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How To Choose The Right Course For You

Virtual Tech Camps & Academies | Spring & Summer Online Learning Programs | Ages 7-18

Its important to make sure you choose the right course for yourself or your child. Have a look at the iD Tech Camp website for in-depth information on all of the programs available, or order a brochure online.;

Read course information carefully before sign-up, to check if any prior knowledge of a particular subject is required.

For help in deciding on the most suitable course, academic advisors are also on hand to discuss all the options with you.

What Will Kids Do At Camp

Depending on the camp topic, your child might design worlds, craft stories, survive and thrive, build adventure maps, improve their play, code turtles, create epic builds, and more.

Your child will make new friends and learn valuable skills like:

  • Coding, design, and media production.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Planning and organization.
  • Community building.

Our goal is to ignite a passion for learning, cooperation, and creation for all of our campers.

What Kinds Of Courses Are Offered

There are three categories of courses: Virtual Camp Classes, Online Private Lessons and After-School Courses.

There are four sections of the Virtual Camp Classes. The first is the youngest age pool eligible for seven to nine-year-olds. The course is called, “Online Minecraft World Designer.”

The second is eligible for students aged ten to twelve. It’s called, “Minecraft Adventure Design.” The third is another course for students ages ten through twelve. It’s called, “Minecraft Modding With Java Coding.”

The fourth, and final, course for this section is an advanced level course for students ages thirteen through seventeen. It’s called, “Minecraft Java Modding Course.”

There are only two sections in the Online Private Lessons. They’re both eligible for students ages seven and above:

  • “Minecraft Game Design.”
  • “Minecraft Modding With Java.”

Finally, there are seven different sections for the Minecraft After-School Courses. The first two are for ages seven through nine:

  • “Club Minecraft: Bed Wars.”
  • “Club Minecraft: Defeat The Ender Dragon.”

The next four are intermediate courses for ages ten through twelve:

  • “Game Design: Roblox & Minecraft.”

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A Typical Day At Camp

The flow of a typical week at our award-winning summer camps is awesomely diverse and packed with big fun.

On the first day of camp, campers engage in some initial, getting-to-know-you activities and circle-up time with instructors. Our 8:1 student-teacher ratio ensures that kids get the appropriate welcome and attention in order to feel comfortable and confident in our camp environment. Theyll get acquainted with guidelines and safety measures, watch tech demonstrations, and be introduced to a wide range of tech options for exploration.

After exploring the project options on their particular tech path, and with encouragement from our talented, knowledgeable staff, campers will dive into subjects that spark their interest and begin to realize their passion and emerging skills.

We incorporate outside activities and break times throughout the day to balance the time spent in front of computer screens. Depending on our location, campers will walk to a park, work off some energy on a playground, or get involved with a game.

At weeks end, our rock star campers will show off their projects to the community and parents, and get continued access to their project or game files to keep the BIG FUN going long after their camp experience is over!

Kids Love Our Programs

Find Oregon Computer Gaming Camps on

My daughter is in camp this week and I signed her up for one next week She LOVES it. said the camp is the most fun she has ever had. She wants one every week! Thank you so much. We are a regular customer now!

continues to talk about his camp experience with you over the summer. He craves the opportunity to extend his world and being in a camp with other kids online is an amazing opportunity for him.

My son was thrilled with connecting with his friends online, and learning new concepts about Minecraft. He was amped the rest of the day. You guys do an awesome job.

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More Awards Than Any Other Stem Campor After

#1 Winner, 6 Years Running!

Best STEM Summer Camp#1 in 2020, #1 in 2019

Best Academic Summer CampTop 10 in 2020, #1 in 2019, #1 in 2018, Top 5 in 2016, Top 5 in 2015

Best School Vacation Camp#1 in 2020, #1 in 2019, #1 in 2018, #1 in 2017

Best Science Technology & Digital Arts Summer Camps#1 in 2018, #1 in 2017

Best Kids PartyTop 10 in 2020, #1 in 2019, #1 in 2018

Top Five, 7 Years in a Row!

Best Winter CampTop 5 in 2020, #1 in 2019, Top 5 in 2017

Best Among All Types of Enrichment & After-School ProgramsTop 10 in 2020, Top 5 in 2019, #1 in 2018, #1 in 2017

Best Science & Technology ProgramsTop 10 in 2020, Top 5 in 2019, Top 5 in 2018, Top 5 in 2017, Top 5 in 2016, Top 5 in 2015

Best Among All Types of Teen Focused Summer CampsTop 5 in 2019

Archived Q&a And Reviews

I am interested in signing up my 9 year old for the ID Tech camps at UC Berkeley. We are not a techie family but like many boys his age, my son loves video games and computers. The camp is really expensive so I’m wondering if other parents can share their experiences with this camp. Thank you. -New Tech Parent

Here are a couple reviews on iD Tech from the website Sign Up For Camp.

This was our first ID Tech camp experience, and we were very pleased with the entire experience: thorough materials, easily accessible info, friendly staff, nice camp environment, accommodating staff. Posted by: D H.

