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Is Minecraft safe for kids?! | The good, bad, and ugly

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Xbox One And Windows 10

If you’re a concerned parent looking after their child when they’re playing Minecraft, there’s no better platform for them to be on than the dynamic Xbox and Windows duo. Microsoft is the company behind Windows, Xbox, and Minecraft, so it goes without saying that all three of them tie together very nicely. All of the Xbox Live and even the broader Microsoft Account settings a loving parent can configure apply to Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 devices, making it even easier to protect your child.

Even better, Xbox One consoles bake in most of these privacy and parental control features right on the console, including setting up a PIN to protect against unwanted purchases and inappropriate content. Windows 10 devices would rather you go through a browser, but even then more features are supported and they’re easily implemented. There are definitely numerous ways to protect other devices, but never as simple as Xbox One and Windows 10.

Why Is Minecraft So Popular With Kids

Minecraft is hugely popular with kids particularly those aged between 6 and 13 years old. What makes the game so popular is that players can create anything from cities to roller coasters and anything in between, there are no rules to the game and the possibilities and endless.

The game also allows for multiplayer mode, a popular function with young players, who enjoy playing with their friends and helping each other build new creations. For most children, the appeal is the freedom the game offers.

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Play Minecraft With Your Kids

Have you ever thought about playing video games with your children? Recent studies show its a great way to connect with them. Moreover, if youre hopping on the same server together or choosing mods to download together, its easier to make sure they stay safe.

Playing video games definitely not a prerequisite to making sure your children are safe on Minecraft. In fact, they might want to play on their own or with their friends, so you wont be gaming together every day. But if you give it a shot, you may find that Minecraft is a really fun game. We think youll be chopping trees and building houses in no time.

Why Does My Kid Like Watching People Play Minecraft On Youtube

The FREE Minecraft Kids Club Is a Safe and Fun Place to ...

Kids like watching people play Minecraft for a variety of reasons: to learn new techniques enjoy others’ skills keep up with the latest news and feel like part of a community. But entertainment value is probably the biggest draw: The top Minecraft players have gained celebrity status in the gaming world, and they can be funny, interesting, and even personable. As long as your kid is watching age-appropriate channels and balancing their screen time with other activities, watching people play video games is just like any spectator sport. Get tips on how to talk to your kid about watching Minecraft videos on YouTube.

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What Is A Minecraft Server

A server is a software setup that lets players organize and control multiplayer games. If you’re playing multiplayer, you either have to know the name of the server you want to join or get invited by the host. Anyone can set up a server, but it’s a little technical — and it’s a big responsibility because the host is in charge of the players. While some folks set up a server just for friends or a one-game session, there are a lot of dedicated Minecraft servers, some just for kids or families or other groups. For example, Autcraft is a Minecraft server designed just for kids on the autism spectrum, and Famcraft is a server that’s family friendly. The folks behind these established Minecraft servers put a lot of effort into building communities around the worlds they make, and they tailor the game-playing experience for their specific audience.

Make Minecraft Safe For Your Kids

Undoubtedly there needs to be better controls over how Minecraft servers are managed. But you’ll find the game has enough controls to help you manage any issues. But it’s not worth banning Minecraft. The game has huge potential for education, not least with the Minecraft Hour of Code.

For a safe Minecraft experience, take advantage of single player and local multiplayer gaming and eschew remotely hosted games.

Want to know more about your kids are playing? Check what every parent should know about videogames.

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Are There Privacy Settings

Privacy settings are limited in Minecraft, but there are things you can do to control what your child sees and who they interact with. These are especially important if your child is of a primary age you may want to be more flexible with older children, depending on their maturity and ability to talk to you if they feel uncomfortable.

Is Minecraft A Childs Game

Minecraft for Kids – How to Win! S2 E23

If youre wondering if Minecraft is good for kids, Minecraft is certainly a childs game. It allows kids to be creative rather than just sit in front of a screen and play a game. They are working to create things and even work together with other kids. Problem-solving and teamwork skills are utilized in this game which is great for kids to learn at any age. These are also skills they can use their entire lives. As kids play, they have to figure out how to get past levels to make their game the best it can be.

