Minecraft Dumb Ways To Die

How I Began Making The Series


I began making this series after watching a lot of Minecraft “_____ Ways to Die” videos and others as well. Therefore, I decided to do Minecraft stuff as well, including, the Dumb Ways to Die series. And the series first aired in the eve of our school’s moving-up recognition since when I was in Grade 3, 21 March 2015, with the first episode, Using Lava.

Top 5 Dumb Ways To Die In Minecraft

Minecraft is often much more dangerous than players might think. This is especially true for players running a greater difficulty of Minecraft. From hostile mobs to accidental injuries, there are several ways that players can be injured or killed in the game. Some in-game deaths, however, can be dumber than others.

Most dumb deaths in Minecraft are easy to avoid, and all players need to survive them is a basic understanding of the game. Others are not. These deaths are dumb simply because of how ridiculous they are. Not sure what dumb deaths there are in-game? Heres our list of the top five dumb ways to die in Minecraft.

Falling Into The Void

Falling into the void is one of the worst ways to die in Minecraft. In the end, it is possible for players to fall into the void if they decide to fly out to the end cities using an elytra.

If the player taps the fly button one too many times when flying over the void it will cause the elytra to stop and the player will fall into the void, leaving all of their items unretrievable.

It is also possible for the player’s elytra to run out of fuel when flying over the void. This is one of the worst ways to die, and lose all items, in Minecraft.

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Mining Into A Lava Pool

Sometimes diamond blocks can spawn near lava or on top of lava, however the player cannot see the lava until the diamond is mined.

If there is lava under or around the diamonds and the player does not know, when mining down it is possible for players to fall into the lava pool and kill themselves, and also burn the diamonds that they died for!

This is one of the dumbest ways to die in Minecraft since both the player and the diamonds get destroyed.

Getting Pushed By A Goat


One of the most dumbest ways to die in Minecraft is by getting hit off of a cliff by the gane’s new goat mobs. Goats are found at higher elevations such as at the top of mountains and cliffs.

These are neutral mobs, meaning some goats will be aggressive towards players and try to fight them. If the player is standing on the top of the mountain with the goat, it is possible that when the mob rams into the player, it will knock the player off the mountain.

This will cause the player to take fall damage & die due to being rammed off a cliff from a goat!

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Top 5 Dumbest Ways To Die In Minecraft

One of the worst feelings in Minecraft is when players have a lot of rare loot that took them a while to find, then they just die and lose it all in the most stupidest way possible.

As easy as it is to gather loot in the game, it is just as easy to die too. So when a player is killed, they will respawn at the last place they slept in a bed. This can be pretty frustrating because if the player has built a base but hasn’t slept there yet, they spawn in the last place that they slept, regardless if this is far away from all of their loot and house.

There are multiple things that can kill a player in Minecraft, however some ways are much more annoying than others. In this article, players will learn the five most annoying ways to die in Minecraft!

Dumb Ways To Die In Minecraft

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  • Dig a hole straight down
  • Try to swim with squids and drown
  • Make a wooden door
  • Trap yourself in a wall
  • Keep a creeper as a pet
  • Make a pigman upset
  • Take gravel to your face
  • Forget your armor at night
  • Ask a ender dragon to be your best friend
  • Make a fireplace in a wooden house
  • Try to fight skeletons in pairs
  • Place a TNT by a preasure plate
  • Do your own redstone work
  • Bring kids to your own server
  • Let a angry creeper inside
  • Change your skin to a creeper
  • Jump into a hole

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Ways To Die In Minecraft

  • Get killed by a spider
  • Get pushed off of a cliff
  • Get killed by a zombie
  • Be shot by a skeleton
  • Get killed by a witch
  • Be shot by your friend
  • Be killed by your friend
  • /suicide
  • /kill
  • Fall from a high place
  • Suffocate in a wall
  • Be poisoned by a witch
  • Be killed by Damage potions
  • Be killed by a Invisible mob
  • Crushed by sand
  • Get killed by a ghast
  • Get blown up by a ghast
  • Jump into the void
  • Shot yourself with a arrow
  • Get killed by a blaze
  • Get killed by a enderman
  • Get killed by a zombie-pigman
  • Get killed by a cave-spider
  • Die in hardcore lava parkour
  • Get killed by a pack of wolves
  • Get killed by a iron golem
  • Get killed by a Admin on a server
  • Get killed by a Mod on a server
  • Get killed by a noob
  • Eat rotten flesh until you starve
  • Open a trapped chest that makes a trap that makes you fall in lava
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