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Online Minecraft Coding Camps

Summer camps teach kids about robotics, coding, and Minecraft

Online Minecraft Coding camps is an excellent opportunity to add fun extracurricular activity to your childs holiday schedule who is interested in the elementary level of programming. Your kid will learn to develop planning skills, algorithmic and spatial thinking, and other concepts of coding in our Minecraft Online coding. Since this camp is 100% online, we accept kids from any country to take part.


Where Are Our Minecraft Coding Camps

We have hundreds of available camps taking place in sixteen separate areas around the inner and outer London areas, as well as a few others around the South East.

Each location has a different selection of camps, with some locations featuring more camps than others. Because of this, it is important that you check whether the location you are interested in is running your specific camp.

Our Minecraft-centric coding camps run in fourteen of our locations, including:

  • Aldgate

How Minecraft Can Help Kids Understand Coding

In the Minecraft world, kids can program as well as just play. Using the platforms easy-to-use code editor kids can hone their coding skills while programming their Minecraft characters to perform certain actions.

The entire coding process is easy to grasp with Microsofts Minecraft educational program. Kids can do simple drag n drop coding or choose other programming languages such as JavaScript and Pythontwo languages of our Coder Tree progression.

Coding languages can be tricky to pick up, but beginner coders in our programs get an intro to real-world programming languages through a fun and collaborative learning experience. Video game coding camps get kids started on the right foot, helping plant the seeds for their budding coding careers.

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Connected Camps Programs Are:

  • Live, online: Kids interact with other kids and our experienced instructors in real-time, online. We list our programs on Outschool and use Minecraft, Scratch, and popular esports titles.
  • Log in from anywhere: Your child can connect to our programs from anywhere , through a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Small group work: All of our programs are run in a small group setting, allowing kids to share and learn from each other, leading to new friendships and lots of fun.
  • Tailored to your childs interests: Instruction is hands-on and highly personalized. Our goal is to ignite a passion for learning, collaboration, and creativity.

Where The Virtual World Meets The Real World

Using Minecraft (And Zombies) To Teach Coding And Math ...

Kids who love Minecraft have a real-world outlet for their love, through Minecraft camps and programs that incorporate activities related to the game. Camps and specialized sessions of some camps use Minecraft materials to encourage learning in areas such as mathematics. Here, kids can adapt their love of the game and expand on it, with practical-minded real world activities, social engagement and interaction outdoors.

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What Is Taught At Minecraft Camp

The objective of Minecraft game is simple. The player can practically build anything from elaborate architecture masterpieces to engineering marvels. Despite being a very fun game Minecraft is well suited for learning purposes because its a game based on building things.

Minecraft teaches creativity and real world skills. While playing Minecraft, kids dream of having new custom items, recipe and custom blocks. When kids want to modify the game, they must change or write new code to modify the game. Thus, Minecraft-based modification teaches kids how to code using Java.

In our Minecraft camps, we make sure to have specific learning objectives in mind. Each Minecraft camp has its own learning objective and kids can easily take multiple camps and learn new skills this summer. At Vision Tech Minecraft summer camps, Minecraft is used as a learning platform for many important skills, such as coding, engineering, critical thinking, and project management.

In beginner Minecraft camps such as Adventures in Minecraft or 3D Game Design with Minecraft, kids learn game design concepts such as level design, storyboarding, objectives, and technical skills such as scripting, redstone circuits, proficiency with software tools, and navigating Minecrafts file structure.

Teaches Fundamentals Of Computer Science

Theres a lot to learn with minecraft the Java language, various computer science concepts such as conditionals, variables, randomization and more.

We looked for courses that didnt just just explain how to create a certain item, merely going through the coding procedure and syntax, but looked for courses that explain to kids the concepts behind the code, connect fun game goals with learning goals to improve and deepen learning.

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A Typical Day At Camp

The flow of a typical week at our award-winning summer camps is awesomely diverse and packed with big fun.

On the first day of camp, campers engage in some initial, getting-to-know-you activities and circle-up time with instructors. Our 8:1 student-teacher ratio ensures that kids get the appropriate welcome and attention in order to feel comfortable and confident in our camp environment. Theyll get acquainted with guidelines and safety measures, watch tech demonstrations, and be introduced to a wide range of tech options for exploration.

After exploring the project options on their particular tech path, and with encouragement from our talented, knowledgeable staff, campers will dive into subjects that spark their interest and begin to realize their passion and emerging skills.

We incorporate outside activities and break times throughout the day to balance the time spent in front of computer screens. Depending on our location, campers will walk to a park, work off some energy on a playground, or get involved with a game.

At weeks end, our rock star campers will show off their projects to the community and parents, and get continued access to their project or game files to keep the BIG FUN going long after their camp experience is over!

