How To Make Your Own Minecraft Toy

Take Your Adventure To The Next Level With Minecraft Plushies

How to Make your own Minecraft Toys for Free

Cuddle up with our assortment of Minecraft plushies! These adorable soft polyester Minecraft toys are the perfect sizes for playtime or display. Choose from a variety of popular in-game characters, including Enderman, Creeper, Baby Mooshroom Cow, Muddy Pig, Cave Spider, Phantom, Adriene, and much more. All of our Minecraft plushies are specially crafted with fans in mind and feature game-authentic detailing right down to the blocky design.

Our Minecraft plush collection includes a range of stuffed toys from well-known lines like Minecraft Happy Explorer, Minecraft Adventure Series, and the Minecraft Mini Crafter Series. The extra soft fabric and cuddly construction of each plushy make these cute collectibles perfect for fans of all ages. We offer a variety of Minecraft plush toys, including huggable large-scale plushies and portable clip-on plushies that fans can easily carry with them on their adventures. What are you waiting for? Collect all of your favorite Minecraft characters in plush form!

Create Your Own Custom Toy We Take Your Favorite Minecraft Skin Print It On A High Quality Vinyl Adhesive Enforced With Uv Resistant Weatherproof Laminate Then Apply It To Durable Plastic Parts To Make A Fully Posable Action Figure

  • Zombies don’t stand a chance against these custom series heroes!
  • A mystery cape and 2 mini accessories comes inside each box-collect all 5 and get your figures ready for battle!
  • 2 iron gray weapons come with all toys blind box style! Collectibles include a dragon slayer sword, a diamond destroyer pickaxe, a villager shovel, a rogue dagger, and an armor piercing axe
  • Each toy is fully articulated with a posable head, arms, and legs that swivel to emulate video game locomotion and parts are interchangeable with other Pixelaction Figures-build new characters with multiple figurines!
  • Not an official Minecraft product. Not approved by or associated with Mojang
DISCLAIMER: Processing time for custom orders typically takes 3-5 business days but may be longer in the event of order congestion . All sales are final. No cancellations. Returns will only be warranted in the event of damages from shipping and/or errors in manufacturing. This does not include skins not rendering as expectedthe customer assumes all responsibility for their design.

What Are These Made Of

Minetoys are made of a special powder resin, interestingly called “sandstone”. The solid powder is solidified layer by layer while color is added to the exterior of the item until the complete toy emerges from the dust. Finally, a special varnish coating is applied by hand to protect the toy and make the colors more vivid.

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The Disguise Authentic Minecraft Pickaxe

As the name suggests, Minecraft is all about exploring the game universe and mining for resources. One of the most fundamental tools involved in mining is a pickaxe and that is why the 8-bit pickaxe is an enduring symbol of the Minecraft video game. For collectors, an authentic large-sized Minecraft pickaxe is very valuable.

This pickaxe has a very authentic design inspired directly from the 8-bit graphics present in the game. The handle of the pickaxe is made of brown pixels, and the blade of the pickaxe is blue in color. The blue color signifies the diamond material of the blade, which is the most powerful and rare Minecraft pickaxe.

The pickaxe is actually quite large. It will fit snugly into the hands of a child and an adult. I would suggest you to get this pickaxe if you are interested in Minecraft roleplay, board games, and cosplay. This pickaxe is a wonderful accessory for a Halloween costume.

  • Authentic 8-bit design inspired by the game
  • The pickaxe blade is blue signifying a diamond pickaxe
  • Fits snugly into child and adults hands
  • A valuable addition to Minecraft merchandise collection
  • Can cause injury if handled irresponsibly

Minecraft The Pirate Ship Adventure By Lego

How to Make your own Minecraft Toys for Free

Pirate Adventures

With the Lego Minecraft pirate ship, your child constructs a vessel to sail the seven seas. Its a perfect mash-up of Lego and Minecraft, delivering a fun, educational toy your child will love.

Everything a pirate ship needs is included. The ship is ready to set sail with working cannons, pirate banner, rowboat, gangplank, and a Minecraft crew.

As the ship begins its voyage, they head to Skull Island, where the treasure is buried. Along the way, theyre accompanied by a Minecraft dolphin, parrot, and turtle.

The kit has 386 pieces. Its suitable for Minecraft fans aged eight and up and is excellent for creative play.

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The World’s Most Popular Video Game Has Spawned Some Pretty Great Merch

    If you cant wrap your head around Minecraft, the best-selling video game of all time, think of it as 3-D virtual Legos. Builders create epic landscapes using raw materials, working either alone or in groups and tend to not want to put it down. So yes, playing Minecraft means lots of screen time. But the game is endlessly creative and challenging, and the best Minecraft toys for kids are an extension of what makes the game so great and so popular, allowing kids to engage with the game away from the iPad.

