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The Big Book Of Building: Everything Minecraft

This book lives up to its name. Your little ones will uncover everything there is to know about the game, ranging from a brief overview of Minecraft to advanced skills in mining, farming, to building of complex structures. The comprehensive nature of the book makes it another special recommendation for beginners and mavericks alike.

The ideas captured in the book arenât only informative, but are also thought-provoking, enabling your kid to get creative with the game. Also, the book introduces your child to some of the most accomplished builders in the Minecraft community, and the tips behind their successes.

Minecraft Books Kids Will Love Librarian & Kid Approved

Every parent, teacher, librarian, and kid knows that MINECRAFT is the hottest thing out there for kids 6 to 16. The phenomena has taken the world by storm, and been praised for its ability to stretch users imaginations and skills as they learn how to build, create, collaborate, and survive in their Minecraft world. But if youre like me, you might think your kid plays the game WAY too muchhow about trading some screen time for book time?

Buying gifts for kids in this age range can be quite a challenge. With birthday parties it seems like every weekend and the holidays approaching, Ive been hunting for some winning gift ideas. Ive always given books to younger kids and adults, but kids in this range can be tricky. Solution: MINECRAFT BOOKS!

But which to buy?

If you browse through Amazon, youll find pages of Mineraft-related book offerings. Almost all the books are very recently published and few offer reviews. Then there are dozens of free Kindle books, but you have no idea if they are any good.

As a library staffer and parent, Ive personally checked out all of the books listed below. My library system now carries all of these titles, so you know they are librarian-approved real books, not something a 12-year-old fan wrote and tossed up on Amazon. They range from introductory guides appropriate for elementary-aged beginners to more complex developmental aids for those tweens and teens with an interest in programming.

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Terrific Books For Minecraft Fans

Parents and friends of young Minecraft enthusiasts know its more than a hobby: Minecraft is a passion. Fortunately, there are myriad ways for your young Minecrafter to disappear into the imaginative digital world they love through the pages of a book, instead of through a screen. From fictionalizations, to joke books, to tricks and tips for players, here are 10 wonderful books and series that celebrate the joys of Minecraft in all its blocky glory.

Minecraft: Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress: An Official Mojang Book, by Craig JelleyMinecraft fans who long to build, defend, and rule over a medieval castle, rejoice! Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress features full-color illustrations and detailed instructions on how to design a customized castlefrom dank dungeons to sleepy surrounding villagesalong with fascinating facts about medieval life. Its sure to inspire your industrious young Minecrafter to build the kingdom of their dreams.

Minecraft: Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress: An Official Mojang Book, by Craig JelleyMinecraft fans who long to build, defend, and rule over a medieval castle, rejoice! Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress features full-color illustrations and detailed instructions on how to design a customized castlefrom dank dungeons to sleepy surrounding villagesalong with fascinating facts about medieval life. Its sure to inspire your industrious young Minecrafter to build the kingdom of their dreams.

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Minecraft: Ultimate Book Of Secrets

Read Diary of a Teenage Minecraft Zombie Villager

In a world where everyone that you encounter is a potential threat, it pays to know how to protect yourself from unforeseeable danger.

The Ultimate Book of Secrets contains more than 100 tips and tricks on some of the most unexplored methods of gaining leverage over your rivals and threats within the community.

The book will transport your kids to Minecraftâs most hidden treasures, as they uncover resources that will help them excel in various aspects of the game.

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The Complete Handbook Collection

The Complete Handbook Collection isnât a single book but an assortment of four books, namely the Essential Handbook, Combat Handbook, Redstone Handbook, and Construction Handbook.

Each book covers specific areas of knowledge about the game of Minecraft. The book collection contains detailed instructions that will help your child to delve deeper into the exciting world of Minecraft.

Another bonus point is the inclusion of numerous resourceful images. Not only are these images designed to be captivating, but they also help your child to grasp the various concepts highlighted in the book.

