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Creating A Free Custom Subdomain

Minecraft How to Use Your Domain Name as Your Server IP!

We have a video tutorial for creating a subdomain for your Minecraft server:

In order for a player to join your Minecraft server, they need to have your server address to enter on their Minecraft client.

By default, a server address looks something like this: but that can be confusing. You want something that can easily be read and recalled. To do that, you can customize your server address by using a domain or subdomain . However, using a domain requires that you purchase one from registrars like Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc. and this might be something that isnât in your budget.

We got you covered! Here at Shockbyte, we provide a free service to let you create a subdomain of your choice with several domains to choose from so that you no longer have any difficulty remembering and sharing your server IP to others.

Before we make our subdomain, we first need to identify your server IP and port. You can find this on your Multicraft server panel labeled as Server Address.

For this example, the server address is

Letâs get started on how to make our custom subdomain by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Subdomain Creator page:
  • Thatâs it! You now have your very own custom subdomain for free! Please allow a few minutes and up to 24 hours for your subdomain to work.

    If you have your own domain, you can check out our other tutorials on how to create a custom IP for your server:

    How To Create A Subdomain

    Nearly all domain registrars have the same configurations when it comes to setting up your domain/subdomain. As they are all very similar, we will cover how you can set it with GoDaddy.

    Configuring/adding your subdomain

  • On this page, you will see a section labeled All your products and services. Under this, look for Domains.
  • Under Domains, you are going to see a listing of all the domains you have on your account. To the right of the domain, click on DNS. On this page, you are going to see a section named Records. There are two records we will be adding, the A Record and the SRV Record.
  • A Record

  • In the records section, click ADD and choose A from the dropdown.
  • You are going to see a few required values that will have to be filled out.
  • Host: Defines the subdomain, e.x play in play.mydomain.comPoints to: Defines the IP address the A record should resolve to. This will be your Minecraft Servers IP address.TTL: Defines the average time it takes for the changes to propagate.

  • You will want to first set Host to the subdomain you want. For example, if you put in Play for the Host, it will set it as play.yourdomain.com.
  • Next is Points to. You will want to set this to your server IP address .
  • After you set that, set the TTL to ½ hour. This will define the average time it takes for the changes to the domain records to propagate.
  • Here is an example of the end result:

    SRV Record

  • In the records section, click ADD and choose SRV from the dropdown.
  • How Can Hostinger Offer Domains For Free

    We do it because for many years we have proudly been an ICANN accredited registrar! Pair that with partnerships with multiple renowned registrar and a massive user base! This gives us the opportunity to share in our privilege by being able to provide the best to our users.

    We at Hostinger, believe that the power of the internet to everyone. Thats why we provide hosting for some of the lowest prices in the industry and add a domain for free to boot!

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    Dns Setup On The Server

    This guide assumes you’re running Linux, however, I’ve tried to make it easier to follow along on Windows

  • In case the config spec changes in future, this guide uses version 1.5.0
  • Extract it with tar -xzf coredns_1.5.0_linux_amd64.tgz
  • Create a file named Corefile in the same folder as the Coredns executable.
  • Open it, and copy the following contents in
  • .:53 

    While doing this, replace example.com with the address for your server .

    If you want to use a DNS server other than Cloudflare’s for any other requests, change

    This file will tell CoreDNS to treat all requests to mco.lbsg.net as requests instead for example.com, which is the core component of the trick

  • Run CoreDNS

  • On Windows, you can run CoreDNS.exe from command prompt
  • On Linux, you will need to use root permissions to run it, as Linux prevents non-root processes from communicating on port 53 – do this with sudo ./CoreDNS
  • Make Minecraft Server Ip The Same Domain As The Website

    Minecraft How to Use Your Domain Name as Your Server IP ...

    I am trying to figure out how I can make the IP of a Minecraft server the same as the website I am trying to do this without any subdomains. Iâve seen other Minecraft servers do this before, I just donât know how.

    Some servers that do this:

    Since your Minecraft server and your website have different IP addresses, they also need different hostnames. You can, however, set up the SRV records such that the person connecting to you just needs to type in your main URL.

    Letâs say your domain is example.com, your website is at and your Minecraft server is at

    You most likely already have an A record for your website, something like

    example.com. A

    You will need another A record for your Minecraft server. Letâs call it mc.example.com:

    mc.example.com. A

    Now you create a SRV record that tells the Minecraft client connecting to example.com where to actually find the server:

    _minecraft._tcp.example.com. SRV 0 25565 mc.example.com

    This tells the client to connect to mc.example.com on port 25565 with a weight of 0.

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    Create An A And An Srv Record

    Navigate to your domain and click the DNS tab. Create an SRV record with the following parameters. Note in the example, the full domain someone would type in is minecraft.example.com. Substitute your domain name for example.com, and then feel free to change minecraft to whatever subdomain you would like. Please be certain to have an A-Record created that points to your cloud server IP address.