    Thinkgeek Color Changing Potion Bottle

    Even though this isnt an action figure, this is one of the top Minecraft toys you can find. Potions are a huge element of the Minecraft game. Consuming or throwing potions within the game allows the gamer to enjoy loads of benefits. This amazing color changing potion lamp is a great gift.

    This potion bottle lamp is designed to look exactly like the pixelated potion bottles that players interact with inside the video game. The blocky design and square stopper will certainly make this lamp the talking point of your living room. Moreover, to make it more attractive, it is fitted with a color-changing LED lamp designed to cycle between eight colors.

    I love that the lamp comes with a time-out feature that will help you preserve its battery. After three minutes of glowing, it will automatically switch off. To switch it on again, all you have to do is touch the stopper with your finger. The on and off switch has been tactfully placed at the bottom of the potion bottle.

    This is really the perfect gift for a Minecraft fan, irrespective of their age. Your child can keep this lamp in their room or you can display this in your study or living room. This official potion bottle will light up whatever room its kept in.

    • Designed to look like a potion bottle from the game
    • Installed to display eight magical colors
    • 3-minute time-out feature installed to save battery
    • Perfect for living room, study, child bedrooms, etc
    • AAA batteries are not sustainable/eco-friendly

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    How To Make Wooden Minecraft Toys

    This will be a tutorial on how to make your very own wooden Minecraft toys, including Steve, the horse, Enderman, and a creeper. Throw in a few wooden blocks and its great toy set.

    As a stay-at-home mother of six, Im always being called upon to make some fun and creative toys for this crew. The fun part is including the kids in the process. So when Daniel asked for a wooden Steve, we dove head first into this project. This is my first instructable. I will try to be thorough and concise, but being as busy as I am there are days when I forget what direction I am going, so bear with me.

    These can be cut with a CNC mill or on a scroll saw, if you don’t have access to a CNC mill. I cut these out on a simple Shapeoko 2 using Cut2D, in conjunction with a scroll saw and drill press to finalize.

    Tools For Better Papercrafting

    How to make a Minecraft action figure

    In order to thoroughly cut out your papercraft toy, youll need a set of scissors and some sort of sharp hobby knife, like an x-acto. Sharpie or black magic markers are also excellent to have around either for drawing or cleaning up rough edges on your final pieces.

    Youll also need a printer and some heavy cardstock, preferably around 100 or 110 pound.

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    Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon And Steve Figure

    One of the cooler figures in a sea of cool figures is the Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon and Steve Figure. This is no small toy, measuring at over 50cm wing to wing and over 55cm from tip to tail. And not only that, but it lights up too and the colour changes when it receives damage. Well probably be playing with this a lot ourselves if were honest.

    How To Make A Baby In Minecraft

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 86,070 times.

    This article will teach you how to make a baby on Minecraft. This will work for any version that has mods.

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    Minecraft Minecraft Survival Pack

    The Minecraft video games have two playable characters Steve and Alex. In these video games, the player needs a Survival Pack to make it through the levels. If you are looking for a pack like this, then this Minecraft toy is the perfect selection for you.

    The set includes full of essential stuff like a bed, a chest, weapons, etc. This Minecraft Survival Pack toy will let you enjoy immersive play sessions. This Minecraft toy set is an affordable toy set that comes with all the essentials a first-time player would need to make it through the game.

    First of all, theres a mini figure of Steve the protagonist that looks like the playable game character. This set has weapons and tools Steve can use, such as a pixelated wooden pickaxe and a sword.

    The Steve action figure is fully articulated and movable. The minecraft toy comes with a bunch of cool furniture Steve will find useful. Theres a bed, a treasure chest, and a workbench. With these amazing add-ons and the action figure, you will be fully prepared for your real world Minecraft adventure. These tools are great for board games as well.

    This minecraft toy is the perfect gift for Minecraft fans of all ages. Irrespective of whether you are an adult or a child, this is an enjoyable, immersive, and interactive set of Minecraft toys. Furthermore, this pack is considered as a valuable Series 1 collectible.

    • The articulated joints are rather weak

    Best Minecraft Toys Games And Gifts For Kids Tweens And Teens

    21153 LEGO Minecraft The Wool Farm Adventures Building Set ...

    We hope you love our recommendations! What we suggest is selected independently by the Kidadl team. If you purchase using the buy now button we may earn a small commission. This does not influence our choices. Please note: prices are correct and items are available at the time the article was published.

    Minecraft is a wildly popular video game, where players create extensive imaginary worlds using virtual 3D building blocks.

    Players build solo or as part of a community, and play in ‘creative’ or ‘survival’ modes. Whether you’re a video game novice or an avid gamer yourself, you might be surprised to learn just how beneficial playing video games like Minecraft is.

    If you know a child that is hooked on the virtual Minecraft world, every Minecraft toy gifted will go down a treat. The franchise has grown over the last ten years to encompass all kinds of Minecraft toys for kids: Minecraft plush toys, Minecraft action figures, Minecraft joke books, robot toys and more.

