How To Upload Skins To Minecraft Pe

How To Change Minecraft Skin On Pc Or Mobile

How to upload minecraft pe skins

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Minecraft is an international phenomenon with more than 200 million copies sold. While you can find plenty of single-player content, its more fun when you pair with other players on a realm or server all your ownespecially if you customize your appearance with a custom skin.

There are a wide range of skins available across the web. If you find one you love and you want to use it in your game, heres how to change your Minecraft skin on PC or mobile.

How To Get A New Skin To Use In ‘minecraft’

Before you can change your skin, you’ll first need to have a new skin to change to.

The developers of “Minecraft” offer a few custom skins for free, usually created in honor of special events. You can also check out websites like The Skindex, which host user-created skins that you can download and use yourself.

If you’re willing to put in the work though, you can make a skin yourself. Either edit the existing template using a program like Photoshop, or use a browser-based tool like the Minecraft Skin Editor.

Once you’ve got a compatible .PNG file, you can change your skin.

Use Minecraft Skins: Java Edition

Alternatively, if youre running Minecraft: Java Edition, heres how you can change your Minecraft skin:

  • Before changing or installing a new skin, make sure your game is closed. You can keep the Minecraft Launcher running.
  • Go to a trusted Minecraft Skins resource and select the skin you want. Download it to your computer.
  • Bring up the Minecraft Launcher and click on the Skins tab and click on the New Skin button.
  • As with, you will be asked to select your Player Model . Select the correct one.
  • Next, click on the Browse button beneath the Skin File heading and go to where you placed your downloaded Minecraft skin. Select the skin and click on the Open button on the pop-up window. Youll be able to tell if it uploaded correctly because the model on the Minecraft Launcher will be wearing the new skin.
  • If youre happy with how it looks, click on the green Save & Use button in the lower right-hand corner of the page.
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    Changing Skins In Minecraft On Console

    How To Add A Cape To Your Minecraft Skin Pe

    Before we explain how to change skins in Minecraft on consoles, its worth mentioning that the process is slightly different from those above.

    Without a way to store downloaded files on most consoles, youre unable to download and apply skins in the same way that you usually would. Instead, youre limited to the range of free and paid-for skins already available in Minecraft.

    With that addressed, heres how to change skins in Minecraft on console:

  • Open Minecraft.
  • At the main menu, select Help & Options > Change Skin.
  • Select a skin pack from the menu on the left.
  • Select the skin youd like to apply to your character.
  • Once youve selected the skin, it should become the default skin for your character.

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    Unable To Change Custom Skins

    I have a 4th gen ipod. When I try to use a custom skin in Minecraft PE, it tells me, “that’s not a Minecraft skin, silly”.

    It’s frustrating because they are real skins. When my younger sister uses her fifth gen ipod to wear the same skins, it accepts them. Can I fix this?

    • 2What tells you that? And you cannot change your skin. Otherwise you are changing the way Minecraft PE worksJun 6 ’15 at 20:28
    • Could you upload/link the skin here that you are attempting to use?Jun 6 ’15 at 20:39
    • 1

    This is a confirmed bug and it is currently worked on.

    Edit: Anything downloaded from the internet and saved to the camera roll retains its format, so .png stay as a .png, while anything taken from the camera is saved as a .jpeg.

    The bug however, is caused when the game tries to access the file system. As iOS 6 does not support copying files from the camera roll to an app’s sandboxed directory, Minecraft Pocket Edition thus comes up with the “This is not a skin, silly.” which is a generic error.

    Note: The error in-game does not specify the cause, but the inferred cause would be “file not found”.

    For now, all you can do is wait…

    As for Facebook, for example able to use an image from the camera roll – That’s due to the image not being saved to disk, but instead, transmitted loaded to memory and then uploaded through the same method Safari does so.

    Different devices is the problem I think.

    I recommend checking all the possibilities in the following order:

  • Try a different app.
  • How To Change Your Minecraft Skins On Mobile Pocket Edition

    1. Using your mobile device, simply go to and select from the millions of skins for your character in the game.

    2. After deciding on a skin, enter the skin page of your choice, scroll down the page and you will find the Download button just below the skin model. Click on it.

    3. A new window will open within your mobile browser and ask if you want to View or Download the image. Select View.

    4. Place and hold your finger on the image for 2 to 3 seconds and you should be prompted to Share, Add to Photos or Copy. Select Add to Photos and the skin file will be saved into your Photo album on your device.

    5. Go to the Minecraft App game, click on the Profile button on the lower right.

    6. Tap on Edit Character

    7. Tap on the 2nd icon to the left. Followed by Owned, Import then Choose New Skin.

    8. Your photo album will open up for you to select the skin image you have just saved.

    9. You will be prompted to choose between the 3px Slim on the left or the 4px classic on the right. Most skins are 4px classic sized, when in doubt always choose the one on the right.

