How To Make Your Own Minecraft Sever

How To Fix You Are Not Whitelisted On This Server Error

How to Make your own Modded Minecraft Server 1.16.5 Super Easy & Quick 2021

A whitelist includes the list of players that have access to the server. Even if someone has the servers IP address, they wont be able to join the server if they arent whitelisted.

Encountering the You Are Not Whitelisted On This Server error means that the server operator hasnt whitelisted the players username. The easiest way to solve this error would be to add the player to the whitelist.

First, activate the whitelist by running the following command on the server console:

whitelist on

If you want to add your friend to the server, use the following command. Make sure to replace playername with their username.

whitelist add 

Heres the command to see the list of players on the whitelist:

whitelist list

Pro Tip

If you want to use these commands in-game, begin each of them with a slash symbol. For example, /whitelist add .

Errors While Making A Minecraft Server

Understanding how to make a Minecraft server is a monumental task in itself. It gets even more complex if there are some random errors in the process. Fortunately, I also experienced the majority of those errors and have found some quick solutions for all of them. Hopefully, your server-making journey will be smoother than mine.

JNI Errors

The first error that you may encounter is while opening the server.jar file that we downloaded from the official website. Another version of this error can meet you when the command prompt fails to start the server. Luckily, the solution to most JNI errors is updating Java. If the automatic update isnt working for you, you can manually update the Java by downloading it from this link.

EULA Error

Technically, the EULA error is not an error as Minecraft included it intentionally. But still, youre bound to face it while opening the server.jar file for the first time. The fix is quite straightforward. You need to open the eula.txt file in your Server folder and accept the EULA agreement by replacing a false with true. Just like we did earlier.

Stuck at Scanning for Games in Minecraft

Due to either your Internet or some other reasons, you can get stuck at finding Minecraft Servers while in the multiplayer window. The scanning goes on for a long time with no results.

Failed to Login: Invalid Session

Firewall or Connectivity Errors

1. First, open your Windows Defender Firewall by searching for it in the start menu. Click to open it.

Some Basic Computer Knowledge Would Be Helpful

Before trying to create your own Minecraft server, it’d be good if you’re familiar with some things:

  • Network configuration.
  • How to use command lines.
  • Router Notification.
  • You don’t have to be an expert, but having some basic knowledge can help a lot in the server creation process.

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    Things To Keep In Mind Before You Start

    Setting up a server takes some effort. You need a bit of technical know-how to properly configure a Minecraft server.

    You should have a basic understanding of computer and networking concepts, which are fundamental to managing any kind of server.

    Specifically, you should be comfortable and familiar with:

    • Using the command line
    • Your router configuration

    Running a Minecraft server from home?

    You dont need a top-of-the-line system to run a Minecraft server, but a desktop computer is ideal.

    While you can run a Minecraft server and play on the same machine, youll need a more powerful system to do it.

    And lastly, use a wired ethernet connection for your server instead of wireless. A wired connection is more reliable.

    What if you dont want to host your server at home?

    Hosting any kind of server from home means youre exposing your home network to the world.

    If youd rather not take that risk, then you can use a hosting provider instead. Youll need to pay a monthly or annual fee, but you wont have to deal with the hassle of managing the server hardware.

    A GoDaddy Virtual Private Server is a good fit if youre just getting started. Just keep in mind that youre sharing hardware with other users, so keep an eye on resource usage.

    If you need a little more oomp and you want to hook up a lot of players, you might try a dedicated server instead.

    How To Make A Free Minecraft Server

    How To Create Your Own Minecraft Server For Free (NO Hamachi) Windows 8 ...
    • Create a dedicated folder for your server
    • Drag the Minecraft server download into the folder
    • Open the Minecraft server program
    • Find the text file eula.txt and open it in a text editor
    • Change eula=false to eula=true to show you have read, understand, and agree to the user licence agreement and save this file

    You can further edit the server through the server settings file, by right clicking and opening the settings in Notepad. To open the server, launch Minecraft and click add server once youre in, make yourself an admin by typing op to enable Minecraft console commands.

    Game Pass for PCGame Pass for PCMicrosoft$9.99$1 SubscribeNetwork N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Microsoft and other programs.

    You can either share your server locally or use your external IP address to share with others, though we recommend exercising caution when doing so. Sharing your external IP address with people you dont know can be dangerous. To avoid any issues, you should run your Minecraft server on a separate PC to the one you host it on. This also ensures your free Minecraft server wont impact your gaming performance.

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    How To Create A Minecraft Server On Windows Mac Or Linux Systems

    Lets start with the basics. Setting up the actual server will take a little technical know-how. You need to understand, at least at a fundamental level, how a server and a network function, and you ought to be comfortable with command lines as well as the hardware youre using.