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Minecraft Mobestiary | Download Ebook | Read Online Free

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Minecraft Combat Handbook Pages 1-50 – Free HTML5 Flip …

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Minecraft Redstone Handbook UPDATED EDITION : Mojang …

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Minecraft Book Editor – Minecraft Tools: Tools For Minecraft

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The Giant Book Of Hacks For Minecrafters

    For any Minecraft players who want to dabble in a little dark magic, a book of hacks is in order. The Giant Book of Hacks is an excellent starter guide to, essentially, breaking the game. Its a thick book thats filled with ideas for how to input cheats, program command blocks, play with mods, and use redstone to create all kinds of useful contraptions.

    This book covers a lot of ground, but by the time youre done with it, youll be able to give yourself a level boost, build retractable staircases, and set devious traps. Lots of fun to be had in this one.

    Get Gamer Kids Reading With Addictive Minecraft Books

    Minecraft | Minecraft History | Brands We Know: Minecraft | Read aloud

    Believe it or not, games like Minecraft motivate kids to read. To learn to play the game, theyre reading Minecraft forums and books. And, there are new fiction books about Minecraft adventures that kids are reading as well.

    In a WIRED article, Clive Thompson explains, Minecraft is surrounded by a culture of literacy. The game comes with minimal instructions or tutorials, so new players immediately set about hunting for info on how it works. That means . . . poring over how-to texts at Minecraft wikis and walk-through sites, written by gamers for gamers. Or digging into printed manuals like The Ultimate Players Guide to Minecraft or the official Minecraft Redstone Handbook.

    After a recent trip to the bookstore for a few Minecraft books for my kids, I thought Id tell you some of the top Minecraft books you could buy for your own kids. Because reading is reading, right?!

    Some of these books are guides , others are novels , and a few are activity books.

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    Minecraft: The Game Books And Benefits

    My two boys have been playing Minecraft for about a year and a half now and I’ve had the opportunity to not only vet it as an age-appropriate game for them, but I’ve had the pleasure of listening to the strategic conversations, creative ideas, design planning, and storytelling that take place between them on a routine basis as they think about what they want to do next in Minecraft. It’s constant. WOW! What more could I ask for in a game?

    I know there’s been a lot of conversation about Minecraft its popularity with kids, its potential to serve educational goals, and of course its place in the ongoing debate about “how much screen time, what to play, and for what ages” but my gauge as to whether this game merits the amount of time my kids want to engage with it is “What impact is it having on my boys and what is their response?” And to date, it’s two thumbs up in my house. Here’s why

    While the graphics are basic and primitive compared to other blockbuster video games that’s not the draw. What kids love is that you are dropped into a randomly generated terrain and from there you have all the freedom in the world to create and transform that space/world into what you want — with no instructions and no one else’s predefined goals. It’s limitless and exciting for kids. It’s all about exploration, discovery, and imagination a lot like LEGOs, blocks, and other building/making materials that kids have played with for years.

    Happy Playing, Reading, and Mining!

    The Ultimate Unofficial Encyclopedia For Minecrafters

      The reference book Minecraft: Blockpedia is another one to keep on your shelf and use as needed. Its a gorgeously full-color guide to every kind of block youll find in Minecraft. And since blocks are the basis of the entire gameworld and everything you build, its good to be able to look up the unique properties of all the different kinds of blocks at a moments notice. And in case you think a whole book dedicated to block types is overkill, there are several hundred different types. So, definitely not overkill.

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      Minecraft Books For Kids: Inspiring Reluctant Readers

      More Minecraft Books for Kids: Diary of a Minecraft ZombieMinecraft Comics for KidsDisclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which you can read all about in the Disclosure section of my site. I often update this post with new books and ideas, so feel free to Pin the image below for future use!The Unoffical Gamer’s Adventure Series by Winter Morganunofficial Winter Morgan series

      Book One in the Gamer’s Adventure Series

      Who is this Book Series For?

      A view of one of the chapters of Winter Morgan’s book.

      Is the Book Series Scary or Violent?

      Book 2 in the Gamer’s Adventire Series. A Griefer!

      Will My Child Like This Book Series?

      Small size chapter books are not so intimidating for early readers!
      Book 5 in Winter Morgan’s series. Photo from Amazon.com

      Diary of a Minecraft Zombie series by Zack Zombie Who is This Book Series For?Is This Book Series Scary or Violent?Will My Child Like This Book Series?The Stinky Steve Series by P.T. EvansWho is This Book Series For?Is This Book Series Scary or Violent?Will My Child Like This Book?yes. The GameKnight999 Minecraft Series by Mark Cheverton

      Books in the Gameknight999 Series. My carpet looks so clean under there!

