Lego Minecraft Sets 2022

Lego Minecraft: The Modern Treehouse

LEGO Minecraft 2022 Sets OFFICIALLY Revealed

Almost every kid would love their own tree house, and that will remain true even if it is just a Minecraft one made out of LEGO. This tall build is a fun one as once you’ve constructed it, which will take a while, you can pull it all apart again to rebuild and restyle as you see fit – so endless fun, basically.

New Lego Super Mario Characters Announced

There are 8 new, collectible LEGO Super Mario characters. They are all interactive with the Super Mario starter sets and come with unique sounds and abilities. They are: Nabbit, Purple Toad, Hammer Bro, Waddlewing, Toady, Baby Yoshi, Red Yoshi, and Blue Shy Guy. The LEGO Super Mario Character Pack Series 5 will retail for $5.99 each. They will launch on August 1.

Buying Guide: Every New Lego Set Releasing In June 2022

May 31, 2022 By Jay

Its the 1st of June 2022 tomorrow, which is a hugely important month for LEGO releases because it marks the second half of LEGOs full year , and with it, comes a massive release slate!

Some of the most anticipated releases of the year are also scheduled to launch on 1 June, with big hitters like 10302 Optimus Prime and 42143 Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 when they arrive on or your local LEGO store.

To help you navigate all the new LEGO releases coming in June 2022, Ive put together this comprehensive guide on all the new sets that will be available!

You can also expect the new wave of Summer 2022 sets from LEGO City, Ninjago, Harry Potter, Friends, Minecraft, Dots, Marvel Super Heroes and so much more.

Update: LEGO Muppets have also released in Australia. You can pick up a 6-pack box on while stocks last!

If youre planning on securing a copy of 10302 Optimus Prime, youll want to be on just before midnight, and check out as soon as possible, as its set to be one of LEGOs biggest and most hyped releases ever, and I will guarantee that it sells out instantly. Either that, or line up outside your local LEGO Store early, if you want to get it ASAP.

The LEGO Summer 2022 release dates are also all over the place globally, with some sets/themes launching later in North America , and some late arrivals in Australia too.

Set Name

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Minecraft 21190 The Abandoned Village

Grab your sword, its time to reclaim the abandoned village from the zombies! Battle the zombie villager at the blast furnace, seize the zombie farm and capture the abandoned house. Now you can rebuild the village in your own awesome style! Clear the cobwebs, combine the different buildings, and add furniture and tools for work. Finally, build a campfire and plan your next adventure!

Five New Inclusions In The Summer 2022 Lego Minecraft Sets

LEGO Minecraft The Ruined Portal 21172 Review!

Jack Yates 21119 The Dungeon21189 The Skeleton Dungeon21190 The Abandoned VillageLEGOLEGO MinecraftMinecraft

Compared to the rest of LEGO CON2022, the two Minecraft summer models might have been overlooked, though they feature new content for the theme.

With reveals like 10305 Lion Knights Castle, 75337 AT-TE Walker and 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum, its safe to say that LEGO CON 2022 was packed with announcements. Weve summarised the entire show here but youd be forgiven for overlooking the two new Minecraft sets that were showcased at the event 21189 The Skeleton Dungeon and 21190 The Abandoned Village.

Now that LEGO CON 2022 has passed, we can take a closer look at these builds and see what new content theyll be bringing to LEGOMinecraft.

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Minecraft Headlines The Upcoming Lego Sets

Leading the way for the new LEGO summer 2022 sets revealed today, the next wave of Minecraft creations have arrived. In total, there are five upcoming kits that we know of so far and further expand the vast variety of in-game locations brought into the brick-built form. Each model seems interesting in its own right, but the Red Barn set in particular looks to be the most exciting in my book. Though the Llama Village is sure to get some love too once all of the kits launch later this year.

