How To Make Minecraft Videos On Mac

How To Record Minecraft Gameplay Without Lag

how to make a minecraft video on a mac

If you’re surprised to find out that your output is laggy, you could have saved your recording to the wrong format for your devices. MP4 is the universal video format that’s compatible with almost all devices you use. You may also consider changing your previously chosen resolution to play well on your mobile phones, PC, or laptops.

More Options Of Animation Programs For Mac

Synfig Studios – Free. Open-source and free 2D animation maker software for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Easy to use.Tupi – Free. User-friendly 2D animation software for Mac, Windows and Linux. Suitable for beginners. Toon Boom – Paid but offers free trial. A powerful 2D animation video software for macOS. Suitable for professional entry.Cinema 4D – $190 for a month license. A piece of professional 3D anime studio for macOS and Windows. It has been widely used to make high budget box officehits. Free trial provided. Lightwave – $695.00. One of the best 3D animation programs for macOS that will well fit high-end animators and movie makers. It offers a 30 day free trial.K-3D – Another free anime software for Mac, Windows, Linux to make 3D animated movies/videos. It features full set of basic tools for general requirements.

Turn Off The Sound In Minecraft

Minecraft is all about the visuals and what you can do with it. While we appreciate the background sound, it really doesnt enhance the gaming experience all that much. Turning off sound can actually have an effect on the gameplay speed.

Heres how to do it.

  • Go to Options
  • Play the game to see if it made a difference.
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    Connect Your Computer Onto A Power Supply

    GPU and Processor require sufficient power to run entirely. If the battery charge is in poor condition, several devices would immediately disable the GPU and CPU and slow things down their Minecraft. Please ensure that you do have a packed filled with a charge or insert the power socket when playing these games to improve the game results.

    Your Kids Want To Make Minecraft Youtube Videos But Should You Let Them

    How to make a minecraft bukkit server 1.1

    Great for if you want to use a command block to play a sound when someone opens a door. Take a look at all the sound file names here. Displays the seed for their current world should you wish to replay the seed again from scratch or pass it along to a mate. Changes the world spawn to wherever the player is standing.

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    Way 1 Record Minecraft On Mac With Quicktime

    QuickTime is one of the best options when you want to record any kind of video on your Mac, including gameplay. This solution is preferred by most Mac users because it is very easy to use, easily accessible and above all free. It can be used to record both the screen and the camera, along with audio, making it the most ideal solution for gameplay recording.

    To use QuickTime to record Minecraft gameplay on your Mac, open the game and then follow these simple steps to start the recording process

    Step 1: Open the QuickTime Player from the Applications folder which you can find in the Dock or using Finder Window.

    Step 2: Once the application is open, click on “File” in the menu bar and then select “New Screen Recording,” to record what is happening on the screen, in this case the game. You can choose to record the entire screen or a section of the screen.

    Once you have made your selection the QuickTime control panel will appear.

    Step 3: To begin the recording, click on the “Record” button.

    Step 4: When you are done with the recording, click on the same “Record” button to end the recording.

    How To Record Minecraft Gameplay With Minecraft Recorder Without Lag

    Step 1. Get ready with the best Minecraft recorder.

    Video Recorder

    Step 2. Record Minecraft GamePlay with/without internal audio, microphone voiceover, and webcam.

    Open Minecraft. If you want a better capture, you can maximize the window. Then switch back to the Aiseesoft Minecraft Recorder and click the REC button. OR, you can press Ctrl+Alt+S to start recording.

    A 3 seconds countdown will begin and then you can start recording your gameplay. When you are done playing, just press Ctrl+Alt+S again to stop.

    Note: If the hotkeys dont work, that means the hotkeys are occupied by other programs. You can change the hotkeys by going to Setting> Preferences> Hotkeys, then press the key combination that you prefer.

    By the way, before recording, you can decide whether to recode the System Sound, Microphone, or webcam from the program interface. For those gamers who are recording themself and the screen at the same time, they can also mute the mic, turn off the webcam, capture screen, or add the annotation to the recording anytime during the Minecraft gameplay recording.

    Step 3. Trim and Save your Minecraft video.

    Your Minecraft recording will render to a pop-up window automatically, from which you can cut the beginning or the ending of the video that you dont want. Then you can click the Save button and set the path to save your recording file.

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    Running A Minecraft Server From Home

    You dont need a top-of-the-line system to run a Minecraft server a desktop computer is ideal.

    While you can run a Minecraft server and play on the same machine, youll need a more powerful system to do it.

    And lastly, use a wired ethernet connection for your server instead of wireless. A wired connection is more reliable.

    Lots Of Interesting Content And Fun Elements

    How to Make a Minecraft Server on a Mac

    Minecrafts latest version comes with the popular retro-style graphics in a pixelated or “blocky” world. With huge worlds, you can explore dramatic landscapesensuring youre always engaged in the gaming experience. In order to reach higher levels, you can easily mine materials, build constructions, and interact with other players.

