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Heres What Youre Looking At

Best Minecraft Player vs 100 Players!

Minecraft version: 1.10.2 1.16.5

One of the most helpful and lightweight Minecraft mods, Heres What Youre Looking At or HYWLA helps users identify any block or item within the game.

Simply hover the cursor over an item, and the tool will tell you what it is. It can even tell you which mod the item comes from.

This simple mod is the successor of a popular utility mod called What Am I Looking At or WAILA, which is no longer updated.

Creeper Panik Minecraft Meme

Maybe youre underground and find a mineshaft or ender dungeon maybe youre far away from your home base and discover an amazing new biome or structure and desperately want to relocate there. But wait! The sun is setting, the sweat on your brow becomes worse and worse, and you hear that familiar hiss. You frantically slam a bed down to save your spot and BOOM. So much for that, eh?

The Best Minecraft Servers

    Seeking the best Minecraft servers? With the amount of custom content available for Minecraft, there are basically countless choices for your play experienceand Minecraft servers are no exception. If competing with other players is your thing, a PvP or minigame Minecraft server is your pick. If youd rather relax and build up your own personal estate, one of the many survival servers will fit the bill. Regardless of what type of Minecraft community youre prowling for, we’ve got your back for finding the best fit for you and your block-slinging friends.

    Minecraft commands: All cheats

    Weve created a lineup of the best Minecraft servers, and youll find a feast of options to snack on and pick the perfect one that matches your preferences. Joining a server is really simple, too. All you have to do is open Minecraft, enter the name of the server as the title, and then in the box underneath paste in the IP address youll find at the beginning of each entry on our curated list. After youve saved your new addition, you can hit play and jump right in. Some servers may also require you to download texture packsnow called resource packsbut our list of the best Minecraft texture packs walks through how to do it.

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    Should You Buy Java Edition Or Bedrock Edition

    As noted above, if you’re playing on anything but a PC, you don’t have a choice.

    But if you’re on a PC, we recommend the Java version. You get the same great gameplay, as well as thousands of mods to enhance your experience, and the massive multiplayer community. It’s the original way to play Minecraft, and still the best.

    Minecraft For Windows 10

    The best Minecraft survival servers

    Practically everyone knew that when Microsoft bought Mojang, there were changes sure to come. Undoubtedly, many were concerned that Minecraft would be monetized, focused as a Windows/Xbox game, and changed beyond repair. We were almost right but in a good way, mostly. As grateful that we were that Microsoft let Mojang stay focused on developing more for the Java version of Minecraft, we were also excited to see its growth into the Windows Store.

    The original Minecraft wasn’t meant to be converted from Java. So when Windows 10 Edition first launched publicly, this version was lacking a lot of features and content. Nonetheless, the audience reach began to pour in new players that preferred the smoother gameplay and graphics. Not to mention the introduction of Minecraft Realms, the controlled gaming server for friends and family hosted by Mojang. But more on that later.

    – Only Available on Windows – Multiplayer is Invite-Only

    It wasn’t until recently did Minecraft Windows 10 Edition came out of Beta with the Ender Update 1.0, ultimately bringing it the closest in features to the original Java version. People that own its predecessor can still claim their Windows 10 Edition for free through their Mojang account. Otherwise, it is on sale for $9.99 USD on the Windows Store.

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    Old Growth Pine Taiga

    Old Growth Pine Taiga biomes, as they’re called nowadays, are one of my favourite biome types. There’s something so fascinating and mysterious about these thick, towering forests. It’s like something out of Lord Of The Rings. The land is also broken up by hills which bulge out from the ground, taking the forest canopy even higher. A good spot for a treehouse, perhaps?

    Seed: -5543523367840054503

    Does Minecraft Make You Smarter

    As far as non-violent, educational games go, Minecraft is arguably one of the best. It can teach kids the fundamentals of programming skills, teamwork, problem-solving, project management, and offers a fantastic environment to foster creativity and out of the box thinking.

    Because of this, there have been various studies and opinion pieces that point towards the idea that Minecraft can make you smarter.

    For example, a study in 2017 conducted at Glasgow University linked playing video games and Minecraft to future university success. Their research found that people who played the game were able to show increased communication, adaptability and resourcefulness scales, compared to the control group all skills that are seen as being key for graduate success.

    Most of these benefits are owing to how the game is structured. With no real storyline and limited direction on how to play, children are mostly free to decide how they want to interact with the game.

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    New Content Added Constantly

    Minecraft is an extremely influential game and has changed the way that game developers view their older games.

    The gaming trend of adding new content to video games to extend their lifespan was pioneered by Mojang with Minecraft.

    When Minecraft was first released to the public, there were only 36 blocks, and the rarest material you could find was gold.

