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What Parents Need To Know About Minecraft: Parents Guide To Safety

5 Year Old In Minecraft!!!

Minecraft is the highest selling video game of all time. Almost a decade after its first release it continues to be one of the most popular games, particularly among children. But many parents have little to no understanding of what the game involves, what dangers could come with it and how long they should let their kids play it for.

At FunTech we understand the power Minecraft has to educate and support childrens learning development. Weve even previously blogged about how Minecraft can set a child up for life in terms of a career, and listed 11 reasons why we believe it has educational value.

In fact, we even run summer camps dedicated to teaching children how to code using the Minecraft video game .

But we still appreciate that Minecraft can be a tricky subject to navigate given the concerns over screen time and online risks. With that in mind, we wanted to put this guide together which explains what parents need to know about Minecraft.

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Why Is Minecraft So Popular With Kids

Minecraft is hugely popular with kids particularly those aged between 6 and 13 years old. What makes the game so popular is that players can create anything from cities to roller coasters and anything in between, there are no rules to the game and the possibilities and endless.

The game also allows for multiplayer mode, a popular function with young players, who enjoy playing with their friends and helping each other build new creations. For most children, the appeal is the freedom the game offers.

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Is Minecraft Bad For Kids

Is it giving them the keys to a kingdom that could quickly turn into “Lord of the Flies” in the wrong hands?

“Minecraft is online Legos,” parenting and child development expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa told TODAY Parents. “Could a kid go rogue on ‘Minecraft,’ create something inappropriate, or focus on gore and destruction? It is possible.

“But that’s not the purpose or the focus of the game,” she said, “and most ‘Minecraft’ obsessions make kids more creative, improve their cognitive flexibility and working memory, and give them opportunities to feel great about their nerdy skills.”

So the game itself is not all bad. NBC News even used it to help explain who owns the moon once. But what about all that screen time?

Conscientious parents, take heart: A 2017 study published in the journal Child Development by researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute and Cardiff University found that the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for managing children’s screen time might be a bit alarmist or even misguided.

Minecraft Bed Sheet Set

teaching my 5 year old how to play minecraft

Send them to sleep with Minecraft on their mind with this awesome four piece Minecraft bed set. Including two pillow covers, one duvet cover and a fitted bed sheet, this set will transform their bedroom into the ultimate Minecraft lair. Featuring a huge creeper on the duvet, any Minecraft addict will love this gift. Made from brushed microfiber polyester.

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How Minecraft Helps Build Focus

When playing Minecraft, the ability to focus to really sustain your attention on one task for an extended period of time is incredibly important. If you want to build something large or complicated, you have to stay on a particular task through numerous different steps and processes, sometimes for hours on end. When a child is building something in Minecraft, its amazing to think he has ADHD at all because hes clearly focusing so intently. And the idea is that hes exercising that skill in the Minecraft environment, building up the attention muscle so that he can use it at school and while doing homework.

Books Books And More Books

They will want the companion books and the fiction books that have been published. They are helpful books about Minecraft as well for both you and your child. Everything from building furniture to traps, Redstone to enchanting, and much more.

I think that was the biggest surprise for me, how all-encompassing the game can be. They “Play” Minecraft outside with all the other kids who live near us because they all play Minecraft of one system or another, says Joanna Bell. My boys are 14 and 12 years old, the neighbor’s children are aged 13 and 4. They all will play in the field by our courtyard, nicely for hours.

It does actually help with reading, she no longer asks me to spell anything for her while searching for items in creative mode. And she has built some really cool things, said Mrs. Sheri Evans. She is six now and red stone can be tricky but she’s learned to build some red stone stuff at least as good as I do, it’s like a very basic level of programming as how you use levers and torches and tracks creates different effects.

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Best Minecraft Apps For Kids

Playing Minecraft is very beneficial, and in some potentially surprising ways. Minecraft has captured the minds and imaginations of more kids than we can.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. The game is even suitable for all ages. One of the best-selling, independently developed and published video games, Minecraft immerses kids in creative thinking, geometry, and even a little geology as they build imaginative block structures. There are variety of tips and tricks, mods, add-ons, and other content to improve the game.

Does your child spend hours at their iPad or computer or game console playing Minecraft? Well, that may not be a bad thing. Targeted toward kids between the ages of 9 and 15, this simple building-blocks game is one the few that successfully educates and entertains players. While we don’t encourage all-day play, your child may benefit from playing Minecraft for 30 minutes each night. From boosting their grades to improving their social skills, there are several reasons to make a little extra screen time for this popular video game.