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    Main Features Of Minecraft Recorder For Windows And Mac

    • Record games and other on-screen videos for offline viewing or YouTube sharing.
    • Manage video, audio and screenshot settings before recording Minecraft game video.
    • Customized the recording area, system/microphone audio and other preferences freely.
    • Set hotkeys to record/capture or finish the Minecraft game recording project.

    Fix #: Update Your Java Installation

    One of the common causes of Minecraft crashing on startup issue is an outdated Java installation. Having an updated Java is important, particularly for those playing the Java Edition of the game. It is also crucial that you install the Java version that is suitable for your macOS version. Install the 32-bit Java for the older macOS version and the 64-bit Java for Catalina and other recent macOS versions. If you dont want the hassle of looking for the compatible software for your app, you can use a driver updater instead.

    Keep in mind that starting from Minecraft 1.12, Minecraft will need Java 8 to run. If you dont have it or you dont know what Java version you have installed on your Mac, you dont have to worry because the installer comes with its own Java version by default. Just make sure to uninstall your current Java installation to avoid conflicts because of multiple Java installations.

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    Download The Minecraft Server Software

    Open TextEdit. Set the format to plain text. Enter the following:


    exec java -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar nogui

    Save the file as start.command in the same folder where the servers .jar file is located.

    Open the Terminal and grant permissions for the new start.command file so it can be run. Type chmod a+x with a space after the command. Drag and drop the start.command file into the terminal window. Press Enter.

    Movavi Screen Recorder Studio


    Super easy to capture/record screen while performing different tasks at your screen. It comes with an improved interface as compared to its previous versions. It gives ease to record from multi-sources such as a microphone, webcam, within the screen, gameplays, webinars, and a lot more.

    Its the most lightweight of all available ones. Comes with the different dynamic setting to work with and produces an overall great content.


    • Scheduling Capturing and recording: It gives the user functionality to schedule the recording to make the process more convenient and time-saving.
    • Auto Turn off: Movavi gives the user functionality through which after the recording is complete the system automatically shuts down on its own.
    • Inbuilt video editor: Movavi comes with a basic inbuilt video editor for editing and processing the recordings.
    • Comes with Auto Stabilization mode: If somewhere there is distortion in the recording it makes it clearer and sharp and makes the recording stabilize.
    • Integrated Device support: Depending upon the device to devise the user can choose from a vast menu of settings and device connectivity.



    • Given customer support available is not satisfactory when the user tries to connect to solve the queries.
    • The user faces issues related to software crashes at the time of editing the recordings.

    What is unique about Movavi Screen Recorder?

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    Give Minecraft More Ram

    If youve tried all your tips on how to optimize the speed of Minecraft by changing your game settings, its worth giving it a shot to optimize your laptop as well. Sometimes your system can be at fault for a slow gaming experience.

    One way to do this is to allocate more RAM for Minecraft. RAM is essentially an internal memory that exchanges the data with the computers CPU. This means that as a medium for communication, the game has to access RAM to interact with the CPU. Increasing the RAM given to Minecraft will automatically make it run faster.

    Heres how to do it:

  • Check how much-installed memory you have on your system. You can do this by pressing the Windows logo key + Pause key at the same time. This will allow you to see a lot of information about the system, including how much RAM you have.
  • Run Minecraft and then click on the top-right Menu option.
  • After clicking on Launch Options, Click on Advanced Settings
  • Here, Click on Add New
  • Give it a name and then click on JVM Arguments
  • Change the option of Xmx2G into Xmx4G. You can also change it to 4 or 6 or 8 depending on how much your computer has to offer. A good rule of thumb is not to allocate more than 75% of your computers RAM for Minecraft.
  • What Is The Best Minecraft Recording Software

    Best Minecraft recording software is the one that not only provides the best user experience but also comes up with professional video and audio recording abilities.

    Giving instructions using a text-based approach makes it a traditional approach and usually takes more time to describe itself. Describing video-based gameplay instructions makes it a better and effective way to present the facts and figures while describing the gameplay situation.

    Every single action and movement can be captured using this Minecraft recording software and the one gives a lag-free recording of actions, recording the desired area of the screen, should be a cost-effective product, providing with best audio recording quality are mostly considered to be the Best Minecraft Recording Software.

    Here are my picks for the best Minecraft recording software to use this year which can act beneficial for the users who are highly engaged in activities related to recording the gameplay:

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    What Is A User Flow Diagram

    User flows, UX flows, or flowcharts, as they are sometimes called, are diagrams that display the complete path a user takes when using a product. The user flow lays out the users movement through the product, mapping out each and every step the user takesfrom entry point right through to the final interaction.

    Fix #: Set The Java Directory Manually

    How to make a Minecraft server on a Mac

    If you have multiple Java installations and you want to use a specific version for the Minecraft game, you need to manually set the path for the game to avoid confusion.

