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How to host a Cracked/Premium Minecraft 1.7.10 Server

How to set up the Minecraft 1.7 Server Icon

As one of the great features of Minecraft 1.7+, there is an addition of being able to add your own server icon! This little icon shows up on your Minecraft server list on the launcher and can greatly increase the attractiveness of your server. Adding the server icon is very simple and here is how to do it:1. Make a picture that is 64 x 64 pixel in size2. You can customize it anyway you want, as long as the dimensions are 64 x 64. We recommend your favorite graphics program to create this .3. Save the file as “server-icon.png” .4. Put the picture into the root directory of your Minecraft server files via the FTP .5. Restart the server.Now go check your server list and your server icon should show up. Give it a few minutes if it doesn’t pop up right away!

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Interactive And Color Console

If you would like to docker attach to the Minecraft server console with color and interactive capabilities, then add



This feature doesn’t work via rcon, so you will need to docker attach to the container. Use the sequence Ctrl-P, Ctrl-Q to detach.

This will bypass graceful server shutdown handling when using docker stop, so be sure the server console’s stop command.

Make to enable stdin and tty with -it when using docker run or stdin_open: true and tty: true when using docker compose.

Running A Paper Server

Enable Paper server mode by adding a -e TYPE=PAPER to your command-line.

By default the container will run the latest build of Paper serverbut you can also choose to run a specific build with -e PAPERBUILD=205.

docker run -d -v /path/on/host:/data \    -e TYPE=PAPER \    -p 25565:25565 -e EULA=TRUE --name mc itzg/minecraft-server

If you are hosting your own copy of Paper you can override the download URL with:


An example compose file is provided atexamples/docker-compose-paper.yml.

If you have attached a host directory to the /data volume, then you can install plugins via the plugins subdirectory. You can also attach a /plugins volume. If you add plugins while the container is running, you’ll need to restart it to pick those up.

An Airplane server, which is “a stable, optimized, well supported 1.17 Paper fork.”


NOTE: The VERSION variable is used to select an Airplane branch to download from. The available options are “LATEST” “1.17” “1.16” “PURPUR” and “PURPUR-1.16”

Extra variables:

  • AIRPLANE_BUILD=lastSuccessfulBuild : set a specific Airplane build to use
  • FORCE_REDOWNLOAD=false : set to true to force the located server jar to be re-downloaded
  • USE_FLARE_FLAGS=false : set to true to add appropriate flags for the Flare profiler

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How Do You Install Minecraft On A Server

To install the default or vanilla Minecraft server, please do the following: Open an SSH client and login. Create the folder that you want to install Minecraft to. Change to the minecraft directory. It is recommended at this point you verfiy you have Java installed, to do this run the following command: Download the Minecraft JAR file.

Running A Server With A Feed The Beast Modpack


NOTE requires one of the Debian based images listed in the Java versions section.

Feed the Beast application modpacks are supported by using -e TYPE=FTBA . This server type will automatically take care of downloading and installing the modpack and appropriate version of Forge, so the VERSION does not need to be specified.

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How To Make A Minecraft Server With Hostinger Ubuntu Windows And Centos

Managing your own Minecraft server is a wonderful experience, whether you want to play with your friends or wish to build your own community of creative enthusiasts.

Thats why here at Hostinger we offer dedicated Minecraft hosting services to make this goal a bit more simple and hassle-free.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to purchase one of our plans, how to configure your Minecraft server within minutes, and how to make a Minecraft server on various platforms. This way, youll have more freedom to play the game with your own sets of rules.

  • Is 2 GB RAM enough for Minecraft server?
  • Why Run A Minecraft Server

    One of the most frustrating elements of the Minecraft local multiplayer experience is that the original game host has to be active to access previous creations. If there are two parents and two kids playing Minecraft in a household for example, and they spend a few hours one weekend working on a big structure hosted by Kid #2, then anytime anyone wants to work on that world/structure again they need Kid #2 to fire up their game and share it with everyone else by opening it to the LAN. Factor in that each world resides on each separate computer and suddenly it becomes a real hassle for more than one person to work on a given map.

    A much more efficient way to go about doing things is to host a stand-alone server on the local network. This way players can come and go as they please without any one person needing to log in and share their world. Even better, you can host a Minecraft server on a machine that isnt well suited for actually playing Minecraft .

    Lets take a look at how to setup a basic local Minecraft server both with and without mods.

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    Cloning World From A Container Path

    The WORLD option can also be used to reference a directory or zip file that will be used as a source to clone or unzip the world directory.

    For example, the following would initially clone the world’s contentfrom /worlds/basic. Also notice in the example that you can use aread-only volume attachment to ensure the clone source remains pristine.

    docker run ... -v $HOME/worlds:/worlds:ro -e WORLD=/worlds/basic

    The following diagram shows how this option can be used in a compose deployment with a relative directory:

    The Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting

    How To Start A Forge Server In Minecraft 1.7.10

    If you want to play Minecraft with your friends but have no budget for a server, you may want to look into some free options. Free servers are very limited in capability and we have found that companies who offer free trials will give you a better experience and more flexibility through the trial period with the hope that they will upgrade with them.

