How To Record Your Screen In Minecraft

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How to Record Minecraft in FULLSCREEN!
  • Simultaneously accomplish the following while your game is in progress:
  • Recode Minecraft videos with audios.
  • Annotate your live Minecraft game activities .
  • Take a snapshot of your screen anytime during your Minecraft gaming.
  • Remove the running applications you do not want from a recording.
  • Capture videos and images without watermarks.
  • Output smaller recorded file sizes than other software like Fraps.
  • Offer a wide selection of output formats with high resolution of your choice, including but not limited to, MP4, AVI, WMV, and AAC.
  • Freely select hotkeys and the recording area with mouse recording permitted.
  • Record Minecraft screen activities with sounds from system audio or external sources.
  • Task Schedule feature allows for automatic start and end of the Minecraft recording video at a set date and time.
  • It Seems The Game Recorder Feature Has Some Issues How To Fix Is There Any Alternative

    If the Game Recorder feature cannot work normally when recording your Minecraft videos normally, here are some tips for you.

    Firstly, try to check the task manager of your computer to see if your PC is overloaded. Because the game can occupy a large proportion of RAM, it had better quit some unnecessary programs to make your computer run smoothly.

    Next, try to restart the Minecraft screen recorder or your computer. Usually, a number of problems can be settled by it.

    If it still doesn√Ęt work well, check your computer hardware or feel free to contact us.

    As for recording alternative, other than the Game Recorder function, you can try our Video Recorder function, which is more flexible in game video recording. Head to this page to know more about this function: No Lag Screen Recorder for Windows & Mac.

    Launch The Minecraft Screen Recorder And Choose Game Recorder Feature

    After downloading the Minecraft screen recorder from above button, enter into the main interface. To record Minecraft videos with sound or make a Minecraft tutorial with voice over, you need to choose “Game Recorder”.

    If you just want to record Minecraft music disc to enjoy offline, you can use “Audio Recorder” and the article is here: Simple Way to Record Computer Audio.

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    Record Minecraft Gameplay On Windows Computer

    Do you know Windows 10 has a screen recording utility called the Xbox Game Bar? With it, you can record a video of your actions on your PC, whether you want to capture gameplay or create a video. For Windows users, if you do not want any third-party software, it would be easier and convenient. Lets how it works.

    Step 1 : Find the Settings on your computer. You can find it by clicking Gear icon in Windows menu. Then you need find Gaming in settings.

    Step 2 : After that, you need to turn on Record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using Game bar. Then you can to record your game and set the keyboard shortcuts as you like.

    Step 3 : After finishing the preparation work, you can launch the game and press Win and G keys at the same time. Check the box next to Yes, this is a game. Finally, press Win + Alt + R to begin the recording.

    Step 4 : if you want to stop recording, you can click the blue square. Then it will stop recording and show you the recorded video in a folder.

    Obs: Open Broadcaster Software

    Minecraft 2018: 7 Best Free Screen Recorders To Record ...

    OBS Open Broadcaster Software is an open-source cross-platform recording software built with Qt and maintained by the OBS Project. The software is also known as OBS Studio and there are different versions of OBS Studio, such as version for Windows, macOS, and Linux distributions.

    OBS Studio also offers seamless recording capabilities, which makes it a trusted recorder for many, and it has a lot of screen filters to add effects to the video that you are recording. Additionally, the Studio Mode of the tool can be used to broadcast your Minecraft game online. And the audio mixer is also one of the best features that people love about OBS Studio.

    The free screen recorder is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. And you can record Minecraft with OBS free, with many recording, streaming and editing features.


    • Unlimited timing in Minecraft gameplay video recording
    • Ability to Record Minecraft on Windows 10 and other operating systems


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    Add Your Facecam To The Video

    If you chose to record your webcam along with the gameplay, its time to add it to the video. You can use any free video editing software of your choice, however, for the sake of this tutorial, well use VSDC Free Video Editor.

    Launch VSDC on your computer and use the Import content option to add the gameplay video to the scene. In the pop-up project settings window hit OK. Next, press Shift + V to add a new video to the scene and select your facecam video from the computer. In the pop-up window, select Add new layer, so that the facecam video is placed over the main video with the gameplay.

    From there, all you need to do is grab the handlers of the facecam video and resize it and place it in the corner of your choice.

    Enjoy the result

    Now that you know how to record your footage, why not try it for yourself? Who knows, maybe youll be the next big Minecraft YouTuber! All you have to do is try. In case you want to edit your video, look through the list of tutorials here or check out the VSDC YouTube channel.

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    How To Record Minecraft On Pc And Mac Losslessly

    If you want to record a video while playing Minecraft, Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder can be your good choice. You can record HD game videos up to 60 fps. The program reduces the CPU usages with the advanced hardware acceleration. Thus, you can record Minecraft game video without lagging. The hotkey controls allow users to start and stop recording PC Minecraft game instantly.