    The A Record

    The SRV Record

    If you would like to verify that the DNS has been pulled to other resolvers, you can run the following dig command. Note that this command, if you do not have it, can be installed with the bindutils/tools package. In the example provided, I have substituted the real values for fake ones and private addresses. You should see the IPv4 address you set in your A record, this should match the IPv4 address on your cloud server. This may take sometime.

    $ dig SRV _minecraft._tcp.minecraft.example.com +short0 5 25565 dc-9bzed23c4121.example.com$ dig +short dc-9bzed23c4121.example.com192.168.1.1

    Minecraft Server Ip In Domain Umwandeln Computer

    If you want to create and run your own Minecraft server, you will first need the appropriate hardware. In theory, a home PC is adequate for this – but this also depends on the desired number of players and server setting.For three to five players, for example, the Minecraft team recommends three gigabytes of RAM, 18 gigabytes of hard drive space, and broadband resources of at least 12 MBit. About the site. Minecraft Server List is showcasing some of the best Minecraft Servers in the world to play on online. Scroll down and find a good minecraft server that seems right for you – click on the server, copy the Server Address and paste it into your minecraft client at the Multiplayer option

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    How To Connect Your Domain To Minecraft Using Srv Records

    Do you have a Minecraft server youâd like to link to your domain, but your Minecraft server runs on a different IP address from your web server or on a non-standard port? No problem! Here at Porkbun, we make it easy, so you can worry about more important things

    To get started, youâll need to know the IP address and port number of your Minecraft server, and youâll need to think of a subdomain to be the secret hostname of your server .

    Thatâs it! You should now be able to connect to your Minecraft server just by specifying your root domain in the Minecraft client. For more information, check out this excellent article:

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    Understanding Dns And Ddns

    How to use a domain for Minecraft instead of an IP. [BroHoster]

    DNS is a TCP/IP network service that translates user-friendly hostnames into IP addresses. For example, if you type

    into your browsers address bar, the DNS server with which your computer is associated attempts to resolve the fully qualified domain name , servers.minecraftforum.net, into the IP address of that particular web server.

    The hostname part of the previous FQDN is servers the domain name is minecraftforum.net. The specifics of DNS name resolution are far outside the scope of this book for our purposes, all you need to know is that companies like No-IP and Dyn will map an FQDN to your routers public IP address, and even adjust the mapping on the fly when your routers public IP changes.

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    Setting Up Your Cloud Account And Oci

    You can set up a cloud server with any provider . I have chosen Oracles Always Free Tier because it is Free. Other providers have similar services, however most relevant products expire after a year or less. Only Google and Oracle have servers/nodes that render free FOREVER. Ive included links to their listings below if you would like to pick a different one:

    If you have picked another cloud provider, spin up a small centos 7 instance and skip to the next step. Note you will need to run commands provided in the config to which this links.

    We are using a cloud server as another buffer between the client and our network. Once you have created an account, we will use the OCI to spin up an instance. Note that you will need to provide a credit card as proof of identity/verification. There will be a $.01 charge, but otherwise no cost so long as you only provision items in the always free category.

    For the setup you are welcome to provision the device through the GUI. I will list the CLI steps below.

    First you need to install the oci cli for interacting with your cloud account. This can be installed with the following one liner. After the install, source your bashrc as they will update your path to include the binary.

    $ bash -c"$"$ source ~/.bashrc

    Next begin the setup with the following command to configure the oci cli for your account. It will walk you through where to find the required information.

    $ oci setup config
    Find the Root Compartment

    Choose Your Web Hosting Plan

    Pick your web hosting plan and get a free domain!

    Single Web Hosting

    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee help_outline
    • 2 Databases
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee help_outline
    • Unlimited Databases

    Payment terms

    The plans shall be pre-paid, not divided in installments. The amount presented represents the productâs total price split by the number of months your plan will be live.

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    Ip Address To Country

    IP addresses are allocated by regional organisations. Therefore it is relatively easy to work out the country in which an IP is likely to reside. When an IP is allocated to a company they are expected to be used in the country the organisation resides. But, there is nothing to stop a company allocating an IP to a machine in another country. For example. A company is allocated a range of IP addresses X.Y.Z.0 to X.Y.Z.255 for use in England. This company has a private network with a branch office in New York. So, it uses most of the IP address in England but uses some of them in the States. So, we cannot guarantee that the country is 100% correct when converting an IP address, but we would expect it to be correct at least 90% of the time.

