Minecraft Gifts For 7 Year Old Boy

The 28 Best Minecraft Gifts Of 2021


My World is a super-popular game with millions of fans around the world. From children to adults, with Minecraft gifts for all ages, weve found Minecraft gifts for kids and adults. From small statues to sheets and party supplies.

For Minecraft loyal fans of upcoming birthdays or special celebrations, giving them Minecraft gifts is the best option! Here, weve collected different Minecraft gifts that will make them smile.

Scratch Off Movie Poster

Dont want to get him another toy gift? From Casablanca to Jaws, youve already seen some of the classics and blockbusters. Grab the popcorn and take a deeper dive into movie magic with this poster that invites you to screen 100 iconic films. As you do, use a coin to scratch off each title and reveal surprise, movie-related artwork underneath. Its an interactive way to enjoy essential viewing for any film buff. Made in the UK, which gave us Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, and Ridley Scott.

What Should Danny Do

An interactive and empowering book with nine stories in one, the reader follows Danny through his day as he encounters choices children have to make on a daily basis. Fans of the book love the socio-emotional skills that the book teaches and claim it is a must-have on the bookshelf.

These high-quality fort-making rods are easy to connect and create seemingly endless structures all while improving STEM skills. Good for both indoor and outdoor play, it comes with a carrying bag that makes it easy to store and take with you anywhere. This toy will be a favorite for years!

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Ender Dragon Interactive Head

Bring their Minecraft adventures to life and battle a real dragon with this incredible moving and interactive Ender Dragon head mask. With adjustable straps to fit both kids and adults heads, the mask also features light-up eyes that glow when the masks mouth moves. Designed to look like the real Ender Dragon from the game, kids are sure to love it. Batteries included and fully functional.

Lego Minecraft The Cave 21113 Playset

Cracking the Code for the Minecraft Mini

Minecraft and LEGO are truly a match made in heaven. One cannot get closer to bringing the world of Minecraft to life by constructing your own scenes and characters from the beloved game.

Build the set for Minecraft invasion with the Lego Minecraft, The Cave Playset. The set includes two mini figures, namely Steve, a zombie and a spider, your accessory. A skilled LEGO enthusiast wont take more than 15 to 20 minutes for building the set. Once its completed, it will be fun for kids to play with it. Or you can proudly display your kids work by placing it in the living room.

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Miner Craft The Zombie Building Kit

If your baby boy loves adventure and building creation, then there is the best building kit. The zombie cave building kit with favorite Minecraft character make it more loveable for 5-year-old children. It not only use for play but also increases the creativity of kids through its many building forming ideas. This creative play can use to make a school model for a school student with LEGO building compatibility.

Does Lego Make Kids Smarter

When playing with Lego, kids are using spatial reasoning skills, which can help with many aspects and situations in life. They are spending time thinking, creating, and using their imagination, which is not always achievable when watching TV or playing online games.

Lego sets are great for the imagination, and all children should be encouraged to play with Lego sets when they can, starting young with some Duplo blocks.

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Lego Minecraft Micro World

The game involves players creating and destroying various types of blocks in a three dimensional environment. The player takes an avatar that can destroy or create blocks, forming fantastic structures, creations and artwork across the various multiplayer servers in multiple game modes. Minecraft was the fastest growing online game in 2012. Players can destroy various types of blocks in a three dimensional environment.

Player can form fantastic structures, creations and artwork across various multiplayer servers in multiple game modes. Minecraft promotes essential creative play building with virtual cubes.

Treasure X Sunken Gold Bottle Smash Available At Target And Amazon $889

7 Year Old Wins Minecraft Hunger Games – Herobrine @ 2:22 ???

It’s a pirate’s life for the lucky kid who discovers gold inside this smashable bottle. There are 10 collectible treasures to be uncovered, so when these depths have been plumbed, there are 12 more Sunken Gold Bottles to explore. This surprise toy is on every kid’s list this holiday season.

Recommended ages: 6 years and up

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Miner Craft Baby Sheep Plush

As there are no age restrictions for mine craft lovers all over the world, so there is also no restriction to buy objects with this character like baby sheep plush. It knows that all over the world, animal mobs are great fun for all ages. It is not similar to ordinary sheep plush. There are detailed pixelated embroidery and a soft plush exterior that make it more unique. It is an excellent source of fun for you and your loves one whom you want to give as a pleasant.

Recommended Ages: 5 To 15 Years

  • Price:$14.99

    Okay, so remember those slap bracelets you loved and collected as a kid? Well, welcome to 2019s version of the slap bracelet that, essentially, mixes slap bracelets with a Fingerlings/Pomsies. Its called Little Live Wrapples, and theyre going to be one of the hottest toys this year.

