How To Make Your Own Minecraft Game

How To Start A Minecraft Minigame Server

Easily Create Your OWN Minecraft Game!

Minigames are Minecraft classics. Minigames are interesting and complex Redstone devices which permit game players to finish off simple challenges. You can creatively design your own idea of the Minigame even though players and or creators as much as possible, imitate what is already on the ground to create their versions of the Minigame.

Creators and the players bring in different concept like car racing, Pacman, archery combat, and mob bowling. The Minigame can be played with random people and friends online. It can also be played in split screen.

Minigame Types In Minecraft

In getting to know how to start a Minigame server in Minecraft, it is expedient to be aware of the types of Minigames that exist in Minecraft. Generally there are three types of Minigames in Minecraft. However, in some quarters, some people think we have four types of Minigames. Whatever the case may be, we shall look at all the types that are in existence.

Install Forge For Minecraft

The Forge manages Minecraft mods, and is needed for the Raspberry Jam Mod.

I assume you have Minecraft installed.

  • You need to run Minecraft 1.12.2 once. To do that, start the Minecraft Launcher, and after logging in, click on Installations, and press the “New” button to create a profile. Choose “Release 1.12.2” from the dropdown, save the profile , start a world and make sure it works.
  • Exit Minecraft and Minecraft Launcher.
  • Download Forge installer for 1.12.2.
  • Run the Forge installer. Default settings should work.
  • Start Minecraft. You will now have a new Forge 1.12.2 profile.
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    Forwarding Ports And Finding Your Ip

    The final step is related to networks. You’ll have to forward the port listed in the file. This was the query.port setting which we made a note of earlier. You’ll need to access your router and forward this port specifically.

    The next detail will be your server’s IP address. This will be your public IP address by default, but you can also change this in your server settings. You can find your public IP by googling “What is my public IP address.” It is advised you do not reveal your public IP to anyone you do not know and trust.

    Games Like Minecraft To Cure Your Block Fever

    Easily Create Your OWN Minecraft Game!

    Games like Minecraft have been spring up ever since the blocky survival icon became a worldwide phenomenon. First launched in 2009, Minecraft still has around 126 million monthly active players, and it’s no surprise that other games want a slice of that nether wood pie. If you’re a Minecraft maniac looking for a new outlet for your crafting, or want to experiment with the genre in a new way, we’ve put together the perfect list of games like Minecraft so you know what’s on offer.

    All the games like Minecraft below are available to play right now and span a wide range of platforms, so you’re bound to find something you love.

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    Set Up Your Server Properties

    Now that you have built and set up your server, the next thing you can do is customize your server properties and enhance your gaming experience. This includes tweaking the difficulty level of your game and setting maximum players in the arena.

    Start by opening your server folder and locate the file, right-click, then choose Edit. Inside the file, you will find various properties that you can change, as follows:

    There is numerous type of properties you can customize. Here are some of the common server properties:

    • Spawn protection specifies the radius of the protected area in the virtual world.
    • Difficulty determines the difficulty level of your game, with 3 being the highest.
    • Max players the maximum amount of players allowed within the server.
    • Message of the day display a customized message whenever players log into the server.
    • Game mode sets a game mode for every new player. There is survival , creative , and adventure .

    Recommended By Our Editors

  • Head to the official site,

  • Scroll down to the Server Software section, and look for the Java Edition Server link.

  • Your browser may state that this file may be harmful to your computer, or something to that effect. You’re downloading the file directly from the Mojangs official site, so you dont need to stress this. Click the Keep option.

  • Once the file has finished downloading, which should not take long at all, drag it into the Server folder.

  • Open the Server folder you should see the server.jar file inside. Technically, you could simply click the file, and let it create all the extra files you need. Don’t do that. Instead, you’re going to create a batch file, a script that launches the server for us. There’s a reason for this: You’ll want to specify commands as needed, and spot errors via the command window. Writing a batch file lets you do that. This isn’t nearly as daunting as it sounds. In fact, the instructions to do this are on the server.jar download page.

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    What If I Want To Create My Own Mods

    With todays technology coding your own mods is pretty simple. One option is to use Java and Forge. Youll need to install several things. First youll need to install Java – to be able to run and test your code, Forge – to run the mods in Minecraft, a text editor – to create the code, and obviously Minecraft. For more information about that you can visit this Tutorials/Creating Forge mods Gamepedia page. The other option is to use a website that does most of the work. LearnToMod is a website that sends the mods directly to your own server without the need to install anything extra. These mods run in a multiplayer server that you can start from within the website. This is the website we use to run our Minecraft modding classes.