Minecraft enhances Life Skills : Creativity, problem-solving, self-direction, and collaboration are just some of the many less-tangible, non-academic benefits. Minecraft provides benefits that will help kids succeed in college and future careers. Minecraft complements school skills : children playing Minecraft is improving their most basic skill sets – reading, writing, and math.

How Can We Get Her To Stop Playing Without A Fight

If Minecraft was ONLY for 5 Year Olds

Give your child a 10-minute warning and set a visual timer. Do this with other activities, as well, so your children become accustomed to it. Then, have them engage in a specific routine after video-game play, such as a brief game discussion, a healthy snack, or going outside. Finally, apply clear and routine consequences for meltdowns and inappropriate behavior. Parents sometimes need to take away Minecraft privileges for a brief amount of time to show that they mean business before the kids respond.

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Are There Any Risks

There are a number of potential risks which parents may be concerned with. However many of these can be easily managed.

Multiplayer Mode

Minecraft has both multi and single player options. Many kids like to use multiplayer mode to play with their friends and to play with people around the world. As with most online games and apps, there are risks of encountering bad language, harassment, inappropriate content etc. To help avoid this, you can set games for single-player only , or disable the chat option in multiplayer. for details on how to turn off the chat setting.


Minecraft contains very little violence, graphic or inappropriate content, for example there is no blood in the game. Players can however, hit or kill animals or each other in multiplayer mode, but this is not the main focus of the game and graphics are very cartoon like.

Minecraft on YouTube

Many kids watch Minecraft tutorials on YouTube to get help, hints and tips on the game. Some YouTube tutorials include bad language or inappropriate comments. To avoid your child encountering this, encourage them to use these recommended YouTube channels for Minecraft tutorials.

Heres a good place to start: commonsensemedia.org/blog/the-10-best-kid-friendly-minecraft-channels-on-youtube

They Will Fail And They Will Get Frustrated Sometimes It’s Just How It Is

Creative mode is like handing your child the keys to your car and telling them, “Just go nuts.” The joy ride is fun, but it usually results in a crash. TNT…everywhere!

The Minecraft Wiki is a great starting point for both you and your child. It will teach you both how to utilize the game before playing. Otherwise, you’ll end up hearing “Mom, Dad how do I craft…” every 5 minutes.

Children love to spend an insane amount of time watching other people playing Minecraft too. Bear in mind that some may contain bad language in their videos. YouTubers stampylongnose, iBallisticSquid, and Amy Lee are clean , fun, and even educational.

Watching the Minecraft YouTube videos will have them wanting to migrate toward modded Xboxes and then that is all you will hear about. If they do play on consoles, having them play the tutorial is a must. This is very helpful when it comes to learning the basics.

They are going to want the toys too and those things are expensive. I’ve made my kids a few because there was no way I was paying that much for them, says Christine Marie.

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Are There Any Additional Costs To Minecraft

Once you have bought Minecraft you can then play the game without any compulsory additional spend, such as any kind of subscription fees or hidden costs. However, there are certain additional features that can be purchased.

  • Texture and skin packs: Texture packs are buyable packs that change the look of your Minecraft blocks, with the literal textures of the world being changed to be brighter, darker or even different colours. There are hundreds of texture packs online, with some being available for free for platforms such as home computer, while others are buyable from Minecraft. Skin packs are the same, only they change the appearance of your character.
  • Minecraft Realms: Minecraft Realms is an online membership for Minecraft that allows you to operate your own multiplayer servers. While basic Minecraft allows for only one player per world, Realms allows for multiple players to play within the same game no matter where they are in the world. These realms are completely controllable by you, allowing you to change the difficulty and the look and feel of the game.
  • Online Multiplayer: For certain consoles such as Nintendo Switch, online multiplayer is only available to those who have an online membership. This doesnt apply to all versions of Minecraft.

Are There Predators On Minecraft


There’s always the possibility that players can run into predators on some servers, especially if the moderation is lax. It’s safest to play on a well-known, established server rather than joining one at random. Minecraft allows you to mute and block players and report them for inappropriate behavior. Review all of the game’s settings with your kid if they’re playing multiplayer, and learn more about talking to your kid about online predators.

