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Minecraft with 9 Year Old Jacob – MOB OVERLOAD!

Looking for a cool gift for your 8-year old boy? Look no further. Heres a great list of gifts, games, books, and toys that your 8 year old boys will be happy to receive for Christmas or another holiday. Scroll down to see all the ideas.

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Thames & Kosmos Glow in the Dark T Rex Excavation KitExcavate your own glow-in-the-dark Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton model. This dangerous prehistoric giant comes to life when you excavate its bones with a hammer and chisel and assemble them into a skeleton. The skeleton lets you reenact prehistoric adventures or surprise your friends with its glowing effect when the lights are off. The kit includes 13 skeleton pieces buried in a plaster block, excavation tools, and a descriptive manual.

Cat Kid Comic Club by Dav PilkeyTotally hilarious and written by the author of Dog Man! Cat Kid teaches a class for the tadpoles about making your own comic bookswhich doesnt go well until the tadpoles get excited about failure and get started writing and drawing. If you like a lot of silliness with great messages about writing, creativity, and persistence, read this book next.

Build your own museum exhibit with two paleontologists, a T Rex, and more.

This educational chemistry set is perfect for children who love doing their own experiments and want to create something colorful, slimy, or fizzy in their very own lab!

app-enabled robotBad Kitty Reading HeadlampI Survived

Mattel Games Uno Minecraft Card Game

If they love playing games, but youre eager to get them away from the screen for a while, the Mattel Games UNO Minecraft Card Game may be one of the best Minecraft gifts there is.

A new take on the classic Uno game we all know and love, the game is suitable for between 2 and 10 players aged 7+ who can race to be the first player to get rid of all their Minecraft-themed cards.

Who knows, you could maybe even use this when trying out our Teach Counting With LEGO and UNO Cards activity.

Lego City Volcano Exploration Base

Ages: 8 12

Read Parent Reviews | Check Best Prices

Love this one! The City Volcano Exploration Base is a great pick in nine year olds LEGOs.

Very popular this year, this set features an erupting volcano, several scientists, a few explorers, and lots-a volcanic boulders. There are also buildable vehicles, like a wheeled dumper, an excavator, and an on-the-go, mobile operations center.

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Lego Minecraft Micro World

The game involves players creating and destroying various types of blocks in a three dimensional environment. The player takes an avatar that can destroy or create blocks, forming fantastic structures, creations and artwork across the various multiplayer servers in multiple game modes. Minecraft was the fastest growing online game in 2012. Players can destroy various types of blocks in a three dimensional environment.

Player can form fantastic structures, creations and artwork across various multiplayer servers in multiple game modes. Minecraft promotes essential creative play building with virtual cubes.

Minecraft Pickaxe Adventure Kids Backpack


The only backpack for kids who love Minecraft! This officially licensed Minecraft backpack looks like it was taken straight from the game. A Minecraft pickaxe is on the front and inventory pouches on the side. Filled to the brim with pouches, this backpack has room to hold everything they need. A perfect backpack for school, camping trips, or exploring their backyard and crafting make-believe resources, Minecraft style!

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Minecraft Mini Mobs Cluster 17 Inch Backpack

Perfect for Minecraft fans of all ages, this green and black backpack features mini Minecraft mobs that we are all familiar with. Its constructed from 100% polyester, so its very durable. Youll also find a padded back and adjustable straps for that extra support. The main compartment has a laptop pocket, while the other compartments include zippered pockets, side pockets, gear clips, mesh water bottle pocket, and some Minecraft accents here and there. Its ideal for school and travel.

Minecraft Gifts For Small Budgets

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Diary of a Minecraft Zombie: These books are a must-have addition to your kids library, especially if theyre into Minecraft. My daughter loves reading and devoured this series. But, the books are light, easy to ready, and funny making them good for reluctant readers as well. Find it here.

Glow-in-the-Dark Bracelets: If youre looking for a small gift, these are sure to please. There are 12 bracelets in the pack, so its perfect if youre looking for something fun to hand out to a group of kids. Find them here.

Minifigures: These tiny Minecraft figures are so much fun for kids to collect. Theyll be on the lookout for new additions to add, and will enjoy creating their own worlds with their favorite characters .

Minecraft Comic Maker Studio: This creative storytelling kit comes with scenery and a Minecraft minifgure for kids to create their own comics with the free Comic Maker for Minecraft app. Find it here.

Minecraft Plush: If you have a Minecraft addict who loves all things soft and squishy, then theyll love having a Minecraft plushie to cuddle up with at night. Example: Ocelot Plush

Minecraft Sword: Any Minecraft fan will love having their very own pixelated sword. You know, just in case youve got some creepers hanging around. Find it here.

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Coolest Minecraft Gifts For Kids

Just about every kid I know whos at least 7 years old and up to age 13 is, or was recently, totally obsessed with Minecraft.

