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How to Record Minecraft with Windows 10 Screen Recorder (Outdated)

Apeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder is the best free screen recording software for Minecraft. With this free and easy-to-use screen recorder, you can record gameplays like Minecraft, Battlefield, Roblox or World of Warcraft to gain more likes on YouTube, Twitch and more.


  • It allows to capture gameplay, presentation and e-Learning courses.
  • You can record a picture-in-picture game recording while enabling webcam.
  • Users can select the recording area like a full screen or a fixed region.


  • Unlike Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, you cant edit with this online tool.

S To Record Minecraft Videos On Pc With Audio

Step 1: Launch the Minecraft recorder

Free download the Minecraft screen recorder on your Windows or Mac computer. Then launch Apeaksoft Screen Recorder and choose “Video Recorder”. Consequently, you can enter the Minecraft game video recording screen.

Step 2: Customize screen recording area

Set the screen area on desktop with your mouse freely. Then you can manage the input audio sources. Turn on “System Sound” or “Microphone” individually or together. Moreover, you can manage the related volume slider.

Step 3: Adjust the output settings

The default output video format is MP4. If you want to save the recorded Minecraft game video in other formats, you can choose “More settings” on the top right corner. Click “Output” in the popping-up “Preferences” window. Then you can change video format, video quality, frame rate and other default settings manually. Later, choose “OK” to save your change.

Step 4: Record Minecraft game video

# Step 3 Enable/disable Sound And Customize More Settings

Next, it’s time to choose the sound source that you want to include in the Minecraft recording. You can enable or disable System and Microphone to decide whether to record your voice or not. Moreover, volume up or down the input audio source freely. To make sure recording sound successfully, you can also go to “Preferences”> “Sound” to have a sound check.


If you’ve set up full screen recording, you have better go to Preferences > Hotkeys to get familiar with the hotkeys.

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Why Choose This Tool

  • The program is optimized to work without affecting your systems functions.
  • This Minecraft screen recorder has a neat interface that can suite anyone. It also requires a minimal space and can switch within the various recording modes with just few clicks.
  • It is packed with different recording modes that will allow users to capture their computer activities like screen movements, audio, with webcam, or a special function for capturing gameplay.
  • Unlike other recording applications, this one does not have any adwares that constantly interrupts as you go on with your recording.
  • This recording tool is equipped with other useful functions such as Follow recording, and Task scheduler.
  • Way : Record Gameplay With Camera With Mirillis Action

    How to Record Minecraft Gameplay on PC

    If you have a question such as “how to record gameplay with a webcam,” then Mirillis Action can solve your issues up to a remarkable extent. This is a real-time recording tool for Windows. It will provide you high-quality HD videos. With the help of Mirillis Action, you can record and stream your gameplay.

    It will also allow you to add webcams and microphones. If you want to know how to record gameplay with webcam, you can follow the below steps.

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    Minecraft Screen Recorder For Android

    For Android users, we also prepare a great Minecraft screen capture, AZ Screen Recorder.

    When it comes to installing new app and recording video on Android, you may think about the root issue. The good thing is, AZ Screen Recorder is able to capture Minecraft screen without rooting.

    As a free Minecraft video capture for Android, AZ Screen Recorder won’t leave any water mark for the recorded video. In addition, it can capture screen with HD image quality. But while using this apk, you have to endure the annoying ads and crash down problem.

    Record Minecraft On Your Android Phone With Recorderpro

    Step 1: Go to Google Play Store to download RecorderPro App for Android.

    Step 2: Open the App, you can see that there are four setting options: Audio, HD mode, Auto and Watermark. You can set them up according to your needs, these options are simple and easy to understand.

    Step 3: RecorderPro supports closing the floating window. After clicking Record, the countdown starts to record the Minecraft game screen. You can click Pause to pause recording, or Stop to stop recording. After you stop recording the video, the APP will prompt the location of the recorded video and the Share prompt. You can share Minecraft videos on YouTube and other platforms.

