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Mountain Cave set reveal – LEGO Minecraft –

Minecraft is as much about the characters, creatures and items as it is about exploring the world. Look out for characters such as Steve, Zombie and Enderman, as they are the stars of the original game. Also, some fans may also want to collect certain items, such as a TNT block, crafting table or a diamond sword to help complete their own world.

Which Minecraft Lego Set Is Best

Minecraft, the popular sandbox video game, and LEGO, the famous toy brick company, have a lot more in common with each other than people realize. Besides the simplistic, blocky art style of both products, they encourage children to build the stuff of their imagination. It was only natural that the two brands would partner to create an inspiring Minecraft LEGO set that both types of fans could enjoy.

If youre looking for the best Minecraft LEGO set, we recommend picking up the LEGO Minecraft 21115 The First Night set. Not only does it have the main character from the game, Steve, but it also comes with a creeper, a pig and the basic tools and items for a players first night in their world.

Will The Mountain Cave Retire This Year

LEGO Minecraft is a series that based on the successful video game with the same name. LEGO started The Minecraft series in 2012 with 21102 Minecraft Micro World: The Forest. The series remains very popular among video game fans and younger audiences.

The Minecraft sets released before 2017 generally had a longer lifespan. The first set of the series 21102 Minecraft Micro World: The Forest , 21106 The Nether and 21114 The Farm . However, the more recent Minecraft sets have a much shorter lifespan. For example 21132 Jungle Temple, 21133 The Witch Hut, and 21131 The Ice Spikes, they had about one-year lifespan. With that being said, since LEGO released The Mountain Cave in July 2017. LEGO Store online, they have marked this set as Backorder. So LEGO is maybe doing the dance before they retire this set. Therefore, if you are still havent bought this Minecraft set yet, dont wait anymore! Buy it now before it is too late.

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Lego Minecraft Mountain Cave Set Will Blow Your Mind

LEGO announced a new Minecraft set on Thursday that will make you want to get to building immediately. The new Mountain Cave set is due for release on July 1 and clocks in at a staggering 2,863 pieces. When finished this monstrosity will stand an impressive 12-inches high, 20-inches wide and 11-inches deep.

What is included is pretty darn impressive:

I did a hands-on with the first Minecraft set about five years ago things have progressed a tiny bit.

As you can imagine, the Mountain Cave playset will not come cheap. Prices are as follows:

  • US $249.99

The Mountain Cave Is The Biggest Minecraft Lego Set Yet

The Mountain Cave Is The Biggest LEGO Minecraft Set Yet

May 20, 2017 By Jay

A little late to the party posting this , but LEGO has officially announced the biggest Minecraft set 21137 The Mountain Cave.

The LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave contains 2863 pieces, handily surpassing 21128 The Village by 1263 pieces. The Mountain Cave will retail for AU$399.99 / US$249.99 / CA $299.99 / 249.99 / £259.99 and is set for a 1 July 2017 release date. As with most D2C sets, LEGO VIPs will receive early access to this set on 15 June 2017.

Here are the links to the produce pages for your respective store:

The set is also pretty huge, with dimensions of 12 high, 20 wide and 11 deep.

Ill be completely honest I know next to nothing about Minecraft having never played the game, although I do recognize the propertys massive impact on gaming and pop culture. Pretty sure Youtube earns a massive chunk of revenue from Minecraft Lets Play videos.

As I dont really have an active interest in the franchise, I dont think I can really add much thought or an informed opinion to this set other than a generic perspective from a LEGO fan.

The scale of The Mountain Cave is certainly quite impressive and I love that the focal part of this set is an amazing minecart track with an integrated redstone-powered minecart elevator, and an array of other features and functions, including TNT blasting, rotating spider-spawner, charged Creeper explosion and a lava burst.

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About Lego The Mountain Cave

The LEGO® set 21137: The Mountain Cave contains of 2863 pieces and has 6 minifigures and weighs 5.089 grams. Building time of this set is 7 8 hours. Its package dimensions are 58.1914 cm width, 48.006 cm height and 16.9926 cm depth. It was released in 2017 and removed in 2018. The item belongs to the LEGO® Minecraft theme and Minifig-scale theme. The official price in Europe is 249.99. The Mountain Cave is available via LEGO exclusive. The price per brick is 0.09. If you are going to sell the parts of The Mountain Cave separately, you could earn 740.00. If you decide to sell this Minecraft set completely and sealed, you get approximately 888.14. The expected end of life price is starting at 440.00. Recommended age for this set is at least 12 years. You may want to open the gallery with the 28 images. We archived 2 building instructions of 21137. Related tags: Alex, Charged Creeper, Enderman, Skeleton, Steve, Zombie, Bat, Bedroom, Brick Built Tree, Brick Separator, Cage, Cart, Cave, Crafting Table, D2c, Dog, Electric, Furnace, Grass, Light Brick, Map, Mojang, Pumpkin Head, Sheep, Slime, Snowy Tundra Biome, Spider, Tnt, Torch, Underground, Video Game, Water, Waterfall.

Lego Minecraft The Mountain Cave Review

One new set that we havent talked about yet is the enormous #21137 LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave. With 2,863 pieces, this is the largest LEGO Minecraft set released to date, and because the set is built of mostly standard LEGO bricks, it is also one of the largest sets as far as overall size. So lets talk about this beast!

And of course, for LEGO Minecraft fans The Mountain Cave is meant to be the crown jewel of their layout, and the ultimate set in their collection. Keep in mind that the set is huge, measuring over 12 high, 20 wide and 11 deep, so you will need a lot of space to display it. It practically needs its own table! Speaking of Minecraft fans who are always looking for more characters, the set includes Steve and Alex, plus a cave spider, wolf, baby wolf, slime, 2 small slimes, 2 bats, zombie, enderman, skeleton, sheep and a charged Creeper. The charged Creeper is definitely the best, but I also like the big slime with the small slimes inside lots of fun.

