How To Record Minecraft Gameplay

How To Record Minecraft On Windows 10/mac

How To Record Minecraft Gameplay For Free “Easy”

Many people love to play Minecraft and explore in the game, looking for resources and running from creepers. Sometimes, you may want to share your achievements and happiness in the game with your friends. If so, try the Minecraft screen recorders and make a video for YouTube or other social networks. Using the programs mentioned on this page, you can record Minecraft on PC and Mac with simple clicks. Follow those tutorials and start recording.

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What We Could Get From Screen Recording Minecraft Video

Minecraft is fairly considered one of the most successful videogames which very likely to be recorded in human history. According to Mojang, the developer, Minecraft recently became the bestselling video game of all time, beating out Tetris by moving over 176 million units. Unlike another famous game, Tetris, it hit that number in a single decade. Minecraft is still very popular today as we can see the Minecraft videos & contents still highly visible on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and other game communities. If you want your gaming video to be recognized & approbated by the public, screen record Minecraft game video would be a good starting point for you. Or you just want to keep the video to memorize the time you spent on this classic. By then, the iTop Screen Recorder is your best companion that helps you to screen capture & record the Minecraft game video. Ready to begin your Minecraft video? Dont think twice and let us begin now!

How To Record Minecraft Online For Free

If you dont need professional screen recording features, you can use Blu-ray Master Free Online Screen Recorder to record Minecraft video up to 24 fps. WMV is the only output video format. You can screen record Minecraft gameplay as WMV video. By the way, you can adjust video recording quality options from the lowest to lossless. There is no maximum recording length. Thus, you can feel free to record your screen on Minecraft for free.

Step 1Click Launch Free Recorder in the main interface. Follow the on-screen instruction to download its launcher quickly.

Step 2Use your mouse to drag with the red-dotted line. You can record Minecraft game video in full screen or custom region.

Step 3Set the input audio source and webcam.

Step 4Click the gear Settings icon on the lower right corner. Here you can change hotkeys and video output settings.

Step 5Click REC to start the Minecraft recording process. When you stop recording, the program will save the recording file automatically.

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How Do You Video Capture Your Screen

Record your phone screen

  • Swipe down twice from the top of your screen.
  • Tap Screen record . You might need to swipe right to find it.
  • Choose what you want to record and tap Start. The recording begins after the countdown.
  • To stop recording, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the Screen recorder notification .
  • Airshou Minecraft Screen Recorder For Iphone/ipad/ipod Touch

    Best Way to Record Minecraft Gameplay on Windows/Mac

    Airshou is a screen recorder that works on all iOS devices. You can perform a Minecraft game recording in high quality. Moreover, there are many useful and straightforward features for stream adjustments.


    • Record Minecraft video on iPhone with editing tools.
    • Stream your video to directly.


    • Some people complain about the appearance of red bar during screen recording.

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    How To Record Minecraft With Recmaster Gaming Recorder

    RecMaster is one of the best game recorders for PC and Mac. With multiple recording modes including Game Mode, Full Screen, and Custom Area, it can help you grab Minecraft sessions perfectly at will. Below are the detailed steps. Before walking them through, you are suggested to free download RecMaster and set it up by following the prompt.

    Step 1. Launch and choose the right mode

    Open RecMaster on desktop and depending on you system, you will see five or four recording modes. Since more users proceed their PC games on Windows machine, only Windows version of RecMaster has Game Mode specifically.

    Full Screen, Custom Area or Game Mode, you can choose either video capture mode to continue the recording. The difference is Full Screen films the whole display from very start while Custom Area needs you to select the region to capture manually. Game Mode for Windows is designed with better game recording performance with no or less lag. But unluckily, its better at recording LOL, Fortnite and alike DirectX games to date and as to Minecraft or other non-Directx games, you need to test before the real capture.

    Step 2. Specify for the recordingAll video recording modes share the same setting options, so lets simply take a look at Full Screen settings.

  • Monitor pickWhen you have multiple monitors connected for work or entertainment, choose the one that runs Minecraft. To record dual or more displays at the same time, check this guide.
  • Hypercam Windows Screen Recording Software For Minecraft

    HyperCam is also a pretty good screen recorder that can capture special sequences during the Minecraft gameplay recording process. You can get basic screen capture features from HyperCam.


    • Customize the screen recording size.
    • Record Minecraft videos with audio.


    • You have to save the recorded Minecraft game video as AVI format only.
    • Have bunch of malware inserted during the installation.

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    Reach Out And Connect Sharing Your Work With The Broader Minecraft Community

    • Just one click to share your videos on your social media.
    • Besides sharing on social media, you can also transfer your Minecraft videos to iOS devices.
    • Or, if you would like to own a hardcopy of your recordings, Aiseesoft screen recorder for Minecraft connects with other Aiseesoft products to burn your game activity sharing into DVDs or Blue-ray.
    • Make slideshows for multiple recordings to tell your unique story. Aiseesoft Minecraft recorder is more than a recorder. Instead, it provides a gateway for a suite of powerful free and paid tools you can access at your fingertips.