ID tech camp is a fun, educational experience. Your child will learn about computers inside and out. Whether they choose programming, movie making, or mulitmedia/game creation, they are guaranteed a week of fun. While they learn about computers and software, they are in the environment of the high-tech industry, the Silicon Valley. Posted by: E S.

Our son, who was 11 at the time, did an ID Tech camp at Berkeley this past summer . He really learned how to design levels in the Wrold of War Craft game. Maybe more important he had a really fun time. He is a bit of a geek as are all the counselors and I think it was really good for his self esteem to be around college age people who were like him and have a really fine time. It is expensive but I think it was worth it. Liked ID Tech

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Top 10 Reasons To Attend Camp Tech Revolution Online

There are many reasons to attend Camp Tech Revolution Online!; Here are our top 10 :

  • We are passionate about our camp families and want to ensure your child has a great summer!
  • We value safety, learning, friendship, fun, and excellent camp quality. Our campers have the opportunity to make friends with similar interests and passions in a safe and dynamic environment.
  • We provide a wide variety of uniquely specialized courses that allow our campers to focus on areas of interest or try something new!
  • We develop innovative and cutting-edge curricula that put our campers in a position to succeed.; We ignite passion and learning at your childs pace! Join us to see why thousands of campers love to participate and thrive at Camp Tech Revolution Online!
  • We hire talented staff who are passionate about teaching, knowledgeable in the subject matter, and highly responsible. We hire the best because our campers deserve the best!
  • We offer high quality camps at a great value. Camp is an investment in your child. At Camp Tech Revolution Online, our campers learn in-demand skills, make friends, and are put on a track for success in school and in life.
  • The Convenience of Camp, Wherever You Are. Your child can have an awesome camp experience from the comfort and convenience of your own home, workplace, or anywhere else with an internet connection!.
  • Minecraft Camp Must Haves What To Consider When Looking At Potential Camps

    Pursue Differently | iD Tech Online Learning

    OK.; In all fairness, my initial vision of what Minecraft camp would be wasnt even close to the real thing. In my mind, I pictured kids hovering over keyboards and screens for eight hours a day in some dimly lit, windowless room. ;Not exactly the summer vacation I had in mind for the kiddos. As I investigated more closely, I soon realized most were not even remotely using a setup like this and in fact offered a lot of additional non-screen time activities to complement the coding time. Whether your kiddos are going to camp for the first time or are seasoned veterans, we highlight a few questions to consider when youre picking one out.

    Camp considerations

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    Disappointing Lack Of Teacher Involvement

    Unfortunately, the class experience has been better than the individual instruction which doesnt make sense. The teacher found for my son is inaccessible and generally unavailable for discussing the long-term needs of the student. This is hugely disappointing.I didnt buy 13 lessons so iDTech could make money at their instructors convenience over four months. I bought 13 lessons so I could give the instructor and my son a chance to work together twice a week for six weeks. Once they had developed a rhythm and direction, I would gladly buy as many lessons as needed for them to continue to learn steadily for a year.

    Virtual Tech Camps Virtual Camps And Online Summer Stem Camps In Minecraft Roblox Youtube Among Us Harry Potter Coding Game Design Math Olympics Science Graphic Design With Custom Converse/vans Shoes & Hoodies Digital Art & More

    Camp Tech Revolution Online Virtual Tech Camps: As Featured on Good Morning America and The Wall Street Journal.

    ;; ; ; ;;I was blown away with how you pivoted to digitalThe program is genius as were the teachers teaching it. Thanks for providing an educational experience with the highest quality of professionalism. We cant wait for more! Sarah E., Los Angeles, CA

    Award-Winning Summer Camps. #1 In STEM.Boys & Girls Ages 6-1450+ Virtual Tech Camps. June 7 to August 27, 2021. Enroll in 1 or More Camps Each Week.

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    Discover Related Camps And Programs

    While we also list , its;worth looking at other kinds of camps with programming related to, or that develops kids’ interests beyond;Minecraft. Consider these;related camp types, presented in order of age of interest:

    is an ideal change of pace for the youngest Minecraft lovers, focusing on hands-on activities with this beloved construction toy. LEGO encourages imaginative world-building at an early age, like Minecraft

    might be considered a logical next step after Minecraft, where;young kids transition into real world creation. Bear in mind that this;does require the ability to understand series circuits and complex electronics, so its more suitable for kids 12 and older. Parents will also be aware of the career possibilities in this industry.;;

    are fun-focused;programs featuring;activities related to Marvel Universe characters and other superheroes. These appeal to many kids in this age group.;

    is similarly practical, engaging;kids with a;diverse, open-ended range of products and media. Makerspace is a suitable next step for kids whove grown up with Minecraft. Parents love how;these camps develop creative skills in a fun, collaborative environment.;

    and apply a curriculum combining;science, technology, engineering and math . Camps present this;at the level of kids understanding, starting as young as 7.

    is ideal for kids who want to develop mathematical skills, or;explore an;interest in the code and functions that underlie technology development.;;

    A Few Words About The Camps Offered

    45 Unexpected Tech Camp Activities You Child Would Love

    Whatever technology field your children are interested in, and no matter what age they are, iD Tech summer computer camps will likely have a camp for them.

