How To Start Your Own Minecraft Server

Things To Consider Before Hosting A Minecraft Server

How To Make A Minecraft Server in 1.16.3 (Create Your Own Minecraft Server!)

Benefits of Using Hosting Your Own Minecraft Server

  • You are able to have complete control over the entire server at all times. If you want something done, you can make it happen as quickly as you can do it yourself. There is no need to rely on someone else doing things for you.
  • You have the ability to upgrade your computer however you desire to increase performance. Many server hosting companies offer higher premiums for higher specs, but if you happen to have the newest generation processor, the maximum amount of ram, and the biggest and most powerful graphics card, then your server can be one of the most powerful servers out there.
  • It can be fun to setup and learn how to configure networking. Youll get to learn about various network features that you probably wouldnt need to know otherwise.
  • It wont cost you anything other than what it takes to run your computer. Using a hosting company costs money, but by hosting your own server you will only pay what it costs to keep your computer running.

Hosting your own Minecraft server can be very rewarding, but it does have a few drawbacks you should understand before attempting it yourself.

Check You Have The Right Hardware And Requirements

Before you start setting up your own Minecraft server, check to make sure your hardware meets at least these minimum requirements:

  • RAM:
  • 1GB , or up to 35GB on most operating systems
  • 2GB on Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2000+
  • Windows Vista/7/8/10:
  • Intel Core-Based or AMD K8-Based
  • MacOS and Linux*
  • Intel Pentium 4 1.8 or AMD Athlon XP 1600+ or G4/Freescale 7xxx 1.8Hz
  • HDD:
  • 2GB of empty space on most operating systems
  • 10GB on Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • Upload Speed: 2Mbps
  • These minimum requirements are for the server only. If youâre also planning to play on the same computer, youâll need to account for the gameâs minimum requirements.

    Port Forward The Server

    The server now works locally! Anyone on the same IP as yours can now join the server. In order to allow people not on the same IP to connect,you’ll need to port forward your server. To do this, google Whats my IP? on Google. Take the number it gives you, copy it, and paste it into the address bar. This will most likely take you to your router’s website where you can manage your router’s settings. Enter the password to your router to continue. My router is a Linksys, you’ll want to google around to find the steps with your specific router. You’ll want to find the Port Range Forwarding section of your router, and enter in the following information.

    Application Name: Minecraft server

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    How To Create Your Own Minecraft Server

    The first thing you have to do is download the Minecraft server that suits your needs. There are two server types:

    • Vanilla. That is the classic implementation of the Minecraft server as offered by the developers of the game. Just like Realms, it has restrictions on modes and plugins, but it still allows you to create a more personal and unique experience, and save all the data on your PC or dedicated server.

    • Bukkit. This is a project created by enthusiasts who wanted to break free of Microsoftâs restrictions, and explore Minecraftâs unlimited possibilities with modifications created by third-party developers and fans of the game.

    Both of these servers are available online and can be downloaded for free.

    Vanilla is available on the official Minecraft website. To work with it, you must and launch it via the Java command-line interface.

  • Open the command prompt of your operating system

  • For Windows: select the Start button and type cmd, youâll see Command Prompt in the list

  • For MacOS: press Command – spacebar to launch Spotlight and type Terminal, then double-click the search result

  • Linux: press Ctrl+Alt+t keys at the same time

  • java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraftserver.1.17.1.jar nogui

  • Your server is now up.

    Next, youâll need to configure your server and find a way to connect to it. The method for doing this depends on what kind of hosting youâve chosen.

    Minecraft: Java Edition Enable Remote Play

    How To Create Your Own Minecraft Server For Free!(2020 ...

    Keep in mind that for remote gamers to connect to your server, youll need to know two things: Your public-facing IP address assigned to your modem and the IP address of the local PC running your server. For the latter, we suggest going into the router and assigning a static IP address so the PCs address never changes.

    You will also need to use port forwarding so the Minecraft packets know exactly where to go. Again, the ideal scenario is to assign a static IP address to the server PC. The port Minecraft requires is: 25565.

    Essentially, the path will look something like this: incoming > modem > router > static IP address via port 25565.

    Here are a few guides to help you along:

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    Download The Required Configuration Files

    1. Navigate to the , right-click on the minecraft-server release and copy the link location.

    2. Next, download the Minecraft server files using the wget command. Paste the link location copied in the previous step:


    The output informs you it has downloaded the Minecraft server files and saved them under the name server.jar.

    3. Rename the server.jar file so it matches the name of the Minecraft edition downloaded. At the time of writing, the latest Minecraft server release is 1.16.4. Therefore, we used the following command to rename the server.jar file into minecraft_server.1.16.4.jar:

    mv server.jar minecraft_server.1.16.4.jar

    4. Next, execute the following command:

    java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.16.4.jar nogui

    The output responds with an error informing you that you need to agree with the EULA to run the service. Move on to the next step to do so.

    Create A Connection To The Server

    The first step is to establish a remote connection to your server. If you have not yet set up access, you can do this directly via the IONOS Cloud Panel. To do this, first log in to the with your login data.