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So What Are The Risks

Like anything, too much of a good thing can be dangerous. There are concerns about health and social problems among kids who are sitting in their rooms and being withdrawn from others. Also, there is a portion of kids with ADHD that overdoes it, and becomes obsessed with video games. Russell Barkley, Ph.D., and Mariellen Fischer did a study where they found teenagers with ADHD typically play no more than do their neurotypical peers, except for a small group that was very, very engaged and over-involved with video games.

Minecraft As A Case Study

Minecraft is a timely and appropriate case study of contemporary play with upwards of 120 million copies sold. According to our survey of 753 parents, almost half of children aged 3-12 play the game, mostly on tablet devices. Working with co-researchers, Dr Marcus Carter at the University of Sydney and Associate Professor Martin Gibbs at the University of Melbourne, we found that parents associated a wide range of positives with playing Minecraft. The most commonly mentioned of these was creativity. Parents spoke about the game fostering creativity or allowing the child to be creative, either in a general sense, or in relation to specific game elements like design, construction, and problem solving.

Parents also noted the highly social nature of playing Minecraft. Even when children are not playing in the same game world, the verbal commentary and negotiation of in-game plans and actions provided opportunities for collaboration, negotiation, and teamwork as well as conflict resolution. But some parents were worried about what they thought were the excessive amounts of time children dedicated to the game. Parents in our survey talked about time on Minecraft taking away from desirable activities like non-screen based play.

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Usb Torch Wall Charger

Let them charge their phone or tablet in style with thisMinecraft themed USB wall charger. Shaped like a torch from the game, the torchalso lights up once plugged in and charging. Featuring two USB slots on theside, they can use it to charge their phone or tablet while also using it as anight light.

Minecraft: The Game Explained For Parents

Minecraft with A 5 Year Old S2E10

For information about Coder Kids classes and camps, including online coding and gaming topics, visit register.coderkids.com/onlineclasses.

I speak with parents frequently about Minecraft. Some parents love it: it provides a creative outlet and keeps their kid out of trouble. Other parents hate it: it is an addictive waste of time, violent, and their kids always want to buy the Minecraft books at the book fair.

As a former classroom teacher, my feelings for many years fell primarily in the second camp. I hadnt ever played it, and kids would go to the book fair, buy these books, and ALWAYS want to “read” them during reading time. It drove me crazy! I needed Minecraft explained to me! I know from speaking with parents that many kids who were addicted to reading the books had never even played the game! Back then, there was definitely a social pressure to like Minecraft.

Over time my opinion of Minecraft has changed dramatically. First off, I was bored on a Friday night and sat down to play the game for a few hours. I was immediately sucked into survival mode with the challenge of surviving the night. Once I had survived the night, the challenges kept mounting. How do I eat? How do I eat cooked food? How do I farm? How do I make a bed so I dont have to stay up all night? How do I find iron for better tools? How do I explore a dungeon without dying? What is redstone?

I was extremely proud of the fact that I captured these sheep.

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How Long Should Your Child Play Minecraft For

While spending time online or playing games isnt necessarily a bad thing, parents should be aware of how long their child is spending online compared to spending time outside or even just engaging in something that is not on a screen .

Minecraft is an incredibly engrossing game, being incredibly easy to sink hours upon hours at a time in. Time flies when you are having fun and before you know it you have spent the last four hours building the perfect Minecraft block house without intending to.

Some professionals recommend certain lengths of time for children to spend on screens, recommending children 12 and younger should only have a maximum of 2 hours per day.

However, this is easier said than done in todays digital world, and your child may find it hard to not engage in something that their friends spend all their time on too. In that case, it may well be that you tailor the amount of time around your own child.

Too much of anything is bad, so keep an eye on how long your child is spending per day on video games compared to other activities. Make sure that they are taking part in enough non-screen activities, such as taking them out for walks during downtime, encouraging them to take part in extra-curricular activities in and out of school .

Why Is Minecraft So Addictive

The children with ADHD who come in to Learning Works for Kids love three things: watching television, playing computer games, and playing with LEGOs. Minecraft addiction is an extension of all those things, so I hear about it all the time from concerned parents. As a result, Ive interviewed hundreds of kids about their use of Minecraft and devised some best strategies for keeping video-game use to a safe, healthy level everyone can live with. Here they are.

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When Should I Be Worried

Roughly 3-10% of children are at risk for Internet gaming disorder. Your child may be at risk if he experiences some withdrawal symptoms when the game is taken away, if he wants to spend more and more time playing, and if hes been unsuccessful in his attempts to stay away from gaming on his own. If he loses interest in previous activities and hobbies, and continues to play even though its causing a great deal of distress with family, those are additional red flags.

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