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How To Stream Mobile Games On Twitch With Apps

How to Live Stream on Facebook with Streamlabs OBS’Valorant,PUBG,Minecraft’

Probably the easiest way to stream mobile games on Twitch is to install an app. While there are numerous options available for iPhones and Android phones we recommend using StreamLabs or Mobcrush to stream from your mobile device directly to Twitch.

1. Mobile Streaming with StreamLabs app

The app is available on Google Play and the App Store, so you can use it on Android and iOS based operating systems. You can download it for free and start your live stream in just a few simple steps. Here’s what you’ll need to do, after downloading and installing the StreamLabs app.

If you choose to download StreamLabs, you’ll be able to share your broadcasts on YouTube, Mixer, or Twitch. To start using the app, you have to log in with your Twitch account, and you can do this by simply tapping on the Log in with the Twitch button, that will appear on the screen once you launch the app.

After logging in, you’ll arrive at the app’s main window. In the upper right corner of the window, you’ll be able to see the Stream icon. Tap on it and wait for a dialog box to appear on the screen. A prompt will notify you that everything displayed on the screen will be recorded, and you just have to tap on the Start now option to start streaming.

2. Streaming With Mobcrush App

Find Your Perfect Streaming Settings

The streaming settings youll want for Twitch will depend on the available upload bandwidth, the power of your encoder, and the type of content you want to broadcast. Higher bandwidth, a powerful processor, and being able to dedicate it to encoding only all provide you with higher-quality settings.

If youre looking for hard numbers, Twitchs own guide would be a good place to start. Twitch recommends that for a basic 720p@30fps stream, youll need a bitrate of around 3000 kbps. If you look up a list of good upload speeds for streaming, youll see that this translates to around 5 Mbps upload speed.

Going through the five steps above is the simplest way to set up your OBS Studio for the first stream. It will get you through at the beginning, but you should look at a more in-depth guide when the time comes to take things up a notch.

If Game Capture Doesnt Work: Try Display Capture Mode

Game Capture mode doesnt work with every game, unfortunately. If you cant get OBS to record or stream a specific game, you can try Display Capture mode instead. This captures your entire display, including your Windows desktop and any open windows, and streams it.

To use Display Capture mode, first ensure OBS isnt set to show your game capture source. To do this, you can either right-click the game capture source and select Remove to remove it from the list, or left-click the eye icon to the left of it to hide it from view.

Now, add a new source like you added the game capture source. Right-click in the Sources box and select Add > Display Capture. Name the source whatever you like and click OK.

Choose the display you want to addthere will only be a single display if you only have a single computer monitorand click OK.

A preview of your desktop will appear in the main OBS window. OBS will stream whatever you see on your screen. If Game Capture doesnt work, this may work better.

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Make Or Purchase A Package

The package we use in this example was created by Nerd or Die. There is an easy purchase process when it comes to buying your own graphics pack from Nerd or Die. All you need to do is complete the following:

  • Step 1

    Hover over the Shop button at the top of the screen, and pick Full Stream Package from the drop-down menu.

  • Step 2

    Go through the selection and pick out the design that you like best.

  • Step 3

    Choose Full Stream Package or Full Stream Package from the Download Type menu, then click the Add to Cart button.

  • Step 4

    Your cart will appear on the side of the screen. You can choose to checkout or continue shopping.

  • Step 5

    When you are satisfied with your order, visit your cart and fill in your billing details and credit card/PayPal information. Process the payment.

  • How To Live Stream To Twitch From Consoles Or Smartphones

    Twitch Overlay Template Abyss Black

    Live streaming on Twitch from a PC might not be the perfect option for you. Maybe you prefer playing your games on consoles, as many people do. Perhaps you like watching live broadcasts on consoles a lot of people are doing this, too and you see no justification for having separate devices for streaming and watching. Or it just might be that you dont want to go through the clunky process of setting up a gaming PC when theres a perfectly good console you can use for gaming and streaming. And as a console user, youre probably already familiar with Twitch.

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    How To Add Overlays To Streamlabs

    calendar1 Last Updated

    As a video producer, I understood the importance of production value early on in my streaming journey. Nerd or Die helped me take my streams to the next level with a full stream package that was quick and easy to install.

    If you are serious about your streaming path, professional Twitch graphics are essential for drawing in new viewers and keeping them on your channel. The truth is, that production value plays a big part in whether or not a streamer is able to make affiliate or partner status.

    While OBS has been considered the industry standard for years, since its launch, Streamlabs OBS has continually improved to become the most widely used stream software. Its easy setup and simple UI make it much easier for new streamers to integrate the features they need to go live.

    Not only is Streamlabs OBS free, but they also have a free cloudbot that will let you create games for your viewers, set up Streamlabs mod commands and manage giveaways and song lists.