    Furthermore, you can add your face and voice into the Minecraft recording. It is also supported to take a screenshot while playing Minecraft. In addition, you can add callouts, mouse effects, captions, highlights and many other editing tools during recording. The tiny and intuitive interface is friendly to beginners. Even though it is the first time you record Minecraft videos, you can still edit and record gameplay video with ease.

    • 1. Record Minecraft gameplay of full screen or specific window.
    • 2. Record yourself and add your voice into the Minecraft recording video.
    • 3. Control Minecraft game recording with customized hotkeys.
    • 4. Trim unwanted parts before exporting your Minecraft recording file.
    • 5. Wide range of real-time drawing tools.
    • 6. Schedule Minecraft recording tasks with custom time, date and recording length.
    • 7. Share Minecraft videos to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more directly.

    Step 1Free download Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder as your Minecraft game recorder. Launch the program after the installation. To record Minecraft on Windows, choose Video Recorder in the main interface.

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    How To Record Minecraft On Your Computer

    Minecraft has focused on global collaboration and sharing since its early online servers in the Alpha days. Nowadays, especially for creative and story-mode gameplay, recording and streaming Minecraft is more popular than ever, whether for optimizing speedruns or showing off creative masterpieces.

    But if youre not a top streamer or YouTuber, you might not know the best way to record Minecraft for your purposes, and depending on what you want to do with your footage, you might not need to use the most robust, difficult tools. In this article, Ill show you a couple simple ways to record Minecraft gameplay on any computer, using either a desktop app or an online video production studio. Heres what you should know:

  • Recording with OBS
  • Editing and sharing your videos
  • Ios Screen Recording Record Minecraft Video On Ios 11 Directly

    How to Record Your Screen – Minecraft Pocket Edition

    For iOS users, there is no need to install additional Minecraft recorder app. Because you can record game video with the built-in iOS screen recording feature directly. Just make sure you are running iOS 11 or higher versions.


    • Record Minecraft game on iPhone, iPad screen without third party application.
    • Take a screenshot during Minecraft screen recording on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


    • There are not much editing tools.

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    How To Record Minecraft Pocket Edition On Android With Apowersoft Screen Recorder

    Those who use Android phones have slightly lucked out on the screen recording area as there are far more options to do it. However, one of the better options for screen recording on an Android is Apowersoft Screen Recorder with which you can record directly on the device. Another cool feature of this is the ability to record the front facing camera as well, which is quite helpful if you want to add personal commentary for Social Media. Below you’ll find detailed pointers on how to record Minecraft PE on your Android with Apowersoft Screen Recorder.

    Why Is It The Minecraft Recorder For Free You Should Not Miss

    OBS Studio is an incredibly popular recorder among content creators because of its huge variety of powerful features. Here are some reasons why you should definitely give OBS a try.

  • It offers a professional user interface that helps to develop an effective work environment.
  • It is completely free to use.
  • The Picture in Picture feature allows users to record screen and webcam simultaneously.
  • Each feature is highly customizable ensuring the accurate settings for you.
  • Supports video streaming to various streaming platforms, including Twitch, YouTube Live, etc.
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    Tell Your Story Editing Features That Maximize Your Creativity Potential

    • Free easy-to-use video editor linked to the Aiseesoft Minecraft screen recorder allows you to improve your Minecraft videos as you like.
    • Add a watermark where you want to identify your videos and claim your copyright.
    • Integrate the videos with audios via the Video/Audio Joiner feature to enrich the quality of Minecraft game activities.
    • Extra effects on audios and videos to maximize the quality of your creative work.
    • Rotate, crop, and clip your Minecraft screen videos to best present your skills and ideas to the audience.

    Is There A Way To Record Me Playing Minecraft

    Minecraft 2018: 7 Best Free Screen Recorders To Record ...

    To record Minecraft on Windows, choose Video Recorder in the main interface. Step 2 If you want to record Minecraft in full screen, you can choose Full in the Display section. Turn on System Sound to record Minecraft video with audio. If you want to record yourself playing Minecraft, you can turn on Webcam as well.

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    How To Record Minecraft Pocket Edition On Android

    How to record Minecraft PE on Android with Apowersoft Screen Recorder 1 Download and install this app from Google Play Store. 2 After accessing the app go to Minecraft PE. 3 Tap the overlay icon on the side of the screen in order to start recording. 4 You can stop recording by pulling down the notifications and tapping on the stop button.

    How To Record Minecraft Online For Free

    If you dont need professional screen recording features, you can use Blu-ray Master Free Online Screen Recorder to record Minecraft video up to 24 fps. WMV is the only output video format. You can screen record Minecraft gameplay as WMV video. By the way, you can adjust video recording quality options from the lowest to lossless. There is no maximum recording length. Thus, you can feel free to record your screen on Minecraft for free.

    Step 1Click Launch Free Recorder in the main interface. Follow the on-screen instruction to download its launcher quickly.

    Step 2Use your mouse to drag with the red-dotted line. You can record Minecraft game video in full screen or custom region.

    Step 3Set the input audio source and webcam.