    How To Record Minecraft On Windows

    How to Record Your Minecraft Gameplay w/ Commentary

    The easiest way to record Minecraft is no doubt recording it with MiniTool Video Converter for Windows. This excellent Minecraft recording software can capture almost everything on your screen, including video, audio, and webcam. Besides that, you can decide to record the full or a part of the computer screen.

  • Get MiniTool Video Converter installed on your Windows and then launch it.
  • Switch to the Screen Record tab.
  • Open the Full screen dropdown list to decide the area to be recorded.
  • Turn off System Audio or Microphone, or both.
  • Click the Settings icon to adjust the recording parameters if you want.
  • Open Minecraft and start the game in full-screen mode.
  • Back to MiniTool Video Converter and click the Record button.
  • Press F6 to stop recording.
  • Right-click on the recorded game video and select Preview.
  • Features:

    • Export recordings in multiple formats
    • Change video frame rate, codec, and quality
    • No limits to the length and number of the recordings

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    # Step 3 Enable/disable Sound And Customize More Settings

    Next, it’s time to choose the sound source that you want to include in the Minecraft recording. You can enable or disable System and Microphone to decide whether to record your voice or not. Moreover, volume up or down the input audio source freely. To make sure recording sound successfully, you can also go to “Preferences”> “Sound” to have a sound check.


    If you’ve set up full screen recording, you have better go to Preferences > Hotkeys to get familiar with the hotkeys.

    Free Online Screen Recorder

    Apeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder is the best free screen recording software for Minecraft. With this free and easy-to-use screen recorder, you can record gameplays like Minecraft, Battlefield, Roblox or World of Warcraft to gain more likes on YouTube, Twitch and more.


    • It allows to capture gameplay, presentation and e-Learning courses.
    • You can record a picture-in-picture game recording while enabling webcam.
    • Users can select the recording area like a full screen or a fixed region.


    • Unlike Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, you cant edit with this online tool.

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    How To Record Minecraft On Pc With Bandicam

    Bandicam is another Minecraft gameplay recorder for Windows. It integrates a default game mode, which enables you to record Minecraft automatically. But the free trial version will add watermark to your recording. Moreover, it is a bit complex to set up the recording mode for the gameplay video.

    Step 1: Launch the Bandicam when you have installed the program. Choose the Game Recording mode and tweak the different parameters to get a high quality video according to your requirement.

    Step 2: Click Minecraft window, then Bandicam is able to detect the game. Then you will see the FPS icon on the game window. Of course, you can adjust the parameters in the FPS tab in Bandicam.

    Step 3: Click the Record button to start Minecraft gameplay recording. Then the FPS icon will turn to red from green. Hit the F12 key or click the red button when Minecraft recording finishes.

    Step 4: You can go to the General tab and view the recording. After that, you can further edit the recorded gameplay video, or even transfer the video to another video editor instead.

    Install The Screen Grabber Premium

    How To Record Minecraft Gameplay In Linux ...

    First and foremost, click the “Download” button provided above that suits your operating system. Open the screen recorder no lag that you’ve downloaded and follow its guide to install it on your computer. Once done, launch Screen Grabber Premium and go to the “Video Recording” feature to see its interface.

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    Faq : How To Reduce Minecraft Lag Increase Fps

    1. To reduce lagging and increase the FPS number, please visit

    2. Go to the Video Settings menu of Minecraft, and then choose “Fullscreen: OFF, Performance: Max FPS” and “Use VSync: OFF” option.

    3. Play the Minecraft in windowed mode, and reduce the game/Window size.

    4. If you still have the problem, play Minecraft in windowed mode, and try ‘Screen Recording’ mode of Bandicam.

    How To Record Minecraft On Pc And Mac Losslessly

    If you want to record a video while playing Minecraft, Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder can be your good choice. You can record HD game videos up to 60 fps. The program reduces the CPU usages with the advanced hardware acceleration. Thus, you can record Minecraft game video without lagging. The hotkey controls allow users to start and stop recording PC Minecraft game instantly.

    Furthermore, you can add your face and voice into the Minecraft recording. It is also supported to take a screenshot while playing Minecraft. In addition, you can add callouts, mouse effects, captions, highlights and many other editing tools during recording. The tiny and intuitive interface is friendly to beginners. Even though it is the first time you record Minecraft videos, you can still edit and record gameplay video with ease.

    • 1. Record Minecraft gameplay of full screen or specific window.
    • 2. Record yourself and add your voice into the Minecraft recording video.
    • 3. Control Minecraft game recording with customized hotkeys.
    • 4. Trim unwanted parts before exporting your Minecraft recording file.
    • 5. Wide range of real-time drawing tools.
    • 6. Schedule Minecraft recording tasks with custom time, date and recording length.
    • 7. Share Minecraft videos to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more directly.