    Programming and app development, game design and development, robotics, web design, film, video, 3D modeling and printing are the main themes, allowing kids to design and create their own projects, whatever their area of interest. Robotics and gaming-themed camps are offered to all age groups between 6-18, while kids aged 7-17 can choose film, web-design and 3D themed camps, too.

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    A Summer Immersion Experience


    With countless awards, Empow is known as a favorite among families in the region and is trusted by more than 150 educational and enrichment organizations that support STEM programs.


    Our incredibly talented, passionate and zany teaching team combines fun, creativity, and the very latest in technology to keep campers engaged, challenged and coming back year after year.


    Our locations outnumber any other STEM or coding summer camp in Massachusetts. Just choose the one that is most convenient for you.


    With an 8:1 camper-to-counselor ratio for on campus programs, and a 6:1 ratio for LIVE Virtual camps, we get to know each and every camper personally, providing the unique and personalized support they need to thrive.


    Our comprehensive educational programs are flexibly designed so that every camper can create their own fun while learning new skills and making new friends.


    We provide inclusive spaces where kids are encouraged to share their ideas in a safe environment, learning from and with friends and staff.


    Kids get to create cool things that they can be proud to show their friends and family, such as video games, 3-D printed creations, and even robots!


    Enjoy free access to files and software for an entire year, and have access to year-round services throughout Massachusetts.

    Find A Minecraft Camp Near You

    We list camps from all the major cities across Canada. You can sort the list above, using filters, but our advanced search opens up other ways for you to explore learning opportunities around you. Start by finding your city in the list below and find specialized Minecraft activity camps and camps that feature Minecraft among other activities .

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    Id Tech Camp: Virtual Summer Camp For Kids

    With the continuation of the pandemic, parents might not feel comfortable with sending their kids to traditional summer camp. Also, depending on where you live, it may not even be an option. Our family is continuing to social distance as much as we can. That being said, I still want my kids to have fun, learn and keep busy this summer! My 8 year old, Caden, especially needs that mental stimulation to combat boredom and keep him occupied.

    * This post is sponsored in partnership with iD Tech. We received a free 1- week camp in exchange for my honest review. ;All opinions are 100% my own!

    I signed Caden up for iD Tech Camp, which is a virtual computer camp geared towards kids ages 7 years-19 years old. They are the worlds #1 STEM Summer camp for kids! Caden already has a huge love for video games, applications and computersso I knew this would be perfect for him! They offer a variety of courses such as; Python and 3D modeling, coding, or Minecraft and Roblox game design. The classes are taught by a certified iD Tech instructor and the camp size is kept to 5 students or less. All iD Tech instructors are adult educators that go through a thorough background check and are recruited from major companies such as Google, Tesla, and Disney. Its a great way for kids to bond with peers, build STEM skills, all while staying safe at home!

    Thanks for reading!

    XOXO Jackie

    Camp Courses And Online Education

    A Day at iD Tech Camp

    iD Tech Camps offers courses in video game design,programming, app development,game modding, 3D modeling,robotics,graphic arts,web design, digital video editing, digital photography, film production, and AI / Machine Learning.Younger children may take courses in Adobe Photoshop and Multimedia Fusion, while older children may take courses in app design, such as Unreal Development Kit and programming languages, such as Java, C++, and Scratch.

    In a 2013 study, which analyzed existing research that spanned over a decade, nonprofit research institute SRI International found that “using digital games in teaching can enhance student learning.” iD Tech Camps uses popular video games, including Portal 2, TrackMania, Shootmania,Dota 2, and Rocket League, in its curriculum.Mojangs Minecraft has been used as a “teaching tool for game design, logic, and storytelling.” In 2013, iD Tech Camps offered four different Minecraft-related courses.

    Campers are given the opportunity to participate in traditional summer camp activities, like swimming, kickball, frisbee, and other sports as well.

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    How Will I Learn At An Id Tech Virtual Camp

    iD Tech Virtual Camps are run in small cohorts: just five students to an instructor, which allows for a personalized learning experience. Week-long sessions run to a schedule that includes two hours of tutor instruction and two hours of self-paced learning and project work each day.

    Students learn about and how to use applications and tools including Java, Python, Minecraft, Roblox, Unity, Adobe, and 3D modeling. Having fun is an important part of the iD Tech Virtual Camp experience, and the program includes lots of games and challenges!

    Gamified learning is a key element of iD Tech Camp students are awarded points for every course they complete, unlocking badges along the way; the iD Tech Pathway starts at L1 and culminates at L10, upon attainment of which a student receives a letter marking their achievement from the iD Tech CEO, plus a certificate for their portfolio.

    Two-week-long Teen Academies are also available at iD Tech: these intensive programs are designed for those aged 13-18, and courses include Advanced Python Coding, and Team-Based App and Game Development.

    iD Tech works in partnership with a college advisor, and this is an integral part of the iD Camp experience. An initial consultation is included free as part of you or your childs course, as well as a series of webinars for parents of participants.

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