    Through our experience testing dozens of minecraft servers hosts, we discovered that any server running on less than 512mb of ram isnt able to host a group of friends and crashes too often. For this reason, those server providers havent been included in this list. We have listed our top picks for Free Minecraft servers and hosts with free trials.

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    Connecting To Your Server

    Your new Minecraft server will now be up and running on the IP which it has been assigned to. If this is on your local computer it will be your IP, whereas if you have set up a Minecraft server hosting account with us we will provide you the IP to use and give out to your friends allowing you to get started quickly and securely. If others are having trouble connecting to a server that you have started on your local machine you might need to set up port forwarding for your network.

    Domains vs Subdomains vs IP:PORT vs Dedicated IP

    We have a great post on the differences between Subdomains, Domains, IPs and IP:PORT combinations found here. The main differences come down to cost and complexity. We give, for free, subdomains for every server in the form of yourserver.apexminecraft.com. This is in addition to the IP:PORT that comes with every server. The subdomain or domain simply forwards to the number IP to find the server. The dedicated IP will allow you to make something like yourname.com instead of the numbered IP. If all you want is something like mc.yourname.com then there is a free way to do it. It requires setting an A record and an SRV record on your registrar. Simply use the free IP:PORT that we gave you to do this.

    Port Forwarding

    Server Version Matching

    Logging In

    How To Run A Simple Local Minecraft Server

    Jason Fitzpatrick is the Editor in Chief of LifeSavvy, How-To Geek’s sister site focused life hacks, tips, and tricks. He has over a decade of experience in publishing and has authored thousands of articles at Review Geek, How-To Geek, and Lifehacker. Jason served as Lifehacker’s Weekend Editor before he joined How-To Geek. Read more…

    While its easy enough to share a Minecraft map with other local players on your network, its nice to be able to run a dedicated server so people can come and go without the original game host loading up Minecraft. Today were looking at how to run a simple local Minecraft server both with and without mods.

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    Modded Forge 1710 Server Lag Help Please

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    I really hope someone can help, as this has been making me tear my hair out!

    I host a forge server for my gf and I to play on. When I host 1.8 there is no lag at all! But we’ve been trying to play 1.7.10 as there is a larger mod pool to choose from. We have 32 mods so far on that server, but she starts to get really bad lag after playing for a few minutes.

    A bit of info to help:

    i5-4660 3.2GHz Quad Core

    16GB RAM

    GTX750TI-DF GFX card

    56Mbps down

    14.7Mbps up

    We’ve tried making it unmodded, using hamachi, changing my DMZ, turning off firewalls/anti-virus/MWB. Nothing seems to help. Even a fresh, unmodded, “vanilla” 1.7.10 forge launch will make her lag after a few minutes. We’ve tried using various versions of the 1.7.10 Forge file. Have tried OPping, Whitelisting. Everything. I’ve searched multiple forums but have found nothing. She doesn’t lag on our 1.8 server . She doesn’t lag on non-forge 1.7.10 MC nor does she lag on other hosted servers you can find online that are 1.7.10: vanilla, forge, what-have-you. I cannot pinpoint the issue.

    Please help!

    Installing Java And Screen

    ç¡æå?°å·å?¯è½ Minecraft Serverexe

    Before we begin, keep in mind that the minimum operating system requirements for the following tutorial are Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7.

    Connect to your server via SSH. Open the built-in terminal shell and type the following command:

    IMPORTANT: Dont forget to change both values with your real username and server IP address. When prompted, enter your username and password.

  • A Minecraft server requires Java. Therefore, check whether its installed on your system by executing this command:
  • java -version
  • Proceed to the second section of this tutorial if you already have Java installed. However, if Java is not found, follow the next step.
  • Run these two commands to download the latest software packages and install Java:
    • On Ubuntu:
    sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install default-jdk
    • On CentOS:
    sudo yum updatesudo yum install java -y
  • Once Java installation is complete, you can install Screen:
    • On Ubuntu:
    sudo yum install wget -y
  • Use wget command to download the Minecraft server properties file:
  • wget https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/bb2b6b1aefcd70dfd1892149ac3a215f6c636b07/server.jar
  • In this example, the latest server version is 1.15.2. You should visit this link to check if a newer version is available for download. If so, change the link for the command above.
  • Run the Minecraft server properties file by entering this command. If you want to use the graphical user interface, simply remove the nogui part from the command:
  • sudo nano eula.txt
  • Find the line that says:
  • eula=false

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    Amazon Web Services Deployment

    If you’re looking for a simple way to deploy this to the Amazon Web Services Cloud, check out the Minecraft Server Deployment repository. This repository contains a CloudFormation template that will get you up and running in AWS in a matter of minutes. Optionally it uses Spot Pricing so the server is very cheap, and you can easily turn it off when not in use.

