How To Screen Record Minecraft On Windows 10

How To Record Minecraft Without Lagging

How to Record Minecraft with Windows 10 Screen Recorder (Outdated)

A game lag is a delay between gameplay and the servers response. It can happen on both online and offline games including Minecraft if your computers CPU and RAM cant handle the load of Minecraft whiling screen recording or GPU fails to render graphics and videos.

Therefore, to record Minecraft with no lag, youd better have a powerful CPU and enough RAM to load the Minecraft and a high-performing GPU or often referred to as graphics cards. Besides, sometimes the wrong setting of the Minecraft screen recorder may also lead to unwanted delay.

# Step 2 Define The Minecraft Gameplay Recording Area

Now the window is showing 3 different modules. Click the first one and from the pull-down menu, you can record on-screen activities with full screen, custom region, fixed region. The best option would be to record the full screen on Minecraft, but if you want to record a certain region, you can use the mouse to drag and define the area.

Recording Tips:

If you are worried about some pop-up windows will interrupt your Minecraft records, you can lock the recording window and this Minecraft recorder software will record this window only. Then you can manage and look through other windows in the same time. Here are the simple steps:

a. Before locking the recording area, you should open the window you want to lock.

b. Go back to Video Recorder. Adjust the system sound and microphone as you need.

c. Click “Advanced Recorder” and the third option is “Lock and record window”.

d. In the bottom column, select the Window you want to record from the dropdown list. Or drag the button besides the dropdown list to the area you want to record.

How To Screen Record With Obs

  • Download and install OBS
  • Go to Settings
  • Adjust the video and audio bitrate if necessary:
  • The bitrate depends on your computers processing power. If you have a weaker system, choose a lower bitrate. Choose a higher bitrate for a stronger system. Watch this video to learn how.
  • Never forget to click Apply after every setting change. It will not automatically apply your changes when you click OK.
  • We recommend switching the format to .mp4 so your video can be viewed on any device. *REMEMBER: Click Apply*
  • Record audio
  • Both the system audio and microphone audio are recorded automatically.
  • You can go into settings to turn off the audio recording. Heres a tutorial that shows you how.
  • Click the plus sign below and select Display Capture to start screencasting.
  • Click Start Recording

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Option : Windows 10 Game Recorder

If youve ever used the Windows Snipping Tool, you probably wondered at some point,

How can I record my screen on Windows 10? Is there a video snipping tool?

Actually, yes, there is! Strictly speaking, the Game Recorder was designed as a way to record gameplay on PC. However, you can capture anything thats on your screen.

The only potential problem is that there are a few hoops you have to jump through first including actually finding the program on your computer. Well take it one step at a time.

S To Record Minecraft Videos On Pc With Audio

Top 5 Minecraft Recorder to Capture Minecraft Gameplay

Step 1: Launch the Minecraft recorder

Free download the Minecraft screen recorder on your Windows or Mac computer. Then launch Apeaksoft Screen Recorder and choose “Video Recorder”. Consequently, you can enter the Minecraft game video recording screen.

Step 2: Customize screen recording area

Set the screen area on desktop with your mouse freely. Then you can manage the input audio sources. Turn on “System Sound” or “Microphone” individually or together. Moreover, you can manage the related volume slider.

Step 3: Adjust the output settings

The default output video format is MP4. If you want to save the recorded Minecraft game video in other formats, you can choose “More settings” on the top right corner. Click “Output” in the popping-up “Preferences” window. Then you can change video format, video quality, frame rate and other default settings manually. Later, choose “OK” to save your change.

Step 4: Record Minecraft game video

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How To Record Minecraft On Windows

The easiest way to record Minecraft is no doubt recording it with MiniTool Video Converter for Windows. This excellent Minecraft recording software can capture almost everything on your screen, including video, audio, and webcam. Besides that, you can decide to record the full or a part of the computer screen.

  • Get MiniTool Video Converter installed on your Windows and then launch it.
  • Switch to the Screen Record tab.
  • Open the Full screen dropdown list to decide the area to be recorded.
  • Turn off System Audio or Microphone, or both.
  • Click the Settings icon to adjust the recording parameters if you want.
  • Open Minecraft and start the game in full-screen mode.
  • Back to MiniTool Video Converter and click the Record button.
  • Press F6 to stop recording.
  • Right-click on the recorded game video and select Preview.
  • Features:

    • Export recordings in multiple formats
    • Change video frame rate, codec, and quality
    • No limits to the length and number of the recordings

    Airshou Minecraft Screen Recorder For Iphone/ipad/ipod Touch

    Airshou is a screen recorder that works on all iOS devices. You can perform a Minecraft game recording in high quality. Moreover, there are many useful and straightforward features for stream adjustments.


    • Record Minecraft video on iPhone with editing tools.
    • Stream your video to directly.


    • Some people complain about the appearance of red bar during screen recording.