    Download The Latest Version Of Java

    How To Make Your Own Mini Game In Minecraft

    Minecraft is a Java-based game, and it needs the latest version of Java to run properly. Hence, the first step is to ensure you have the newest version installed on your computer.

    Simply go to the official Java website and see what the most recent installation is available to download. If the one you have is outdated, click on the Agree and Start Free Download button.

    Double click on the application to begin the installation process. If you have an older version installed, you might be prompted to uninstall it. Do as instructed and wait for the process to complete.

    Now that you have the latest version of Java installed, the next step is to download the Minecraft server files.

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    You’ll Also Need A Powerful Pc

    If you’re hosting a Minecraft server by yourself, you’re going to need a good computer too.

    Let’s say you’re only going to invite up to 4 other players to your server. You should at least have 1GB of RAM, at least 150MB of storage, and an Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 x2 CPU on your computer.

    Keep in mind that you’ll need better specifications if you’re also planning on using the same computer to play.

    Actions Effects And Logic

    In this fifth video tutorial, well cover actions, effects and logic pieces in-depth. Youll learn how to add actions like coins, invincibility, power-up magnets and action animations.

    Creating an in-game economy with coins and other actions such as power-ups is an excellent way to give your players goals and reward them. When you make your own game with this in mind your overall gameplay experience and player retention will be much higher. The option to collect coins also empowers users to unlock characters and other special items you decide to include, which can lead up to an in-app purchase generating real money.

    Well cover how to import coins for players to collect, how to add a coin tracker to your games UI, invincibility power-ups and the use of path logic pieces.

    Youll also learn how to add beautiful light effects and particle effects in creative ways to make your game look really professional.

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    Make Your Minecraft World Unique

    Paintings were introduced a few years after the game release, and the demand for custom paintings appeared almost instantly.

    The customization feature became available soon after. You can upload any photo to make your in-game creation fun and exciting. Recent updates made it possible to add videos as well. Try the process yourself and create some cool environments for other players to discover.

    Have you ever tried adding your own images to Minecraft? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

    Install And Patch Your Mod Files


    There are many different ways you can allow your users to install and update your Minecraft Mod files.

    From using our built-in file patcher or using the built-in updater which can either patch files or download an installer.

    There are endless ways to download mods and client-side mod files for your Minecraft clients.

    • File Patcher

    Using our built-in file patching system, you can download, install and update your client-side mod files instantly.

    • Built-in Updates

    If you dont want to use the file patcher, you can use our built-in updater to download an installer.

    • Free or Premium

    Our Minecraft file patcher supports free or premium web hosting so you have both choices.

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    How Can I Connect To My Own Minecraft Server

    When your server is up and running, connect it to the Minecraft game client.

  • and launch the Minecraft client on your local computer.

  • After logging into your Minecraft account, click the Multiplayer button.

  • Click Add Server and enter a name for your server and the public IP address of your Virtual Instance.

  • Your server is now listed in the servers list. Click the server and then Join Server to connect to it.

  • Congratulations! You are now connected to your own Minecraft server:

  • Extracting The Jar File

    In this step, you need to extract the JAR file that you have copied from the versions folder in the .minecraft directory.

    After that, create a new folder with any name you like, for example, it is Custom texture pack, and then place it in the .minecraft folder, as shown below. You need to paste the JAR file in this newly created folder and extract it, as shown below. Winrar or 7-zip is recommended for data extraction.

    You need to open this extracted folder and click on the assets folder and then minecraftfolder. Now you need to open the texture folder, where you will see a list of folders that you can modify and change, as shown below:

    Here we take an example of blocks used in the Minecraft game. For this, you need to open the block folder, and then you will see a variety of block icons available in the Minecraft game, as shown below:

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    An Easier Option For Hosting A Minecraft Server

    As a result, rather than host a Minecraft server on your own PC, it might be better to use one of the many Minecraft server hosting options online or Mojang’s own Minecraft Realms service. While both will have subscriptions, this will almost certainly be cheaper than running your own server.

    Minecraft Realms is also super easy to set up and can do anything a self-hosted server is able to, except add mods.

    If you’ve gone ahead and hosted your own Minecraft Server, check out Pro Game Guides How to install Minecraft Mods on PC guide.

    Crafting An End Crystal

    How To Make Your Own Video Game: Minecraft Cube [3ds max tutorial]

    To make an end crystal, you will need the following materials.

    • 1 Eye of Ender
    • 1 Ghast Tear
    • 7 Glass Blocks

    Eyes of ender are crafted from ender pearls and blaze powder. Ender pearls drop from Endermen, which can be found in the End, the Nether, and the overworld. Alternatively, you can set up an Enderman farm to get a lot of ender pearls. Ender pearls will also be available to purchase from expert-level Cleric villagers for five emeralds.