    Your options for blocks included 16 different wool types, glass, gold, stone, sponge, sand, cobblestone, dirt, gravel, leaves, log, planks, grass, coal ore, iron ore, gold ore, shrub, red flower, yellow flower, red mushroom, and brown mushroom.

    There are now more than 150 different blocks, and new block types are being added every few weeks.

    Minecraft also has a total of 78 different mobs that youll see across Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

    Like blocks, Mojang likes to frequently add new mobs to help diversify the world of Minecraft.

    Some of the newest mobs include goats, axolotls, and glowing squids.

    Soon, Mojang will also be adding tadpoles, frogs, wardens, and allay.

    These mobs were voted on by fans and Mojang staff members to be added to the game during their annual mob vote.

    The most recent mob vote had the community voting between two friendly mobs that the player would be able to find and build.

    The resource-gathering allay had beaten out the button-pressing copper golem and the darkness-seeking glare.

    What Is Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    The Top 100 Minecraft Mods Of The DECADE (Part 1)

    The Bedrock Edition is the version youll find on console and mobile, but it is also available on PC. This version offers a few unique options like crossplay with other Bedrock players, less computer power to run smoothly, the ability to use a controller, and moderation and parental controls to adjust the online experience. This also offers an official marketplace where you can buy add-ons and mods to change your experience.

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    So Which Minecraft Is Better

    Both Minecraft versions offer benefits players should consider before committing. If youre a PC player that wants to experiment with mods and only want to play with other Java players, this version is for you. If you plan on playing Minecraft or console or with friends on consoles, go with the Bedrock Edition. This version is also better suited for younger players that need parental guidance.

    There isnt necessarily one version of Minecraft better than the other.

    Both offer benefits that are better for different types of players. You can find more info about the differences on the official Minecraft website.

    The Best Minecraft Shaders In 2022

    Minecraft Shaders are Shader Packs to improve Minecraft graphics, add reality effects, 3d textures, shading, reflections, sun rays, and very realistic clouds improvement. Shader Packs 1.9 for Caves & Cliffs Update are a crucial improvement that no player can do without in his world. If you are serious about getting the ultimate experience from your Minecraft adventure, Shaders are perfect for you. Overlooking them will cause more harm than good since your world will appear unimpressive. Talking about an immersive gaming environment, you must have seen the worlds of advanced Minecraft players and even admire them. The truth is that having such a world is not exceptional as you only need to download and install the best Minecraft Shaders 1.19.

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    These Are The Funniest Minecraft Memes On Reddit Right Now

    With over 3.3 million players online when this article was written , it’s no wonder Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever.

    As a game with infinite possibilities, it extends to limitless potential for hilarious and spicy memes. The Minecraft community has been creating excellent memes for years, from clean to dirty, straightforward to super creative, and even around the delay of the Minecraft movie itself: Minecraft fans celebrate the movie adaptations non-release with memes.

    Turns out the real Minecraft movie was the friends we made all along

    Felix “Xilefian”

    From hours and hours of play, there’s always something players can relate to perfectly displayed in meme form. As a player myself, I have come across many memes, and have compiled my favorite, funniest Minecraft memes found on Reddit for your viewing pleasure!

    Bedrock Edition Has Most Consistent Performance

    10 Best Resource Packs in Minecraft

    Although it might seem like a simple game, Minecraft can be incredibly taxing on your computer’s graphics card and CPU. If you’re not playing with a high-end computer, Bedrock might be your best bet.

    While the Java edition lets you use mods to enhance your graphics, the Bedrock version runs more smoothly more consistently. This means less dropped frames and faster load times.

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    Why Minecraft Is The Greatest Game Ever Made

    ByZachary Boddylast updated 12 July 21

    Despite its imperfections, Minecraft manages to earn that title.

      Usually, it would be considered blasphemy in the video games industry to consider any singular game “the greatest ever.” After all, everybody’s gaming preferences and opinions differ, and being able to play and enjoy anything out of the incredibly vast universe of awesome games is part of what makes being in this hobby so special. Still, out of the thousands of games that have been released and loved by its players, Minecraft makes the most compelling case for indisputably earning that title.

      That’s not to say that Mojang Studios or Minecraft is perfect, as nothing truly is. At the end of the day, though, Minecraft has proved over and over that it’s far more than just a video game, and that looks are ultimately deceiving.

      Is Minecraft Good For Your Brain: Does It Make You Smarter

      According to research conducted in 2018, most UK kids will spend an average of four hours a day looking at screens. If thats to be believed, and theres no reason why it shouldnt be, its crucial to make informed and conscious choices about the type of media our kids consume.

      With video games making up a large proportion of this screen time, its no wonder so many parents want to know more about the popular Minecraft game. A particular concern could be whether Minecraft has the capacity to make kids smarter, be an IQ booster, and ultimately good for their brain.