    The sheer amount of merchandise can be overwhelming, so we’ve selected 11 of the best Minecraft toys to make your life easier.

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    Minecraft Enderman Large Figure

    Enderman Fans

    For all Enderman fans, we present the ultimate figure. Its the Enderman we know and love, but in an 8.5-inch size.

    Your child can play with it or use it for display. Its arms, legs, and head can move to create a unique pose or for imaginative play. Your Minecraft fan can construct their own story using the figure their imagination will be the only thing holding them back.

    The figure weighs a mere 11 ounces, so it isnt cumbersome for small children to play with. Parents also praise its durability, saying its capable of taking some beatings and tumbles. Check out the other figures available too.

    Jada Toys Store Wave 1 Nano Action Figures

    Minecraft characters such as creepers, pigs, etc. can actually be used for role-playing/board games like Dungeons & Dragons. If you want to start enjoying Minecraft offline, then I would suggest you get the 20-Pack set of Minecraft mini figures. These are miniature metallic figures of 20 famous Minecraft entities.

    Each of the mini figures is 1.65 inches tall and they come with their own pedestal. This makes them absolutely ideal for board games of all kinds. At the same time, these figurines are all made of die-cast metal and coated with metallic paint. This gives these nano Minecraft figures a realistic and authentic feel.

    With this amazing set, you will be able to develop your very own offline Minecraft adventure. The set of nanometal action figures will allow you to have an immersive and real life experience. Apart from being perfect for board games and role-play, these Wave 1 metal figurines are great for collectors/Minecraft fans looking to build a collection.

    Some of the most popular Minecraft entities and mobs are included in this Wave 1 action figure set. For example, you have a creeper, a skeleton, a pig, an Enderman, a Zombie Pigman, a Villager, a Zombie Villager, a wolf, a llama, etc.

    • Contains 20 unique action figures of Minecraft entities
    • Each mini figure is made of die-cast metal
    • Each toy is sculpted to be authentic
    • Perfect for an immersive board game experience
    • Might be slightly pricey

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    Minecraft Fusion Figures Wolf

    One of the great things about these is that the parts are swappable with other Fusion Figures so they always have more life that can be added to them. They are also a simple way of getting kids to build things as these do need to be assembled, but doing so is easy and a great way for them to learn while having fun.

    I Want To Add A Cape Sword Or Other Custom Item To My Toy Can You Do That

    How to make your Custom minecraft Plush toy

    Lucky you, we do now provide a custom 3D printed toy protected under a wonderful glass dome, that can be customized! Special capes, hats, weapons and accessories can be selected during the purchase phase . It isn’t possible yet to allow you to upload your own cape skin, nor handle the weapons and items that you want, but we do add regularly new items and doodads to the pool of choosable items!

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    What Our Users Think

    My grand daughter learnt the pieces: motherboard, connectors, battery, screen. We talked about how computers worked . That night, her face was glowing with excitement and pride. We spent the next several days ‘playing’ with it for an hour or so every day. Discovering what it could do or not. I was concerned that she would get bored as it is not a fancy colored machine, but it beat up any app and game she had for two reasons: she MADE it, and she felt she UNDERSTOOD it.

    Alicia Castillo Holley

    What To Look For When Buying Minecraft Toys

    While you go shopping for new Minecraft toys, you are definitely going to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available. To make things easier for you, I have compiled a list of factors you should keep in your mind before going for any purchasing. These will help you pick the right toy of minecraft.

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    Lego Minecraft The Taiga Biome Adventure

    Minecraft Papercraft

    The Minecraft video game is set in many fictional worlds. One of the most popular worlds is the Taiga Biome, which is based on the coniferous forest covering much of Europe. This amazing Minecraft toy Lego set will allow your little one to construct their very own Minecraft Lego environment.

    In the game, you can mine for valuable ore in the Taiga biome. This faithful reproduction allows you to mine for ore in the Lego Minecraft universe. Moreover, imaginative play and creative roleplaying are some of the best features of these unique Minecraft toys.

    This set includes some of the Lego figures such as Steve the miner, a fox, a wolf, and a skeleton. There are realistic props like a campfire, a golden sword, a barrel of TNT, and vegetation. The set is extremely easy to build and the included TNT barrel will actually allow your child to blast the valuable Taiga ore.

    These kinds of toy sets are perfect for a child who are interested in fun creative and independent play. By engaging with the characters of the Taiga set, your child will be able to enhance their cognitive and hand-eye coordination abilities. Furthermore, you can combine this set with the other sets as well.

    • Immersive and realistic Minecraft Lego set design
    • Lots of interesting characters and props included
    • These Lego sets are easy to construct
    • These sets can be combined with other sets
    • This toy set isnt suitable for a young child

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