    Apps4rent Can Help With Minecraft Livestreaming

    Apps4Rent is a pioneer in offering GPU-enabled virtual desktops customized for live streaming with encoders such as OBS. These virtual desktops use Microsoft and Citrix technologies in servers in our top-tier SSAE 16 level datacenters and Azure.

    As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent can also offer Office 365 Education licenses with Minecraft: Education Edition to educational institutions along with virtual desktops for empowering the next generation. Call, email, or chat with our virtualization consultants for assistance.

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    Set Up Your Ps4 For Live Streaming

    There are a couple of settings you should pay attention to before you turn on your game and connect the console to your Twitch account:

    • Ensure HDCP is disabled. Youll find this option under Settings > System. Turn it on when watching content from services such as Netflix on your PS4. When streaming, it should be off.
    • Set up your devices. In Settings > Devices you can find options for audio devices as well as the PlayStation Camera. This is where you can adjust levels for your microphone or headset. PlayStation 4 doesnt support any webcams other than the PlayStation Camera.
    • Set up audio sharing. When you launch the game, press the share button on the controller and go to Sharing and Broadcast Settings > Broadcast Settings > Advanced Settings > Audio Sharing Settings. This is where you enable the sound from your microphone for your broadcast.
    • Enable the chat. In the Sharing and Broadcast Settings > Broadcast Settings > Advanced Settings, you can check the Display Messages to Spectators and Spectators Comments to enable the chat.

    Add All The Audio/video Sources And Visuals You Plan To Use

    How To Stream And Record Minecraft On PC (OBS)

    Everything you want to broadcast in your stream needs to be added as a source in OBS. Your microphone is a source, and the game you want to play is one too, as is the feed from your webcam and whatevers on your desktop. If you want it on your stream, you have to add it as a source.

    The great thing about OBS Studio is that most of the time it will recognize your audio sources. If it doesnt, you can go to File > Settings > Audio and find the devices you want to use for audio. Usually, this means having a device for desktop sounds and a device for the sounds that come from your microphone .

    As far as video sources go, youll see the sources field in OBS Studios main panel. By clicking on the + button, youll open a menu that lets you add a variety of sources, including games, your desktop, web pages, images, and text files. Keep in mind, though, that the sources appear on the screen just as they appear in the sources box, layered on top of one another. Moving a source up on the list will make it visible on top of other sources.

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    Are You A Variety Streamer Or Do You Stick To One Category

    Some people will jump between gaming, chats, and streaming as part of a variety content strategy. Others will focus on chatting alone, or creating art, or playing a single game, or playing a genre of games. As a variety streamer, your personality is the major draw. If youre more of a focused streamer, on the other hand, your knowledge and skills will help you build an audience.

    How To Stream Mobile Gameplay To Twitch With Obs

  • Open Reflector on your computer and wirelessly mirror your iPhone, iPad or Android device to your computer screen.
  • Important: You need to verify a few settings to make sure your iPhone, iPad or Android device screen shares to OBS properly. Once the device is connected to Reflector, hover your cursor over the mirrored device and click the settings cog next to the device name. Ensure “Always on Top” and “Fullscreen” are toggled off. These should be toggled off to ensure you can successfully begin sharing your device screen to OBS. If you prefer, you can toggle these settings back on after you begin sharing your screen to OBS.
  • Open OBS. The Auto-Configuration Wizard should pop up. Select Optimize for streaming and Next.
  • Specify your video settings and select Next.
  • Under service, select Twitch and enter your stream key. You can change this in Settings later.
  • OBS will test your computer and recommend settings ideal for streaming.
  • Set up your overlays using the Scenes and Sources boxes in the bottom left corner.
  • In the Scenes box, click the +. You can name the scene whatever you like.
  • In the Sources box, click the + just like you did with the scene.
  • Select Window Capture from the list of choices and name it whatever you like.
  • Your sources will appear in order from top to bottom. For example, to ensure your webcam source plays on top of your game, make sure it is above your mobile device source.
  • Open the game you want to stream.
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    How Do You Link A Minecraft Microsoft Account To Twitch Account

    I want to stream on twitch but I don’t have a Mojang account I have a Microsoft account and I can’t link my accounts together does anyone know how to fix this and connect the accounts?

    • 1Do you own Minecraft? If so, what version did you buy and when did you buy it? You may already have a Mojang account, it is your minecraft login credentials.May 18 at 8:01
    • If you bought Minecraft after 2020, you should have a Microsoft account and not a Mojang account.

    The method for streaming on Twitch directly from Minecraft is highly outdated. I suggest using OBS Streamlabs for streaming to twitch, . Sorry for not giving you the answer you wanted, but this is the best way to stream.

    How To Automatically Detect And Capture A Game Source In Streamlabs Obs


    Here at Streamlabs, we strive to create a seamless experience for our streamers. When they use our software, we want them focused on streaming and creating the best entertainment for their audience. With the implementation of Automatic Game Capture, we are reducing the friction it takes to manage your live stream so you can direct your attention to your viewers and the game.

