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How to Play MINECRAFT VR on the NEW Oculus Quest 2 – Updated Walkthrough Guide Gameplay Graphics

Minecraft VR is a community-made mod for Minecraft: Java Edition that adds virtual reality functionality for Oculus Rift devices. It was released in 2016. Vivecraft, a fork of the Minecraft VR mod, was transferred to OpenVR and is geared for HTC Vive hardware support. Microsoft announced official Oculus Rift compatibility for Minecraft on Windows 10 on August 15, 2016.

Playing Minecraft on Oculus Quest/ Quest 2 will be discussed in this article with a detailed procedure on how to set it up on the PC with the VR for two different versions. Without further ado, lets dive into it.


How To Play Minecraft On Oculus Quest 2

Firstly, to clear any doubts, Minecraft has been made compatible with the Oculus Quest 2.

The Oculus Quest 2 is Oculus’s newest Virtual Reality system. Luckily, everyone’s favorite game can run on it! If players are fans of the idea of Minecraft with VR, there’s a good chance the game in such a setting will blow their minds!

While it is able to run brilliantly, the installation process can seem a bit daunting to the lesser tech-savvy individuals.

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The above is an example of how Minecraft VR will look.

A glimpse at the gameplay makes it easy to surmise that VR is something that takes getting used to, so if players are new to VR and start experiencing motion sickness, they must stick with it. At some stage, the illness will go away, mostly after a few uses.

Minecraft For Oculus Quest

If you possess an Oculus Quest, you may even play with Minecraft in VR on this gadget. Yes, Oculus Quest is a standalone headset, and Minecraft is not readily available for this.

If you hunt Minecraft about the Oculus Quest shop, you wont discover it. But you dont need to invest in a brand new headset! Oculus Quest supports Oculus Link, which lets you connect your headset using a PC you only have to obtain an Oculus Link cable.

The Oculus Quest will act as a classic tethered headset, and youre able to play with the PC version of Minecraft with this gadget.

To perform Minecraft on Oculus Quest two, the players will need to finish a few requirements. Here is How to perform Minecraft on Oculus Quest 2:

1. The player will need to install Java on their PC

2. Then, the players will need to buy and get into the Minecraft Java Version on their PC

3. After that, the players must run the sport to test if Its working fine

4. Then, the players will need to download and install Steam VR on their PC

5. After that, the players can download Vivecraft to operate Minecraft on Oculus Quest 2

6. Then, the player will need to start the Minecraft Java version and Select the Vivecraft Profile to conduct the Oculus Quest 2.

7. To join the Oculus Quest two into the PC, the gamers will probably need a cable and then set up the Virtual Desktop Streamer Program

8. And finally, using this method, players may undoubtedly love Minecraft on the Oculus Quest 2.

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How To Play Minecraft Java Edition On Oculus Quest Or Quest 2

You can also play Minecraft Java Edition in VR on your Quest, but its more complicated. It requires a mod called Vivecraft, which enables the Java edition of Minecraft to operate in VR. The VR implementation here is more robust than the Bedrock version, providing you with many movement and interaction options to customize your experience.

To play Minecraft Java Edition on Quest, you need to install Java, install Steam, and install Steam VR. If you dont already have all three installed, make sure to install them before proceeding.

Heres how to play Minecraft Java Edition on a Quest:

  • Purchase and install Minecraft Java Edition if you havent already done so.

  • Navigate to and click the latest version of Vivecraft.

  • Click vivecraft-x.xx.x-jrbudda-x-x-installer.exe and download the file.

  • Launch the file when it finishes downloading, and click Install.

    The installation will fail if you havent installed Java on your computer.

  • Click OK.

  • Launch the Oculus app on your computer.

  • Put on your Quest headset, and connect it to your computer with a link cable.

  • Select Enable.

  • On your computer, locate Steam VR in your Steam library and click Launch.

  • In the Steam VR interface in your headset, select the monitor icon.

  • Using the virtual desktop, launch the Java version of Minecraft.

  • Select Vivecraft from the Minecraft version selection menu.

  • Select Play.

  • Varianty Oculus Quest :

    How to play Minecraft on Oculus Quest 2: Guide » Sports Kreeda

    Technické pecifikácie sa môu zmeni bez výslovného upozornenia. Obrázky majú iba informatívny charakter. Bená cena znamená výrobcom/dodávateom odporúaná koncová cena.

    Odkaz k produktu na stránkach výrobcu:Zadajte odkaz recenzie produktu

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    To Play Minecraft Bedrock Edition On Your Quest Follow The Steps Below:

  • 1. If you havent already, go to the Microsoft Store and buy and install Minecraft.
  • 2. On your PC, launch the Oculus app.
  • Look for Minecraft in the search results and click it.
  • Select either Free or Install.
  • Note: This isnt the entire Minecraft software instead, its a free program that lets you play Minecraft Bedrock Edition in virtual reality on Oculus devices.

