Minecraft Creative Servers No Plots

Some Are Based On Famous Movie Series Like Game Of Thrones Or Pirates Of The Caribbean While Some Ain’t But All Of These Minecraft Servers Are Overwhelmingly Awesome

2021 Creative Minecraft Server [WorldEdit] [Plots]

For many so-called “builders”, Minecraft is always regarded as the heaven for them as this game provides a slew of servers to cover their needs. The number of servers also represents the massive popularity that will attract you with lots of games, blocks, plots, and so on. Minecrafts focus is all about building, which drives its users to their desires to build something wonderful, and that is where creative servers started to develop strongly. We have a diverse pool of such unique places, but here’s our list of five best creative servers on Minecraft.

Edawg 878 Ip: Edawg878com

Many long-time Minecrafters will likely recognize the name Edawg878 as one of the best Minecraft creative servers of all time. The server was founded almost 10 years ago.

Although the server has shrunk in size since its glory days, it remains a solid choice for players who are looking for a fun building server particularly focused on community interaction and heavy roleplay elements.

Minecraft version: Latest

Who Are The Players That Play Creative Servers In Minecraft

OneBlock MC is a large Minecraft community that is voted one of the top servers in the world. Our community includes all kinds of players from across the world who all enjoy playing our games including Creative. We offer OneBlock, Manhunt, SkyBlock and Survival too! Our Discord chat includes over 9,000+ members, chatting and getting updates about OneBlock MC. Take part in voice chat or simply post your favourite screenshots from the game.

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How To Set Up A Creative Server

  • Our first step will be making our server creative. We will start this process by logging into multicraft. At the multicraft page we will scroll down to the jar selection drop-down, search for the creative jar, and select it.
  • Create a new world by changing the name of the world, and then hit save.
  • Restart your server
  • Commands On Minecraft Creative Servers

    MineTexas Creative Minecraft Server

    Shortcuts: use the book in your inventory

    • /team PlayerName – Manage teaming on Creative
    • /plot auto – Get a new plot
    • /plot home – Head to your plot home
    • /plot visit PlayerName – Visit a player
    • /plot claim – Claim a plot
    • /plot setowner PlayerName – Transfer your plot to another player
    • /plot add PlayerName – Add a player to your plot
    • /plot trust PlayerName – Trust a player on your plot
    • /plot remove PlayerName – Remove a player from your plot
    • /plot deny PlayerName – Deny a player from your plot
    • /plot kick PlayerName – Kick a player from your plot
    • /tp PlayerName – Teleport to a player
    • /tpahere PlayerName – Request a player to teleport to you
    • /vote – Vote for daily rewards
    • /join – Check out the premium ranks including extra plots
    • /discord – Join Discord to chat with other players
    • /balance – View your money balance
    • /pay PlayerName – Pay a player. Why not set them on a Building Project?
    • /warp – Teleport to creative server locations
    • /iron – Claim the free iron rank on Creative
    • /kit – Claim your rank kits
    • /refer – Invite your friends for rewards

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    Connected To The Global Hub In Chats Factions And Money

    Unlike many Hub servers, MassiveCraft takes pride in the player ability to stay connected to the rest of the server while in Creative. Due to a world chat, economy, and PM system that spans across all game modes, you can stay in touch with your friends while at your plot, making it even easier to share your creations with your friends.

    Creative Fun Ip: Playcreativefunnet

    Players interested in busy building servers should check out Creative Fun, which claims to currently be the largest dedicated Minecraft creative server.

    As expected, Creative Fun offers a myriad of attractive features for builders. This includes huge 512×512 sized plots, roleplay names, WorldEdit, and even an anti-grief/rollback system so players can always build confidently without any worries.

    Minecraft version: Latest

    Server IP Address: play.creativefun.net

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    What Should Parents Know About Oneblock Mc Creative

    Our aim is to make OneBlock MC a safe Minecraft community for players of all ages. Our rules are strictly enforced to ensure that the game is safe for everybody. Chat can disabled from the Minecraft settings page and plots can be created solo if your child does not want to team up with others. If there is a problem in-game, support tickets are available to report pesky players or get help from our global team of moderators.

    Create Mazes And Parkour Arenas For Your Friends

    Minecraft: Creative Server Ultimate Plot Build EP1 Xbox/PE/PC/PS3/PS4

    On Massivecraft you get the chance to create mazes and parkour arenas on your own plot. Players can create a small map full of exciting challenges for friends, and invite anyone on the server to come check it out. You can host small events on your plot and create your very own social hotspot on MassiveCraft!

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    What Is Creative Mode In Minecraft

    Creative Mode allows you to take on Minecraft buildings with unlimited access to items, the ability to fly around the world with invincibility, as well as extra abilities such as being able to place blocks quicker. Creative is perfect for taking on large-scale building projects which may not be possible in survival mode. Create your own world exactly how you’d like to and team up with friends to work on building projects together.

    Minecraft Creative Tips And Tricks

    While it can be hard to find your building style, there’s lots of ways to improve your building skills on Creative while starting out.