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Option Three: Host It At Homeyour Hardware Your Hassle

  • Pros: Your only expense is electricity. You have total control over everything.
  • Cons: You have to install and configure everything. You supply the hardware. Theres no quick start or friendly dashboard.
  • Best for: Parents very comfortable with Minecraft and computers in general .

If you consider yourself the geeky type, and youre not afraid to manage every aspect of running a Minecraft server for your kids , then you can run a Minecraft server right out of your house.

On the upside: you have total control over the entire process, you can choose whatever server software you want, the files are stored right at home, and all the game play takes place right at home too. We have guides for setting up the vanilla Minecraft server platform available from Mojang or a third party server platform like Spigot that supports plugins.

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On the downside: if you want the server up 24/7, you have to leave a computer on 24/7 . You need good enough hardware to run the server smoothly in the first place. Youll need to fiddle with setting up port forwarding rules to allow external access to the server , and while youre at it, youll likely need to set up a Dynamic DNS address so their friends can easily find the server even if your home IP address changes.

Where To Go From Here

If youre a Minecraft parent with a child interested in creating their own mods, . While heavy on the lingo, it is a great resource for the aspiring modder. Or check out MCreator, free mod-making software that is both easy-to-use and great for first time modders. You can read our review of MCreator here.

The modding community tends to be very friendly and supportive. It can offer aspiring coders and game designers the resources they need to hone their craft. Playing mods is a great first step toward becoming a talented modder!

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Are Youtube Minecraft Videos Safe

Minecraft Youtubers are a big part of what draws kids to Minecraft. Their fun explanations of how to build certain creations, their game hacks, and their infectious personalities help make Minecraft a community instead of just a game.

While there are a lot of kid-friendly YouTubers, there are just as many non-kid-friendly channels out there, so beware. We recommend that parents read reviews and watch a few videos before allowing their child to watch a Minecraft YouTuber.

Some of the most popular kid-friendly Minecraft YouTubers include:

  • DanTDM
  • iHasCupquake

Minecraft Game Modes: Adventure Creative And Survival

Father Creates Minecraft Safe Place for Kids With Autism ...

The game has three styles of play available: Creative, Adventure, and Survival.

Creative mode has very little violence. Its all about creativity, such as building houses or crafting items. This game mode is more relaxed and laidback, ideal for kids who just want to explore the world, test the games mechanics, or build and craft without interruption. Note, however, that creative mode gives players access to TNT, which functions as a bomb in the game.

Adventure mode plays out like a role-playing game . This game mode has some violence and focuses less on the building aspect of the game. Unlike creative mode, players cant make changes to the world theyre in.

Survival is the game mode with the highest possibility for violence. Like adventure mode, kids can go for an RPG playstyle, but they can also make edits to the world. Additionally, survival mode has different difficulty levels, which affect the appearance of creatures that harm characters in-game . The different levels are:

  • Peaceful Difficulty: No mobs
  • Normal Difficulty: Normal amount of mobs spawn
  • Hard Difficulty: Mobs are harder to kill and more of them spawn as well

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Additional Tips For Parents

It can helpful to set time limits on how much screen time your child is allowed.

Agree some basic gameplay rules for example decide if you comfortable with your child using multi-player mode or chatting to other players online.

For more information and safety tips on online gaming go to:

Communicate With Your Child

After every gaming session, always make it a point to ask your child about the game and what did they do on that day.

Communication is very important every time and your child should always feel safe talking to you about things that happened on the server.

Also, make sure to remind your child to never share personal information like their full name, address or school they go to. If something like this happened on the server make it a point to report it to the server admin so that appropriate actions can be done.

Whilst there are never any guarantees, your child will be a lot safer if they connect to one of the kid-friendly Minecraft servers shown below.

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Ask Specifically About Griefing Incidents: What Happened Why They Think It Happened And How They Might Respond

Is Minecraft Safe for Kids?

Griefing does occur but on kid-friendly servers many disputes between players are due to misunderstandings, differences in perspective, and inexperience. For example, if your child is on a PvP server it is within the rules of the game to take items from other players. If your child doesnt understand the rules they will think theyve been griefed.