    How To Make A Minecraft Server On Windows

    You can also set up a Minecraft server on your Windows PC. Whats great, the steps are easier than the previous one.

  • Open the command prompt and check the Java version on your computer:
  • java -version
  • If it matches the latest server version on the official website, you can continue to the next step. In case its unavailable or outdated, download the installer.
  • Download the setup software from the official server page.
  • Create a new folder for the Minecraft server and move the .jar file to that folder.
  • Double-click the setup program to create a eula.txt file.
  • Open the EULA file and change the value from false to true.
  • Run the Minecraft server by double-clicking the .jar file. To do this, you might need to allow the program through the firewall.
  • Alternatively, you can open the command prompt and navigate to the dedicated Minecraft folder. For example:

    cd Documents/Minecraft
    java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.15.2.jar nogui

    If you see a similar screen, it means your Minecraft server has successfully started:

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    Running An Canyon Server

    Canyon is a fork of CraftBukkit for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3. It includes multiple enhancements whilst also retaining compatibility with old Bukkit plugins and mods as much as possible.

    -e VERSION=b1.7.3 -e TYPE=CANYON

    NOTE only VERSION=b1.7.3 is supported

    NOTE only Java 8 is supported

    -e CANYON_BUILD=11

    How To Make A Minecraft Server On Linux

    How To Start A Server In Minecraft 1.7.10

    In this section, you will learn how to make a Minecraft server on a machine that runs on Ubuntu or CentOS.

    Before we start, ensure that you have a root SSH access to your machine. If you are using Hostingers Minecraft Hosting plan, the login credentials are in the Servers tab of hPanel.

    The process of creating servers for Minecraft on these two operating systems is quite similar, but there are a few differences youll notice when installing the required packages.

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    Running A Purpur Server

    A Purpur server, which is “drop-in replacement for Paper servers designed for configurability, new fun and exciting gameplay features, and performance built on top of Airplane.”


    NOTE: the VERSION variable is used to lookup a build of Purpur to download

    Extra variables:

    • PURPUR_BUILD=LATEST : set a specific Purpur build to use
    • FORCE_REDOWNLOAD=false : set to true to force the located server jar to be re-downloaded
    • USE_FLARE_FLAGS=false : set to true to add appropriate flags for the Flare profiler

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    Am I able to cancel at any time?
    Do I have full FTP file access?
    Can I install mods/plugins onto the server?
    Do you have the latest versions?
    Can I upgrade or downgrade the plan in the future?

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    Replacing Variables Inside Configs

    Sometimes you have mods or plugins that require configuration information that is only available at runtime.For example if you need to configure a plugin to connect to a database,you don’t want to include this information in your Git repository or Docker image.Or maybe you have some runtime information like the server name that needs to be setin your config files after the container starts.

    For those cases there is the option to replace defined variables inside your configswith environment variables defined at container runtime.

    When the environment variable REPLACE_ENV_IN_PLACE is set to true , the startup script will go through all files inside the container’s /data path and replace variables that match the container’s environment variables. Variables can instead be replaced in files sync’ed from /plugins, /mods, and /config by setting REPLACE_ENV_DURING_SYNC to true .

    Variables that you want to replace need to be declared inside curly brackets and prefixed with a dollar sign, such as $, which is same as many scripting languages.

    You can also change REPLACE_ENV_VARIABLE_PREFIX, which defaults to “CFG_”, to limit which environment variables are allowed to be used. For example, with “CFG_” as the prefix, the variable $ would be subsituted, but not $.

    If you want to use a file for value you can add suffix _FILE to your variable name.

    Variables will be replaced in files with the following extensions:.yml, .yaml, .txt, .cfg, .conf, .properties.

    Why You Should Make Your Own Minecraft Server

    Minecraft Server No premiun l Survival l 1.7.2

    With more than 68 million players, Minecraft remains one of the most popular video games in the world.

    Minecraft offers unlimited possibilities to create a virtual world, a place where you can let your imagination loose and build some incredible pieces of work. Whats great, you can take such experience to a whole new level by making your own Minecraft server.

    Owning a private server gives you more control over your gameplay. You can invite your friends or other users, create your own rules, install any mods, and much more.

    Unfortunately, many people think that building a private Minecraft server is difficult and expensive. However, the truth is, you only need a little bit of knowledge about the command-line interface. Whats more, you can set up the server on your Windows, Linux, or macOS computer, so theres no need to buy a new machine.

    If youre ready, its time to learn how to make a server for Minecraft.

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    Looking For Free 1710 Forge Server Hosting With A Custom Modpack And Server Console Access

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    How Much Does It Cost To Run A Minecraft Server

    Hostinger offers various Minecraft hosting plans ranging from $8.95 to $29.95/month. They utilize VPS servers with dedicated resources for each user. Our plans come with a minimum of 2 GB RAM of SSD disk space, free MySQL, DDoS protection, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Every plan also comes with advanced protection and full root access to let you install any mod-pack and plugin you want.

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