    Blaze powder is crafted from blaze rods, which will drop from Blazes that spawn in Nether Fortresses. They shoot fire and can fly, so they are a bit annoying to kill. Thankfully, Blaze spawners are common in the fortresses, so you will be able to gather blaze rods pretty quickly. You can craft two blaze powders from one blaze rod.

    Ghast tears will drop from Ghasts, which also spawn in the Nether. Ghasts are giant white mobs that float around, spitting explosive fireballs. You can find them in Nether Wastes, a Soul Sand Valley, and Basalt Deltas.

    Overall, once you have access to the Nether, you will be able to gather all the resources to make your own end crystal.

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    What Are End Crystals

    As mentioned above, end crystals appear in the End. When you enter through the End Portal, you will see a floating island with pillars in a circle. Each of these pillars will have an end crystal on top of one block of bedrock. These crystals will connect to the Ender Dragon, restoring its HP. Fortunately, you do not need to kill the Ender Dragon to get your own end crystal.

    Kidnapping Villagers From Another Village

    This process requires the least amount of resources and luck, however, it can be awfully dull and time-consuming. Plus, depending on how distant the nearest village actually is, you might have to go fight off monsters as you take the villager to your base. You might even have to go through the Nether to reduce the distance between your starting location and your destination.

    You can kidnap a villager by using a boat. You can force villagers into a boat by pushing them or driving the boat into the villager. The villager will not escape unless the boat is broken so you can travel great distances this way.

    Keep in mind that even though boats work on land, they’re extremely slow and can only go on flat ground so if your base isn’t close by, making a Nether portal might make this quicker. And, if you encounter monsters, they will be much faster than you so be sure to kill them and protect the villager.

    Once you’ve done this, you will have to do it all over again, since you need two villagers.

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    Connect To The Minecraft Server

    When the port forward has been added, other players should be able to access your server using your external IP address. If you dont know your IP address, a simple Google will show you the result.

    In some cases, players might need to add the server port value to connect. For example, they might need to add :25565 at the end of the IP address. Now that you know how to invite other players, we will explain how to connect and play on your Minecraft server.

    To connect to your own Minecraft server, you will need to run the .bat file we have previously created. Because your server is now running, proceed to access your Minecraft launcher, then go to the Multiplayer-> Add Server.

    Enter your server name and IP address, then click on the Done button to connect. If the connection is successful, this should take you directly to your virtual Minecraft world.

    Python Coding For Minecraft

    How to make your own minecraft mod! Episode 1 : Block ...

    This Instructable shows how to install and use a mod I wrote that lets you control Minecraft with python scripts. I’ll focus on Windows, though OS X and Linux should work just as well.

    Python scripts can generate neat in-world things, and there are many examples on the web. With a few lines you can draw a giant glass sphere, and with a bit more work make a giant Sierpinski triangle in the sky and even import obj files like a space shuttle. I myself made fun scripts to draw a water-filled glass donut and a gigantic Klein bottle, to turn everything around into TNT and to control Minecraft with your brain using a MindFlex EEG toy. There is a whole book introducing programming using python scripts for Minecraft, and you can even make simple Minecraft-based games. I will also show how to do simple turtle-based drawings in Minecraft, while you can ride along with the drawing as the turtle.

    For a while now you could write python scripts for Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi. I wanted my kids to be able to do that, but we don’t have a Pi, plus it would be nice to do this with the full desktop Minecraft. You could run your own server with the Raspberry Juice plugin which enables most of the python scripts to work. But not everyone wants to install and configure a server.

    I assume that you have basic facility with creating folders and downloading, unzipping, and copying files on Windows .

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    Getting Started: Download The Latest Version Of Java

    Still here? Great! Lets begin making our own Minecraft server.

    We can start by creating a new folder that will hold all of our downloads. You can put this anywhere youd like, but I find it easiest to create a new folder on your desktop.

    In our examples, we will be placing everything inside a folder called My Awesome Server directly on the desktop. To create a folder on your desktop right-click on any open space on your desktop and click New Folder. Then you can rename the folder to something of your choosing.

    After creating your folder, youll need to start downloading the necessary files needed to host your own server. Lets start by ensuring you have the latest version of Java on your machine. You can do that by clicking here or going to . That link should take you to the proper download regardless of if you are using a Mac or PC.

    Add the installer to the folder we created in the previous step. Once you download the installer, double-click it and follow along with the prompts.

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