    Some questions people ask include:

    Do I need a specific type of computer to run a Minecraft server?

    No. You dont need a special computer, but youll likely do better setting it up on a desktop.

    Can I run the server and play the game on the same computer?

    Sure, with an explanation. Its possible to run the server and play the game on the same machine, but you need to have a pretty powerful system to get the best possible performance.

    Can I run a Minecraft server over a wireless connection?

    This is not recommended. A wired connection is far more reliable and preferable.

    Do I need any specialized hardware?

    You could purchase server hardware, but a virtual private server or a dedicated server is a much simpler way to go. You wont have the hassle of maintaining your hardware, and its a scalable solution, in case you need more server power. Also, having a hosted server means there is no risk of exposing your network to the world.

    With these points in mind, here are the steps you will take in setting up your Minecraft server, in a broad sense:

  • Install the newest version of Java on your computer.
  • Configure your network and the server.
  • Run the server.
  • Make sure you can access the server.
  • How To Make A Public Minecraft Server For Free

    You can create a public Minecraft server for free using this simple process.

    • Open a new text file
    • Copy the command java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.16.4.jar nogui.
    • Replace the line minecraft_server.1.16.4 with the server version you downloaded
    • Save the text file as run.bat and run it
    • Open the file eula.txt
    • Open Minecraft, click multiplayer, and enter localhost in the server address field
    • Find your internal and external IP addresses
    • Port forward and open Minecraft port 25565

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    How To Make A Multiplayer Minecraft Server For Free

    Creating a multiplayer Minecraft server for free is a straightforward process. Heres the step-by-step guide.

    • Copy the jar file into a new folder
    • Double click the file to run it
    • Right-click inside your folder and select New > Text Document.
    • Name the document Run
    • In the text document, paste the line 1 cmd /k java -Xms1G -Xmx1G jar, followed by the name of the version of the server youre using
    • Save as Run.bat
    • Open the EULA and change the line eula=false to eula=true
    • Double-click the Run.bat file

    You can maximize this Minecraft server hosting free of charge by allowing multiple players to join. Heres what you need to do.

    • Run Minecraft and click multiplayer on the main menu
    • Enter your email address and preferred password
    • Copy the IP for your server it looks like
    • Go to Minecraft, paste your IP in the server address field, and join the server

    A possible disadvantage of Aternos is that the server shuts down after a few minutes of inactivity.

    Customize Your Minecraft Bedrock Server

    How To Make A Minecraft Server in 2022

    Now that your server is up and running, its time to customize it. By default, a server loads a basic Vanilla survival world which is great to enjoy some of the best Minecraft seeds. But its not enough to make your server popular. So, lets understand our customization options.

    Server Properties

    The most basic way to customize a server is by changing the properties of its world. You can open the file in notepad to do so. It is present in the unzipped folder from where you run the world.

    Within properties, you can edit the following features of your world:

    • Game mode & related settings
    • Difficulty and cheats
    • Maximum number of players along with conditions of joining
    • Server settings
    • Abilities of players

    Resource Packs and Worlds

    One of the easiest ways to make a server unique is by changing how it looks. To do so, you can download and apply one of the best texture or resource packs by placing it in the resource pack folder of the server.

    Similarly, you can also use custom Minecraft maps by placing them in theworlds folder to get pre-built worlds that you can explore with your friends.

    Server Commands

    In Minecraft, commands work like cheats in other games. They basically give you almost developer-like power to change everything about your world without leaving the game. You can even edit server properties using these commands. We have a dedicated guide for Minecraft Bedrock commands that you can refer to for making the most out of this feature.

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    Now It’s Your Turn To Create A Minecraft Server

    It’s time to set up your own Minecraft Server. It may seem like a lot, but there’s a wealth of information out there you can use to start your server. After a bit of practise, you’ll be an expert. Who knows, you might even start creating your own Minecraft mods afterward.

    Just be cautious about what you share with other people. And always remember there’s a huge Minecraft community that’s willing to help you and play with you.

    Invite Friends: Find Your Public Ip Address

    To join any dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server, you only need the hosts public IP address. Fortunately, because of port forwarding, the public IP address wont reveal any of your private information. You can find the same by opening Google and searching for what is my IP.

    The search results will display your public IP address. You need to copy it and share it with your friends that want to join the server. As you will see in the next section, you also need the same to join your new Minecraft Bedrock server.