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    Q: How To Only Record The Minecraft Window

    A: If you do not maximize the window and want the recorder to record the specific window of Minecraft gameplay, you can run the Aiseesoft Minecraft Recorder.

    Then select Video Recorder, click the Advanced Recorder button, and select Lock and Record window.

    From the pop-up window, click the dropdown menu from the bottom to select window to lock and click Record.

    Record Minecraft Gameplay On Any Computer

    How to record your face while playing Minecraft EASIEST WAY!!!

    The first way to record Minecraft is the most popular. With this method, you can record Minecraft on both Windows PC and Mac. This method is Vidmore Screen Recorder.

    Vidmore Screen Recorder is the best gameplay recorder, which is designed to record video/audio with high quality. It can help you record Minecraft or other games, online videos, skype chat, webcam, meeting, etc. For adding effects, its inside editing function can help you. You can add a rectangle, ellipse, arrow, line, etc. and select other color options in the tool bar. And Task Schedule can help you record automatically without your extra clicks. Its amazing functions, such as recording webcam and the screen at the same time, adjusting volume while recording, hiding the recording bar, using hotkeys to control, etc. can help you record Minecraft gameplay better.

    Step 1: Open Minecraft game first. Download and install Vidmore Screen Recorder on your PC. Run this software and select Video Recorder in the main interface.

    Step 2 : After these, you need to set the size of the recording area fit your gaming screen.

    For recording the customized area, you just need to click Custom to select either Fixed region or Select region/window.

    For game recording, it is also important to add narrative. You can toggle on the audio options from System Sound and Microphone.

    Step 3 : After making sure all the settings are right, click the REC button to start recording. During recording, you can edit the screen while recording.

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    How Do You Record Video On Your Screen

    Record your phone screen

  • Swipe down twice from the top of your screen.
  • Tap Screen record . You might need to swipe right to find it.
  • Choose what you want to record and tap Start. The recording begins after the countdown.
  • To stop recording, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the Screen recorder notification .
  • How To Record Minecraft On Pc With Bandicam

    Bandicam is another Minecraft gameplay recorder for Windows. It integrates a default game mode, which enables you to record Minecraft automatically. But the free trial version will add watermark to your recording. Moreover, it is a bit complex to set up the recording mode for the gameplay video.

    Step 1: Launch the Bandicam when you have installed the program. Choose the Game Recording mode and tweak the different parameters to get a high quality video according to your requirement.

    Step 2: Click Minecraft window, then Bandicam is able to detect the game. Then you will see the FPS icon on the game window. Of course, you can adjust the parameters in the FPS tab in Bandicam.

    Step 3: Click the Record button to start Minecraft gameplay recording. Then the FPS icon will turn to red from green. Hit the F12 key or click the red button when Minecraft recording finishes.

    Step 4: You can go to the General tab and view the recording. After that, you can further edit the recorded gameplay video, or even transfer the video to another video editor instead.

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    Screen Cam Screen Recorder

    Its free. Its lightweight. It has no ads. It also contains only the essential recording options and has nothing to weigh it down. This all makes it enjoyable and simple to use. The app allows you to customize the video bitrate, resolution and framerate.

    They update the app regularly, and with the recent update, they added a floating widget capable of managing the recording process.

    The only downside is that you cant record with the camera while recording the screen. Therefore, if youre making a Minecraft movie where youre the star, it may not be the best option for you. But its getting there!

    How To Record Your Desktop Screen

    3 Ways to Capture Minecraft

    Short, simple recordings that wont require much editing can be done with something like Snagit .

    Snagit is great for screenshots and quick and easy screen recordings. Its perfect for when you want videos that look great, but dont take hours of editing time.

    Heres how to do it.