    • Use building guides: A quick search online for Minecraft buildings will give you hundreds of ideas to get inspiration from and use in your plot. Why not start out by using a few different builds until you can find your own style?
    • Try new Minecraft blocks: Every new Minecraft update brings lots of different blocks. The 1.16 Nether update brought lots of new blocks which allowed players to bring new colours to builds. Crimson blocks bring a new shade of red while the Warped blocks allow players to explore a new shade of blue. Combining new Minecraft blocks with inspiration from online is a great way to get started.
    • Check out other player’s plots: On the OneBlock MC Creative server, you can visit other player’s plots to see what your fellow community are building. Ask to team up and help out with builds you like the look of, or simply get some ideas for your next build.

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    Server: Minecraft Middle Earth

    If you do want to re-create Tolkien’s universe, then head on over to Minecraft Middle Earth. This is a purely creative server absolutely nothing else on offer and no options to start anything else. The one goal is to build Middle Earth as you see fit.

    You can do your own freebuilding, either just for the sake of it or to practice working on getting a certain style down.

    However, you can also take part in organized community projects that take advantage of everyone’s creativity to build things like towns, caves, and basically anything else in Middle Earth.

    Members take on specific roles on the server, too, like builder or artistic designer, one who welcomes newbies, or just the average rank and file builder. Play nice and work hard, and you can potentially take on a new role if you so desire.

    Check out more details and images here.

    Best Creative Servers For Minecraft Java Edition In 2021

    FidVille Creative Freebuild [NO PLOTS] [RANKS] [NO

    Minecraft creative servers tend to focus on the building aspects of the game, allowing players to freely construct anything they desire alongside hundreds of other gamers.

    Good Minecraft creative servers will give players access to various build-assisting server plugins such as VoxelSniper, WorldEdit, and Schematics. This is very useful as builders will not have to install mods on their own computers.

    The best Minecraft building/creative servers also feature huge worlds jam-packed with hundreds of awe-inspiring builds.

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    Server: The Lord Of The Craft

    I know, I know. You’ve seen this one before. You’re thinking, “This is roleplaying! Get out of my Minecraft.” But The Lord of the Craft puts a twist on Minecraft roleplaying that has creative mode at its very core.

    Despite the name, The Lord of the Craft isn’t all about Tolkien’s universe and it doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to.

    Rather than creating your own Lord of the Rings world, you’re task is to create your own world. Period. Whatever you want to be, be it, and Lord of the Craft encourages using building to express that identity and goal.

    There’s the usual roleplay modes, conflicts, and so on, but you can also focus on freebuilding in a variety of ways and avoid conflict if that’s not the story you want to tell.

    There’s the petty build, which doesn’t really consist of anything, all the way up to building your own settlement or forts. You can also use a variety of Minecraft skins to aid you in your expression. Builds do have to meet certain guidelines, as usual, but for the most part, it’s a blank canvas just waiting for you.

    Check out more about Lord of the Craft here.

    Builders Refuge Ip: Buildersrefugecom

    Builders Refuge is a creative server that is held in high regard by much of the Minecraft building community.

    Builders Refuge describes itself as a professional Minecraft building server, constructed from the ground up for professionals. As expected, all of the latest and greatest build tools can be found on the server, including WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, goPaint, goBrush, and Builder’s Utilities.

    Perhaps the best thing about Builders Refuge is their custom-developed schematic import and export feature. Players can use this handy feature to effortlessly download and upload particularly large builds via the website, which can be found here.

    Minecraft version: 1.12 – Latest

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    What Is A Minecraft Creative Server

    What are creative servers? A Creative Minecraft server is a gamemode that is widely known for letting players express their creativity through building on Minecraft Servers. Minecraft Creative Servers can be found all the way back in 2016 but have recently grown in popularity this past year. Creative Servers give all players that log online access to creative mode . Along with giving all users creative mode some servers give the players access to cosmetics, trails, custom blocks, and more. If you are looking for creative Minecraft servers to play on here at Best Minecraft Servers we list hundreds of servers that are manually added by our team to ensure that the quality of each server is great.

    Freebuildus Creative Free Worldedit 200×200 Plots

    1.16 Creative Minecraft Server [WorldEdit] [Plots]
    • #1Oct 5, 2018
    • Member Details

    Welcome to Freebuild.usWe are a fresh started Creative server. We want to make an awesome community where people can relax, build and perhaps make builds to earn money. You can easily use our server to make awesome builds. After that you can submit your plot. Get ranked up or maybe just download the plot into a schematic file and sell it? Do whatever you want, we made this so everyone have a platform where we can relax and enjoy the game!Server Features:

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    Orca Creative Mc Server

    OrcaCreative, as you might imagine, is a creative server. Our focus centers around a building community and we have multiple worlds to facilitate this. This server is not a plot server, plots are only used for contests. WorldEdit is available to all members throughout the creative worlds. In addition, our atmosphere is family-friendly, no rude posting allowed.

