Minecraft Books For Early Readers

Minecraft: Guide To Exploration

Surviving Minecraft Book by Joel Cisneros Reading and Analysis

Another official Mojang publication, this one focuses on the thing that, alongside building, youll probably spend the most time doing in Minecraft: exploring.

The surface of the overworld alone is larger than the surface of the Earth, after all. This guide will, like the last one, help to ensure that your kids pepper their gaming time with reading, as theyll quickly learn how important it is to keep themselves informed about the best approach to exploring the sprawling world of Minecraft.

Minecraft : 5 Blocks Should Be In Minecraft By Aurelien Bargeot

  • Kindle Edition

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Kids Coloring Book: Fun Minecraft Drawings For Kids

If you are looking for Minecraft books for younger children, Fun Minecraft Drawings for Kids is the number one coloring book around. The blocky nature of Minecraft makes perfect shapes for coloring and with all your favorite Minecraft characters, monsters, animals and landscapes, this is a brilliant way to take creativity beyond the video game.

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Avid Gamers = Engaged Readers

When finally spring did arrive, the books finally arrived and also began to appear in bookstores across town My students brought them to class by the armload.

I bought a few for my class, slapped my name on them and they quickly became the go-to item during our morning reading time.

Once these books made an appearance my students who would normally wander the classroom spending 10 minutes looking for a book were reading right away. The text is written at a higher reading level than Grade 1 but their engagement with the subject, in this case Minecraft, pushed many readers to try bigger words or run to the dictionary to find the meanings of unfamiliar words.

I also did impromptu shared reading activities with some of the kids. We read passages together with me filling in the larger words. Suddenly I was having quick reading sessions with some of my most reluctant readers. Our work at decoding a paragraph about mining for coal, often led to connections with lessons we had done previously recognizing ing at the end of some words, or identifying the ch sound in others.

These on the spot phonics lessons arose naturally, connected to the students real world experiences and made the learning much more meaningful. I find this is often missing when I sit students down as a group and do some straight phonics work. Its hard to keep that stuff engaging.

Learning To Draw For Minecrafters

The Jersey Momma: Minecraft Books for Kids : Inspiring ...

Another excellent way for young Minecraft players to build upon their creativity, this book, as the title implies, provides kids with easy-to-follow instructions for drawing Minecraft characters. The geometric, blocky nature of these characters naturally makes them easier for a young artist to draw than something more realistic.

Meanwhile, the familiarity of the characters will make the drawing process several times more fun than drawing something less familiar. Its a great way to help your young artists discover their talent.

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Minecraft Books Kids Will Love Librarian & Kid Approved

Every parent, teacher, librarian, and kid knows that MINECRAFT is the hottest thing out there for kids 6 to 16. The phenomena has taken the world by storm, and been praised for its ability to stretch users imaginations and skills as they learn how to build, create, collaborate, and survive in their Minecraft world. But if youre like me, you might think your kid plays the game WAY too muchhow about trading some screen time for book time?

Buying gifts for kids in this age range can be quite a challenge. With birthday parties it seems like every weekend and the holidays approaching, Ive been hunting for some winning gift ideas. Ive always given books to younger kids and adults, but kids in this range can be tricky. Solution: MINECRAFT BOOKS!

But which to buy?

If you browse through Amazon, youll find pages of Mineraft-related book offerings. Almost all the books are very recently published and few offer reviews. Then there are dozens of free Kindle books, but you have no idea if they are any good.

As a library staffer and parent, Ive personally checked out all of the books listed below. My library system now carries all of these titles, so you know they are librarian-approved real books, not something a 12-year-old fan wrote and tossed up on Amazon. They range from introductory guides appropriate for elementary-aged beginners to more complex developmental aids for those tweens and teens with an interest in programming.

These Minecraft Guided Reading Lessons + Books Are Perfect For Children In Kindergarten Or Grade 1

There are also Lesson Plans, that correspond to each book, and they have Mixed-Up Sentence Activities that you can have your student use in any notebook and Vocabulary Flashcards that you can print, cut and staple together. Simply keep the vocabulary cards with their books, so that you can use them during your guided reading time with your student! This becomes fun and interesting for young boys and girls who may have found guided reading time to be, well, not Minecraft!

I know you will just love these and I have just created them, so I really need feedback from you guys! After you download, I would love it if you would contact me with any comments, reviews, or even a hello, it would make my day!

Thanks, and Happy Downloading!

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The Quest: The Untold Story Of Steve

The Quest is the fictional story of Steve whose day-to-day life in Minecraft is beginning to become speckled with strange occurrences. Half-built homes, leafless trees, overpowered mobs and unknown entities. Is this all the work of a hacker or something else? Journey with Steve to uncover the truth behind these mysteries, and discover what it truly means to be a hero.

