How To Set Up Minecraft Server Java

What You Need To Prepare

How to Set Up A Minecraft Server on Your Home Network Java Edition

Minecraft is a widely popular video game where you can create a world for an adventure of limitless possibilities. A lot of users want to create a Raspberry Pi Minecraft server. To build up a Minecraft server on Raspberry Pi, you need to make some preparations:


  • A Raspberry Pi 3 or later version
  • Power cable
  • A 16GB or larger microSD card


  • A copy of Minecraft on your computer
  • Raspbian image
  • Nukkit server software


Change Server Properties Accept Eula And Launch The Server

Players must now start the server by double-clicking on the java .jar file. This will briefly start the server with just enough time to generate a few key config files addressed in the next steps.

Hopefully, now players should notice a newly generated txt file, inside this file, they must now locate where it says server-ip= and add the IPv4 address obtained in the previous step after the equals sign. Several gameplay settings can also be modified inside this file, including world difficulty, PvP settings, and more.

After this, the file “eula.txt” needs to be addressed. Players must locate this file inside the Minecraft server directory, changing the setting “eula=false” into “eula=true.”

Now, start the server again by double-clicking on the java .jar file, if everything has been done correctly thus far, the server should now be successfully running and ready for others to join.

Other players can connect to the server by entering the Minecraft multiplayer server menu in your IPv4 address found in step 3.

Make A Minecraft Server On A Linux Host

If youre not inclined to host a Minecraft server at home, you can spin up a Linux hosting plan to do it instead. This way youre not responsible for managing any of the hardware, plus youre not exposing your private home network to the public.

As mentioned before, a Linux VPS hosting plan from GoDaddy is a lightweight option if youre experimenting or not expecting a lot of players to join your server. If, however, youre expecting a lot of players, you should look at using a dedicated Linux server instead.

To follow these steps, youll need to connect to your hosting with SSH.

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How To Host A Minecraft Server On Linux

Users often ask how to make a Minecraft server in Linux if it is not inclined to a server at home? Well, there is always Linux hosting plan to spin upon in such cases. This helps you in preventing your private home network from public exposure and you also stay away from the responsibility of managing the server.

If you intend to run a trial and there is no possibility of more number of players joining the server then you can always choose from popular Linux VPS hosting plans as they are amongst the most lightweight options. And, if you are expecting a considerable number of players, it is mandatory to use a dedicated Linux server. Here is the answer to How to make a Minecraft server for free in Linux?

1. For installing Java make sure that SSHd is the host in the root user. Once that is verified enter the following command: apt- cache search openjdk

This command will open the list of JDK packages that can install Java. Now from the remote repositories update the list of available packages by the following command: apt-get update. To install the selected software package use command: apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk. The system will request an authorization for the required storage space necessary for installation. Press Y and confirm the authorization. This completes the installation therefore, it is necessary to verify the successful installation. Enter java version and you would see the version of Java that you just installed.

4. Minecraft How to make a server for Linux.

Download The Serverjar File

How To Get And Set up A Minecraft Server (Works On Java ...

Once you have the latest version of Java downloaded, you need to server.jar file.

If youre following along with the images/gifs in this tutorial, you may find you have a different version number than what is showing. Thats okay, the steps should be the same.

You may get a warning from your computer saying that this file may be harmful. This is a normal warning for any .jar file. If you dont know where it comes from, then you should be worried about these. That being said, I think we can trust Minecraft on this one.

If youre given the option, save this file into the My Awesome Server folder. If not, just copy and paste or drag the download into the folder once it finishes.

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How To Set Up A Dedicated Minecraft Server On Linux

TutorialsDedicated, Linux, Minecraft, Setup

Minecraft is a popular sandbox and adventure game that offers creative and survival challenges as you explore an infinite world with endless modification possibilities. It was created by Mojang Studios and was first made publicly available in May of 2009. Minecraft was officially released on November 18, 2011.

Worldwide monthly active users for Minecraft reached 40 million in June of 2016. That number climbed to 140 million as of March 2021. In addition to a large number of monthly users, it is also the most downloaded game of all time.

Previously, you learned how to create a Minecraft server in five steps for your virtual private server . This time around, you will learn how to set up a Minecraft server using dedicated Linux hosting.

Install Minecraft Add Forge Mod Loader

In order to play on a Minecraft server, you need… Minecraft! If you’ve purchased Minecraft, you can download it at

It’ll download MinecraftInstaller.msi, launch it and follow the instructions to install it. Once installed, you will want to launch vanilla 1.12.2 at least once in order to install all the important stuff. Under the Installations tab, click + New, then under Versions, select 1.12.2. Select 1.12.2 from the drop down menu, and press PLAY. Once it fully loads to the menu screen, exit the game.