    *You can find out which arm size is the accurate one on the Skin page where you first downloaded the skin. The information is located on the lower left corner of the 3D model previewer.

    If you selected the wrong size, dont worry! Just go back to step 5 and upload the skin again with the correct size.

    Load up the game and you should be wearing your new skin in the game!

    And remember!

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    How To Get Minecraft Skins On Pc Mac And Linux

    In Minecraft’s early days, you had to modify game files to use skins. Now, you need to upload them directly to your Mojang account. They’re automatically applied to your avatar whenever you sign in to the game. This is the same account you use to sign in to the Minecraft client.

    If you haven’t migrated your premium account to a Mojang account, you need to do so before you can change your avatar’s skin.

  • Go to the Mojang sign-in page, and log in to your account.

  • You’re automatically taken to your Minecraft profile. The page has information about your account, including your email and date of birth.

    If you don’t immediately arrive on this page, select your email address in the upper right corner of the screen, then select Profile from the dropdown menu to get to your account profile.

  • On the left side of your profile, select Skin. You can choose between the classic blocky model and a newer slim model for your avatar. Select the one you want to use.

  • Pick a skin you want to use. There are thousands to choose from online. If you’ve never looked for one before, check out the Minecraft Skindex or NameMC. Both list popular skins in addition to letting you search through their extensive databases of user uploaded skins. Once you find one you like, download it.

  • With your chosen Minecraft skin in hand, return to your profile and scroll down to the Upload Custom Skin box to load it onto your profile.

  • Guide: How To Download And Upload Minecraft Skins


    With so many ways you can mod Minecrafts look and feel, why shouldnt you also be able to customize our hero Steve? Admittedly, his base design is pretty lackluster. Good thing that Minecraft is about creating a customized world where can change almost everting, if you like this game you will also like this article about what are the best minecraft villager jobs allowing you to find more resources.

    The good news is all players in Minecraft can easily change their skins. This is a feature which Mojang, the creator of Minecraft, actually supports. With that being said the Minecraft community has developed and shared countless skins that you can install on Windows PCs or Macs. With a new skin, you can enjoy adventures as your favorite game or movie character or maybe even as your own unique creation!

    The process of discovering and downloading new Minecraft skins on the Web is rather simple if you stick to the following steps.

    How to download Minecraft skins PC Edition

    Minecraft skins are very lightweight image files in PNG format. The uninstalled skins resemble non-assembled paper dolls. You can download multiple free skins from websites like Skins4Minecraft. You can save your skins anywhere on your PC, just do not forget the name of the folder.

    1. To search for a particular skin, visit

    2. Go to, and log in to your account.

    3. Click on Profile.

    5. Wait a second, load up Minecraft game, and boom, meet your new avatar!

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    Uploading A New Minecraft Skin In Java Edition

    If you want to upload a brand-new skin, click on the large plus icon on the right of your current skin that says “new skin” underneath. You’ll see the following window:

    This is the new skin window, which allows you to do a number of things. First, give your new skin a custom name to make it easier to recognize.

    • Note: Some skins are made with the slim player model, so depending on what type of skin you want to use, select either Classic or Slim.

    Once you’re done, it’s time to upload the actual skin file. Click Browse to open up the file explorer on your PC and locate your skin file.

    Skin files can be from sites like MinecraftSkins and NameMC. They will typically be downloaded as PNG files, as shown in the picture above.

    When downloading make sure to save the PNG file into a folder that’s easy for you to find, since you’ll need to locate it while browsing for a skin file.

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    After you’ve selected and confirmed the skin file, it should appear as a preview on the left side of the new skin window.

    Now you can navigate back to your library and select your new skin, which will automatically be updated on your character model the next time you log into the game.

    What Are Minecraft Skins

    The technical definition of a Minecraft Skin refers to the textures that are placed on a player model or mob model to change its in-game appearance. To put it simply, Minecraft Skins allow you to customize how your Minecraft player avatar looks like.

    For context, every Minecraft player avatar has a default classic skin known as the Steve skin. Without installing a new skin, your Minecraft avatar will automatically look like this:

    Or this :

    Your default skin is randomly generated and applied based on your account ID. You cannot change the default Steve skin for the newer Alex skin, and vice versa. But you can change the Alex or Steve skins to something else.

    Or Link, from Legend of Zelda:

    Or even a crew member from Among Us:

    There are hundreds if not thousands of really cool custom Minecraft skins out there that you can download and use for free!

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    Good Two Problems To Know Before Getting

    If your wondering Its good so why did you give it four stars? here is why. The game is great! Lots of amazing Addons, mods, skins, etc, but there are some problems. I highly recommend this game if your looking for Minecraft mods and Addons, but if you need them free, think again. Most of these really great Addons, mods, skin packs, etc. are premium only. Its really annoying, because I really want some good packs, but I dont have enough money to afford the premium every month. The app also has lots of ads and I mean lots. None of the packs are free, you have to watch and ad to get them. Its really stupid, but some packs, skins, etc. are worth it. I recommend this game for Minecraft players in need of whatever they are looking for on this app.