    Step 1: Choose what you want to record

    Step 2: Record your audio or webcam

    Step 3: Trim your video

    Step 4: Save or share

    When you have your video ready to share, use the Share menu to save the video or send it to the web.

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    How To Record Minecraft Game Screen

    In the following guide, we will take capturing Minecraft screen on PC as an example. If you are using a Mac, you can take the similar steps to complete the Minecraft game recording.

    Step 1 Double click the download button above to free install this professional Minecraft recorder on your computer. Launch it and prepare for the recording. As you can see, besides capturing Minecraft screen, it also enables you to record audio only. While during this step, Screen Recorder is still the function you should use.

    Step 2 Click on Screen Recorder option and enter the video recording interface. This powerful Minecraft screen recorder allows you to capture full-size screen or customized size based on your need. Moreover, you can capture sound from system audio or microphone. Here you can only turn on the System Sound.

    Step 3 After all these settings, you can click REC button to start recording. You can start to record first and then open the Minecraft game.

    This all-featured Minecraft screen recorder enables you to preview and clip the captured video to only save the necessary parts. What’s more, you can select any frequently-used output format like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and more.

    Way : Record Gameplay And Webcam With Bandicam

    This is a professional software for webcam capture and game recording. You can capture your video using video capture cards, a USB webcam, camcorders, etc. With the help of this Bandicam Recorder, you can capture your gameplay with the sound quality of audio. It allows various graphics technologies for game recording, and you can select them by clicking on the game recording mode. If you want to know how to record gameplay and webcam, then you can follow these steps.

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    How To Screen Record With Obs

    • Download and install OBS
    • Go to Settings
    • Adjust the video and audio bitrate if necessary:
    • The bitrate depends on your computers processing power. If you have a weaker system, choose a lower bitrate. Choose a higher bitrate for a stronger system. Watch this video to learn how.
    • Never forget to click Apply after every setting change. It will not automatically apply your changes when you click OK.
    • We recommend switching the format to .mp4 so your video can be viewed on any device. *REMEMBER: Click Apply*
    • Record audio
    • Both the system audio and microphone audio are recorded automatically.
    • You can go into settings to turn off the audio recording. Heres a tutorial that shows you how.
    • Click the plus sign below and select Display Capture to start screencasting.
    • Click Start Recording

    What You Will Need For Recording Minecraft

    How to Record Minecraft With Screenflow or Quicktime On A Mac!

    To record Minecraft game, or capture the Minecraft screen, we will need a screen recorder that working properly, with full capability to cover all functions that we need to record the Minecraft, or its variant version, the Minecraft PE. That will determine our target to seek an appropriate screen recorder that focuses on the game recording. Fullscreen & windowed mode game screen recording must be supported. For the need for real gamers, a better video quality plus manageable options for advanced video settings will apply.

    For how to record PC games, read this – How to Record Gameplay on PC in 2021

    To record Minecraft game video, to memorize the moment youve to spend with your friends, you may like to add your voice to the video. It also benefits if you are a content creator, a suitable screen recorder that supports recording your voice to the video could get better results with less effort.

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    How To Record Your Computer Screen On Windows 10

    Throughout history, we have developed many different techniques in capturing and recording moments. Starting from paintings on a cave wall to digitally capturing video and images in an instant. You can never satiate progress and screen recording is proof of that.

    A businessman who set up an online conference with his managers.

    An online student and her teacher in a virtual classroom who are prsereparing study points for the SATs.

    A grandmother, 2,000 miles away, who sees her great-grandchild for the first time via Skype.

    These moments are the type of moments that need to be recorded and, in this day and age, it has become insanely easy. A free screen recorder gives us the convenience of capturing anything on our PC or laptop screens.

    In this article well cover how to record your computer screen on Windows 10. There are several options out there and we are going to walk you through three of them.

    So sit back, relax, and lets jump in.