In addition, many players new to multiplayer servers are often confused about how to collaborate with others. They might destroy someone elses property in an attempt to help them build.

Talking through any incidents will help your child better understand how to be a good community member and how to recognize when true griefing occurs. Referring back to the servers code of conduct can be useful.

It is possible that they might be at fault in a griefing incident and dealing with this conflict in a timely and healthy way can be a really good learning experience for a young player. The forums are always a good place for your child to post questions about conduct on the server and to talk through their experiences with other players.

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Use A Vpn To Protect Your Child While Playing Minecraft

A VPN will change your IP address by routing your connection through different servers. On top of that, it will secure your data with enhanced encryption, as well as add extra safety layers. Good VPNs keep no logs of your childs online activity and provide fast connection speeds so there is no interference with gaming quality.

Technically, its against Mojangs terms of service for players to use a VPN with Minecraft. Mojang has trackers in place to block VPNs due to geographical restrictions. This means they want to keep users from accessing content they shouldnt, based on their location. If you use a VPN only to keep your child safe, however, you can simply connect to a server in your own country or at least one near to you.

If you choose one of the top-tier VPNs on our list and use it for safety instead of unblocking, you wont run into much trouble with Mojangs trackers. VPNs like NordVPN have special features and servers that can circumvent trackers, so you can keep your kid safe while also enjoy their favorite game.

Any of our top VPN recommendations will work well for playing Minecraft, but the VPN we recommend for games is NordVPN. NordVPN has specific servers for online video games, and they offer DDoS protection to their users. At this time, we do not recommend free VPNs for playing Minecraft.

Galacticraft Modfocus: Outer Space

Calling all aspiring astronauts! Log into Minecraft, collect the materials you need to build a rocket ship and blast through the Earths atmosphere. Once in outer space you can travel to a bunch of different planets, build a station station, and drive around on the Moon. This mod brings space exploration to Minecraft, giving players a taste of just how hard it is to survive outside of Earth.

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How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Minecraft

Minecraft might look safe for young kids and children, but it doesnt carry the lowest age rating. The Entertainment Software Rating Board deems the game inappropriate for some people, plus specifies how many years old users should be. So, how old do you have to be to play Minecraft? Heres the lowdown on the minimum appropriate age for a Minecraft player.

Little Kids: Tammin Sursok’s Number One Piece Of Parenting Advice

This Is Why Your Kids Like Minecraft

Were trying to shift the focus from the number of hours they spend doing an activity to looking at what they actually do, she adds.

Mavoa says kids have the right to self-directed play.

Minecraft is a really good opportunity for that in a digital realm, she explains. Theres actually a lot of similarities with the types of play that we know are really well connected to healthy development, and enjoyment and fun for children, which is important as well.

Interestingly, the study showed that about half of kids who play Minecraft usually play with someone else.

Things like iPads just so easily lend themselves to social play and co-play, and children tend to like playing with other children.

More than 90 per cent of parents whose kids were playing Minecraft were able to come up with something positive about the game.

Often parents would just write, We like it because its creative, but then people would talk about it in relation to construction or problem-solving.

Others said that their kids had shown interest in subjects like geology after playing the game.

That doesnt surprise me. Ive had discussions with my son about everything from wolves to obsidian to mycelium after hes come across them in Minecraft.

LISTEN: Sophie Falkiner shares her rules for screen time, on our podcast for imperfect parents

Some parents would specifically say, Oh, we really like Minecraft because its not a violent game.

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How To Join A Server

Joining a public Minecraft server is very easy. Just open the Minecraft launcher and click Play to run the main Minecraft game. Once you reach the main title screen, you click the Multiplayer button, then click the Add Server button to add the server.

Now type a name for the server in the Server Name box, then type the server address in the Server Address box. Typically this will be a domain name, such as, or an IP address, such as Then click Done to add the server to your server list:

To add a server, click Add Server and enter the server details. You can then connect to the server with the Join Server button.

Then its simply a matter of clicking a server in the list, and clicking the Join Server button to connect to it.

Now lets look at a couple of issues that may come up when joining a server.

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