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Our Picks: 5 Best Gaming Laptop To Play Minecraft 2021


With the growing popularity of Minecraft in the last few months, more and more Minecraft gamers have kickstarted their experience to the next level with even better user experience with the right gaming laptops.

When you are addicted to playing Minecraft, it is necessary that you have the best laptop for it that makes your experience an even better none. Find the best ones here.

The Best Laptop For Minecraft: Dell G5 15 Se

As Minecraft players we have agreed that the Dell G5 is the best laptop for Minecraft. Overall is a great, affordable and pretty laptop. It has the minimal specs to run the game and most likely a few others too. It is great for work and study plus its 15.6 inch screen makes it easy to carry around.

All of us in our community have different computers to play with but after reviewing the specs of all the ones listed here, our personal experience and what Minecraft needs we decided the best option is the Dell G5 15 SE.

If you want to check out other great options, maybe they adjust better to your budget or to other activities you will also be using your new laptop for then we recommend you to read carefully each of our reviews.

Our top choices for the best gaming laptop for Minecraft under 1000


We tried to keep in mind you may use the laptop to do more than playing Minecraft but we definitely focused our reviews on if the laptop is good to play or not. Without further ado let see all the specifics on the top 10 laptops for Minecraft playing!

Asus Vivobook S15 Best Budget Laptop For Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

CPU : Intel Core i5-8265U | GPU : Nvidia GeForce MX250 with 2GB VRAM | RAM : 8 GB | STORAGE : 256 GB SSD | DISPLAY : 15.6 Full HD IPS | WEIGHT : 4 lbs

The Asus VivoBook is one of the lightest budget laptops that runs Minecraft Windows 10 edition with zero lag and constant FPS.

The build quality is decent for the price and uses plastic with an Aluminium finish that looks premium. It is not that sturdy but not susceptible to damage under low pressure.

The VivoBook has thin bezels and the lid is easy to open and close. The thickness is around 0.71 inches which is quite slim and sleek for a budget laptop.

The overall hardware is very good with a combination of i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and Nvidia MX250 graphics card. It runs Minecraft and Roblox easily without lags. However, this is not a great option for AAA titles on medium or high graphics.

The Display is FULL HD IPS but the color contrast is poor. The thin bezels give you good viewing angles but the color accuracy and saturation are not great. For the price, I would say the display is okay.

The storage capacity is low with around 256GB space. However, the good thing is that it has an SSD hard drive which gives you faster load times and boot times.

Asus VivoBook S15 has a 3-cell 42Wh battery which has a battery life of around 5.5 hours for normal use and less than 1 hour for gaming. The overall battery life is poor.


Great Performance for the Price.

Good Build Quality.

Display is not great with poor color contrast.

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The Best Laptop For Minecraft

After careful analysis, the Lenovo Gaming Laptop slides into first as our #1 pick for best laptop for Minecraft!

The Y50 has a lot to offer anyone who loves Minecraft. You wont be sorry if you choose this laptop.

This laptop comes with a 6th gen Intel i7 CPU, making it powerful enough for even the most hard-core Minecraft players. There is also a full 16 GB of RAM, further adding to this laptops exciting processing capabilities.

Processing power wont let you down at the graphics end, either. This laptop comes complete with a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M GPU with 2 GB of graphics memory.

However, the display is where this device really shines, with a 15.6 inch Ultra HD IPS display.

With so many great features to support Minecraft, the Lenovo Y50 was an easy pick for our top spot. It also comes highly recommended by Minecraft users. Were sure youll love this device.

What Laptop Can Run Minecraft Java

New AMD Laptop Can

The best laptop to play Minecraft Java Edition is MSI GF63 and a budget laptop to play the Java Edition on the highest graphic settings is Acer Aspire 5. The best laptop to play the Bedrock edition is Dell Inspiron 15 and a budget laptop to play the Bedrock edition on high graphics is Acer Aspire 5.

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Can You Game On A Macbook

Yes, but it depends on the laptop and the game. Newer MacBook Pro models only have integrated Intel graphics, aside from the very top-end 15-inch models that cost upwards of £2,000. You can add an external graphics card by using an eGPU dock, but these are very expensive.

There are plenty of Mac-compatible titles on the online games store Steam, but the selection is far smaller than what you can find on Windows.

You can install Windows 10 on a MacBook using Boot Camp, which is Apples official tool for installing other operating systems alongside its own MacOS. But that wont solve your problem of the low-performance graphics hardware, so be aware of its limitations.

Power isn’t everything when it comes to gaming on a laptop – find out which laptop brands are most reliable based on our yearly survey.

Why Hardware Is Important

So why is it that mods sometimes require more powerful hardware than the base game? There are a few reasons.