    Select Server & Cloud from the menu and click the server you want to install and host Minecraft on from the listing. Scroll down and press the download link next to the Remote Desktop Connection entry:

    Either select Open with directly or open the file by double-clicking it after the download. In the following dialog window, click on Connect and select Use other account under More options. Now you can enter the login data to your server if you have not yet assigned a password, you will find the start password in the Initial password line.

    When you connect to the server for the first time, you will see a warning about the security credentials. To continue, simply click Yes here. This will establish the remote connection to the server.

    You can terminate the remote connection to your Minecraft server at IONOS at any time by clicking on the X in the connection bar presented at the top of the screen!

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    How To Play Minecraft Online

    Minecraft is a great game to play alone, but the fun multiplies when you join someone or invite friends to play together. Thatâs why so many Minecraft fans are eager to find the best way to play the game online. And thatâs why you need a server.

    We will guide you through different ways to create Minecraft servers, showing you the best way to set up your own, explaining how to play with your friends for free and what great Minecraft servers already exist.

    How To Make A Pixelmon Server On Mac

    How to make your own Minecraft Server! 1.15(Free)
    • Older Pixelmon Versions
    • Completion Time: Approximately 1 hour

    This way for how to make a pixelmon server requires a Mac computer, admin access is preferred. Even though Ill be teaching you how to go through the whole process with screenshots and detailed steps, its suggested that you have a good grasp of basic computer knowledge, such as moving files around and more. This exact method for how to make a pixelmon server may not work with every version and update of Pixelmon, but the general idea is the same for all computers. Additionally, the more powerful your computer, the better the server will run more Random Access Memory can lead to faster and less laggy servers.

    • First, download the Minecraft server software, The version you download depends on the version of Pixelmon you would like to play with
    • For Pixelmon 3.2.9+, download the Server Jar from the website for Minecraft version 1.7.10. For Pixelmon 3.1.4, use Minecraft version 1.7.2, and for Pixelmon 3.0.4, use Minecraft version 1.6.4
  • Next, move the server in your computer
  • To make it easier for the guide, well refer to the file as server.jar
  • Simply place the file in an easy place to access, such as your desktop
  • Then, make a new folder called Pixelmon Server, and drop the server.jar file in that
  • Next, install Forge on your server
  • Next, start your server
  • Next, install Pixelmon on your server
  • Next, fine-tuning the server bit of a trickier step
  • Finally, running your server
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    Setting Up Your Server

  • 1Enter a server name. In the text field that’s in the middle of the page, type in a simple name for your server’s domain.
  • Your server name must not exceed 10 characters.
  • Your server name cannot contain special characters, nor can it contain spaces.
  • 2Click Create. It’s the blue button in the lower-right corner. This creates your server and takes you to your Dashboard.
  • 3Click Activate. It’s the blue button to the right of your server status on the Dashboard. It may take a minute for your server to a high performance DDoS protected server.
  • If your server gets disconnected at any time while settings up your server or the settings, click Activate to reconnect.
  • 4Click Continue. When your server is done moving to a new host, a blue button that says “Continue” next to the button that says “Online”. Advertisement
  • Three Possible Minecraft Server Options At Ionos

    Whichever server model you choose, at IONOS youll find various tariffs that differ in terms of the performance offered. Which of these tariffs is suitable for your purposes depends on how large the Minecraft world is and how many players are going to be active on your Minecraft server at the same time. In the following table, we present three possible scenarios for your gaming server including the appropriate rates within the three server models to help you decide.

    Rent your Dedicated Server at IONOS to enjoy the world of Minecraft together with friends and acquaintances at any time!

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    Install The Most Recent Java Version

    Keep in mind that setting up a server yourself requires owning Minecraft: Java Edition. If you already have installed the base game, that means you have Java Platform up and running. But first, lets make sure you have the latest version of Java. To do this, do the following:

  • Press the Windows key and type in configure java. Afterward, hit Enter.
  • Under the Update tab, click the Update Now button located at the bottom right of the window.
  • If your version of Java is up-to-date, you are ready to continue. Otherwise, follow the instructions to update the platform .
  • In case, for some reason, you dont have Java installed or you need to reinstall Java, go to this link to get the latest & official version of the platform.

    How To Start A Minecraft 1165 Server

    How To Create Your Own Minecraft Server For Free (NO ...

    Minecraft is always better with a friend.

    However, friends might not always be available play. This is where servers come in. In Minecraft servers, players from all over the world build, fight, and mine together.

    Players often join other servers. But one can also start their own server to build a Minecraft world of their own. Starting a server can be tricky, but players should get one up and running after reading this article.

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    How To Make A Minecraft Server On Windows

    Minecraft is a 3D sandbox video game and allows players a large amount of freedom to choose how to play it. It also offers no specific goals to accomplish. By early 2018, Minecraft had been sold over 144 million copies across all platforms and become worlds second-most popular video game of all time. The video game allows players to build with a variety of different cubes in 3D and resource gathering, exploration, combat and crafting. Its not just a video game, its more than that. Its also a tool where Kids can learn how to code, an open platform to be expanded by mod developers.