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    Minecraft Not Working With Game Capture

    Minecraft does not default to the high-performance GPU. In order to get it working with game capture you will need to do the following:

    This is mainly for laptops and all-in-one systems.

    A first troubleshooting step is to make sure that the Game Capture source “Mode” is set to “Capture specific window”, and select javaw/Minecraft in the “Window” drop-down

    • Close OBS and Minecraft

    • Open the Windows 10 Settings App

    • Navigate to System Display and select “Graphics settings” near the bottom
    • Choose “Classic app” or “Desktop app” and hit “Browse”. Navigate to javaw.exe, usually located here:

    For Minecraft Vanilla Java edition older than 1.17 the default path isC:\Program Files \Minecraft Launcher\runtime\jre-x64\bin\javaw.exe

    For Minecraft Vanilla Java edition 1.17 and newer the default path isC:\Program Files \Minecraft Launcher\runtime\java-runtime-alpha\windows-x64\java-runtime-alpha\bin\javaw.exe

    For the Minecraft Lunar client, the default path isC:\Users\\.lunarclient\jre\zulu8.50.0.53-ca-fx-jre8.0.275-win_x64\binand then find the javaw.exe file and select that.

    For other custom launchers see the info at the bottom of the guide for instructions to find the path of the javaw.exe

    • Once Minecraft/javaw.exe is added, click “Options” and choose “High Performance”

    If you’re using a custom launcher, you might not find javaw.exe in the default location, but instead in a subfolder under the launcher, here is how to locate that:

    Once this is completed, restart both OBS and your game .

    Power Up Your Live Streaming Setup

    If youre looking to add some power to your streaming setup to make it better at handling whatever game you want to throw at it, adding a dedicated streaming PC is a great way to do it. If youre running a two-PC setup, youll want the one with more processing power to handle the streaming. And youll need a capture card.

    Capture cards come in internal and external variants. The internal cards must be physically installed onto the streaming computers motherboard and then connected with the gaming PC via HDMI. The external cards connect via USB to the streaming computer on one end and via HDMI to the gaming computer on the other end. After that, you only have to add the capture card as a source in OBS.

    If youre using a PC-console setup, the main difference is that the capture card sits in between the console and the TV or computer monitor. Use the in HDMI port to plug the console into the card and the out HDMI port to connect the card with the display or TV. Again, simply add the card in OBS Studio as a source, and youre set.

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    Streaming Mobile Games On Twitch Through A Computer

    Using mobile apps for sharing live streams on Twitch has its limitations, so if you want to have more broadcasting options at your disposal you can cast your device’s screen onto your computer and use powerful broadcasting software, like OBS to share your live streams on Twitch.

    You’ll have to install the Reflector 3 app on your iOS or Android-based device and use it to connect the Smartphone or tablet to a computer. The AirDrop feature can be used for this task on iPhones and iPads, while the Cast option lets you connect the two devices on Android phones.

    Once you’ve successfully connected your Smartphone to a computer, you should launch the live streaming software on the computer. Select Twitch as the destination where your live stream will be broadcasted and add media sources to the software so that everything that is cast from your mobile device to the computer can be displayed in OBS or any other live streaming software you may be using. Click on the Start Streaming button after you added all the media sources to your stream you wanted.

    How Do I Get A Random Or Specific Quote To Pop Up

    Minecraft Live Stream but on streamlabs

    This can be done by using the !quote command from chat:

    As you can see the quote automatically contains the date of when it was added and the game that was being played at the timer.

    If your viewers want to call up as specific quote they can use !quote < id> like here:

    This is how you can use the quote system in a nutshell. Quotes can be added using !addquote and displayed using !quote. There are also some other commands such as !editquote , !removequote which can be found and customized under the Default Commands section:

    If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Remember to follow us on , , , and .

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    Create A Twitch Account

    To start streaming, you need to sign up for the streaming service, Twitch. On the top right of the Twitch website, select Sign Up to create your account. Dont worry, its free!

    After creating your Twitch account, visit your Creator Dashboard and select Preferences > Channel. You will see your Stream Key. Save or copy this key because you will need it later.

    Note: DO NOT share this key with anyone. Access to this key will allow anyone to stream on your channel. You can change this key by clicking Reset.

    Install The Overlay Pack

    After purchasing your stream package, youll need to download it to your computer. You should be given three zip files containing your alerts, extras, and overlays. Extract each to the same location to be given three folders.

    To install an overlay, you will need to complete the following:

  • Step 1

    From within Streamlabs OBS, you will need to click the settings button in the lower left-hand side of the screen.

  • Step 2

    Choose Scene Collections from the options on the pop-up window. Click on Import Overlay File.

  • Step 3

    Navigate to the Overlay file by going into the Overlay file, then the Streamlabs Quick Install folder. Choose the overlay of your choice from the list, then click the Open button.

  • Step 4

    Delete the welcome screen to reduce the amount of CPU your computer will need to use while streaming.

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