What Is Minecraft And Why Do Minecraft Worksheets Work

How To Copy Signed Books in Minecraft Console Editions (PS4)

Minecraft is a sandbox game that has taken the world by storm, literally at any time of day you will find kids all over the world playing one of the hundreds of Minecraft servers that have popped up since the game started. My kids love playing on the High Pixel server and also have greatly enjoyed paying for a separate Minecraft realm so that all of our family and a bunch of friends can craft together.

I have six kids ages 12 to 23, and even today we will play Minecraft together for hours and argue about our favorite characters over dinner. Its a game that spans generations. Because of that, its a great game for moms to play with their kids and its also a great game to incorporate into your teaching strategy whether you homeschool or teach in public school or the private sector.

With so many printable worksheets to choose from, weve organized ours by subject so you can grab what you need fast. Heres a list of very cool Minecraft worksheets and Minecraft activities your gaming fans will love!

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Invasion Of The Overworld

Invasion of the Overworld is the first book in the adventure series of Minecraft player Gameknight999. When one of his fathers inventions teleports him into the game, Gameknight is forced to live out a real-life adventure inside a digital world. What will happen if hes killed? Will he respawn? Die in real life?

A Clever Mom Uses Her Son’s Love Of Minecraft To Fuel A New Passion For Reading

Last year, my kid was going gangbusters on the whole reading thing. He read comic books before bed every night and everything at school. He devoured every single one of the books from The 39 Clues series I brought home. One weekend, he even shut himself up in his room and read all day. His father and I were so impressed that when he finally emerged from his bedroom, red-eyed and sleepy, that we let him go downstairs and play Minecraft until his brain rotted.

So imagine my surprise when later in the school year, his Lexile level turned out to be much lower than the rest of his class and his teacher suggested he join the reading club because he was showing a significant lack of practice.

Uh what now?

What about all the books he brought home? All the books we went to the library to borrow? What about the weekends in his bedroom reading?

“Which ones didn’t you read?”

“Well, I read part of the first one “

Turns out my son had figured out that if he hid up in his bed “reading” , Mom and Dad would let him go downstairs and build his Minecraft empires without guilt.

Now half of the school year was gone and I was facing the equivalent of fourth-grade parenting midterms. Surprise! You have three weeks to motivate a 9-year-old screen addict to read chapter books! #SOGREAT.

I’m proud to say I didn’t yell. I wanted to but that wouldn’t solve anything. Instead, I used my son’s own tactic against him.

“Like play Minecraft?”

“Yes, whatever you want.”

Those are my favorite days.

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Getting Your Child To Read Minecraft Books

Do you have problems getting your Minecraft child to read? We say Minecraft child because OMG these kids live and breathe Minecraft.

Heres the deal. Over the summer, we had hit our limit on screen time. The weather is hot, we want the kids to play or do SOMETHING besides sit in front of the screens and play Minecraft. We headed to the local bookstore to let the kids choose a book to read. Talk about epic fail. The younger boys threw a fit. They didnt want to read, they hated books. They didnt want anything to do with it. That was until our older son showed them a book.

Thats right, we were able to encourage our kids to read with a Minecraft book. Would we love our kids to be reading the classics? Sure! Is it going to happen? Most likely not until they are forced to in school.

We purchased our 7-year-old son a Minecraft Guide Book. He loves to read it and then when he does have screen time, he uses it to figure things out. This is a great way to encourage learning thru Minecraft. If the kids are going to sit playing Minecraft for hours on end, its great to know that the game and book are encouraging him to read, learn and to figure things out. You know, so his mind doesnt become total mush!

Printable Minecraft Activities For Writing

The Jersey Momma: Minecraft Books for Kids : Inspiring ...

Capture your childs interest and put it to good use with these Minecraft Free Writing Prompts from Write Shop. Plus they have a second list of More Minecraft Writing Prompts to keep the momentum going.

Multi-Tasking Mom also has a collection of story starters to help your child get his creative juices flowing for that next writing assignment. We love this pair: Minecraft Story Startersand Minecraft Free Story Starters Volume 2

And if thats not enough writing, you might love this Minecraft Story Map Writing Prompt from Healthy Family

Minecraft Vocabulary Worksheets from Live Worksheets

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Free Printables For Early Readers

When it comes to early reading resources, the options are never scarce. Although there are many early reader resources online, it is safe to say that they are actually necessary learning tools for our children to have. If you are getting overwhelmed with the number of resources that are out there, then stop by this list of FREE printable early readers all in one place instead.

I live overseas, so I really cant afford to spend hours online searching for resources. We pay for every moment we are online. It is pretty tough and frustrating as a homeschooling family to have to be aware daily of regulating our internet usage.

So to those moms or dads out there tired of searching for early reader resources throughout the web, I got you covered -).

