft survival server. There is a strong sense of community on the SimpleSurvival server, and everyone is welcome.

Best Survival Servers For Minecraft Java Edition

While Minecraft rose to popularity owing to the exploration and building elements in the gameplay, its survival aspect is still pretty popular amongst some players.

The survival experience, in which you must gather resources, craft weapons and tools, build shelters, and survive the mobs, is an old school way of playing Minecraft that is still loved by fans of the game.

Some several servers and maps are dedicated to the survivalist gameplay. If youre one of the players who enjoy the overall survival experience, then you should check these servers out.

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Optional: How To Set Difficulty

The difficulty level is one of those server features in Minecraft that truly add spice to the gameplay. Some might want more peaceful game modes while others want more of a challenge. Regardless of which type you are, heres how to set the difficulty for your server.

Take note that you can only do this if youre already a server operator. Otherwise, you cant make these changes without the necessary permissions. Without further ado, heres how to change your servers difficulty:

  • Enter the Minecraft server.
  • Launch the chat and type in: /difficulty < difficulty mode>
  • Note: < difficulty mode> can either be peaceful, easy, normal, or hard
  • E.g. /difficulty hard
  • With that, youve finally set your games difficulty level. Enjoy your new world thats either peaceful or run amok with enemies!

    Best Survival Minecraft Servers

    Minecraft Best Java Survival Server

    Top Minecraft Servers lists some of the Best Survival Minecraft Servers on the web to play on. Browse down our list and discover an incredible selection of servers until you find one that appears to be ideal for you! Click on a server to learn more about it, or just copy the ip address into your Minecraft client and find out for yourself just how great it is.

    Game Modes:PvP / Vanilla / Prison / Minigames / Oneblock / Skyblock / Survival / Faction / Manhunt / BedWars
    Game Modes:Towny / Economy / Anarchy / PvP / Faction / Hardcore / PvE / Vanilla / Adventure / Survival
    • 1

    Game Modes:Anarchy / Roleplay / Prison / Parkour / BedWars / Faction / PvP / Pixelmon / Creative / GTA / Skyblock / Survival

    Huge youtubers and streamers play here!Some popular YouTubers that have joined our server in the past include:- PewDiePie Join now to find out why we are consistently described as “the best Minecraft server”We have tonnes of gamemodes to play, including all your favourites )Absolutely everyone is welcome is welcome to play here :)See you there!

    Game Modes:Skyblock / Economy / Parkour / PvP / Prison / Survival / Creative / Roleplay / KitPVP / Towny / Faction / Minigames

    Welcome to LemonCloud! Our awesome gamemodes:OP Prison

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    Purple Prison Ip: Purpleprisonnet

    Purple Prison is a highly modified survival-esque Minecraft server. Upon joining Purple Prison, players start at the lowest rank. They must level up in order to escape the prison and be freed to a survival-based world. The concept and server is an absolute thrill to experience, with PvP being an extremely active part.

    Purple Prison also has an uptime of over 6 years and has hundreds of players coming back daily. Players can, therefore, be confident of investing time into a serious community here without the worry of the server going anywhere.

    Crafters Land Ip: Moddedcrafterslandnet

    Crafters Land is a great modified Minecraft server that supports over 21 different modpacks.

    The Crafters Land server supports the following modpacks: SkyFactory version 2.5 – 4, FTP Infinity Evolved, FTB direwolf20, FTB Revelation, FTB Continuum, FTB SkyAdventures, FTB StoneBlock, FTB Interactions, FTB Ultimate Reloaded, OmniFactory, RLCraft, Project Ozone 3, Tekkit, Pixelmon Reforged, MC Eternal and GT Horizons.

    More information regarding the Crafters Land server, how to install required modpacks and the IP for each individual modded server can be found here. Meanwhile, the Crafters Land website can be found here.

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    Best Minecraft Survival Servers You Should Check Out

    What are some good survival servers on Minecraft? Now that youre ready to jump in, heres our server list of the 15 best Minecraft survival servers in 2021.

    IP Address: play.applecraftmc.org

    One of the most popular Minecraft survival servers on our list is the Applecraft server. In fact, its so popular that it can have hundreds of players during peak hours. Its certainly one of the best ways to experience the game and is best for more peaceful types. Thats because raiding and grieving other players are banned from the server. Moreover, moderators and staff try to actively keep things as raid-free as possible.

    What makes Applecraft so special? Firstly, it features a somewhat unique experience through its gameplay mechanics. For example, it includes custom player shops/SetHomes for voting. On the other hand, its one of the best Minecraft vanilla servers for players who want the vanilla experience. Its certainly still a survival game . However, whats great about it is you can play the vanilla version on a giant map in multiplayer.

    IP Address: bedwars.games

    Some of the best Minecraft survival servers focus not on one but many different gameplay mechanics. Blockdrop Network is one such server where you can create, have factions, play mini-games, survive, and more. However, its most prominent feature is certainly the games Bedwars mechanic.

    IP Address: play.cubecraft.net

    IP Address: play.datblock.com

    IP Address: herobrine.org

    IP Address: mc.hypixel.net

    The Best Minecraft Survival Servers

    Survival w/ Viewers!

    From The Mining Dead to Mineplex, these are the best Minecraft survival servers to scratch your itch

    Since its release all the way back in 2011, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games in the world. This popularity has reached new heights in recent years, due to a large number of players returning to the game amid global pandemic-induced lockdowns. Minecraft is a game that has endless possibilities, and, since you are not solely limited to your own Minecraft island, there are countless amounts of player-created servers, including Minecraft survival servers, for you to check out.

    These servers can range in playstyle, but one of the most popular categories is Minecraft Survival servers. This is because they offer intricately woven worlds that are hard to scale and even more challenging to conquer.

    Finding the right world for you, however, can be tricky. Each server has different worlds, different quirks, and different threats. Have no fear though weve got the rundown of the best Minecraft survival servers right here for you.

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