    Spawn – Starting world, complete the quick intro to access the rest of the serverFB – Superflat creative world.Wild – Default terrain creative worldSv – Generic survival world for surviving!!A – Contains fun challenges that you can gain prizes from: dueling, parkour and mazes. Also contains pvp arenasContest – A plot world for our semi-frequent contestsSkyB – SkyBlock worldHSV – Hardcore survival with a twist, when you die your builds in this world are rolled back

    3 No rude language we are PG.4 No offensive buildings.5 Do not beg for ranks.6 Do not advertise other servers.7 Respect the staff and other members.8 Have Fun! :^)9 Do not purposefully lag the server.10 Hacked items are not allowed this includes items not obtained in normal gameplay.11 No excessive CAPS or spamming.12 Starting drama, controversial topics, and hate speech are not allowed.13 No politics.14 Do not argue with staff or other members.All rule breaking is interpreted by staff.

    Last edited by Snowdrift

    Ip: Mcptrkraftnet Creative Freebuild No Plots

    • #1Mar 28, 2015
    • The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
    • Join Date:5/4/2011
    • Member Details
    • The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
    • Join Date:5/4/2011

    We added a survival world for those who are interested.

    • The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
    • Join Date:5/4/2011

    We now have a website!

    The address is www.ptrkraft.net

    • The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
    • Join Date:5/4/2011
    • Posts:162
    • Member Details

    There are now 2 additional ranks you can get buy building amazing things. Our professional judging admin runedog48 will rank your build using a rubric and calculator that takes into consideration Creativity, Detail, Scale, and Appeal, and gives a rating between 1 and 10. If the build scores above a 7.0 will get you , and ones above an 8.0 will get you . The ranks give some nice extra commands, and most importantly, a fancy looking chat prefix to show people how hard you worked.

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    Jumpcraft Parkour Network Minecraft Creative Server


    1.8 – 1.17 JumpCraft is the largest US network that is dedicated to parkour. There are over 800+ courses on the server with new ones being added every day. Rankup, earn perks and build up your parkour skills on this server! Hope to see you there! Jumpcraft Parkour 800+ Parkour Maps 12+ Rankup Course


    Dedicated to an enjoyable experience. Home to top-quality Parkour, Creative, KitPvP and more.


    Best Creative Minecraft Servers 2019

    Game Over

    Josh Broadwell

    At this point, there are thousands of Minecraftservers to choose from. A sign of the game’s extraordinary popularity is the number of servers clamoring for your attention with promises of games, blocks, plots, and more.

    But Minecraft is all about building, and at the end of the day, you just want to build something amazing. That’s where creative servers come in.

    Maybe it’s a themed build, something like The Lord of the Rings, or maybe you want to bring your favorite Studio Ghibli film to life. There are servers for that.

    Or maybe you really want to make a Game of Thrones world that doesn’t have a crappy ending. There’s a server for that, too.

    From recreating the real world to honing your skills for professional building, there’s an endless number of creative Minecraft servers out there waiting to be built on. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the eight best creative servers to help give you an idea of what might fit your needs.

    8 Best Creative Minecraft Servers for 2019

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    How Do I Play Creative Servers In Minecraft

    In order to play an creative server you must first install Minecraft on your Pc/Mac. After that, load up Minecraft and click the add server button. Next pick the Minecraft creative Server from our site that you find most interesting, click add server, and then type in the server IP address. After that have fun playing on your creative Minecraft Server. If you end up joining the Minecraft Servers IP address and you are not enjoying the server feel free to contact support so that we can help you find a new creative server to play.

    Best Creative Minecraft Servers In 2021

    The world of Minecraft is full of thrills and actions. A player can easily build different structures in the gameplay with the help of a few value-added servers in Minecraft. These servers are usually called Creative Servers. These servers revolve around building and creativity in Minecraft. But, what those servers are and what role they play in Minecraft is still vague. Lets get to know about them.

    The best Minecraft creative servers include Mox MC, well known for its variety of buildings and lands that it offers to its players Datblock is one of the best-cracked servers in Minecraft, & Piratecraft, which allows you to build your ships. Other Minecraft Creative Servers include Creative Fun, Builders Refuge, and many others.

    There is no denying that the world of Minecraft offers its players innumerable opportunities to build, create, play, and craft several things of their own choice. There are different types of servers in Minecraft, and each server has its own rules and regulations, gameplay style, multiplayer world, modes, and communities. This article will highlight the best creative servers in Minecraft.

    After reading this article, you will be able to know about the roles of these servers.

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    The Lord Of The Craft

    This server consists of hard roleplay rules. However, there is a bit of difference between these servers in creative mode. The server under consideration provides you an immersive journey into a fantasy world.

    The lord of the craft requires you to remain in your character while playing on this server. You cant change your character as you do in the RPG servers In Minecraft. There is another interesting thing about this creative server. This server lets you create your character and then allows you to experience the whole Minecraft world with that character.

    Address: mc.lotc.com

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