Learn To Code Using Minecraft

Which Teaching Platform Is Used In Coding Camps

Learn Coding with Minecraft using the Code Kingdoms platform

If your child is new to coding, Minecraft camp offers a good introduction. Far from boring syntax memorization, the Minecraft teaching platform gives kids a glimpse into the world of virtual world development. The Minecraft coding camp experience adds to the fun, as kids get to learn and code together in a social and collaborative environment.

Makecode For Minecraft: More Fun With Javascript

With your first lines of JavaScript under your belt, you can access any number of other MakeCode tutorials like Mega Jump or Save the Cake, or create a blank document and let your creativity flow.

Let’s take a look at some custom scripts to work on our JS skills.

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Is Minecraft Safe For Kids

Minecraft is safe for kids when good digital citizenship is followed. Make sure you and your child only play on a server they own or trust. Monitor who is joining the server or game, and ensure you actually know all participants. Remind your child not to give out any personal information and not to converse with someone they dont know. Obtain your own account and join them in Minecraft to understand the game and spend time with your child.

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Take A Deeper Dive Into Javascript

We hope MakeCode for Minecraft piqued your coding interests! We stand behind its mission to create a new generation of programmers.

While you practiced some vital JavaScript methods, we merely examined the tip of the JavaScript iceberg in this article. If you want to learn JavaScript to be job-ready, you should learn how JS interacts with other web technologies like HTML and CSS. You’d be wise to study up on common data structures and algorithms as well.

What Skill Level Is Appropriate For Minecraft Camp

Learn How To Code With Minecraft In 60 Minutes Or Less ...

Coding doesnt have to be boring or complicated, and our Minecraft camps help kids learn in a supportive and fun environment. Depending on the location, theCoderSchool offers Minecraft learning in several settings, from day camps to summer camps and afterschool programs. to start your childs coding journey today.

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Console Commands And Command Blocks

A more direct way of interacting with coding in Minecraft is through the Minecraft console commands. These are written commands that you can type into the chat box to make things happen in your Minecraft world. It allows players to do things like change the weather cycle, teleport to far off places or create items that would otherwise be impossible to get. This in itself isnt truly coding, but it does teach an important concept about coding. Thats the idea that the things that we type into the computer can have an effect on the digital world in front of us.

In 2012 a new block, called the command block, was added to Minecraft that took console commands to the next level. These blocks can execute console commands in the game itself whenever certain requirements are met. When coupled with Redstone engineering, command blocks can introduce complex concepts like conditionals. This changes the commands found in the console into a kind of Minecraft coding language.

This Minecraft coding language doesnt work outside of the game, but it does a great job of introducing programming basics to new students.

Where Can My Child Learn Minecraft And Roblox

At CodeAdvantage, we offer 5 coding courses for kids who want to learn with Minecraft or Roblox. These are available in many formats depending on your childs needs and learning schedule from online group classes or 1:1 tuition, to intensive coding camps or coding learning pods with a group of friends or siblings. CodeAdvantages classes are suitable for absolute beginners, who will soon be creating their own games after just a few weeks of classes.


Your child will learn how to use all the tools in Roblox studio as well as become familiar with the whole Roblox environment. Using these tools, they will then be able to create their own 3D universes which could range from anything as simple as a treehouse to a mega spaceship!

Becoming fluent in the Lua programming language is the aim of this course, and by the end of the course each kid will have made a game which they can proudly play with their friends. Examples of previous student projects include Infinite Runner Parkour Maps and No Roadblocks Here Obby.


There are two versions of this 18-week course Fire and Ice in which kids will build, edit, and explore whilst learning about a variety of important topics including architecture, physics, and circuitry. Students will love learning how to make a farmhouse, a roller coaster, and even a Rube Goldberg machine.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

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Can I Download Minecraft Education Edition At Home

Unfortunately, Minecraft Education Edition is only officially available to purchase by schools, libraries, museums and those who are participating in recognised home-schooling organisations.

There are certain qualifications that must be met before an institution is able to purchase the education edition, including that eligible institutions:

  • Must be a full or part-time staff member at an academic institution
  • Requires a school-specific email address in order to sign up
  • Must be an officially recognised free public library or museum with an official education program.
  • Must be a home school that provides K-12 education, with written proof of belonging to a nationally recognised home-schooling program or is recognised by the local district as an acceptable alternative.

What you can do though, is take advantage of one of FunTechs Minecraft summer courses. We currently have 2 available running at locations in and around the London area, plus Chester, Maidenhead, Reading, and Tonbridge. You can explore those below:

Fall 2021 Weekend Series 1

Learn to Code using Blockly and Javascript | Minecraft Part 1

NOTE: one series does not build on the other. You can sign up for any series

Ages: 8 to 14Time: 1pm to 4pm Eastern Time Date: Saturday, Sep 18th, 25th, Oct 2nd and Oct 9thPrice: $149 plus HST per 4 day session, Canadian Dollars

Ages: 8 to 14Time: 9am to noon Eastern Time Date: Sunday, Sep 19th, 26th, Oct 3nd and Oct 10thPrice: $149 plus HST per 4 day session, Canadian Dollars

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Learning How To Code Quickly Without Prior Experience

This option is suitable for 99% of people. Even if you need an extremely large solution like Mineplex or Hypixel, you still need to understand at least the basics so you wont need to ping your developer team each time you need to change a simple message in the code for you.