    There are currently six different Wrapples available, each as brightly-colored as the next. Theyre super cute, and the furries giggle and purr when you pet them. On top of that, they interact with each other. So if your child and her friend both have one, the Wrapples will talk and giggle with each other.

  • Price:$26.63

    The Disney Princess Shimmering Song Ariel Doll is a hit. The kids have spoken and they love it.

    This thing sings, as well. Just press the button on her chest garment and shell belt out Part of Your World, which isnt Under The Sea, but its still one of the most loved songs from The Little Mermaid.

    Whats more, the lights illuminate when she sings. If you get a chance to play with this with the lights, definitely do so. Its really cool.

    And finally, to operate, Ariel needs three alkaline button batteries which are included. Great news or what?

    Recommended Ages: 3 Years and Up

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    Taylor Toy Store Basketball Hoop Hamper

    Dimensions: 18 x 12.5 x 1.75 inches | Weight: 2 pounds | Material: Wood | Age Range: Not listed

    • Doubles as storage for dirty clothes

    • Good for basketball-themed room

    • Net is not detachable for laundry day

    • Thick hooks may make door difficult to close

    Translate your 7-year-olds love of sports into a cleaner room with this over-the-door basketball hamper. Theres a backboard to bounce items off of, and the bottom is a laundry bag. Entertainment for him, and less nagging on your end to get his room cleana win-win!

    Lego Super Mario Adventures With Starter Course Available At Amazon Lego Store And Target From $5995

    Best Toys &  Gifts for 7

    Kids can try their hand at creating a Super Mario level with this Lego set. The Mario figure has instant reactions, making the course feel even more like the video game. With Bowser Jr. and Goomba, too, kids can take a variety of adventures. According to Marston, Lego sets are great creative gifts because the blocks can be used for multiple designs.

    Recommended ages: 6 years and up

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    Lego Super Mario Adventures With Mario Starter Course

    Dimensions: 12.48 x 10.32 x 3.54 inches | Weight: 1.1 pounds | Material: Plastic | Age Range: 6 years and up

    • Kids can build their own Mario course

    • Can be combined with other Mario sets

    • Plays iconic sounds and music from video game

    • Lots of small pieces

    • No paper instructions

    Lego’s will forever be a classic toy and this set combines with another classic: Mario. The Mario Lego has color sensors and LCD screens that respond to certain movements as he collects virtual points while jumping from the bricks and platforms. This toy can be combined with other Mario sets to truly make a challenging course.

    Lulu Jr My Comic Book Making Kit Available At Amazon $2995*

    Kids can become authors with a comic book kit that guides them through creating a fully developed story and artistic panels. The kit includes instructions and prepaid postage for sending the story away to receive a professionally printed comic book in its place. Thanks to the “About the author” page, kids will feel ownership and pride in their work.

    Recommended ages: 6 years and up

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    Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set $

    Crashing cars appeals to boys of any ageeven some adultsand Hot Wheels doesnt disappoint with this classic 16-foot orange and blue track. The criss cross track brings four intersecting tracks into one crash zone, thrilling kids with hits or near misses of sleek race cars. The hairpin turns and motorized boosters challenge kids to problem solve as they determine whether they want to crash or cruise through the course. The set comes with one car and storage for multiple cars

    Kids Against Maturatiy Card Game


    Kids Against Maturity combines the tried and tested fill-in-the- blank game-play, a perfect enjoyable hilarious way to bring your family together. One game set includes 600 question and answer cards and a handy box to store it all. Its portable and a take anywhere size game. Become an instant champion while camping, sleepovers, game nights, family gatherings, summer camp, plane trips and more!

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    The 40+ Best Gifts For 7

    As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

    Buying unique gifts for any kid in your life, including that 7-year-old, can be tough. In order to make your shopping experience easy whether it’s for the upcoming holiday season or a birthday, we found everything from the best educational toys to practical outdoor structors and fun crafts.

    Your little one is growing up, and in case you didn’t notice, they’re a big kid now. From building sets that let them get creative to games that bring the whole family to the table, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for the 7-year-old on your list gifts that will keep them coming back for more every day.

    Minecraft Birthday Party Crafts:

    6. Minecraft Piñata: This piñata is SUPER easy to make. Its perfect for birthday party fun. Find the instructions on Oh So Savvy Mom.

    7. Minecraft Creeper Balloons: With black paper and green balloons you can make this easy Minecraft party decoration from Southern Revivals.

    8. Creeper Gum Wrappers: Wrap gum in these Creeper printables and give them to party guests as favors. Get the printable from Simple As That.

    9. Minecraft Party Bags: Stuff these Minecraft party bags with little treats and toys for all of your party guests. Find the instructions from The Shady Lane.