    How Do You Get A Skin On Minecraft Pe

    How to add new skin in Minecraft pocket edition

    Tap Install or Get next to Skins for Minecraft PE. It has a blue icon with three Minecraft characters. Open Skins for Minecraft PE. Tap the icon on your home screen or apps menu to open Skins for Minecraft. You can also tap Open next to the app in the Google Play Store or App Store. Tap a skin category.

    go to The Skindex create, edit and download the PNG file required for your new custom Minecraft skin Save the generated MCPACK file containing everything for Minecraft Education Edition to your computer double click the file which will trigger opening Minecraft Education Edition and the import of your new custom skin will happen automatically

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    Why Are There Black Lines On My Skins Arms

    If youre using version 1.8 or later and have chosen a slim skin for a classic-size model, your skin will show black lines on the character arms due to a size and model discrepancy.

    To rectify this change, select the appropriate skin for the model youve selected. Versions 1.7.9 and older dont have a slim model, and uploading a slim skin will add the black lines. Choose a classic-sized skin instead.

    You can use the appropriate skin templates found on this page if you need to edit a skin youve made previously. The only thing that needs to be changed is extending the arm portions by one pixel.

    How To Upload A Skin Into Minecraft

    Now that you’ve either created a new skin or downloaded a pre-made skin, you can upload it into Minecraft.

  • Launch Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition from your desktop, Start menu, or taskbar.
  • Click the hanger button located beneath your character’s avatar.
  • Click the blank model beneath the Default field.

  • Click Choose New Skin.
  • Navigate to your folder or wherever you saved your custom skin.

  • Click the skin you want to upload.
  • Click Open.

  • Click the model type that looks best.
  • Click Confirm Skin.

  • That’s it! You now have a custom skin for your Minecraft player.

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    How To Change Your Minecraft Skins On Pc

    1. Make sure the game is not running while changing your skin. Go to and simply select from the millions of skins shared and uploaded by our community.

    2. After deciding on a skin, enter the skin page of your choice, you will find the Upload to button on the right side of the page. Click on it.

    3. A new page will open up to Proceed to log in to your account and you will see your chosen skin already loaded onto the Upload Custom Skin box. Click on the Upload button.

    4. And you are done! Load up the game and you should be wearing your new skin!

    How Do You Get Free Skins On Minecraft Pe

    How to upload custom skins to minecraft pe!

    How to Get Custom Skins for Free on Minecraft Pocket Edition!

  • Step 1: Grab Your Skin! First, download this Skin Stealer app. (
  • Step 2: Grab Your Skin!
  • Step 3: Download Your Skin!
  • Step 4: So Much Option!
  • Step 5: Starting the Finish.
  • Step 6: Getting Close!
  • Step 7: Searching the Gallery!
  • Step 8: Male or Female?
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    How To Create Your Own Skin

    The website has an excellent skin editor you can use to make whatever skin you want.

  • Launch your favorite web browser from your Start menu, desktop, or taskbar.
  • Navigate to
  • Click a color from the color wheel.

  • Click squares on the player model to apply the color.
  • Click the eraser button.

  • Click any colored squares you want to erase.
  • Click and drag a blank space beside the model to rotate it.

  • Click the when you’re happy with your skin.
  • Click Save.
  • Why Dont I See My Skin In Multiplayer

    If you cant see your skin when playing in Multiplayer mode, try logging out then back into your Minecraft account.

    Alternatively, the game might be running in offline mode, which can disable custom skins when using the website to select them. This means every player will have only their default skin shown.

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    How To Install A Skin In Minecraft

    Play with the standard skin for many boring and not interesting, so it’s worth thinking about installing his own skin. In this how-to describes fully the process, which by the way will not take more than five minutes, and please your skin for a long time. Of course, you must use our launcher to on the main page.

    Attention: If the skins do not work for you on version 1.17, but they work on others, then you need to expect the TL icons for version 1.17. We are working on it! Thank you.

    It is necessary to register on the site so you can continue to use these login details in the launcher. Go to the registration page and enter the required data in the field.

    After registration, you will be in your profile where you can not only install the skin, but and cape .

    Run our favorite TLauncher that you have already downloaded and installed the box next to “Accounts”. Click on the tab accounts in your case says “No accounts”, open the from list, click “manage” go to the login page.

    On this page you enter your data specified during registration – Username/Email address and password. The “Save” button autoresume.

    If authorization is successful, then on the main page of the launcher you will see your username with an icon TL. Now select from the list any version with TL icon and run. The game will have your skin!

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