    Step 4Click the gear Settings icon on the lower right corner. Here you can change hotkeys and video output settings.

    Step 5Click REC to start the Minecraft recording process. When you stop recording, the program will save the recording file automatically.

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    Minecraft Screen Recorder For Android

    For Android users, we also prepare a great Minecraft screen capture, AZ Screen Recorder.

    When it comes to installing new app and recording video on Android, you may think about the root issue. The good thing is, AZ Screen Recorder is able to capture Minecraft screen without rooting.

    As a free Minecraft video capture for Android, AZ Screen Recorder won’t leave any water mark for the recorded video. In addition, it can capture screen with HD image quality. But while using this apk, you have to endure the annoying ads and crash down problem.

    Obs Record Minecraft For Free With No Time Restriction

    How To RECORD Minecraft Pocket Edition // How To Record Your Screen for MCPE (NO JAILBREAK)

    OBS is an open source and free screen recorder for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can record Minecraft with OBS free. Whats more, there are many recording, streaming and editing features.


    • Record Minecraft on Windows 10 and other operating systems.
    • No time limitation towards Minecraft gameplay video recording.


    • The output game video file size is too large.

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    How To Use Minecraft Screen Recorder Free Tool

    Follow the steps below to understand how you can use OBS to record Minecraft.

  • After installation, launch OBS on your computer.
  • Tap on + under the Sources section and select Game Capture. Hit OK to continue.

  • In the Game Capture settings, select Capture any full-screen application and hit OK. If Minecraft is open, OBS will now begin to show you a preview of the game.

  • Hit Start Recording to begin recording Minecraft. Once done, hit Stop Recording to end and save the recording.
  • How To Record Minecraft Game Screen

    In the following guide, we will take capturing Minecraft screen on PC as an example. If you are using a Mac, you can take the similar steps to complete the Minecraft game recording.

    Step 1 Double click the download button above to free install this professional Minecraft recorder on your computer. Launch it and prepare for the recording. As you can see, besides capturing Minecraft screen, it also enables you to record audio only. While during this step, Screen Recorder is still the function you should use.

    Step 2 Click on Screen Recorder option and enter the video recording interface. This powerful Minecraft screen recorder allows you to capture full-size screen or customized size based on your need. Moreover, you can capture sound from system audio or microphone. Here you can only turn on the System Sound.

    Step 3 After all these settings, you can click REC button to start recording. You can start to record first and then open the Minecraft game.

    This all-featured Minecraft screen recorder enables you to preview and clip the captured video to only save the necessary parts. What’s more, you can select any frequently-used output format like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and more.

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    Editing And Sharing Your Videos

    Recording your Minecraft gameplay is only one part of the process you still need to edit, save, and share your recordings. Since OBS doesnt provide any video editing tools, I recommend using Kapwing to edit your Minecraft videos, regardless of where you recorded them. Go to in your browser and click Start Editing to enter the Kapwing Studio. Here, drag and drop your .MKV recording file directly into the Studio window. If you recorded your video using Kapwing, your video and audio layers will already be on the canvas and timeline.

    With your files uploaded, you can make any edits your Minecraft recording needs. Most likely, youll want to trim it, grab just the best clips, or add extra features like text and music. To trim your video and audio layers, drag and drop the ends of the layers in the timeline at the bottom of the Studio. You can also place the tracker anywhere on a video or audio layer and use the Split button to split it into two clips.

    When youre done adding all the edits you need, click the red Export Video button in the top right corner of the Studio. Kapwing will start processing your video for longer Minecraft recordings, this can take several minutes. When it’s ready, click the Download button on the right and your video will be saved to your computer.

    How To Record Minecraft On Windows 10

    The Best 100% Free Minecraft Screen Recorder

    The second method to record Minecraft is the iTop Screen Recorder, a powerful PC screen recorder that meets all your needs. In the latest version, the iTop has released Game Recording mode designed for game recording. The new feature supports recording Minecraft in HD quality and helps gamers capture their moments of honor!

    iTop Screen Recorder – Record Your Screen Activity on PC

    • Record online meetings, YouTube videos, live streams, video tutorials, etc.
    • Easily capture screen with no watermark and time limit.
    • Support audio-only recording for music, lectures, conversations, and other sounds.
    • Record HD video smoothly with advanced hardware acceleration.
    • Highlights of iTop Screen Recorder

    1. Free

    This free screen recorder does not cost money at all. And if you are interested to record from a browser, an online screen recorder is also available.

    2. Multiple Video Outputs

    Huge formats selections, including MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, TS, GIF, etc.

    3. HD Quality

    The iTop Screen Recorder supports HD recording with high FPS and no dropping frames.

    4. No Lagging

    With a low CPU utilization, the iTop Screen Recorder has little impact on the game performance, giving its users a lag-free recording experience.

    The iTop Screen Recorder is an ideal tool to record Minecraft games. People could easily create amazing Minecraft game clips whatever they are playing through Minecraft Bedrock or Minecraft Tlauncher.

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