    10. TNT Candy Favor: Make these easy TNT party treats with licorice candy. Get the details from Karas Party Ideas.

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    Minecraft Crochet And Knitting Crafts:

    11. Creeper Scarf: Stay warm this winter with this crochet Creeper scarf. Your kids will never want to take it off! Find the pattern from Ravelry.

    12. Creeper Slouchy Crochet Hat: I love this slouchy crochet hat from The Heart of a Craft Mom. What a fun project to try!

    13. TNT Tissue Box Cover: How cute is this Minecraft tissue box cover from Instructables? This would make a great gift for the holidays.

    14. Minecraft Knit Hat: Any Minecraft fan would love wearing this knitted hat all winter long. Get the pattern and tutorial from Hub Pages.

    15. Dirt Block Beanie and Mittens: Practice your knitting skills and make this beanie and these mittens for your little Minecraft gamer. This pattern is from LoveKnitting.

    Nerf 36056 Walkie Talkies

    Minecraft themed cake for a 7 year old boy

    Dimensions: 7 x 1 x 1 inches | Weight: 0.5 pounds | Material: Nerf | Age Range: 5 years and up

    • 9V batteries are not included

    • Loud static

    Walkie Talkies are truly timeless, even in the age of the text message, and this Nerf-branded pair is perfect for your 7-year-old boy’s next secret mission. They provide a clear signal from up to 1000 feet distance and even include a button for communicating in Morse code. Bring them to your kids next playdate or on a camping trip for spy-inspired fun.

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    Why Trust The Spruce

    This article was written by Ashley Knierim, a freelance writer with over ten years of experience. From interior design trends to decor and more, she’s covered a variety of home topics and knows what makes a product great. To make this list, she considered each pick’s suggested age, as well as how active and educational it is.

    The Coolest Birthday Gifts For 7 Year Olds

    If youre looking for the coolest gifts for 7-year-olds, it helps if you know a little bit about the kid youre shopping for. 7-year-olds start to have pretty strong opinions about the things they like.

    But the great thing is, they usually like a whole lot of stuff.

    Theyre still trying things, experimenting with new interests, learning about the world, figuring out who they are. So we love gifts that will get them thinking, creating, exploring, and playing. Always playing.

    All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff, there is no compensation in exchange for picks.This guide contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission on links you click at no extra cost to you, to help keep us independent and support our staff.

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    Operation Electronic Board Game $

    Board games have made a resurgence in the last few years, as the classics that parents love resurface with a fresh look. Operation takes skill. Pull a card and try your best to remove the patients problem. If you make it, expect a great payday. Otherwise, prepare for the buzzer! Over 50 years later, this interactive game holds the same appeal and creates new family memories.

    Think Geek Minecraft Pickaxe

    World’s Oldest Server In Minecraft (7 Years Old – *WORLD RECORD*)

    How can your kid be a good miner without a good pickaxe? After all, there is no finer tool for the mines of Minecraft than a pickaxe. So weve got you the replicated, officially licensed pixelated Foam Pickaxe. This sturdy, yet pliant tool is safe for kids of all ages to play. Yes, it may not help him bash through rock or even drywall, but will make him feel that he can with this baby in his hand. Or your diehard Minecraft fan can even place this pickaxe next to the computer as he goes on his next quest.

    The company claims that the pickaxe Minecraft kids toys can withstand more than 132 uses, making it a durable toy. And since its an officially licensed toy, your tyke will be happy too!

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    Lego Dc Batman Batmobile

    Every little boy loves Batman, and what better Lego set to get than a Batmobile, from the scene in pursuit of the Joker!

    Kids can build the classic Batmobile, which features an opening cockpit for Batman to climb inside, foldout stud shooters, and a spinning flame exhaust.

    Batman enthusiasts will love the role-play battles they can enjoy with this Lego set.

    The Lego set has 2 mini-figures, including the iconic Batman and The Joker. There are also 10 different Bat elements to customize the Batmobile and other builds, figures, and weapons.

    The Batmobile measures 2-inches high and 9-inches long when built, and while it is not too easy, it is a manageable build for a 7-year-old. With 342 pieces, it is a fairly large set that will be a great addition to any collection.

    Fun Games Boys Will Love

    Whats another thing boys love to do? Oh yeah, play games thats what. Whether its video games, board games or any kind of game, boys this age love to do it.

    And of course, since I have no idea about video games I let my 7 year old son take the lead on this one too LOL.

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    Recommended Ages 4 Years And Up

    Another year, another Hot Wheels playset but, honestly, this thing is HUGE! The Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage will inspire hours of fun, thanks to its massive size, cool winding tracks, and the star of the show, a giant green T-Rex. Take your favorite Hot Wheels to the top of the garage and send it flying down the track, complete with epic big air jumps.

    And, it provides easy storage for over 100 Hot Wheels cars!

    Yes, its a pain in the butt to assemble , but either way, the resulting playset is well worth the effort.

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