    Step 1Free download Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder as your Minecraft game recorder. Launch the program after the installation. To record Minecraft on Windows, choose Video Recorder in the main interface.

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    How To Record Your Gameplay And Upload To Youtube

    If you are a gamer, you may desire to share your victories with your friends and the world at large, or may even want to help others become better by creating video tutorials of the game you are playing.Bandicam makes it possible to record various 2D/3D games such as Minecraft, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Roblox, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends, which use the DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan graphics technologies. It also allows you to record the Windows Games/Apps through the “Game Recording Mode” of Bandicam, so you can record the games/apps in high quality.

    Record Or Live Stream

    How To Record Minecraft Gameplay
    • If you plan on recording or streaming the game, we recommend OBS. It allows for both recording and streaming the game, as well as integrating a Twitch account to see live chat and stream options without using a browser. It’s also free and can capture in any quality your computer can handle.
    • For video editing, you can use Vegas or iMovie. Adobe Premiere is also an option, with the Elements and Pro versions, depending on your budget. VirtualDub is a high quality open-source editor for those who do not wish to pay for an editing program. DaVinci Resolve is another popular, high quality editor, which has a free tier that is more than enough for editing Minecraft recordings.
    • If you wish to record your voice and the audio from Minecraft in two separate streams to be edited together later, you will need a program like Audacity. Or you can use the DXtory recording program which automatically records sounds in separated streams. Also, Blender can split the Sound and Video streams if you use RecordMyDesktop.

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    How To Record Gameplay On Windows 10 With Game Bar

    Windows 10 includes a built-in tool for recording videos of PC games, called Game Bar. Windows 10 also includes customizable keyboard shortcuts for recording videos and capturing screenshots.

    After recording, you can upload gameplay videos to YouTube or any other video-sharing site or keep the clip on your own computer and share it with your friends.

    Step 1. Press Windows Key + G to open the Game Bar while playing a game. It will pop up above the game you’re playing.

    Step 2. Click the red “Record” button. A timer will appear at the top-right corner of your window while it’s recording.

    Step 3. To stop recording the window, bring up the Game Bar again and click the red “Stop” button. You can also start and stop recordings with Windows Key + Alt + R.

    Step 4. Windows saves all videos you record to your user account’s Videos\Captures folder as MP4 files. Each tagged with the game’s name and the date and time you captured them.

    How To Record Minecraft On The Kindle Fire

    William StantonRead more November 27, 2019

    You recently got hooked on Minecraft. Youve become very good at it. Now you want to show the world your skills by recording your adventures and uploading them to YouTube. The problem is, youre playing on your Kindle Fire and have no idea how to do it. Dont worry about it. Weve got you covered with three of the best screen recorders to capture your favorite Minecraft moments in high quality.

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    Best Minecraft Screen Recorder For Pc & Mac

    When playing Minecraft, sometimes you probably want to record the gameplay, either to simply keep a copy or to show off your Minecraft experience. Or you want to upload it onto YouTube, thereby helping other people to learn. If you’re one of those people, the following guide will show you the best Minecraft screen recorder, as well as the tutorial on how to use it to record Minecraft on PC and Mac without lag.

    How To Record Gameplay On Windows 10

    How To Record Gameplay On Minecraft : I always use ...

    A game recorder is needed by both professional game players and common game lovers. Gamers like to record their gameplay to review the video, learn from their mistakes, and develop better strategies. Players also enjoy sharing their accomplishments online, either to brag or to provide tutorials that can help others succeed.

    But all that comes with a game recorder. Only with a screen recorder can you record the gameplay. Do you want to record gameplay on Windows 10? If you do, the recorders we introduce in this article may help you with that.

    Other 6 Easy-to-Use Game Recording Software for Windows 10

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    Common Faqs Of Minecraft

    The following are some of the most common questions we get about Minecraft game recording

    What is the best Recording Software for Minecraft?

    There are a lot of programs in the market designed for the specific purpose of recording gameplay. There are even some that are completely free to download and use. This means therefore that you have a wide array of choices when it comes to programs to record Minecraft, but these programs often have differences that may make you choose one over another.

    The program you choose to use should above all be easy to use. You should be able to record Minecraft in a single click to avoid taking the enjoyment out of the gameplay itself. But the program needs to be complex enough to allow you to easily edit the gameplay videos that you record into functional professional videos that can be shared with other players. Therefore, it is our opinion that the best recording software for Minecraft is one that is easy to use but also equipped with the features to create professional videos.

    How do you record a Time-lapse in Minecraft?

    This is a question that many Minecraft game players often ask, and we will share with you a simple tutorial to record a time-lapse in Minecraft, but you will need some things

    Once you have all the above, follow these simple steps to record a time-lapse in Minecraft

    Step 3: Now import the smaller videos into iMovie. Depending on the number of videos you have, this process can take all day.

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