How To Make Minecraft Videos On Pc

Can My Kid Play With Friends On Minecraft

How to Make Minecraft Videos! – Ask a Minecrafter (Ep.7)

Yes, it’s possible for your kid to play with their friends. It’s easier on console versions, because you just need to know your friends’ gamertag or player ID to add them to your session. It can be a bit more complicated on PC and mobile systems, because you both have to be on the same server. There are mods and other methods — including manually — to add friends to your dedicated friend lists. Minecraft offers instructions for playing with friends.

Is Minecraft Free To Play

Minecraft isn’t free. You may see ads for free Minecraft downloads on the internet, but they’re scams. The computer versions of Minecraft cost around $30. Console versions vary in price. Minecraft also has in-game purchases for game accessories such as skins , textures , and worlds created by other players. You can set up an account in the Minecraft Marketplace and use Minecoins to buy add-on items. Though these purchases help you personalize your world — and look cool — they don’t have the same sought-after demand of items in other games, such as Fortnite, whose exclusive releases add competition and even highlight socioeconomic differences among players. If you just want to test out Minecraft to see whether it’s right for your kid, you can that gives you five sessions.

How To Record Minecraft Gameplay

Do you want to record Minecraft gameplay for your YouTube channel? Maybe you want to capture your speedrun, or just make a lets play? This means that in addition to the screen, you might also need to record your webcam or microphone or even both at the same time.

To help you out, weve put together a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it using the VSDC Screen Recorder. Its a free screen recorder for Windows PC with a built-in game capturing mode that allows you to save footage in ultra-high resolution.

Without further ado, lets dive right in.

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Match The Theme Of Your Channel

Another key to using a Minecraft video maker to the best of your abilities is ensuring that the intro and outro match the style of your brand. For example, you won√Ęt want to include a calm intro if your Minecraft video is suspenseful. Be sure to stay in line with the theme that you establish so as not to provide the viewer with mixed messages.

Main Features Of Minecraft Recorder For Windows And Mac

  • Record games and other on-screen videos for offline viewing or YouTube sharing.
  • Manage video, audio and screenshot settings before recording Minecraft game video.
  • Customized the recording area, system/microphone audio and other preferences freely.
  • Set hotkeys to record/capture or finish the Minecraft game recording project.

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Everything Else That Can Help Reduce Lag On Minecraft

If you are still experiencing lag while playing Minecraft, you can try these:

1. Play the game on an easier mode

2. Close all background software

3. Cool down your PC better

4. Install the Optifine mod

5. Play single-player or on a less crowded server

There it is, our guide to as to how to make Minecraft run faster, everything you need to know. From various graphics settings to mods that can help performance, there is a lot you can do to reduce lag on Minecraft, and we hope we delivered every piece of information you need in order to do that. If our article helped you get rid of stuttering on Minecraft, let us know below!

Close Other Apps Running In The Background

Listening to music while you play Minecraft is enjoyable, but streaming through a web browser can slow things down. Likewise, having other apps open while you play will hog valuable resources that could be put toward Minecraft. Close any unnecessary apps before starting your play session and see if performance doesn’t ramp up.

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S To Record Minecraft Videos On Pc With Audio

Step 1: Launch the Minecraft recorder

Free download the Minecraft screen recorder on your Windows or Mac computer. Then launch Apeaksoft Screen Recorder and choose “Video Recorder”. Consequently, you can enter the Minecraft game video recording screen.

Step 2: Customize screen recording area

Set the screen area on desktop with your mouse freely. Then you can manage the input audio sources. Turn on “System Sound” or “Microphone” individually or together. Moreover, you can manage the related volume slider.

Step 3: Adjust the output settings

The default output video format is MP4. If you want to save the recorded Minecraft game video in other formats, you can choose “More settings” on the top right corner. Click “Output” in the popping-up “Preferences” window. Then you can change video format, video quality, frame rate and other default settings manually. Later, choose “OK” to save your change.

Step 4: Record Minecraft game video

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6 Step Guide on How To Make a Minecraft Video
  • Head to the official site,

  • Scroll down to the Server Software section, and look for the Java Edition Server link.

  • Your browser may state that this file may be harmful to your computer, or something to that effect. You’re downloading the file directly from the Mojangs official site, so you dont need to stress this. Click the Keep option.

  • Once the file has finished downloading, which should not take long at all, drag it into the Server folder.

  • Open the Server folder you should see the server.jar file inside. Technically, you could simply click the file, and let it create all the extra files you need. Don’t do that. Instead, you’re going to create a batch file, a script that launches the server for us. There’s a reason for this: You’ll want to specify commands as needed, and spot errors via the command window. Writing a batch file lets you do that. This isn’t nearly as daunting as it sounds. In fact, the instructions to do this are on the server.jar download page.