Emergent readers vs. early readers:

I found it interesting that whether we search for early reader resources online or we search for emergent reader resources, the search results are usually the same. That is a little frustrating for parents trying to get their little ones to read. It can be the difference between learning letters and learning to sound out words. The learning curve between the two is a milestone away from each other.

I guess I didnt really know the difference between emergent readers and early readers, so I wanted to clear that up before I proceed. I figured if I wasnt clear on it, as a prior early learning teacher, then maybe some home educators with little ones might need some clarification as well.

Pick Your Own Quest: Escape From Minecraft By Connor Hoover

  • Kindle Edition

Unlimited books, magazines and comics wherever and whenever you are: directly in your browser on your PC or tablet.

Over 10 million titles that have every genre imaginable at your fingertips & New titles added every day!

All platforms. Fully Optimized. Access your titles anywhere on any device including PC, Tablet, Mobile, PS4, Xbox One, and Smart TVs.

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Minecraft Books For Kids: Inspiring Reluctant Readers

More Minecraft Books for Kids: Diary of a Minecraft ZombieMinecraft Comics for KidsDisclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which you can read all about in the Disclosure section of my site. I often update this post with new books and ideas, so feel free to Pin the image below for future use!The Unoffical Gamer’s Adventure Series by Winter Morganunofficial Winter Morgan series

Book One in the Gamer’s Adventure Series

Who is this Book Series For?

A view of one of the chapters of Winter Morgan’s book.

Is the Book Series Scary or Violent?

Book 2 in the Gamer’s Adventire Series. A Griefer!

Will My Child Like This Book Series?

Small size chapter books are not so intimidating for early readers!
Book 5 in Winter Morgan’s series. Photo from Amazon.com

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie series by Zack Zombie Who is This Book Series For?Is This Book Series Scary or Violent?Will My Child Like This Book Series?The Stinky Steve Series by P.T. EvansWho is This Book Series For?Is This Book Series Scary or Violent?Will My Child Like This Book?yes. The GameKnight999 Minecraft Series by Mark Cheverton

Books in the Gameknight999 Series. My carpet looks so clean under there!

Who is this Book Series For?

The GameKnight999 Series are chapter books for ages 9 and up

Is This Book Series Scary or Violent?Scholastic’s Minecraft Essential Handbooksare

Learn To Programme With Minecraft

Reading a terrible Minecraft joke book

Programming is one of those skills that is going to be pretty much invaluable for the next few years. Computers are a major part of every industry, and developing and editing computer programs is going to be pretty consistently lucrative. In other words, teaching your kids to program from a young age could be invaluable in their future careers.

This book is an ideal way to introduce kids to programming. As anyone whos played Minecraft knows, the games modding community is absolutely thriving, in great part because of how easily programmable the game is. This book provides kids with an easy, accessible guide to programming their game in Python, allowing them to add their own creative twist to their game while learning invaluable skills at the same time.

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Printable Minecraft Writing Worksheets

  • Kindergarten 2nd Grade:
  • Want to practice being an editor? Fix-up these sentences that feature Minecraft characters but have mistakes in spelling, verb tense, capitalization and punctuation.
  • Read theseWould You Rather question cards, and write your answers on this Minecraft lined paper.
  • 3rd 5th Grade:
  • Complete these Minecraft writing worksheets to answer questions about how the game can be used to help educate kids. This is an excellent activity to work on persuasive writing skills!
  • Want to practice creative writing instead? Here is the Minecraft writing worksheet for you!
  • Organize an essay to write about your favorite game using this printable Minecraft Paragraph Graphic Organizer.
  • Minecraft Stem Challenges For Kids

    Minecraft is the perfect topic for fun STEM activities! Pick from the following options.

    • Learn how to write computer programs with Code.orgs Minecraft hour of code tutorial.
    • Calling all future engineers! You have to do this Minecraft chest building STEM competition!
    • Build a Minecraft chicken coop out of any STEM supplies that you have on hand and use these printables to see how large your perimeter needs to be for the printable chickens!

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    Top 12 Best Minecraft Books For Kids

    Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links. This means that if you buy a product or service after clicking on these links, I earn a small commission which helps pay for the upkeep of this website.

    Minecraft is a game that truly appeals to gamers of all ages more than most games out there. Its so accessible yet offers so much possibility for players to exercise their creativity, no matter how mature or young they happen to be.

    Among those playing it, of course, are very young children. Suppose you should happen to be a parent or teacher of young Minecraft players. In that case, you might well know that one of the best ways to encourage a child to be literate and expand their vocabulary is to present them with books about subjects that theyre interested in.

    Also, given what a cultural mainstay Minecraft has become in the modern age, there are tons of books out there about it, many of them directed at very young children. Below, weve listed twelve of the best Minecraft-themed books that young players will enjoy.

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