    If you are new to Minecraft and planning to jump into the video game, you can use Minecraft realms to create your own world. Minecraft Realms is a lightweight alternative for running Minecraft private server. If you want to create your own Minecraft world and full Minecraft experience, then you are at the right place.

    Here in this article, we will guide you how to make a Minecraft server on Windows. Follow the article step by step to your own private Minecraft server on the Windows operating system PC.

    Create Your Server Folder

    Right click on your desktop and create a new folder called Minecraft 1.17 Server, and from there, drag the .Jar file you downloaded into this folder.

    Once the Server file is in the folder you’ve created, run the application by double-clicking on the icon. If the application does not run after you double click on it, you may need to right-click on it and select Open With -> Java Platform SE binary.

    NOTE: If you do not have the Java SDK installed on your computer, you will need to download it before moving forward. To do so, click here.

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    Creating A Server Your Community Will Love

    Having your own Minecraft server can help you take more control over how you play the game and with whom you play. However, now that you have a general idea of how to set up a Minecraft server, you can see that it does take some resources from your computer and does require some know-how. Not to mention, there are security issues your system might not be able to handle.
    If you want to rid yourself of the pain points of setting up a Minecraft server, like server resources and DDoS mitigation, using a premium dedicated server is the way to go. Learn all about how Liquid Webâs Managed Dedicated Hosting can be your best solution, and how Liquid Webâs DDoS Protection can help keep your server safe from trolls and malicious players.

    How To Make A Pixelmon Server With Spongeforge

    How To Make A Minecraft 1.16.4 Server (Create Your Own Minecraft Server in 1.16.4!)
    • Latest Version of Pixelmon
    • Completion Time: Approximately 1 hour

    As of fairly recently, Pixelmon has moved to support Sponge, which is a replacement for Bukkit/Spigot. Setting up a sponge server is a bit different, but still fairly straight forward. The main difference is that you must now use Sponge plugins, as Bukkit plugins will not work.

    To get started, you will need to download the latest version of Pixelmon as well as matching versions of Forge and SpongeForge. After you have downloaded the latest version, go back to the downloads page and click the Forge Link next to the current version as seen in the picture below.

    This will bring you to the download page for the correct version of Forge. Click on the Installer link to get the file.

    Once you have the Forge installer, open it to begin setting up your core server files. Select Install server and choose a folder where the files should be generated. Click OK and it will begin downloading the files.

    After your files are generated, the built-in console GUI will open and you now have a working Forge server.

    You can stop the server now by typing stop in the text box on the bottom and pressing enter. Open up the newly-generated mods folder and put your copy of Pixelmon in it. We are almost there! There are just a few more steps in our how to make a Pixelmon server guide. All we need now is SpongeForge. Head over to their downloads list by

    java -jar forge.jar

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    How To Start Your Own Minecraft Server

    Minecraft isnt a very hardware-intensive game, but if youre hoping to run your own server, there are some key points to take into account. The first bottleneck youre likely to encounter is RAM: Youll generally need about 1GB of RAM for every four to five players wholl be hanging out on your server. Your primary roadblock will be your Internet connection.

    Your first stop: Enter your connection speed and the amount of RAM inside your prospective server machine, and this website will let you know how many players you can expect to support simultaneously. If that number is a bit low, consider renting space on a dedicated Minecraft serveror having fewer friends.

    There are many, many server hosts to choose from. A quick Google search will get you started. But before you choose one, you should have a clear idea of how many players youre likely to have on your server, and how much money youre willing to spend.

    If youll be hosting only a few friends, you can run a Minecraft server on your own hardware the process is fairly simple. If you plan to install your server on a Windows machine, head over to the and grab the executable. If you plan to run the server on a Mac or Linux machine, download the server .jar file from the same page.

    Setup Minecraft Server In Aws Ec2

    Head of ISV Partners ANZ for AWS

    My kids recently asked if they can start playing Minecraft with their friends. After a little discussion I discovered that they were all just playing single player and talking about it later. Well, we all know one of the joys of Minecraft is playing with your friends on a server – so I set about setting up a safe server space for them all.

    I found a great tutorial from Franck Schmidlin however it was after following this that I learned there are two different types of Minecraft:

    • Bedrock: this is the newer ‘unified’ version that allows cross platform play for every platform except Mac/Linux using the Bedrock Client.
    • Java Edition: this is the original version that allows cross play for Windows, Mac and Linux provided you are using the Java Edition Client.

    After realising that Franck’s tutorial is for Bedrock, and my kids would need Java I tried finding and following various tutorials online. Very few of them would work, simply because Amazon moves so quickly with the EC2 Instances, it’s hard for tutorials to stay relevant. I even spent a good hour on the phone to a geek mate Jack Skinner to pick his brains looking at ports and routing, tcp/udp – to no avail.

    Eventually I managed to crack it – so here’s how to get a Minecraft Java Edition Server up and running for the kids using an Amazon Linux 2 AMI EC2 Instance.

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