It took me a while to get it, but I can now see the appeal, and I love watching my daughter build her worlds. Over the years, shes collected her share of Minecraft fan gear and accessories, so I have some experience with the types of gifts that a Minecraft fan will appreciate.

Both of my daughters have been fans at some point so Ive made sure to include Minecraft gift ideas for girls and boys.

Here are 19 gift ideas you cant go wrong with, starting with my favorite: gifts under $20!

Pics Unofficial And Independent Minecraft Guide

Minecraft: Trolling A Weird 9 Year Old #6! (The Illuminati)

Looking for the perfect way to incorporate Minecraft into their learning? The 100 PICS Unofficial and Independent Minecraft Guide may be just what youre looking for.

Though billed as a guide, its a fun travel-sized card game for kids in which they first have to identify the Minecraft-related object or character before figuring out how to spell it.

To help them along, all the letters from the correct word are printed on the bottom of the card in scrambled up order, meaning all they have to do is arrange them correctly to spell the word.

A fun way to engage them in learning their spellings, the game contains 50 colorful cards and can be played solo or in a group.

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Osmo Genius Starter Kit

If your child, like most kids, is addicted to the screen and you would prefer if they used it productively, Osmo is an interactive, educational tool to add fun to your childs learning.

Kids learn best through play. If theyre having fun, they will absorb information better and actually remember it. The Osmo genius kit offers them just that.

The kit includes an Osmo base for an iPad, tangram pieces, number tiles, word tiles, and stackable storage.

It is compatible with several iPad models and will allow your child to enjoy screen time while gaining skills and educational information while simultaneously having a series of fun. They wont feel like theyre learning or being tied down to studying.

Osmo sensors and reacts to every real-life move. The games bring your childs creative imagination to life with hand-held pieces that interact with an iPad and an Osmo base. The best part is that it doesnt require wifi to play.

The product gives them a range of skills such as visual problem-solving, critical thinking, auditory, reading, and several other education subjects.

Your nine-year-old will never get bored of the Osmo genius kit and can use it for a good few years before passing it onto a sibling or friend.

Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush

If youre looking for the best toy for Minecraft fans and your little one prefers to cuddle up with their plush animals rather than going on adventures with a Diamond sword, this Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush may be just the thing.

Soft, cute, and adorably cuddly, you can also buy baby cows and pigs in a similar style so that they can create their very own Minecraft farm.

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Roblox Action Figure Collection

One of the best Roblox gifts available, surprise any youngster with this six-pack of figures features their favorite famous characters to accompany them on their adventures. Mix and match different parts to create a unique character, or leave them as is and let them create their own storylines. Each character comes with their own weapon of choice.

A Passport To Natural Wonders

Minecraft cake for my 12 year old

National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass

Technically, kids under 15 get in free to US national parks and federal recreation sites, and fourth-grade students can get a free pass for themselves and their families through the Every Kid Outdoors initiative. That year of free admission can be a nice impetus to planning outdoor adventures, whether an ambitious family journey or a day trip to a nearby destination. The individual passport is a fun add-on for kids. The little booklet is divided by region, with space for cancellations and stamps collected along the way. For those who are predisposed to collecting, the passport may help serve as motivation for planning even more park visits. And the booklet ultimately serves as both memento and diary, which just may start a habit of documenting a lifetime of exploration. Of course, the pandemic has changed travel habits, and some sites may have suspended or limited operations .

And note: If a child or other family member has a permanent disability, they are eligible for a special access pass that grants them free lifetime admission to over 2,000 national parks. Keep in mind that the pass needs to be applied for weeks, if not months, in advance of the visit. Additionally, there are many excellent blogs and guides focused on accessible travel these guides are also handy if you plan to travel with aging grandparents .

Winnie Yang

Moosh-Moosh Plushies

Ingrid Skjong


Ellen Lee

Ellen Lee

Kelly Glass


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Awesome Minecraft Gift Ideas For Boys

This post may contain affiliate or referral links. Please see our full affiliate disclosure here.

If youre looking for Minecraft gift ideas then Minecraft Mania has probably hit your house as hard as it has hit mine. For his birthday and Christmas, my son has asked for all kinds of things from Minecraft toys to Minecraft figures, and even Minecraft clothes.

Since I know we are not the only ones who have a Crafter on their holiday list, I am hoping that I am able to help you find some great gift ideas for boys.

How To Buy Mind

At age nine, kids are still kids, but they’re old enough to appreciate a thoughtful gift when they’re given one. They usually have well-defined interests and personalities at this age, but also retain that childlike sense of wonder, which makes gift-giving even more fun. Here are some cool ways to think about gifts for the awesome 9-year-old in your life.

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Kids Beginner Microscope Kit

The most fitting gift for any curious mind, this beginners microscope kit is a great investment for educating kids while also letting them have fun! This beginner microscope kit comes with a fully-functioning microscope, four glass slides, two collection vials, one specimen box, and a pair of tweezers to make kids feel just like a scientist.