Coding is easier and faster than most people experience. The problem out there is a lack of quality resources, proven systems to follow and professional guidance to help you get unstuck. And as you probably know, if youre a beginner, youll get stuck a lot.

Getting Started With Coding For Free

Here are some great starting points for coding plugins. Minecraft updates rapidly and plugins break, so I really tried to write this article in an universal and future-proof way to avoid putting out a version-specific advice out there.

Understand This Before You Start

Minecraft is coded in Java. Everything we do will have to do with the Java programming language. If you never coded anything before, or you dont understand the Java programming language, you need to learn it before you can developer great Minecraft plugins. Yes, this tutorial is designed as a jumpstart right into production and we will not cover how Java works in general, but for most people you need to learn it simultaneously if you are serious about your progress.

Minecraft Gives Us The Opportunity To Engage More Fully With Our Students

Minecraft: Education Edition helps prepare students for the future workplace, building skills like collaboration, communication, critical thinking and systems thinking. The open learning environment gives students the freedom to experiment, encouraging creative self-expression and problem-solving.

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Set Up Your Text Editor

Before we begin Minecraft modding, well need to download some tools.

First, for this guide, we are going to download the Eclipse IDE, one of the most popular professional text editors for Java in the world.

To download the installer and look for the Get Eclipse IDE 2020-06 Download area that looks like this:

Find the executable file in your download file and open it to launch the Eclipse installer.

When the launcher opens, select the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.

Then on the next window, keep the default install location and then click the INSTALL button.

The next window will appear and you need to accept the agreement for Eclipse.

Then the next window will prompt to make sure you accept the license Agreement.

Checkmark the Remember accepted licenses box and accept the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement.

Once this is accepted, you are almost done with the install.

Just accept the Eclipse Foundation certificate as shown in the image below.

Once this is done, Eclipse will be downloaded and ready for when we need to use it to write our code.

The next step is going to be installing the Java Developer Kit which will let our code work properly with Minecraft.

Now You’re Ready To Learn Minecraft Coding

Learn How to Code Using Robot in Minecraft Logic0 Map ...

Now that youve learned about Minecraft, the different way kids play it, how schools use it, and how it will transform the way your child thinks about coding, get started coding Minecraft! Whether you and your child decide to start coding on your own or through our classes, we believe your child will develop an interest in coding and game design while fostering his/her problem solving and critical thinking skills for life. Begin with our new Minecraft Education Edition coding quest class!

Up next, read how to code Minecraft mods or explore the best Minecraft skin editors.

Written by Adrienne Unertl, instructor at Create & Learn. In 2017, Adrienne was awarded Wyomings Elementary STEM Educator of the Year. She brings over over 15 years of experience teaching. And currently teaches coding through Scratch, robotics, 3D printing, micro:bits, makey-makeys, and Arduinos.

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First Use Of Its Kind In Canada

The use of Minecraft in this way was a first for any Canadian school board.

Minecraft Education Edition has been used in 115 countries according to Elka Walsh, national learning and skills lead for Microsoft Canada.

She said that what CBE is doing with the challenge is different from how other countries have used the game.

Whats so unique about what CBE is doing here is really creating something very, very rooted in the community, and in giving the students an opportunity to develop more citizenship skills, and connection to their neighbours and each other, and a sense of belonging within their city, she said.

Non-player characters have been placed throughout the virtual downtown core to teach students about Calgary. These include Mayor Naheed Nenshi at Calgarys City Hall, the Famous Five at Olympic Plaza, and Calgary Public Library NPCs with their new blue vest design in front of the Central Library.

Learning Beyond Minecraft With Codingal

At Codingal, we teach the students how to code right from the basics. Our curriculum is based on Blooms taxonomy a philosophy that helps the child to retain and apply information in the best possible way.

We provide courses for children in ages of K-12. Learning the Codingal way keeps the childs learning power as priority allowing the teachers to shape the courses according to their capabilities. Our modules have been designed to strengthen the students foundation of coding.

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Setup: Code Connection And A New World

To sync your code with your Minecraft client, download and install Microsoft Code Connection.

Choose your edition of Minecraft, then follow the steps laid out on the Minecraft for Windows 10 Setup for MakeCode page to install and run Code Connection.

With Code Connection running, start Minecraft and create a new world with cheats enabled. Activate Cheats must be turned on to access the full functionality of MakeCode.

Start your new world and enter the command displayed by Code Connection into the chat to sync your text editor and game client.

Now that Code Connection is set up and a new world is waiting for you, you’re ready to jump in and start coding!

How Does Minecraft Teach Coding

Learn To Code Your Own Minecraft Mods!