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    What Is The Best Recording Software

    Top 10 Best DAW Recording Software of 2021

    • Ableton Live 10 Suite Multitrack Recording Software.
    • Image Line FL Studio 20 Producer Edition.
    • Pro Tools 10 Audio Recording and Editing Software.
    • Propellerhead Reason 7 DAW Music Software.
    • ACID Pro 7 Digital Audio Workstation.
    • Steinberg Cubase Elements 10 Music Production Software.

    What You Will Need For Recording Minecraft

    How to record minecraft Windows 10 720p 30fps FREE

    To record Minecraft game, or capture the Minecraft screen, we will need a screen recorder that working properly, with full capability to cover all functions that we need to record the Minecraft, or its variant version, the Minecraft PE. That will determine our target to seek an appropriate screen recorder that focuses on the game recording. Fullscreen & windowed mode game screen recording must be supported. For the need for real gamers, a better video quality plus manageable options for advanced video settings will apply.

    For how to record PC games, read this – How to Record Gameplay on PC in 2021

    To record Minecraft game video, to memorize the moment youve to spend with your friends, you may like to add your voice to the video. It also benefits if you are a content creator, a suitable screen recorder that supports recording your voice to the video could get better results with less effort.

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    The Best Minecraft Screen Recorder For Pc And Mac

    Here we will share a no-lag Minecraft screen recorder â VideoSolo Screen Recorder which can record your wonderful moments in Minecraft with great image and sound. As a game recorder, it empowers users to capture the target window, full screen or specific area without interruption. To upgrade users’ experience, VideoSolo provides users with Lossless video and audio quality. With it, you can record Minecraft video and the music disc simultaneously on PC and Mac. By the way, it performs excellent in making video tutorial. I’ve used it to make several great Minecraft tutorials to share on YouTube.

    Ios Screen Recording Record Minecraft Video On Ios 11 Directly

    For iOS users, there is no need to install additional Minecraft recorder app. Because you can record game video with the built-in iOS screen recording feature directly. Just make sure you are running iOS 11 or higher versions.


    • Record Minecraft game on iPhone, iPad screen without third party application.
    • Take a screenshot during Minecraft screen recording on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


    • There are not much editing tools.

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    How To Record Your Screen With The Built

    One of the great features of Microsoft Windows 10 is that it features many programs already included with the operating system. The good news is that Windows 10 has its own built-in screen recorder so that you can record games .

    The not-so-good news is that it can be a little tricky to find. In order to locate it, youll need to open the pre-installed Xbox app. Click on the Windows Start button, go to the search box, and type in Xbox to find it. Next, hold down + on your keyboard. When prompted, click on the Yes, this is a game button.

    To start recording, click on the Start recording button or hold down ++. You can click Stop recording or use same keyboard shortcut when youre done. Recorded videos will be saved in your Videos/Capture folder in MP4 format.

    To customize the recorders settings, log into the Xbox app and access the Game DVR options. You cant choose a different destination folder for recordings, but you can pick a quality setting, decide whether or not to record audio, and set a maximum clip length.

    *NOTE: One downside of the Windows 10 Game Bar is that, not all Windows 10 devices are able to record your screen with the Game Bar. In order to meet the requirements for using the Windows Game Bar, youll need a GPU that supports one of the following encoders:

    • AMD VCE

    How To Record Games On Windows 10 Pc With A Recorder

    How to Take a Screenshot in Minecraft [Solved]

    While the Game Bar can be a good quick solution for Windows 10 game recording, you may need a more professional tool, particularly if you are recording the videos to use for tutorial purposes. One of the best tools to use in this case is Wondershare Democreator. It is a simple to use solution that is ideal for the recording of various types of videos including gameplay, tutorial videos, product reviews, and more.

    The fact that it can be used to record the screen at 120 frames per second makes it the ideal tool to record high-action games without losing the quality. The following is a breakdown of some of DemoCreatorâs most useful features

    • You can add markers to highlight the important sections of the video during the recording
    • A fast-recording rate of 120fps is ideal for fast-paced games
    • Record the whole screen or a specified section
    • Change the speed or fade in and out during the recording
    • Easily upload recorded videos to Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook directly

    This program is also very easy to use, with features that are accessible to both professional users and beginners. Follow these simple steps to use DemoCreator to record gameplay on your PC

    Step 1: Run the Program

    Begin by downloading and installing the program on your computer. Once installation is complete, open DemoCreator, and in the main window, select “New Recording” to begin the process,

    Step 2: Configure the Settings

    Screen Setup

    Audio Setup

    Camera Setup

    Step 3: Record Gameplay

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    Recommended Computer Requirments To Record Minecraft With No Lag:

    Recommended pc requirement for playing and recording Minecraft

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB or higher
  • GPU: XFX AMD Radeon RX 560
  • SSD: 4G
  • Well, in general, Minecraft is not that resource-intensive given the blocky graphics and less demanding video rendering than those mighty 3D online games. If you still suffer lags while playing and recording Minecraft, its very likely to do with the settings.