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    Give Minecraft More Ram

    If youve tried all your tips on how to optimize the speed of Minecraft by changing your game settings, its worth giving it a shot to optimize your laptop as well. Sometimes your system can be at fault for a slow gaming experience.

    One way to do this is to allocate more RAM for Minecraft. RAM is essentially an internal memory that exchanges the data with the computers CPU. This means that as a medium for communication, the game has to access RAM to interact with the CPU. Increasing the RAM given to Minecraft will automatically make it run faster.

    Heres how to do it:

  • Check how much-installed memory you have on your system. You can do this by pressing the Windows logo key + Pause key at the same time. This will allow you to see a lot of information about the system, including how much RAM you have.
  • Run Minecraft and then click on the top-right Menu option.
  • After clicking on Launch Options, Click on Advanced Settings
  • Here, Click on Add New
  • Give it a name and then click on JVM Arguments
  • Change the option of Xmx2G into Xmx4G. You can also change it to 4 or 6 or 8 depending on how much your computer has to offer. A good rule of thumb is not to allocate more than 75% of your computers RAM for Minecraft.
  • Edit The Eula And Connect

  • Double click the startup.bat file, or whatever you choose to call it, to see what happens. Assuming everything is up to date and you entered everything correctly, you’ll see additional files in the server folder, such as the EULA, logs, and server properties. Close out of the command window.

  • Right click on the EULA and select Edit. In order to move forward, you need to agree to the EULA, which means you need to change the false portion of the last line to true. Do so, save and close the text document.

  • Rerun the batch file. Windows’ firewall will try to keep you safe by blocking access to your network. Network access is needed, so you can ignore the warning and click Allow Access.

  • Your command window should show the server being prepared. It can take some time, but the command windows will notify you when it is done. When it is, you should be able to connect to the server.

  • Launch Minecraft Java Edition.

  • Key in the hosting computer’s IP address or simply type “localhost” in the server address bar.

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    How To Record Your Screen In Windows 10

    Save your actions by learning how to record your screen in Windows 10

    Did you know Windows 10 has a screen recording utility called the Xbox Game Bar? With it, you can record a video of your actions in just about any Windows app on your laptop, whether you want to capture gameplay or create a tutorial for someone using Microsoft Office. To make it easier for you, we’ve outlined a few simple steps on how to record your screen in Windows 10.

    The screen recording tool is part of the Xbox app that comes installed by default in Windows 10. Xbox Game Bar recently received some major updates to make it more useful, so you can now take screenshots and even make memes.

    Launch Vsdc Screen Recorder On Your Pc

    Apple / MAC

    After youve installed VSDC on your PC, you can launch it through the shortcut on your desktop. Once opened, you will see this window:

    The interface is pretty simple and user-friendly, so you should have no trouble navigating it, even if youre not tech-savvy. Before getting started, youll need to enable your recording devices. Lets see how you can do it.

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    Solution 3 Optimize Computer Settings

    Instead of optimizing the game itself, you can specify many settings of computer to handle how to make Minecraft run faster without changing video settings.

    Step 1. End unnecessary task. Background processes occupy the precious storage resources, such as apps like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Skype, Cortana some antivirus programs like McAfee and Norton and so on.

    Right click on the Task Bar and select Task Manager. In the Process tab of Task Manager, click to active the process that you want to close and then click End task in the bottom right.


    Step 2. Set Minecraft Java file as high priority. In Details tab of Task Manager window, find the Java file of the game, right click on it and select Set priority High.

    Step 3. Ensure sufficient power supply . If you are using a laptop to play Minecraft, youd better have your laptop connected to the power supply. A lot of laptop will throttle GPU and CPU if it is running out of battery.

    Step 4. Update graphics card drivers. GPU with very latest drivers gives the best performance it can provide to run your game.

  • Search device manager from Windows Start menu and select Device Manager in the result list.
  • Unfold Display adaptors to show your graphics cards. If you own two graphics cards, focus on the one that you are using for gaming, not the Intel graphics.
  • Right click the target graphics card and choose Update driver.
  • Tip:

    Bandicam Record Minecraft Game Video On Windows

    Bandicam is widely used as a screen recorder and gameplay recorder. Thus, you can record Minecraft with Bandicam on Windows computer. In addition, you can take a screenshot while recording Minecraft with Bandicam too.


    • Export the recorded Minecraft gameplay as MP4 and AVI formats.
    • Set the capture screen size freely.