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    Creating A Server Your Community Will Love

    Having your own Minecraft server can help you take more control over how you play the game and with whom you play. However, now that you have a general idea of how to set up a Minecraft server, you can see that it does take some resources from your computer and does require some know-how. Not to mention, there are security issues your system might not be able to handle.
    If you want to rid yourself of the pain points of setting up a Minecraft server, like server resources and DDoS mitigation, using a premium dedicated server is the way to go. Learn all about how Liquid Webâs Managed Dedicated Hosting can be your best solution, and how Liquid Webâs DDoS Protection can help keep your server safe from trolls and malicious players.

    How To Join The Minecraft Bedrock Server

    How to make a Minecraft PE Server

    With your server up and running, its time to test it. The steps below are the same for you and your friends that want to join the server. So, open your Minecraft Bedrock, and lets get started.

    1. From the homepage, click on the Playbutton.

    2. Then from the top column to load all the active servers.

    3. Within the servers section, scroll down to the bottom of the server list and click on the add serverbutton.

    4. Finally, you need to enter the details of your server to join it. The name of the server can be anything you want. As for the port, unless you changed it in server properties, it is 19132. Lastly, the server address is the same as your public IP address.

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    How Do You Make A Multiplayer Server In Minecraft

    You can make a multiplayer server in Minecraft for up to 10 players for free using Minehut. If you want to add on more players then that will come at a small fee. If you have followed the steps above and created your free Minehut server, then you can add more players by clicking on Server properties, on the left of your page. Then select Max Players you can add up to 75 players.

    Below youll find the current prices to add people onto your server.

    • 10
    • 75

    How To Make A Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition is rapidly growing in popularity, much more so than its Java Edition counterpart.

    One of the biggest attractions for Minecraft Bedrock Edition is that it is supported on a plethora of different platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, and much more.

    The best way to play Minecraft Bedrock Edition with friends online is through Minecraft Realms or by setting up a Minecraft server. In this tutorial, the easiest way to set up a Minecraft Bedrock Edition server will be explained.

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    Is Hosting A Minecraft Server Free

    Hosting a Minecraft server is not free as it requires expensive hardware, bandwidth and a professional staff to be able to maintain superior services and customer assistance. Some competitors offer “free” plans but charge for the things you need such as performance, removal of ads or help. There is always some cost involved in operating a reliable server with 24/7 uptime.

    Hard Disk Space And Broadband Requirements

    How to make your own Minecraft Server! 1.15(Free)

    Of course, you also need to store the Minecraft server installation as well as user and game world data on your server. The following approximate values can be used here:

    • 1 to 2 players: at least 2 gigabytes of free disk space
    • 3 to 5 players: at least 18 gigabytes of free disk space
    • 6 players or more: at least 35 gigabytes of free space

    However, size is not the only factor you should pay attention to when it comes to storage units. Relying on SSD storage for your server can speed up the startup process. However, for a smooth gaming experience on a Minecraft server, classic HDD storage is perfectly suitable, too.

    For more on the differences between the two major types of memory, see our article SSD vs. HDD: What are the differences?.

    The required broadband capacities also result from the number of active players on the Minecraft server. In terms of memory, Minecraft isnt too demanding: Majongs recommendations from 5 Mbps for 1 to 2 players to 45 Mbps for 6 or more players – are not a problem if you rent the hardware and hosting for your Minecraft server. In case you have your own server at home, you will of course have to keep an eye on the key figures and order a larger broadband package if necessary.

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    Industry Leading Support Across Europe

    We have the most knowledgeable support staff in minecraft server hosting. If you come across any issues while running your server you have the option to start a live chat or submit a ticket. These are handled 24/7 by live and knowledgeable staff. With many years of experience behind them our support can fix most downtime and lag issues through configuration and other common errors.

    After a couple years in this business you get to know how your competitors work. We have the best hardware available by comparison to other providers. Don’t limit your CPU and threads with our Intel Xeon CPU’s, DDR4 RAM and SSD hard drives that are never over sold. Our strong 1gbps uplink gives 99.9% uptime and is as good as it gets.

    How To Make A Minecraft Server For Free Using Aternos

    Aternos is one of the most commonly used portals for hosting Minecraft servers. Heres a quick guide to creating servers using Aternos.

    • Go to Aternoss website and create an account
    • Log in to your account
    • The website will bring up a server profile, and another Create button will appear

    If you plan to play and host the latest version of Minecraft on the original version of the game, you dont need to make any changes.

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    How To Make A Minecraft Server For Free In Tlauncher

    TLauncher is one of the most popular versions of cracked Minecraft, with more than one million downloads. Unfortunately, gamers who use it cant play on regular Minecraft servers. The workaround for this issue is to create a cracked server.

    • Go to Aternos website and click the Play button at the bottom right of the screen
    • Create an account
    • Scroll down and click Configure your server
    • Enable the crack feature
    • Go back to your Minecraft launcher and paste the IP into the server address

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