When developers create a game, they do their best to make sure it can run on a wide variety of systems. Its impossible to predict everyones configuration, but a great deal of attention is paid to optimizing the game so more people can enjoy it regardless of their hardware.

Most people who create mods, on the other hand, dont have the resources to implement the same rigorous optimization. This can often result in mods that are poorly optimized, meaning they are far more hardware-intensive than the original game. Even well optimized mods often operate beyond the scope of the original game, and that can result in unforeseen performance complications the developer may not have accounted for.

Minecraft* is a great example of this.

With its blocky polygons and flat textures, Minecraft* might not seem like a resource-intensive game until you start stacking on the mods. In Minecraft*, theres a mod for just about everything, from item storage systems, to adding on mini-maps, to changing the layout of the procedurally generated game world.

Minecraft*s worlds can be very large, and are built from individual blocks that your processor has to render individually. Minecraft* was also programmed with Java*,1 and makes use of extensive voxel data,2 both of which can be CPU intensive.

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The Memory : Minecraft Laptop Requirements

Ideally, you would need 4GB of memory or above. The old DDR3 would be fine, thou the DDR4 type would be better, which is the latest variant of memory in laptops and PCs.

You will find most laptops around the £600-£800 range will come with 8GB RAM installed, and 8GB is a decent starting point for gaming. And 8GB would be perfect for Minecraft.

TIP:If you decide to buy a laptop with only 4Gb RAM check to see if this can be upgraded. Because you will need more RAM to play other games.

How To Choose The Best Laptop For Gaming

How to Know if Your Computer or Laptop Will Run Minecraft!

In brief: Consider the games you want to play, as well as your budget. Some are more strenuous for laptops than others.

You cant just buy any old laptop to play games on. The more you spend, the more games the laptop will be able to run smoothly. Just because a game works, doesnt mean itll be an enjoyable experience.

How much you should spend very much depends on the game that the laptop is going to be playing. Minecraft, for example, can be played on practically any laptop while a game like Fortnite will only work on more powerful and thus more expensive machines. Keep in mind that almost all games have adjustable settings turning down the graphical fidelity helps less powerful laptops play advanced games by making them look much less realistic, less shiny and with fewer special effects such as explosions and dust, for example.

This doesnt mean you have to spend a lot to get what you need, but you should realise that spending less might result in a laptop that doesnt do everything you want it to do. With that in mind, read on to learn some general rules of thumb on what to look for, and after that well dive into a few very popular games and provide some checklists of what to look for when buying a brand-new laptop.

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Dell Inspiron 15 Best Laptop For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

CPU : Intel Core i5-8250U | GPU : Intel UHD 630 Graphics | RAM : 16 GB | STORAGE : 1 TB HDD | DISPLAY : 15.6 Full HD IPS | WEIGHT : 4.9 lbs

The Dell Inspiron 15 has very high RAM which makes it a great option for streaming Minecraft in HD quality without any drop in FPS or stream quality.

The Build quality is semi-decent. The body is made of plastic and the looks are not something to die for. It is not very sturdy.

The Inspiron 15 is thicker and bulkier than MSI GF63 and HP Pavilion 15. The sides dont look sleek but you get a fingerprint reader with this one.

The processor and RAM on this laptop make an excellent combination. Getting 16GB RAM for the price is definitely a steal. Although it uses Intel HD Graphics you can increase the VRAM and it has no problems with running Minecraft and games like Roblox. The overall performance of the laptop is excellent.

The Display on the Dell Inspiron 15 is not the best. Even though it has an IPS Full HD display the screen appears dim and the color contrast, as well as the color accuracy, is not great. The screen has thick bezels but the viewing angles are comfortable.

The storage capacity is very high which is more than enough for storing games, movies, and other big files. The hard disk is HDD which means youll get slower loading and boot times than laptops with SSD storage.

The speakers on the laptop are exceptional and very loud. It also has surround sound.


Excellent Performance for the price.

Very high Storage Capacity.

Minecraft Is Now A Massive Game That Can Tax Home Computers

Since its 2011 release, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games on the planet. In fact, it is the highest-selling video game of all time. This has led to a massive online community that has helped the game grow by adding their own content and voting for new features from the developer, Mojang.

Because of the vast improvements added to Minecraft, the game has grown to the point of requiring a good PC or laptop to run smoothly. Our pick for the best laptop for Minecraft is the MSI GF65 RTX laptop, but there are other solid options depending on your budget and how intensely the user will play the game.

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What You Need To Run Pc Game Mods

One of the many perks of PC gaming is the ability to add mods user-created add-ons and revisions that modify the content of a game.