Next, you’ll want to download and install Forge, go to this link and click on Windows Installer.

Launch it, and click OK. Wait for it to install.

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How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft Server In A Batch File

Now, as you know, using Command Prompt or Terminal to launch your server gets the job done, but it sure takes a minute.

So is there a way to make the whole process a little less wordy?

Where theres a will, theres a way. On Windows its easy all you need to do is put together a batch file comprising of the code we just explained. You dont even need to go into Command Prompt to do this: all you need is the humble Windows Notepad. Simply type out the code as weve done below , and then save the file with whatever name you want and , the extension .bat.

This extension probably wont be shown under the drop-down save as type menu, but thats not a problem if you include the extension Windows will recognize the text file as a batch.

Make sure you save this file in the folder where you keep your server the batch will be useless in the wrong location.

Once youve done this, simply go to your server folder, open up the batch file and the code will run automatically, launching your server, extra RAM and all.

Because Terminal operates a little differently to the Command Prompt, its a bit more challenging to make a text file executable on a Mac but it can be done. For details, see this support page:

Port Forwarding Configure Your Router

How to Setup Minecraft Server on Windows 10 (java)

NOTE: If you get lost in this step with setting up the Port Forward, please refer to our article on setting up a new Port Forward by clicking here.

Once you have successfully logged into your router, you’ll be looking for something along the lines of Port Forwarding,Apps & Gaming,Security, etc. This could be placed in a Security section, Advanced, a Port Forward section, or an Apps & Gaming section. Unfortunately this differs for every router, so be sure to look through all fo the settings until you find where you can add a port forward.

From there, add a new Port Forward, and for the name, we’ll call it Minecraft.

For the External Port, put 25565, and for the Internal Port add the numbers 25565 as well.

Note: The names of the ports may or may not be called External and Internal. Either way, place the numbers in the open boxes for port numbers.

For Protocol, select the option that allows you to use both TCP and UDP. Most routers will have an option for Both or TCP/UDP. If, however, your router does not allow you to do that, simply select one and then create another port forward with the same settings for the other.

From there, save the settings you’ve changed. You must save these settings in order for the server to be accessible by other people with the IP address. Be sure to Apply the settings after saving if required.

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How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft Server

Allocating more RAM to Minecraft is a relatively straightforward process and can yield massive benefits such as reducing lag and making for a smoother experience across the board. Allocating more RAM to dedicated online play is a little more complicated, however have you ever wondered how to allocate more RAM to your Minecraft server?

If so, youve managed to navigate the maze that is setting up your own server in the first place. Youre all set with the latest version of Java, and after a lot of blood, sweat, tears and copy-pasting of computer commands from the officially endorsed Minecraft tutorial, youve finally given your fellow Minecraft survivalists a home of their own. Well, technically its a home of your own, but hey, your hospitality knows no bounds.

Or maybe youre a little more experienced with this stuff and breezed through the whole process no problem.

Either way, youve got your server, youve got your pals, youve got plenty of time to put into joyous hours of multiplayer Minecraft. What you dont have is quite enough RAM on the server to support the number of players you have queued up for entry and still offer a smooth experience.

Whether youre a newcomer to the world of server hosting or a seasoned veteran, this handy step-by-step guide will tell you everything you need to know about allocating more RAM to your Minecraft server.

Installing Java And Screen

Before we begin, keep in mind that the minimum operating system requirements for the following tutorial are Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7.

Connect to your server via SSH. Open the built-in terminal shell and type the following command:

IMPORTANT: Dont forget to change both values with your real username and server IP address. When prompted, enter your username and password.

  • A Minecraft server requires Java. Therefore, check whether its installed on your system by executing this command:
  • java -version
  • Proceed to the second section of this tutorial if you already have Java installed. However, if Java is not found, follow the next step.
  • Run these two commands to download the latest software packages and install Java:
    • On Ubuntu:
    sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install default-jdk
    • On CentOS:
    sudo yum updatesudo yum install java -y
  • Once Java installation is complete, you can install Screen:
    • On Ubuntu:
    sudo yum install wget -y
  • Use wget command to download the Minecraft server properties file:
  • wget
  • In this example, the latest server version is 1.15.2. You should visit this link to check if a newer version is available for download. If so, change the link for the command above.
  • Run the Minecraft server properties file by entering this command. If you want to use the graphical user interface, simply remove the nogui part from the command:
  • sudo nano eula.txt
  • Find the line that says:
  • eula=false

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    How To Join A Minehut Server

    Minecraft Java players can directly join the server by adding the server address to the game .