Here are all of the LEGO Minecraft summer sets:

  • The Bakery: $20 | 154 pieces
  • The Nether Bastion: $35 | 300 pieces
  • The Ice Palace: $50 | 499 pieces
  • The Red Barn: ~$70 | 799 pieces
  • The Lama City: $130 | 1,252 pieces

First Look At Over 30 New Lego Summer 2022 Sets

Today were getting the most comprehensive look at the new LEGO summer 2022 lineup yet with over 30 different models. Ranging from many of the brands in-house themes, most of the reveals are mainly focused on the unlicensed side of the lineup.

So while were still waiting on new Marvel and Star Wars sets, theres quite a bit of new builds to check out down below. Though we did just get a look at the upcoming buildable Baby Groot.

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Lego Disney / Mickey & Friends2hy 2022

  • 10777 Mickey and Minnies Camping Trip 19.99 103 pieces
  • 10778 Mickey, Minnie and Goofy at the Carnival 29.99 184 pieces
  • 10780 Mickeys Castle Adventures 49.99 0 215 pieces
  • 41947 Mickeys Bracelet Creative Kit 29.99 349 pieces
  • 41963 Mickey and Minnie Creative Patches 6.99 95 pieces
  • 41964 Mickey and Minnie Back-to-School Creative Box 39.99 669 pieces
  • 43204 Anna and Olafs Fun in the Castle 34.99 108 pieces
  • 43205 LEGO Disney Princesses 99.99 698 pieces
  • 43206 Cinderellas Castle 74.99 365 pieces

Rumor: 7 Lego Minecraft Sets Coming Summer 2022

LEGO Minecraft Summer 2022 Sets OFFICIALLY Revealed

LEGO Minecraft is a popular licensed-IP theme. This past New Years Day we welcomed no less than six new sets in the line. Theres nothing quite like more LEGO Minecraft to expand your brick-built Minecraft world. But is that all that the themes getting for the year 2022? Its not, but who knows what else might be in store? Well, Brick FanaticsReports claim that an online retailer in the US has added new LEGO set numbers. Theyre unnamed, but have retail prices and indicators that theyre for LEGO Minecraft.

Eugene Toy & Hobby may have listed seven LEGO set numbers at the time. Minecraft stuff. They were checked. website ourselves and theyre not there anymore. Brick Fanatics may have spotted them, but we can still consider this a rumor. These are the details we have on the alleged LEGO Minecraft sets. These sets are expected to be available in the summer of 2022.

  • 21184 $24.99

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Ninjago Season 15 2hy 2022

  • 71759 Dragon Temple 161 pieces 39.99
  • 71768 Jays Golden Dragon Motorbike 137 pieces 19.99
  • 71769 Coles Dragon Racer 384 pieces 44.99
  • 71770 Zanes Gold Dragon Jet 258 pieces 29.99
  • 71771 The Temple of the Crystal King 703 pieces 79.99
  • 71772 The Crystal King 722 pieces 69.99
  • 71773 Kais Gold Dragon Raider 624 pieces 89.99
  • 71774 Lloyds Ultra Gold Dragon 989 pieces 139.99
  • 71775 Nyas Samurai X Mech 1,003 pieces 109.99

Crafting Box Stop Motion

With our new Crafting Box, you can create and combine modules for hundreds of different builds! Each of the 5 modules have 3 different configuration possibilities so if you feel like changing things around, just take off that module and rebuild it. Be the master of your own LEGO® Minecraft world! #Minecraft


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Lego Marvel Super Heroes2hy 2022

  • 76217 I Am Groot US$54.99 / AU$89.99 / £44.99 / 49.99 476 pieces
  • 76218 Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum 219.99 2,708 pieces
  • 76220 Super Heroes 4 14.99 42 pieces
  • 76221 Super Heroes 5 49.99 456 pieces
  • 76225 Super Heroes 1 29.99 238 pieces
  • 76226 Super Heroes 2 29.99 258 pieces
  • 76230 Super Heroes 3 29.99 4,297 pieces
  • 76231 Super Heroes Advent Calendar 39.99 268 pieces
  • 10963 DUPLO Super Heroes 49.99 41 pieces

The Zombie Cave Lego Minecraft Set

LEGO Minecraft The Warden Cave

Get ready to survive the first night! You always run into a zombie or two when youre making camp, which is perfectly represented in this set. Craft the base of a shelter for the night on this strange rock formation, climb up the ladder, and delve into the mouth of the cave. Just be prepared for the bat, and careful: youre not alone.