Engaging Activities And Projects

Launch Summer Camp: Minecraft & LUA Game Design

We looked for courses that were goal-oriented, providing kids with plenty of opportunities to work on projects e.g. modding items, creating new textures or creating mobs and new creatures. The idea being that these projects and activities keep kids interested and directed to a tangible goal while maximizing their opportunities for learning more complex coding.

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Tips On How To Win The Camp

When your child is in the online coding camp they are usually engaged one hour every morning and one hour in the late afternoon. In between, they do their coding project with the skills they have learned. During their independent time between morning and afternoon sessions its is great if you can give them some support and plan to spend at least one hour of your time each day to help them through the journey. Just one hour for an entire day! We find that kids who get this support from their parents have much higher chances of winning coding camp! Good luck!

Top 10 Reasons To Attend Camp Tech Revolution Online

There are many reasons to attend Camp Tech Revolution Online! Here are our top 10 :

  • We are passionate about our camp families and want to ensure your child has a great summer!
  • We value safety, learning, friendship, fun, and excellent camp quality. Our campers have the opportunity to make friends with similar interests and passions in a safe and dynamic environment.
  • We provide a wide variety of uniquely specialized courses that allow our campers to focus on areas of interest or try something new!
  • We develop innovative and cutting-edge curricula that put our campers in a position to succeed. We ignite passion and learning at your childs pace! Join us to see why thousands of campers love to participate and thrive at Camp Tech Revolution Online!
  • We hire talented staff who are passionate about teaching, knowledgeable in the subject matter, and highly responsible. We hire the best because our campers deserve the best!
  • We offer high quality camps at a great value. Camp is an investment in your child. At Camp Tech Revolution Online, our campers learn in-demand skills, make friends, and are put on a track for success in school and in life.
  • The Convenience of Camp, Wherever You Are. Your child can have an awesome camp experience from the comfort and convenience of your own home, workplace, or anywhere else with an internet connection!.
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    Scratch Minecraft And Robots Coding Camp

    Days 1 & 2 students are guided by instructors to program a complete scratch project/game from beginning to end. Days 3 & 4 students learn to program command blocks in Minecraft. Then, on the final day students will learn to program with Sphero Sprk+ Robots!

    These camps are designed to be fun and challenging for students both new and experienced in Coding.

    Discover Related Camps And Programs

    Coding Minecraft Introductory

    While we also list , its worth looking at other kinds of camps with programming related to, or that develops kids’ interests beyond Minecraft. Consider these related camp types, presented in order of age of interest:

    is an ideal change of pace for the youngest Minecraft lovers, focusing on hands-on activities with this beloved construction toy. LEGO encourages imaginative world-building at an early age, like Minecraft

    might be considered a logical next step after Minecraft, where young kids transition into real world creation. Bear in mind that this does require the ability to understand series circuits and complex electronics, so its more suitable for kids 12 and older. Parents will also be aware of the career possibilities in this industry.

    are fun-focused programs featuring activities related to Marvel Universe characters and other superheroes. These appeal to many kids in this age group.

    is similarly practical, engaging kids with a diverse, open-ended range of products and media. Makerspace is a suitable next step for kids whove grown up with Minecraft. Parents love how these camps develop creative skills in a fun, collaborative environment.

    and apply a curriculum combining science, technology, engineering and math . Camps present this at the level of kids understanding, starting as young as 7.

    is ideal for kids who want to develop mathematical skills, or explore an interest in the code and functions that underlie technology development.

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    How Can My Kid Start Coding In Minecraft

    While there are Minecraft coding tutorials online, we believe that coding is best learned in a supportive environment. Our coaches dont set out rigid lesson plans instead, we use the Minecraft game to introduce coding to students of any skill level.

    Similar to Scratch, Minecraft uses drag-and-drop code editors that are easy to understand and which provide step-by-step instructions. Kids can also get creative and introduce their own code.

    Our coding camps are taught in low-ratio groups, with just six students per instructor. This setting gives educators a chance to meet students where they are in their skill set, challenging them appropriately with age-appropriate lessons. If a camp isnt in the cards, we also offer private lessons for kids who need a more flexible program.

    Beyond getting personalized lessons, students in our camp gain valuable social skills. Kids who learn in a collaborative environment work in a team to accomplish tasks. We find that students also learn from one another, making it a great environment to build teamwork and group problem-solving skills.

    The collaborative nature of our programs is what makes theCoderSchool unique and fun. We dont think sitting in a classroom is the way to learn, which is why our hands-on programs are so powerful for our students. They get to play and learn using a video game they love, and make huge strides in their knowledge through the process.

    Format Of The Lessons

    A classroom setting isnt always the best way for certain children to learn, especially if they are more creatively minded. Because of this, we pride ourselves on our courses being fun and engaging whilst teaching children important skills.

    We employ top-quality tutors who will be able to engage and teach your child without the pressure of an academic environment, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

    We are aware there may be a concern that your children will just be sat all day every day on a computer, but we know the importance of getting away from the computer and having regular breaks.