Since the 80s, people have been using PC game mods to customize the look, feel, and functionality of their favorite games. Game modders have transformed bad games into good games, transformed good games into weird games, and revitalized outdated games for new audiences. The creativity of modders is limitless, and it has resulted in some truly strange and beautiful creations. While console players have seen glimpses of modding in the past, mods will always be most at home on PC.

If you’ve never considered modding a game, it’s easy enough to get started. Mod hubs and official forums have huge collections of user-generated content. They often offer easy-to-use installers and step-by-step guides on the best way to get started, so even if youre intimidated at first, you might be surprised at just how easy it is. It varies from game to game, but with an online search, youll find instructions on how to start installing mods for your favorite titles.

If youre new to the modding scene, there are a few potential risks worth noting. As with any third-party content, make sure to download from reputable sources, and always be wary of malware or viruses. Also, for online games, you should make sure that a mod won’t violate the terms of service.

Minecraft System Requirements: Minimum And Recommended


In this part, we will show you the minimum and recommended Minecraft PC system requirements.

Minimum Minecraft System Requirements

In order to ensure the Minecraft can run on your computer, the minimum Minecraft system requirements must be satisfied. Now, we will show you.

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 3210 | AMD A8 7600 APU or equivalent
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • HDD: At least 1GB for game core, maps and other files
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5 series | NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later

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What Else Should I Consider When Purchasing A Laptop For Minecraft

A. When playing Minecraft on a laptop, its advisable to have a wired mouse. The trackpad on some laptops may lag, which could ruin gameplay or cause character death. Also, consider getting an elevated cooling pad to keep your laptop from overheating. Cooling pads plug directly into a laptop and help prevent thermal throttling while playing the game. They may also provide a slight performance boost, depending on the laptop. Another optional accessory is an external hard drive, since this can help save space on the laptop itself.

Best Laptops For Playing Minecraft 2021

Bestlaptops for playing MinecraftWindows Central2021

The best laptops for playing Minecraft don’t need to be particularly powerful or expensive, which is part of the reason the game is so accessible. It allows players the freedom to experiment in endless blocky worlds, gather resources, build shelters, and eventually create complex automated machines. If you’re looking to upgrade your laptop or start exploring what the game has to offer, we’ve rounded up a bunch of the best Windows laptops for playing Minecraft.

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What Are The Minecraft Rtx Minimum And Recommended Pc Requirements

Best answer: Minecraft, specifically the Bedrock Edition that can enable ray tracing, has never been particularly resource hungry, and in some ways that doesn’t change with RTX turned on. Your computer can be relatively modest, with an Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent, 8GB of RAM, and Windows 10 64bit, but your GPU has to be RTX capable. This means an NVIDIA 2060 or better, which is a relatively powerful card. If you want the best performance, your RAM and most importantly your GPU is where you should focus your upgrades.

Which Laptop For Minecraft Should I Get

How to Run Minecraft Java Edition smooth on Low end PC/Laptop

Best of the best laptop for Minecraft: MSI GF65 RTX

Our take: There are few laptops better equipped to handle Minecraft and all its mods and resources than the MSI GF65. With graphics cards and hardware that can match even the best desktop PCs, the GF65 is a great laptop for Minecraft.

What we like: The MSI’s graphics card lets users play Minecraft in RTX mode, which makes the game look absolutely stunning. Its superior storage and RAM allow users to download multiple mods and its processor can comfortably run Minecraft at the highest settings.

What we dislike: While this is the perfect laptop for Minecraft, the price might be too high for the everyday gamer. The laptop also does not perform as well as other RTX laptops, which is expected at the price.

Best bang for your buck laptop for Minecraft: Acer Nitro 5

Our take: The Nitro 5 is a great laptop on a budget. The Nitro can handle Minecraft, just do not add too many mods or features in the game and monitor the video settingsin some cases, you might have to set them to lower levels.

What we like: A good laptop that gets the job done at a great price. The storage, RAM and cooling abilities of this laptop are adequate for playing Minecraft.

What we dislike: The graphics card may be able to handle Minecraft’s base game at lower settings, but when additional resources are tacked onto the game, the laptop may have a hard time running it.

Honorable mention laptop for Minecraft: Lenovo Legion 5

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What Size Laptop Is Best For Minecraft

A. Either a 15-inch or a 17-inch laptop makes sense for Minecraft. Because Minecraft is an open-world game, players will be taking in a lot of scenic information from the screen. Generally, a bigger screen will always be better for this. Of course, you can always connect it to an external monitor to get the best of both worlds portability and immersion.

How Do I Know That My Laptop Can Run Minecraft

Most Windows and Mac laptops from the past few years can run Minecraft. Make sure to check your laptops specs against the minimum and recommend system specs to make sure it can run Minecraft. If you dont know your laptops specs or dont know how to compare them, you can use a system checking tool like Game Debate or Can I Run It.

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