Steve will have to battle the zombie and the baby zombie in order to get through the moonlit skies in his first survival night. You get plenty of game-inclusive items, such as a block of TNT and a torch, so you can send those undead sky high and fight back. The Zombie Cave Minecraft Lego set is simple, hooks up to other kits seamlessly, and works with all existing Lego sets that you or your child currently have.

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Lego Disney Summer 2022

More Mickey and Friends 4+ sets are on the way with an awesome Castle-themed set which sees Mickey in a suit of armour, Minnie as an archer, Donald Duck as a jester, and Daisy as a fairy.,

For fans of Disney Princess, were getting a new 43206 Cinderella and Prince Charmings Castle which sees the evil stepmother Lady Tremaine make her debut as a minidoll. Its also packed to the rafters with new opalescent pieces!

The new Disney sets will be available in Australia, the UK and EU on 1 June 2022, and in North America from 1 August 2022!

Lego Minecraft Locations Unveiled

There are two new Minecraft sets launching later this summer. The first is the Skeleton Dungeon , which includes a spawner and rocks that can be rigged up to fall on the skeletons chasing you. It is composed of 364 pieces and retails for $44.99. It will debut on August 1.

The second set is the Abandoned Village , where you battle zombie villagers amidst the dilapidated ruins. It is composed of 422 pieces and retails for $34.99. It will also debut on August 1.

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Two New Lego Minecraft Sets Announced At Lego Con 2022

At LEGO CON 2022, LEGO have also unveiled 2 brand new LEGO Minecraft sets 21189 The Abandoned Village, and 21190 The Skeleton Dungeon, which have a release date of 1 August 2022!

21189 The Abandoned Village will be priced at 44.99 USD / 49.99 EUR

21190 The Skeleton Dungeon will be priced at 34.99 USD / 29.99 EUR

The Training Grounds 534 Pieces/$6999

LEGO Minecraft 2022 THREE NEW Sets OFFICIALLY Revealed

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Massive Lego Marvel Set Revealed Dr Strange Sanctum Sanctorum

And lastly, this massive recreation of Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum sets a high bar for MCU-themed sets. The entire building is modular, and the individual floors are separable from each other. The top floor is a museum of mystical artifacts, the middle floor is a library, and the bottom floor depicts the grand staircase from the films. It is composed of 2708 pieces and will retail for $249.99. It will launch on August 1.

Kevin Wong is a LEGO aficionado. Talk about your favorite sets with him on Twitter at .

Kommentare Zu Lego Minecraft 2022 Sommer Neuheiten: Alle Bilder Und Details

  • lost-in-lego

    Hammer! Tatsächlich schafft die MC Serie, mich wieder zu begeistern. Wie geil ist denn die Ziege da wird selbst Thor neidisch. Diese Mega Scheune da staunt aber der City Landwirt. Und die Lama Stadt ist schon jetzt legendär. Die Nether Bastion rockt ebenfalls. Nur der Eispalast verblasst gegen so viele Highlights. Ich dreh durch, muss ich haben.

  • Alle Sets sind der knaller,leider im Netherset hätte man neues einbauen sollen..

    Die Scheune und Lamastadt sind meine Favoriten. -0,00001 Punkt,weil es keinen Babyziege gibt,aber nicht sooo wichtig

    Ich bin mir sehr sicher das die rote Scheune auch einen großer Set werden könnte wenn der Preis nicht so teuer wird 30-50 reicht

  • DIe rote Scheune sieht gut aus! Bei der Llamastadt nur 2 Llamas ist eher schwach!

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    Lego Con 2022 Replay Set Reveals & More

    As we discussed earlier, the LEGO Group launched its 90th-anniversary summer celebrations with LEGO CON. Bursting with product and brand reveals, magical sessions, activities, and extra special guests that took fans behind the scenes. Details below.