    Because of this, our daily lessons have 15-minute screen breaks in both the morning and the afternoon, as well as a 90-minute lunch break, with activities, challenges and competitions to get them up and about and away from electronics.

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    What Will The Kids Learn

    Master the basics of programming in Minecraft Learn to apply in practice the knowledge gained during this course, creating game objects from farms and dungeons to castles and labyrinths Develop planning skills, algorithmic and spatial thinking Learn to work in a team Turn ones passion for the game into a useful learning process

    Kids Love Our Programs

    # Minecraft coding for beginners/ # Coding from Scratch for KIDS

    My daughter is in camp this week and I signed her up for one next week She LOVES it. said the camp is the most fun she has ever had. She wants one every week! Thank you so much. We are a regular customer now!

    continues to talk about his camp experience with you over the summer. He craves the opportunity to extend his world and being in a camp with other kids online is an amazing opportunity for him.

    My son was thrilled with connecting with his friends online, and learning new concepts about Minecraft. He was amped the rest of the day. You guys do an awesome job.

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    What Will Kids Do At Camp

    Depending on the camp topic, your child might design worlds, craft stories, survive and thrive, build adventure maps, improve their play, code turtles, create epic builds, and more.

    Your child will make new friends and learn valuable skills like:

    • Coding, design, and media production.
    • Problem-solving.
    • Planning and organization.
    • Community building.

    Our goal is to ignite a passion for learning, cooperation, and creation for all of our campers.

    Scholarship Of Embassyeducations Coding Camps

    Enroll your child in an online Minecraft coding camp and give him/her a chance to win great prizes!

    During this Minecraft programming camp, even beginners will be able to create few exciting projects! Teachers will assign points to all the students based on their accuracy and merit. The highest scorer in each camp will win the following prizes:

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    Our Approach To Safety

    Our course follows standard health and safety procedures, as well as fully trained first aiders. When signing up to the course you will be able to fill out a full medical form with any emergency contact details, allergies, health and dietary information so that we know exactly what your child needs.

    Our classes have around 10 children per class, meaning that the tutor will have full control over the class and be able to pay attention to each child individually.

    When handling childrens behaviour, we operate on a yellow/red card basis. If a child receives a yellow card then we will hold a discussion with them, their parents and the parents of any other child involved about our expectations with behaviour. Further offences will have them receive a red card, leading to an expulsion from the camp.

    Welcome To Camp Tech Revolution Online

    TechVenture Kids Is Hosting A Minecraft Coding Camp ...

    Welcome to our general information section for camp. Click on the headings to the right to access camp information by topic. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our camp specialists at , , or the website chat in the bottom right. We enjoy helping families plan incredible summer experiences for their children and look forward to assisting you!

    ***You can enroll for one or multiple weeks at any camp. If you enroll for multiple weeks in the same camp, you will move up in curriculum. If you would like any assistance with scheduling camps for your child, please let us know!***

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    Which Teaching Platform Is Used In Coding Camps

    If your child is new to coding, Minecraft camp offers a good introduction. Far from boring syntax memorization, the Minecraft teaching platform gives kids a glimpse into the world of virtual world development. The Minecraft coding camp experience adds to the fun, as kids get to learn and code together in a social and collaborative environment.

    Benefits Of Sending Kids To A Minecraft Camp

    Minecraft kids are typically eight to thirteen, an age range when kids shape career interests and develop learning passions. The good news in this is that Minecraft can be more than just a video game, since it develops analytics skills, architecture interests, and creativity.

    Minecraft summer camps take learning functions of the game and add social elements, like face to face interaction, and some real world building activities. These cooperative aspects of the game are enhanced in a summer camp or environment. Shyness or introversion is undercut through kids’ mutual love of the game. Social skills are thus doubly encouraged in camp, where the game’s collaborative aspects are improved upon by real-world interaction in a camp setting.

    Educators and other observers may have their doubts about the value of some video games, but Minecraft is often praised for its development of skills. A minecraft camp for kids is beneficial in that it encourage them to further explore the game’s educational and cooperative aspects. Take a deeper look at its educational value:

    Finally, Minecraft kids’ camps benefit children facing special challenges:

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    About Minecraft Summer Camps

    In the world of Minecraft, players engage in a sandbox world, a world where there is no defined story or defined place for players to go. Instead, players simply explore the world around them, and build structures to protect against monsters, or can create wonderful structures as proof of their ability. In Vision Tech Minecraft camp we take the game of Minecraft a step further by making it an educational tool.

    Kids learn computer programming by building entirely new game assets into the game. In Minecraft Server Set up camp students set up a Minecraft cloud server and learn how router and modems work. Minecraft can also be customized by changing the Java code, allowing for unique modifications to the core game itself. This makes Minecraft an ideal platform for a learning experience whether it is learning video game design by creating levels, modding the game in our Minecraft Modding camp, or setting up a safe Minecraft Server!

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