  • Put on your Oculus Rift and attach it to your computer using the link cable.
  • To activate Oculus Link, choose Enable.
  • Look for Minecraft in your applications or use the search bar to find it, then click Start.
  • After that, Minecraft VR will be launched.
  • How To Connect Your Playstation To Your Quest 2

    While there is no official support between PlayStation and the Quest 2 headset, there are some options, should you wish to play PlayStation games on your headset.

    One option is to install something called Sidequest onto your PC. You can then use an APK to install PS Remote Play onto your Oculus headset. Some people who have tried this have found there are issues with the Remote Play app not working particularly well, however.

    An alternative option, and arguably much easier, is to run PS Remote Play on your PC, and mirror your PC screen to your Quest 2. Youll need the help of Virtual Desktop for this approach, as this is what will mirror your content. Because you are transmitting data in two stages, this has been known to cause issues with latency. This may not be a problem depending on the game you are playing. But for fast-paced games, it could become an issue.

    If either of these options are something you are minded to try, then there are plenty of videos online to walk you through the process. They are far from ideal solutions, but they will work. But if you are looking for an optimal VR experience with your PlayStation, then the PSVR will be your better option .

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    How To Install Discovery On The Oculus Quest

    Discovery is a sandbox building game that looks and feels exactly like Minecraft. It has been out since the start of 2021 and has received regular updates.

    To install and play Discover on the Oculus Quest, first follow our guide to install and setup SideQuest VR for the Quest.

    When you are ready to go, . With your Quest headset connected to your computer, click on Install to Headset to install the app. Discovery has been submitted to the Oculus App Lab and will be available to download and install from there soon.

    Also, a group is currently working to port Vivecraft to the Quest platform. We will have more details when that becomes available.

    Windows Vs Java Editions

    How to Play Minecraft Bedrock VR on Oculus Quest 2

    Originally, Java was the original desktop version of Minecraft and the Windows edition was a port of the pocket edition. Over time, these two versions will merge together into a single copy. Until there, there are a few big diferences.

    For starters, the Java edition allows you to play Minecraft multiplayer with people around the world. There are plenty of VR servers to join and play with other players. The Windows edition supports playing in a single room with up to 10 people at a time only.

    If you want to play with Minecraft VR mods and enhancements then the Java edition is going to be your pick. The Windows edition does not currently support third party mods outside of a few texture enhancements.

    The Windows Edition of Minecraft supports Xbox and other Bluetooth controllers better. You can configure your controller to work best for you and optimize to your liking. This might not be a big factor for virtual reality players, since VR mode activates VR controller support at the same time.

    Lastly, the cost of the Java edition is higher at $28 vs $10. When you buy the Java edition then you also get a code to redeem and play the Windows edition too.

    Both editions of Minecraft have free VR support included. However, there is also a third party VR mod for Minecraft called Vivecraft.

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    How To Play Minecraft Edition On Oculus Quest

    Our guide will work for Quest 2 as well if that is what you are after. As far as the VR experience is concerned, you will find it easier to work with the bedrock edition compared to the java version.

    We have already mentioned that in the case of the Bedrock edition, you only need:

    • The official Minecraft app on your machine
    • The official Oculus app on your machine running the Minecraft app
    • The official Oculus Rift Minecraft app on the same machine
    • The official Oculus Link Cable

    You will have to connect your Oculus headset with your computer via the Quest link cable.

    Here are the steps you need to take.

    Minecraft Java Edition Oculus Quest Or Quest 2

    Minecraft Java Edition VR Quest, . Vivecraft, Java- Minecraft VR. VR , Bedrock, . Minecraft Java Edition Quest, Java, Steam, Steam VR. , , , . Minecraft Java Edition :

  • Minecraft Java Edition, .

  • Vivecraft Vivecraft.

  • vivecraft-x.xx.x-jrbudda-xx-installer.exe .

  • .

    , Java .

  • .

  • Oculus .

  • Quest .

  • .

  • Steam VR Steam .

  • Steam VR .

  • Java- Minecraft.

  • Vivecraft Minecraft.

  • .

  • .

  • Minecraft VR .

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    Minecraft For Oculus Rift

    There are two methods to download Minecraft for Oculus Rift. It may directly be downloaded in the Windows Store or the Oculus Store. The sport can be downloaded with both of those approaches.

    To download Minecraft in the Windows shop, go to the Microsoft Windows Store and search for the Minecraft match. Download a backup of Minecraft, register into your Microsoft accounts, and set up the app. You may even try the game free of cost before purchasing the complete game.

    The Demo edition of Minecraft for Oculus Rift could be performed at no cost. In this match, you can construct whatever you imagine and see various worlds.