    How To Choose Best Minecraft Recording Software

    These are some key points which should be kept in mind before choosing recording software for Minecraft Gameplay:

    • Resolution is the major thing that should be kept in mind that the software can record until what maximum resolution.
    • The Live Streaming feature is available or not.
    • It should come with an inbuilt video recording functionality.
    • There should be enough output format support for exporting.
    • Frame Rate could be adjusted as per the requirement of the user.
    • We should be able to record both full screens as well as a desired region of the screen.

    There are a bunch of options and alternatives available in the market, choosing the best one still should firstly be based upon the key requirements as well paying capacity of the user to purchase that product.

    At first glance, the user should go for the trial version if available so that the product can be reviewed personally, and after then, if it is up to the mark, the full version could be purchased.

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    Way : Record Game With Facecam With Democreator

    DemoCreator Video Recorder is a compelling game recording tool. If you are a beginner, then choosing this game recording software would be wiser. Also, this software has various user-friendly features for its user. Here, you can select your capture area according to your requirement. In this software, you can customize your game recording settings.

    While recording your game, you can integrate your facecam option, so you can easily record your face video too. There are various other options also available in this tool.

    Faqs About How To Record Playing Minecraft

    Fun Sources: How To Record Minecraft On Mac

    There are some frequently asked questions about recording Minecraft videos. If you need to learn more about this topic, those answers may be helpful.

    1. How do I record my Minecraft gameplay?

    How to record while playing Minecraft? You can use a great Minecraft game recorder to do that, such as EaseUS RecExperts for Windows.

    Step 1. Install this Minecraft screen recorder on your computer and launch it.

    Step 2. Click on the “Full Screen” or “Region” button to select the recording area.

    Step 3. You can also select the microphone and camera you want to use in the recording.

    Step 4. Click on the “REC” button to start recording, and click on the “Stop” button after recording the video you need.

    2. Does Minecraft have a built-in recorder?

    Although Minecraft doesn’t offer you a built-in gameplay recorder, you can use the Xbox Gamebar to record your Minecraft videos. This built-in tool offered by the Windows system helps you capture the game easily. You only need to search it in the Windows search box and launch to use it.

    3. Which is the best screen recorder for Minecraft?

    Best Minecraft Recording Software Free on PC and Mac:

    • EaseUS RecExperts for Windows

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    # Step 4 Start To Record Minecraft Video

    After setting the video region and the sound, you can launch your Minecraft and play as you normally do. Just need to hit the “REC” button on the right side of the recorder in advance and begin showing off your prowess at playing Minecraft.

    1. The bar can be hidden while recording

    2. After the recorded is ended, you can preview and clip the video in VideoSolo Screen Recorder before saving.

    How To Record Minecraft On Pc And Mac Losslessly

    If you want to record a video while playing Minecraft, Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder can be your good choice. You can record HD game videos up to 60 fps. The program reduces the CPU usages with the advanced hardware acceleration. Thus, you can record Minecraft game video without lagging. The hotkey controls allow users to start and stop recording PC Minecraft game instantly.

    Furthermore, you can add your face and voice into the Minecraft recording. It is also supported to take a screenshot while playing Minecraft. In addition, you can add callouts, mouse effects, captions, highlights and many other editing tools during recording. The tiny and intuitive interface is friendly to beginners. Even though it is the first time you record Minecraft videos, you can still edit and record gameplay video with ease.

    • 1. Record Minecraft gameplay of full screen or specific window.
    • 2. Record yourself and add your voice into the Minecraft recording video.
    • 3. Control Minecraft game recording with customized hotkeys.
    • 4. Trim unwanted parts before exporting your Minecraft recording file.
    • 5. Wide range of real-time drawing tools.
    • 6. Schedule Minecraft recording tasks with custom time, date and recording length.
    • 7. Share Minecraft videos to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more directly.

    Step 1Free download Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder as your Minecraft game recorder. Launch the program after the installation. To record Minecraft on Windows, choose Video Recorder in the main interface.

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