Just like all other LEGO Minecraft sets, the layout of the Mountain Cave is modular. This means that chunks of the set are built as a unit, and they can be swapped around to quickly and easily create a different layout without taking apart the whole model. The back of the instruction manual includes a couple of alternate layouts as inspiration, and of course, you can make your own as well.

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Custom Minecraft The Mountain Cave Compatible Building Bricks Toy Set 2932 Pieces

Condition: Brand New Packing: Original Retail Box Specification: Compatible with other brands

Brian T

The set arrived and was exactly as promised. There was a very long shipping delay but the set did arrive and was perfect. I do wish customer service had been more responsive.

Jacinda S

If you love Minecraft, this is the major set! It is quite expensive but worth it in terms of playability and creativity! The track can be changed around numerous times while other portions of the set can also be moved without breaking the total structure. We have highly enjoyed this!

This Offer Has Expired

LEGO Minecraft The Mountain Cave Set 21137 Speed Build Review

Amazon offers the LEGO Minecraft The Mountain Cave 21137 Kit for $199.99 shipped. Normally selling for $250, that saves you 20% and is a new Amazon all-time low. This 2,800-piece set measures up to over 12 inches tall and can be reconfigured into a variety of different layouts. And of course, it includes tons of different accessories and creatures from the Minecraft world alongside two minifigures. Learn more in our announcement coverage or head below for even more LEGO deals.

Dont forget that you can travel to galaxy far, far away with these LEGO Star Wars sets from $6 shipped. Yesterday we also got our first look at the upcoming LEGO seasonal BrickHeadz for 2019.

Be sure to head over to our LEGO Star Wars and City Advent Calendar coverage to get a look at a new miniature build each day!

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Minecraft The Mountain Cave Features:

Bring your builder all of the thrills and adventure of Minecraft with the LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave set. Your child can role play as Steve and Alex as they explore deep into the bat-infested Mountain Cave, ride the minecart elevator, and battle the hordes of hostile mobs. This set is designed for the enthusiastic, creative players of the successful sandbox video game, and has tons of potential for creative play. Give Minecraft fans a new challenge by bringing their game to life while taking a break from the screen.

Journey to Cloud City in day six of the LEGO 2018 Star Wars Advent Calendar or build your own snowman with the City kit

Will 21137 Minecraft The Mountain Cave Retire This Year

The LEGO 21137 Minecraft The Mountain Cave is a massive set. The set can be opened up the model to access the detailed interior and rearrange them with easy-to-connect modular sections. You can activate the lava burst, revolve the cave-spider spawner or trigger the charged Creeper explosion. It even features a minecart track with an integrated redstone-powered minecart elevator! This set includes two minifigures: Steve and Alex. Besides minifigures, it also consists of a cave spider, wolf, baby wolf, slime, two small slimes, two bats, a zombie, and more. There are an extensive amount of accessory including a Minecraft clock, spider eyes, signs, map, golden armor, shield, TNT and eight ore style elements.

This set includes over 2,860 pieces and measures over 12 high × 20 wide × 11 deep.

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Legos Gigantic Mountain Cave Is A Massive Minecraft Mining Operation

Weve seen LEGO release numerous Minecraft sets before. As awesome as any of those have been, every single one pales in comparison to their latest collaboration: the LEGO Minecraft Gigantic Mountain Cave.

Easily the most ambitious Minecraft set from LEGO yet, this thing allows you to build a sprawling mining operation in a mountain setting. And its heavy on the details, so there are plenty to do on the mine, ensuring youll enjoy playing with this long after youve finished the actual build.

The LEGO Minecraft Gigantic Mountain Cave isnt exaggerating with the gigantic part, as the darn thing measures a whopping 12 x 20 x 11 inches . And, yes, a set that big uses up a heck of a lot of bricks, as this set includes a total of 2,863 different pieces. Not only does it look like an actual facility in the game, the darn thing is designed to be played like one, too, with a multi-level track for a mining cart, a redstone-powered elevator, two minecarts, and a removable top that allows you to easily access the equally-detailed interior.

Minifigs of Steve and Alex are onboard, who will both need to deal with a zombie, a skeleton, a wolf, a baby wolf, and an enderman. Other features include a light brick for illuminating different parts of the set, a revolving cave-spider spawner, a charged Creeper explosion function, and a TNT blast.

Slated for availability in June, the LEGO Minecraft Gigantic Mountain Cave is priced at $249.99.

Why You Need This Lego Set

Toys &  Hobbies LEGO Complete Sets &  Packs LEGO Minecraft ...
Your Builder Can Explore the Mountain Caves Of MinecraftBring your builder all of the thrills and adventure of Minecraft with the LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave set. Your child can role play as Steve and Alex as they explore deep into the bat-infested Mountain Cave, ride the minecart elevator, and battle the hordes of hostile mobs. This set is designed for the enthusiastic, creative players of the successful sandbox video game, and has tons of potential for creative play. Give Minecraft fans a new challenge by bringing their game to life while taking a break from the screen. Easy to redesign and reconfigure, it will keep the creativity going for hours. It makes a perfect gift for Minecraft players and LEGO building fans alike.
  • Connect with your kids by helping them expand their Minecraft world
  • Detailed interior for totally immersive play experience
  • The set can be built and rebuilt for added play value
Minecart track with integrated redstone-powered elevatorFirst-night shelter with bed

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