Lego Minecraft The Pillager Outpost Playset

Trolling a 9 Year Old Kid in Minecraft

A high-ranking entry in our guide to the very best LEGO playsets under $25, this is a great option if youre looking for low-cost Minecraft gifts that your child can take along to their friends birthday party.

Still, just because the LEGO Minecraft The Pillager Outpost Playset is affordable doesnt mean that its by any means cheap.

This value-for-money playset is suitable for ages 8+ and contains multiple Minifigs, accessories, and a three-section playset that will keep them entertained for hours.

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Box Set Minecraft Guide Books

Know somebody whos new to the Minecraft world? Give them the gift of knowledge with this handy Minecraft book set. Containing four different books, this box set will teach individuals how to explore, build, navigate and create complex contraptions using Redstone. All the books are official and written by the developers of the Minecraft game, so you know its good advice! 368 pages in total for reading ages 6 and above.

Minecraft The Pirate Ship Adventure By Lego

Pirate Adventures

With the Lego Minecraft pirate ship, your child constructs a vessel to sail the seven seas. Its a perfect mash-up of Lego and Minecraft, delivering a fun, educational toy your child will love.

Everything a pirate ship needs is included. With working cannons, pirate banner, rowboat, gangplank and a Minecraft crew, the ship is ready to set sail.

As the ship begins its voyage, they head to Skull Island where the treasure is buried. Along the way, theyre accompanied by a Minecraft dolphin, parrot, and turtle.

The kit has 386 pieces. Its suitable for Minecraft fans aged 8 and up and is excellent for creative play.

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Minecraft Daytime 7 Piece Full Bed Set

The Minecraft bed set we looked at earlier may be popular for some, but if your little gamer isnt a fan of those creepy Creepers, you may find that this Minecraft Daytime 7 Piece Full Bed Set is more to their liking.

The vibrant design is printed on super-soft, fade-resistant Microfiber that ensures the comforter, sheet, and two pillowcases can continue to be used night after night, wash after wash.

Blast Pad Rocket Launcher


Looking for a new outdoor activity? This is the perfect gift for boys who have lots of energy. Step outside and keep active in the funnest way using this blast pad rocket launcher. Simply jump on the blast pad and watch their missiles soar high! Comes with one blast pad base, one launch tube, one blast pad and hose, and three rockets with foam tips that all fit into the base for easy storage.

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Minecraft Twin Bed Set

Make them excited for bedtime again with these awesome sheets. The perfect Minecraft gift for youngins who spend a lot of time mining, these sheets are sure to be well received. What better way to make them look forward to bedtime than placing their favorite game and characters on their bedsheets? Set includes one twin comforter, one flat sheet and one standard pillowcase.

Minecraft Nano Metalfigs 20 Pack Wave 3

Are you a Minecraft kid at heart? Complete your Minecraft universe with these tiny die-cast figures. Each figure is finely sculpted to resemble the authentic characters you see in the game. With their high-quality appearance and visible durability, any Minecraft fan will think theyre a complete standout!

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Lego Elves Queen Dragons Rescue

Ages: 9 12

Holding the #6 spot on the list LEGO Elves Queen Dragons Rescue.

Elandra the Queen Dragon has been captured by the evil empress, Azari. No worries though. Emily Jones is coming to free the Queen Dragon and restore order with the Book of Dragons. This set includes an hourglass within a two-story castle, complete with a dungeon, dragon-sized shackles, and poison blasters.

Minecraft Animal Figures Set

Minecraft: Trolling A Weird 9 Year Old #4! (TNT Attack #2)

People often focus on the creepers in Minecraft, but lets not forget the range of cute animals! Perfect for any Minecraft fan who loves animals, this six animal figures set features all the animals from the game. Including a chicken, wolf, pig, sheep, cow and ocelot, any animal lover will definitely appreciate this gift.

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Minecraft Gifts: The Perfect Present For Creative Kids

Theres no question that one of the main reasons why the Minecraft video game has enjoyed such unprecedented success is that, unlike other video games, theres much more to it than simply wandering around and blasting things with a gun.

Its a game that requires creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills. This means that parents are more likely to let their kids enjoy it as it helps with their learning and development while the kids themselves enjoy the challenge and imaginative thinking that comes with using Minecraft to build a whole new world.

It also means that many of the best Minecraft gifts for kids also serve a similar purpose. The Ravensburger Minecraft: Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game and many of the other games featured in this list can all be every bit as mentally stimulating as Minecraft itself, while LEGO sets and other toys are ideal aids for creative play that fires their imagination.

Still, not every gift has to serve a purpose. Options like the Minecraft Sprites Characters T-Shirt may not do much to aid learning, but theyll certainly think it looks cool, and if youre simply looking to give them a gift as a treat or reward, then it will more than do the job.

In other words, no matter what the occasion, no matter what age your kids are, and no matter what else they enjoy, youre always bound to find the perfect Minecraft gift just for them.

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