    • Not Available for Mac .
    • Cannot support more output formats.

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    Simplest Screen Recorder For Minecraft Ever

    Minecraft is a game of unlimited possibilities. But killing skellies and crafting bombs is even more fun when you can record yourself playing and share it with other gamers on YouTube. Gecata is a screen recorder for Minecraft that is powerful, simple, and free. Itll take no time to figure out how the software works and start recording your Minecraft gameplay with voice and webcam.

    Capturing games on PC has never been easier. Launch the app, turn on Game Mode, tweak the settings, and dive in the world of the game!

    How To Record Minecraft Game Screen

    Minecraft – How to make a PC

    In the following guide, we will take capturing Minecraft screen on PC as an example. If you are using a Mac, you can take the similar steps to complete the Minecraft game recording.

    Step 1 Double click the download button above to free install this professional Minecraft recorder on your computer. Launch it and prepare for the recording. As you can see, besides capturing Minecraft screen, it also enables you to record audio only. While during this step, Screen Recorder is still the function you should use.

    Step 2 Click on Screen Recorder option and enter the video recording interface. This powerful Minecraft screen recorder allows you to capture full-size screen or customized size based on your need. Moreover, you can capture sound from system audio or microphone. Here you can only turn on the System Sound.

    Step 3 After all these settings, you can click REC button to start recording. You can start to record first and then open the Minecraft game.

    This all-featured Minecraft screen recorder enables you to preview and clip the captured video to only save the necessary parts. What’s more, you can select any frequently-used output format like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and more.

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    What Is A Minecraft Server

    A server is a software setup that lets players organize and control multiplayer games. If you’re playing multiplayer, you either have to know the name of the server you want to join or get invited by the host. Anyone can set up a server, but it’s a little technical — and it’s a big responsibility because the host is in charge of the players. While some folks set up a server just for friends or a one-game session, there are a lot of dedicated Minecraft servers, some just for kids or families or other groups. For example, Autcraft is a Minecraft server designed just for kids on the autism spectrum, and Famcraft is a server that’s family friendly. The folks behind these established Minecraft servers put a lot of effort into building communities around the worlds they make, and they tailor the game-playing experience for their specific audience.

    Lower Particle Render Distance

    Particles appear often in your game, like anytime there is an explosion, you walk on sand, or it rains. Start at the lowest distance and work your way up to see what works best with your PC.

  • Click and hold the slider knob next to Particle Render Distance and move it to the far left of the slider. Left is low, right is high.

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    Who Are The Best Minecraft Youtubers For Kids

    While there are plenty of kid-friendly Minecraft players, such as Stampylonghead, who use their videos to teach tricks and share secrets, kids looking for Minecraft videos can easily stumble across age-inappropriate content. Many YouTube gamers offer videos on a wide assortment of games, including ones geared for older players, such as Grand Theft Auto. And older players, such as the infamous Swedish gamer PewDiePie, use pretty strong language. You can suggest your kid use the YouTube Kids app to find age-appropriate Minecraft videos or subscribe only to channels you’ve preapproved. When your kid is first getting into Minecraft, it’s a good idea to watch videos with them so you can get a sense of the tone and content. Check out these kid-friendly channels, as well as:

    Record Or Live Stream

    Minecraft:How to make Computer
    • If you plan on recording or streaming the game, we recommend OBS. It allows for both recording and streaming the game, as well as integrating a Twitch account to see live chat and stream options without using a browser. It’s also free and can capture in any quality your computer can handle.
    • For video editing, you can use Vegas or iMovie. Adobe Premiere is also an option, with the Elements and Pro versions, depending on your budget. VirtualDub is a high quality open-source editor for those who do not wish to pay for an editing program. DaVinci Resolve is another popular, high quality editor, which has a free tier that is more than enough for editing Minecraft recordings.
    • If you wish to record your voice and the audio from Minecraft in two separate streams to be edited together later, you will need a program like Audacity. Or you can use the DXtory recording program which automatically records sounds in separated streams. Also, Blender can split the Sound and Video streams if you use RecordMyDesktop.

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    Free Online Screen Recorder

    Apeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder is the best free screen recording software for Minecraft. With this free and easy-to-use screen recorder, you can record gameplays like Minecraft, Battlefield, Roblox or World of Warcraft to gain more likes on YouTube, Twitch and more.


    • It allows to capture gameplay, presentation and e-Learning courses.
    • You can record a picture-in-picture game recording while enabling webcam.
    • Users can select the recording area like a full screen or a fixed region.


    • Unlike Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, you cant edit with this online tool.

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