      Who is this Book Series For?

      The GameKnight999 Series are chapter books for ages 9 and up

      Is This Book Series Scary or Violent?Scholastic’s Minecraft Essential Handbooksare

      Minecraft Lets Build Theme Park Adventure

      Minecraft Crafting Guide: The Ultimate Crafting Guide by ...

      Minecraft isnât just about zombies and spooky stuff. Itâs also an exciting land to go on exhilarating theme park rides. Is your kid struggling with building their own theme parks? Then this might be the right book for them.

      The how-to, step-by-step guide will equip your little one with skills in building all kinds of theme parks, from a classic carousel to a haunted mansion ride. Other ideas in the book include how to build a terrifying alternate-dimensions rollercoaster and thrilling river rapids.

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      Tldr: The Best Minecraft Books

        Minecraft is such a vast game that it’s hard for beginners to get their bearings, or to know what to do first. Thats where this book comes in. It provides an easy-to-follow high-level overview of all the different parts of the game.

        It starts out by offering all the basic info youll need, like what Minecraft is and how the controls work. After that, it gives you a step-by-step guide that helps you learn the ropes. Youll find guidance for what to do on your first day, how to eat, mine, and equip yourself with new tools and armor. Then it goes into day two and beyond. This is a great starting point.

        Incredible Minecraft Books For Kids

        Minecraft is one of the most exciting kid-friendly games ever designed. The incorporation of colorful graphics, and the fact that Minecraft enables your little ones to create their ideal worlds significantly add to the overall fun during gameplay.

        But whether your kids are only learning to play Minecraft or they are already pros, one thing is for sure â there will always be some room for improvement. And one way to make your little ones adept at the game is to get them Minecraft books for kids. The good news is, there are plenty of these books in most online and physical book stores.

        However, shopping for the right Minecraft book for your young ones requires that you carefully investigate its content. At the very least, the book should be easy to read, informative, and entertaining.

        Fortunately for you, weâve done the homework and uncovered the top 12 Minecraft books for kids, which we review below.

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        Invasion Of The Overworld: An Unofficial Minecrafters Adventure

        Minecraft Essentials Book – Page by Page Every Page

        All kids are fascinated by post-apocalyptic theories and accounts. Therefore, getting them a Minecraft book where grief and creepy stuff punctuate every experience is an excellent way to keep them hooked to the reading.

        This Minecraft book for children captures the exploits and challenges that Gameknight999 goes through after he is accidentally transported into a game he loves. But his excitement soon turns to grief when he encounters monsters and zombies.

        Your kid will be mesmerized at how Gameknight999 delivers himself from the jaws of death and destruction.

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        Free Unofficial Minecraft Kids Kindle E

        My kids are OBSESSED with Minecraft and I just downloaded ALL of these FREE Unofficial Minecraft Kids Kindle e-Books! As always make sure they are still free when you go to download them as prices online can change quickly! My son will be so excited and its a great way to get your reluctant readers to dive into something they love! All of these free unofficial Minecraft kids ebooks are geared for ages 9-12 years. As always prices DO change quickly online so make sure these are still free when you download them!

        Diary Of A Minecraft Zombie

        This is a unique recommendation for kids that are turned on by stuff thatâs eerie in a hilarious way. Diary of a Minecraft Zombie is a series of funny novels that capture the daily experiences of an undead 12-year old.

        The book packs loads of hilarious scenes that will excite even children with the least sense of humor. The character in the series is not only clownish but also likable, qualities that will endear your kids to the book even more.

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        Minecraft Lets Build Land Of Zombies

        Battling zombies isnât a fete for the faint-hearted. It requires careful strategy, and thatâs what this Minecraft book is all about. The book is a simple guide that contains resourceful ideas for building lands that are dedicated to fending off zombie attacks.

        Your child will learn how to construct a zombie arena, a zombie-infested graveyard, an undead city, as well as a top-secret lab where they can create zombies and extract their serum. The guide is as eerie as itâs informative.

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