When playing Minecraft, it is very easy for your kids to sink hours upon hours of their free time into its blocky world whether they are creating a small farming homestead in survival mode or planning out and building the biggest fantasy castle they can.

While this may seem like a waste of time to some parents, some have realised that this fun game is a great way to encourage kids to learn how to code while not making it actually feel like valuable and educational work.

But how does Minecraft teach coding?

In this short guide were going answer those questions and more, plus give parents a little more insight into how Minecraft coding could offer future career potential for kids.

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About Youth Digitals Mod Design Program

One great way for kids to learn how to code is using Youth Digitals Mod Design program. The mission of this program, and all of Youth Digitals programs, is to empower kids to create with technology. Minecraft kids will learn to modify the game with this year-long online course that teaches kids programming with Java. Code their own Minecraft mod from start to finish and watch as the end result becomes a unique, shareable Minecraft mod that they built from scratch.

  • For Minecraft kids ages 8 to 13
  • Kids learn at their own pace
  • Lessons are easy to follow
  • Students must already have Minecraft for PC or Mac

Youth Digitals courses are available at a discount on Educents.com.

Microsoft Makecode For Minecraft: Learn Javascript For Free While Having Fun

Love Minecraft and want to learn to code? Here’s how Microsoft MakeCode for Minecraft can make learning JavaScript fun.

JavaScript is a versatile programming language that supplies thousands of high-paying jobs worldwide… so it may come as a surprise that you can learn it by playing Minecraft.

Microsoft MakeCode for Minecraft seeks to bring the world of software development to anyone and everyone with fun, free projects that bring your code to life before your very eyes in the world of blocks.

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How Does Minecraft Help With Coding

Minecraft uses a simplistic 1×1 block structure to makes up the worlds and objects. Its very easy to translate these into a programming language made up of 1s and 0s that dictate what the program does and how it runs.

This binary language can then be communicated to the computer through lines of coding. Understanding the basics of coding is an incredibly useful skill to have .

Handy Hint: If your child is interested in exploring a career working with computers, video games or other programming-relating fields, a summmer coding course can offer a great introduction.

Theres no doubt that coding and tech knowledge can help with childrens future career prospects. Aside from that though, coding can also help with the now of education its a highly applicable skill that helps creativity, logic, problem solving and mathematics.

How To Code Minecraft Plugins From Scratch

Learn to Code with Tynker and Minecraft Education ...

Ever wondered how to code your own Minecraft plugins and develop custom servers from the ground up? This article from the largest Minecraft education portal on Earth is designed to help you quickly.

A lot of Minecraft server owners are tired and frustrated of broken and limited plugins that cant do what they want them to do. The choice of existing plugins is large, however most of them are hard to configure, prone to bugs and errors, and their authors hard to reach or give up soon after the first version.

So is there a better alternative than to rely on the existing plugins?

There are two options to transform your ideas into reality:

#1 You find talented developers and build a great team#2 You learn how to code your own plugins fast and implement what you want, the way you want it

Warning: Theres a lot of psychology and principles oriented thinking in this article. To avoid failure, frustration, procrastination and overwhelm when coding, please read this article in full.

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What Is Microsoft Makecode

Microsoft MakeCode is a learning platform dedicated to making education in computer science interesting and accessible. It’s free and open-source with a variety of methods for learning, building, and playing.

If you’ve played Minecraft before, this option may catch your eye. You can learn Python and JavaScript in this section, or use the block editor to work on programming logic without worrying about code. We’ll be using JS in this article.

This article will introduce you to MakeCode for Minecraft‘s features by breaking down the initial project, Chicken Rain, as well as introducing a few custom scriptsthe first will allow you to toggle common settings , and the second will allow you to create and play a custom mini-game.

Note: In order to take advantage of the full functionality of MakeCode for Minecraft, you’ll need a Minecraft Bedrock Edition or Minecraft Education Edition account.

What Educators Are Saying About The New Code Builder

I use Minecraft to teach the basic about coding with MakeCode. The students are 10-12 years old and during the time they learn how to code they also discover how a computer works. I think it is important for our students to develop computational skills, because they are going to need it in the future. Leticia Ahumada, Spain

I have students who only use text-based coding and others who struggle with the computational thinking aspect and use the tutorials. I love it because students are engaged, theyre learning and they share their experience with others. Please come try my program is a frequent comment uttered in our coding period. James Wood, U.S.

Code Builder can be taught by teachers that might not have advanced coding skills themselves. Being able to work in a 3D environment is exciting. I love seeing the looks on the faces of my students and there never seems to be any problem with engagement. It helps develop resilience and determination when faced with failure. Great Growth Mindset teaching. Michael Clemens, New Zealand

Right now, 2 middle schools in my district are using the Code Builder and/or the CS curriculum from MEE to teach 6th, 7th, and 8th graders programming. I foresee this being a great way for students to have a wonderful background knowledge in Javascript as they enter high school. Trish Cloud, U.S.

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