    Youll need to endure while combating dangerous Mobs. The opinion in VR will be first-person rather than third-person. The two Rift and Rifts headsets encourage Minecraft.

    In Minecraft VR, it is possible to research unlimited worlds and assemble anything you need, either straightforward grand or homes palaces.

    Its possible to play creatively with unlimited resources or survival style to mine deep into the planet and make weapons and shields to battle the poisonous audience. It is possible to play with this game alone or with partners in your Xbox One and Windows 10.

    Minecraft in Windows 10 is compatible with Oculus Rift cans, and Windows mixed fact, supporting all of the attributes of Minecraft which you like to perform with.

    Watching video:

    How To Play Minecraft On Oculus Quest 2 Is One Of The Things That Has Been Confusing The Players Learn How To Run Minecraft On Oculus Quest 2 Here

    Minecraft Download For Oculus Quest

    The gaming scene has taken up VR as its likely arrangements as of now. Virtual Reality will help overhaul the gaming scene totally. It will change the way players approach a game, playing styles, and furthermore, the client base. It will give another interesting degree of inundation for the players that they have never been seen.

    Oculus by Facebook has been one of the pioneers of VR innovation. Oculus Rift was their first VR gadget which was fruitful and now they have concocted their most recent VR headset, the Oculus Quest 2. Players want to know how to play Minecraft on Oculus Quest 2.

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    Hacked Some Minecraft On To The Oculus Quest Today

    Minecraft vr oculus quest free download. Check out our blog in profile for more info. Continue browsing in rOculusQuest. However if you have a gaming PC you can enjoy both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions on your Quest Quest 2.

    A non-compatible headset such the Oculus Quest 1 or 2 GearVR Google Cardboard Vive Focus or PSVR and properly configured SteamVR emulation software. Its a little tricky because its only supported on the samsungear_vr but seems to run just fine on the Quest. Ven VR Adventure is landing on Oculus Quest tomorrow Its amazing how stressed I am two years of work for this day.

    Integrated Intel graphics are not supported. This one post now has 83 updoots and 9 awards tysm and Im really excited to see the future of sideloading for the Oculus Quest platform. A look inside the game.

    Oculusgaming sidequestvr android gaming. Die Unterstützung von Oculus Rift in Minecraft ist ein kostenloses Update für Minecraft auf Windows 10. See the world of Minecraft in a brand new way with the power of VR.

    With a VR headset on coming face-to-face with monstrous mobs takes on new meaning. Hol dir Minecraft Minecraft für Windows Mixed Reality. We now have an official Discord Reddit Website and Github for QuestCraft.

    18 Zeilen Minecraft für Oculus Rift unterstützt den plattformübergreifenden Multiplayer mit den folgenden Geräten. Do you want to know how to play Minecraft Java in VR using the Oculus Quest 2. Well this is what you need to do to make that happen.

    Bonus: Voxel Works Quest

    If you like the general concept of Minecraft and are willing to try something new, Voxel Works Quest is definitely worth checking out.

    In the standard mode, you can use controller buttons for locomotion and mining. There is also a Sportive mode that utilizes Oculus Quest`s hand tracking for mining and other activities and you need to imitate running to move around in the world.

    The game is still pretty much work in progress, but gets regular updates and new features added. Go ahead and test it out and show the developer some love and/or feedback on how to improve the game further down the line.

    What you need:

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    Is It Possible To Play Minecraft On Your Oculus Quest 1 Or Quest 2

    As mentioned just now, for the Quest platform, it isnt possible to play Minecraft natively. The Minecraft that you can play on Oculus Rift is the Bedrock edition. In this guide, we will take a look at how you can play Minecraft on Oculus Quest.

    We will assume that your PC is capable of playing VR games, in addition to you having access to the Oculus Link cable.

    This is how it will all work in the end. You will install and run the Minecraft app on your computer. Your computer will send video data to your VR headset. This will enable your headset to display Minecraft gameplay.

    All the while, you have to make sure you keep your virtual reality headset connected to your VR-ready PC for the best quality.

    Now, for the Minecraft bedrock VR and/or Java version of it, you will have to customize the setup process a bit. You must have one of these versions installed on your Windows machine. If you dont have any version, then youll have to pay to get them as none of the versions are free.

    Important Information To Be Aware Of:

    How to Play Minecraft Java VR on Oculus Quest 2
    • Oculus Quest and Quest 2 dont include Minecraft.
    • To play Minecraft on your Quest, youll need a VR-ready PC and a link cable.
    • It is possible to play both Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft using the link cable.

    This article will guide you on playing Minecraft in virtual reality with your Oculus Quest or Quest 2 headset. Below are the instructions for both the Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft. If the instructions are followed accurately, we hope you will enjoy the best VR gaming experience possible.

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