    On the other hand, Bedrock or Pocket Edition players need to go through an additional step to join the server. First, you’ll have to join the server on port 19132. Then in the chat, type “/join” to access the server. If the server is up, you’ll be automatically teleported to that particular world.

    For example, if your Minehut server address is ““, you’ll first join ““, then type “/join” in chat to join the server.

    How To Setup Minecraft Server In A Local Pc

    How to Join a Minecraft Server (PC / Java Edition ...

    Step 1 Download and install Java

    Go to and download Java

    Step 2 Install Java

    Double click the downloaded file and follow the screen to install

    Step 3 Download the Minecraft Game

    Go to and download minecraft_server.x.x.x.jar file

    Step 4 Create a Game folder

    Create a new folder under D driver or any folder for the game file.


    Copy and paste the downloaded file server.jar to the created folder.

    Step 5 Run the game

    Start the server by double-clicking the .jar file which will generate configuration files. Make necessary modifications before the server gets ready for use

    Open eula.txt file and replace eula=false with eula=true which is mandatory to start the Minecraft server.

    You might encounter an error alerting that the server properties cant be saved. In that instance, right-click .jar file Run as an administrator that will enable you to run the Minecraft server as an administrator.

    Step 6 Play the game and Enjoy

    Run the Game and go to multiplayer mode.

    Add Server

    Install/Update your Java Version


    • The user who hasnt yet installed the Java or is using the outdated version can download it from the website


    • Open Programs tab in your Windows Control Panel and search Java. Click Update Now
    • Open Command Prompt and get the Java version number by typing Java-version.

    Note: After installation, you would need to restart the computer

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    Things To Know When Running A Minecraft Server From Home

    A desktop computer will be more than enough and you do not need any technologically advanced system to run the server.

    It is possible to run and play the Minecraft server on the same machine but it might require a slightly powerful system. Ethernet connections are recommended for use as they are more reliable and wired compared to the wireless connections.

    Create The Run Script

    In order to actually hostthe server, you will need a script to run the .jar file. Open a new text file, and copy the following command into it:

    java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.16.4.jar nogui

    The minecraft_server.1.16.4.jar is the current Minecraft server version available at the time of writing this. If there is a new version released, simply change this to the name of the .jar file that you previously downloaded.

    The -Xmx and -Xms flags are allocating the memory used for the server. If you want to increase these values, you can .

    If you are on Windows, save this file as run.bat. If you are on Linux, save this file as Make sure you change the extention from .txt so that the file can be properly executed.

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    How To Host A Minecraft Server

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    Minecraft is one of the most popular games worldwide. While the block-building and survival game is fun to play by yourself, it’s even more fun to play with other people. Minecraft: Java Edition allows you to host your own server using your own computer. It does require some basic computer knowledge and networking skills. This wikiHow teaches you how to setup and host your own server on your computer.

    Update Package Repository And Install Java

    Java Installation and Setup – Minecraft SERVER tutorial 1/4

    You will need to install Java. First, ensure that your package repository is updated using the following command.

    Next, install Java using the following commands.

    You can check that it was installed successfully by confirming the Java version.

    java -version

    You will see the following output.

    In order to install Java 16, you need to ensure the server is aware the package is available by updating the epel repository. You will update it with the command below.

    yum install -y epel-release

    If it is not already installed, you will see the following output.

    Next, you will install the latest version of Java, which is currently Java 16. Use the following command to install the latest version of Java.

    yum install -y java-latest-openjdk

    While Java 16 is installed, you still need to set it as the default in order for the server to run applications using the latest version. You can accomplish this by using the following command.

    alternatives --config java

    You will be presented with the versions of Java installed on your server, each with a corresponding number. Choose the appropriate number and press Enter.

    If you run java -version again, it will show the version number you selected.

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    How To Make A Modded Minecraft Server

    • Now Download Forge by clicking
    • Open Forge installer again and
    • Select Install server and specify the desired location on which it should be installed
    • Look for the Eula.txt file. Open it and change Eula False to Eula true. Save and close the file.
    • Relaunch.jar
    • Computers IP can be got by windows key +R which will prompt a box
    • Type cmd in the box to open the command prompt
    • Type ipconfig
    • There would be a line with the label IPv4. There you need to copy your IP address. Provide that number in your device IP
    • type cmd. When the command prompt opens up, type ipconfig. Look for the line labeled as IPv4
    • Now launch the server by double-clicking the .bat file. Startup Minecraft. In the multiplayer menu provide your public IP and then connect to the server. You are all set to play the game

    You can read more on Tutorials/Setting up a server here or contact us to help setup a Minecraft Server for you.

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