      Heres our take on things

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      Which Edition Of Minecraft Is Better

      Understanding the benefits of both versions is important.

      Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time and attracts players of all ages with its unique aesthetic, fun gameplay, and ability to play as you want. Players can build massive projects by hand, or they can explore the vast open world with friends. Minecraft offers something for everyone, and knowing which edition of Minecraft is better for your needs is crucial.

      There are two primary versions of Minecraft: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. Both offer the same iconic Minecraft experience, although there are differences between the two that can impact your enjoyment.

      Funtechs Minecraft Coding Camps

      The Best Minecraft Resource Packs That Improve The Vanilla Look

      We have been at the front of Minecraft education for years. Our summer camps in London and the South East of England have seen thousands of kids pass through our doors.

      At our camps your child can receive the Minecraft tuition they need, but also create long-lasting friendships and team with the other children in the class.

      Our Minecraft tutors work each summer, with our tuition classes being:

      • Average of 8 to 1 student to Minecraft tutor ratio
      • Ofsted registered
      • Running from 9am to 5pm
      • Structured learning

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      A Tribute To Hr Giger

      If you’re after a darker, more ominous place to explore, check out Everbloom Games’ A Tribute to H.R. Giger , a Minecraft build that recreates the dark, biomechanical art of H.R. Giger . There are exoskeleton horrors embedded in the walls, and a giant industrial human face looms down from the top of the structure, making it the perfect break from the tropical islands and fantasy cities featured in the rest of this Minecraft builds list.

      Encouraging Creativity And Project Planning

      Perhaps the most striking benefit offered by Minecraft is its endless scope for creativity. It provides many of the same building opportunities as LEGO, only with an average of 921.6 quadrillion blocks per world. With that much material, its possible to build just about anything that your kid could imagine.

      If in any doubt, just take a look at Westeroscraft. Arguably one of the most expansive and breathtaking Minecraft projects around today, this community-based project is dedicated to recreating the continent of Westeros, from George R. R. Martins A Song of Ice and Fire series.

      Pretty much any screenshot from this project is mind-blowing, especially when you consider the time, planning, and sheer dedication it would have taken to get this far in the project.

      Although its unlikely that a younger child will churn out something of this scope, it does go to show just how much you can create with the materials available in Minecraft. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to this game.

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      Star Wars Space World

      A collection of fan-based content is always incomplete without ideas taken from various fandoms. So, we cannot leave out a Minecraft map that pays tribute to one of the largest fandoms ever. Space World is an amusement park map with the theme of Star Wars. It offers us 9 unique attractions along with a number of mini-games.

      We get a roller coaster, a parkour area, and a lot more, including giant statues and even the death star. But once you feel content with this map, its time to move on to two more maps from the same developer, creating a trilogy of Star Wars theme parks.

      Star Wars Space World

      The Maze Runner Trails

      MUST TRY: The Best Minecraft Mods

      There are plenty of maze maps for Minecraft, but none compares to this one. This is a one-of-a-kind map inspired by James Dashners Maze Runner novel. You spawn in the middle of nowhere with no clues about what to do. Wherever you look, there are only stone walls that make up a giant maze. And as you might expect, our aim is to escape.

      But dont get ahead of yourself. The entry to the maze only opens up during the night, which is also the time for Minecrafts hostile mobs to spawn. So, each night you have to spend some time in the maze and come back to the stone area until you have figured the whole world out. If you choose to stay in the maze during the day, its monsters will hunt you, and the doors to the stone area will remain closed. It is a well-thought-out and entertaining map to keep you hooked for hours.

      Maze Runner

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      Aman The Immortal Lands

      The Aman, The Immortal Lands build stuck out as one of the best Minecraft builds because it’s such a unique take on what a ‘fantasy city’ looks like. The architecture has a fluid roundness to it, which is worlds away from the square rigidness you see in other builds. It took Iskillia one and a half years to build the whole construction and it really shows in the detail.

        Rachel had been bouncing around different gaming websites as a freelancer and staff writer for three years before settling at PC Gamer back in 2019. She mainly writes reviews, previews, and features, but on rare occasions will switch it up with news and guides. When she’s not taking hundreds of screenshots of the latest indie darling, you can find her nurturing her parsnip empire in Stardew Valley and planning an axolotl uprising in Minecraft. She loves ‘stop and smell the roses’ gamesâher proudest gaming moment being the one time she kept her virtual potted plants alive for over a year.

        Java Edition Is Exclusive To Pc Mac And Linux

        Firstly, if you’re planning on playing Minecraft on anything other than a computer, then you’ll be playing Bedrock. There’s no choice there the Java version is only available on computers.

        However, Bedrock isn’t available on Mac or Linux. This means that if you’re playing on one of those systems, Java is your only route.


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