    How To Record Minecraft On Pc With Bandicam

    The most popular Minecraft recorder is Bandicam, which has a game mode to capture any gameplay. It is only compatible with Windows. It also has “Screen Recording” mode, you can use it to record video and audio without lag. It allows you to save the video in MP4 and AVI format. Let’s see how to use Bandicam to record as follows:

    Step 1: Run Minecraft on your screen. Then open Bandicam and choose “Game mode”

    Step 2: Select the recording area. Then you will see a green number on the top left corner

    Step 3: Click “REC” or press “F12” on your keyboard to start capturing Minecraft. At the same time, you will see the green number changing into the red. Press the same button to complete the recording

    Step 4: Select “Home” > click “Video”. In this tab, you can play, edit, upload and delete the videos.

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    Use Videos Of All Kinds

    You can record videos of various sorts including mp4,avi, have maximum control over your data and content. Features below for your reference,

    • -Take ScreenShots -Capture ScreenCasts
    • -Capture with/without Mouse Cursor
    • -Capture Specific Regions, Screens or Windows
    • -Capture Mouse Clicks or Keystrokes
    • -Mix Audio recorded from Microphone and Speaker Output
    • -Capture from Webcam.

    How To Record Your Screen With Nvidias Geforce Experience

    Minecraft Windows 10 screen recording test

    If you have an NVIDIA graphics card in your computer, then you can use NVIDIAs built-in screen capture feature, ShadowPlay . If youre unsure on whether or not you have an NVIDIA GPU, check our guide on How to Check Your Computers Specs for a step-by-step process on how to find out what hardware you have in your computer.

    If youve confirmed that you have an NVIDIA GPU, youll need to download NVIDIAs GeForce Experience software . Once you have the GeForce Experience software downloaded, youll need to log into it with your NVIDIA account.

    And, from there, youll want to click on the gear icon next to your profile name in the top right-hand corner, scroll down until you see In-Game Overlay and make sure that the On slider is switched to the left .

    From there, recording is as simple as using the hotkey + to both start and end your recording. All of your recordings will be saved in your users Videos folder.

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    What Is Screen Recorder Pro

    Screen Recorder Pro is a tool for recording the motion on the screen of mobile phones or computer. As a successor to UWPLAB, it is used by millions of people around the world. Its clean interface and feature-rich tools help you unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity. With this powerful tool, you can record anything on the screen including selected areas, applications, active windows, and so on.

    Bandicam Record Minecraft Game Video On Windows

    Bandicam is widely used as a screen recorder and gameplay recorder. Thus, you can record Minecraft with Bandicam on Windows computer. In addition, you can take a screenshot while recording Minecraft with Bandicam too.


    • Export the recorded Minecraft gameplay as MP4 and AVI formats.
    • Set the capture screen size freely.


    • Not Available for Mac .
    • Cannot support more output formats.

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    The Easiest Way To Record Your Computer Screen

    It might be a bit bold but well say it: Screenrec is the easiest way to record your computer screen on Windows. Many other screen recorders add complexity with mandatory third-party downloads and insanely steep learning curves.

    Screenrec was designed to make recording your computer screen as simple as possible. From recordings automatically saved to your free private video account, all the way up to sharing instantly with as many people as youd like anywhere in the world. Screenrec does all the heavy lifting while you merely click a button or two. If you want to try it, head over to the page.

    # Step 3 Enable/disable Sound And Customize More Settings

    Minecraft Windows 10 screen recording test

    Next, it’s time to choose the sound source that you want to include in the Minecraft recording. You can enable or disable System and Microphone to decide whether to record your voice or not. Moreover, volume up or down the input audio source freely. To make sure recording sound successfully, you can also go to “Preferences”> “Sound” to have a sound check.


    If you’ve set up full screen recording, you have better go to Preferences > Hotkeys to get familiar with the hotkeys.

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    How To Record Minecraft Game Screen

    In the following guide, we will take capturing Minecraft screen on PC as an example. If you are using a Mac, you can take the similar steps to complete the Minecraft game recording.

    Step 1 Double click the download button above to free install this professional Minecraft recorder on your computer. Launch it and prepare for the recording. As you can see, besides capturing Minecraft screen, it also enables you to record audio only. While during this step, Screen Recorder is still the function you should use.

    Step 2 Click on Screen Recorder option and enter the video recording interface. This powerful Minecraft screen recorder allows you to capture full-size screen or customized size based on your need. Moreover, you can capture sound from system audio or microphone. Here you can only turn on the System Sound.

    Step 3 After all these settings, you can click REC button to start recording. You can start to record first and then open the Minecraft game.

    This all-featured Minecraft screen recorder enables you to preview and clip the captured video to only save the necessary parts. What’s more, you can select any frequently-used output format like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and more.

    Watch The Recorded Minecraft Video

    Once done, click the “Stop” button to end the recording process. It will show you a video playback where you can preview the video. You can also hit the “Save” button to keep the video to your computer.


    • This tool can act as an Audio recorder.
    • It can take screenshots while recording for a thumbnail video.


    • It cant trim videos before saving them to your computer.

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