    The LEGO Group put on the show of all shows as it once again wowed fans with the virtual and free-to-attend LEGO CON. Designed specifically for brick-loving families, the two-hour live show, hosted by Vick Hope, Joel McHale, and Melvin Odoom, was bursting with entertainment. It gave LEGO aficionados a sneak peek into the latest LEGO news and products whilst connecting them with other LEGO enthusiasts from around the world.

    Wrapped in an extra-special LEGO brand 90th celebration, the abundance of sessions at this years event truly challenged fans to think big as it included everything from the magical to the fantastical and even the super-powered.

    Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation Coming To Disney Plus

    OFFICIAL PHOTOS!! LEGO Minecraft Sets â Summer 2021 â Lets Build Lego

    Disney debuted a teaser trailer for the upcoming special LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation. It centers around Rey, Finn, Poe, Rose, and Chewbacca, who are taking a well-earned vacation after defeating Palpatine in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. The official trailer will launch on June 21. The complete special will debut on Disney Plus on August 1.

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    Classic Lego Castle Returns

    The new medieval LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle is big and detailed, and it represents a revival there has not been a Castle or Castle-adjacent theme since 2013. Set #10305 features a working drawbridge and a water wheel that turns a millstone. Builders can open the castle and explore an interior that includes a dungeon, an armory, and a kitchen. There’s even a miniature model of the “Classic” yellow castle from 1978! It is composed of 4514 pieces and retails for $399.99. It will launch on August 3.

    How Do You Stop A Skeleton

    A Minecraft® warrior must be skilled in making weapons as well as using them. That is why the Training Grounds has a level for building weapons and a level for building skills.But what happens when a marauding skeleton arrives on the scene? Lets just say, the trapdoor that links the 2 levels comes in very handy!


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    City Gets In On The Lego Summer 2022 With Three Waves

    As far as the larger waves of new summer LEGO sets. The main focus this time around for the 2022 season is another batch of the City Stuntz creations, which arrive with some new expansion packs and playsets. All of those are detailed below, but its worth highlighting some of the new elements brought into the LEGO catalog.

    • Cruiser Stunt Bike: $10 | 10 pieces
    • Stunt Bike: $10 | 15 pieces
    • Bathtub Stunt Bike: $10 | 14 pieces
    • Obstacle Stunt Challenge: $20 | 154 pieces
    • Knockdown Stunt Challenge: $20 | 117 pieces
    • Shark Attack Stunt Challenge: $20 | 122 pieces
    • Chimpanzee Stunt Looping: $55 | 226 pieces
    • Stunt Show Double Looping: ~$150 | 598 pieces

    Alongside the more action-focused side of the upcoming lineup, were also getting some additional details on the more typical side of the LEGO City series. On top of the Farm sets we reported on last week, there are some other builds for expanding your town layout.

    • Passenger Express Train: $150 | 764 pieces
    • Station: $100 | 907 pieces
    • Supermarket: $60 | 404 pieces
    • Truck with Space Carousel: ~$50 | 433 pieces

    Last up, the LEGO City summer lineup is also taking a new crack at hybrid play with some new sets that pair with virtual experiences. These upcoming creations will differ from the rest of the new models by pairing a base build with tons of extra pieces that can be used in conjunction with an app to guide builders to change around the sets based on scenarios in the game. Each one will sell for $29.99 and are detailed below.

    Minecraft Moments Lydia Winters

    Summer 2022 LEGO Minecraft Sets LEAKED!

    Weve all had a head-in-hands moment while playing Minecraft, right? Well so have the pros! CaptainSparklez and AntVenom have both told us their epic fail stories, and now its Lydias turn.What happens when you aggravate a Wolf? Well, MinecraftChick found out the hard way when she first started playing the game. Weve animated her story with LEGO stop motion, of course! All she wanted was a furry friend #LEGOMinecraft #MinecraftMoments #epicfail


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