    A Free Minecraft Server

  • Go to Configuration > Jar installer: Choose the right type and version. âVanillaâ means without mods/plugins. Also check the box that says to wipe everything and press the big install button.
  • Go to Console and press the start button. Do not leave the page while the server is booting, since youâll have to agree to the EULA once itâs booted up. After agreeing, the server will restart automatically.
  • Once restarted, see if you can join the server using the IP and port given in Server Details > Service Information.
  • Go back to console, type âop < your username> â and press enter. You should now be able to perform any commands. Press the stop button afterwards.
  • Go to Configuration > Public Renew. Fill in the required information, you can leave the reward command blank, but you probably want to check the box that allows your server to start if renewed. Make sure to share the link that appears on the right after saving with all players, so they can help keeping your server online. The server can be renewed every 10 minutes, adding 1.5 hours to a countdown timer, with a maximum of 12 hours. When the timer hits 0, your server gets stopped. If the server stays stopped for 3 days , the server along with all files and the world save will be permanently deleted. So make backups using file access.
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    Building The Instance And Vcn With Oci

    For this next portion, I will use jq. You may need to install jq with your package manager, depending on the distro you use. jq is a simple json parser/constructor.

    Ubuntu: sudo apt install jg -yFedora: sudo dnf install jq -yArch:   sudo pacman -Sy jq
  • Create a virtual cloud network . Then we assign the ID of that network to a variable, as we will be calling it a lot more down the line.

    $ OCID=$$ oci network vcn create -c$--cidr-block --display-name MinecraftVCN --dns-label MineVCN$ VCN_OCID=$
  • Now we will create a new security list, this will allow traffic on port 25565/TCP and 22/TCP to the server. It will also allow the server to communicate out on the exnet. We then assign the ID to a variable.

    $ oci network security-list create --display-name minesubnet --vcn-id$-c$--egress-security-rules''--ingress-security-rules''$ SL_ID=$
  • Now we will create a public subnet. You have the option to add up to 5 security lists and a custom route table. Here we will assign the security list we just create and let the system associate with the default route table.

    $ oci network subnet create --cidr-block -c$--vcn-id$--security-list-ids""$ SN_ID=$
  • Next create the gateway. This can be disabled/enabled to control whether the instances in the segment can access the inernet. It is created inside the VNC.

    $ oci network internet-gateway create -c$--is-enabledtrue--vcn-id$--display-name MineGW$ GW_ID=$
  • Setting Up A Minecraft Server

    Step 1: Install Minecraft Server
    Step 2: Set up Port Forwarding in the router


    STEP 3: Map your dynamic IP to a hostname
    STEP 4: Set up SRV records


    STEP 5: Use Dynu DDNS service to access your computer remotely

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    Use Name Instead Of Ip Address For Home Network

    I have IIS7 on my computer, and I can access it through other computers in my house on the same network through my computer’s IP address – Instead of typing in http : // I want to be able to go to http : //somename/

    I know you can change the hosts file to add it but I’d have to do that on each computer and I’d still have to type in the IP to access it from my iPod/Wii… etc.

    this can be done without a DNS server using the broadcast names so you could type from within your network

    Majority of routers have DHCP and their own DNS servers so you most likely have a DNS server already.

    For “most clients”, you can avoid using a DNS server setup, by using mDNS, which is used for names advertised by machines on the network. Think P2P. Very little security, so a name can be spoofed, but MacOSX and most consumer *nix flavours will support it out of the box. If you call the server “fred” then it can be reached as “fred.local”, and you can even put “local” in your DNS search path, which any home router will support doing.

    Apple call it Bonjour, and they have a Windows version. On Linux, the most common implementation is Avahi.

    I doubt mDNS will work with a Wii, it should work with an iPod.

    It is possible to have devices register themselves in DNS when they are turned on, or to let the DHCP server do it. This is called “Dynamic DNS”, and is specified in RFC 2136.

    Changing Mx Record For Email

    How to turn Minecraft IP into Domain Name (Custom Ip)

    MX record specifies mail servers that handle incoming emails. If you want to use Hostinger servers to receive emails sent to your domain, you need to change your domains MX record.

    At Hostinger, the MX record can be found in DNS Zone Editor as well.

    Take note of the mail servers address. After that, open your domains MX record and replace the old mail server:

    • Name your domain name.
    • Priority if you have more than one server, this field determines the priority of each server. The lowest number represents the highest priority.
    • Type record type.
    • Address/Points to destination/address of the server responsible for receiving emails.

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    Adjust The Settings Of The Minecraft Server

    As a server owner, you can make numerous settings for your Minecraft world. This is done primarily via the server.properties file. You can set the number of players , change the difficulty level , enable or disable PvP and make many other modifications. To do this, enter the desired number in the respective line or change the command to true or false.

    For an overview of the various settings options, see the article about the server.properties file on the official Minecraft wiki.

    Make a statement with your own .gg domain and let the games begin. Register your own .gg domain now with IONOS.

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