    To do this:

  • Click on the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Java.
  • Click on the Java tab, then select View.
  • Select and copy all of the text under Path. The path to the Java installation should look like this:
  • /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/java
  • Open the Minecraft launcher, then click Launch options.
  • Scroll down to Java executable and switch the feature on.
  • Paste the text you copied into the box.
  • Close the window and try launching Minecraft once again.

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    Adjust The Settings For Difficulties

    Playing this game on a higher tough level will cause Minecraft to sluggish. You can select a few of the four levels including Easy and Difficult to your taste. If the system is adjusted to Tough, you’ll find several mobs and zombies spawning additional zombies as the players are targeted. Also in the difficult stage, the larger amount of pixels would have to be created, so your Computer would require a lot of GPU resources to run the app seamlessly.

    When you adjust the skill setting in the game, aggressive crowds will be eliminated, your participants productivity will then be improved quicker, as well as the new game can become erratic. By using the necessary steps to configure the difficulties conditions mostly with Minecraft Network Control Panel:

  • Pick Config Files in the Multicraft section.
  • Pick Server Settings for the app.
  • Select the desired difficulty standard from the drop-down screen under Difficulty.
  • Minecraft Too Slow Here’s A Way To Speed Up Minecraft On Mac

    Before we start

    Having spent some years coding applications for macOS weve created a tool that everybody can use. The all-round problem fixer for Mac.

    So here’s a tip for you: to quickly solve some of the issues mentioned in this article. But to help you do it all by yourself, weve gathered our best ideas and solutions below.

    First developed in 2009, Minecraft is the second most popular game ever created . Its known for its open-ended gameplay and its pixelated building blocks. Players attempt to build houses, make tools, and fight bosses while using creativity to create the game as they go along. If youre a fan of computer games, you may have already played Minecraft on your Mac.

    Running Minecraft requires your Mac to be able to function in the most optimal fashion. Without paying attention to your computers performance, you may experience Minecraft running slow or lagging during gameplay. To help speed up Minecraft, you can manually complete a few steps to tackle slow or choppy issues, so you get to go back to creating your Minecraft world.

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    How To Record Minecraft Pe On Computer With Ios Screen Recorder

    Note:If you want to record Minecraft Pocket Edition on your iPhone or iPad, then you can download the iOS Screen Recorder app on your device. Then just follow this guide to finish the installation. After that you can freely record Minecraft Pocket Edition on PC or iPhone.Step 1:Step 2:Step 3:Step 4:

    Why Is Minecraft Slow On Mac

    Minecraft: How to make Apple Products

    Minecraft can be lagging or sluggish because the Mac requires its resources to operate other programs in the backdrops at the same point. When you have all these applications running simultaneously, for instance, keeping MS Word and videos working while your device is upgrading, it would not give a substantial amount of energy to an ideal Minecraft journey. Once the usable resources come to an end, the game would play even slower than normal.

    Follow the suggestions below and figure out how to make Minecraft run faster. Dullness in gameplay can also be challenging and difficult, but it is normally relieved by providing a system that fits operating system specifications and stable home internet access. Although there are several causes that may actually lead to the dullness of Minecraft, some of them can be categorized into two groups.

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    Jing Short Video Capture Program On Windows And Mac

    Jing is developed by TechSmith, which can be used to record short videos and take screenshots. Well, you can get some editing tools to highlight, add shapes and other tools on your recording video.


    • Record desktop and take snapshot free.
    • Get some recording filters to highlight, add text and more.


    Faqs Of Recording Minecraft

    1. How to record a video on Minecraft Pocket Edition?

    The easiest way is to download any recorder from Google Play on your mobile, but you should save the recordings on your phone. If your phone has no storage space, you can also share your mobile screen on your computer and use Tipard Screen Capture to record Minecraft PE.

    2. Can I reduce the lag when recording Minecraft?

    Yes, you can. Although you can’t change the occupied CPU of the recorder, you can clear other programs on your computer to process at a faster speed. Moreover, you can choose the frame rate of the recording videos to 24 fps, which can reduce more lag.

    3. How to record Minecraft through Xbox Game Bar on Windows?

    Xbox Game Bar is the default recorder on Windows 10. Firstly click the Settings button on your computer and find the Game settings. In the Xbox Game Bar pane, you should turn on the switch, and then you can use the following hotkeys to start recording. Record Xbox 360 gameplay here.

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    Hypercam Windows Screen Recording Software For Minecraft

    HyperCam is also a pretty good screen recorder that can capture special sequences during the Minecraft gameplay recording process. You can get basic screen capture features from HyperCam.


    • Customize the screen recording size.
    • Record Minecraft videos with audio.


    • You have to save the recorded Minecraft game video as AVI format only.
    • Have bunch of malware inserted during the installation.

    Reach Out And Connect Sharing Your Work With The Broader Minecraft Community

    How to: Make Minecraft Skins on a Mac
    • Just one click to share your videos on your social media.
    • Besides sharing on social media, you can also transfer your Minecraft videos to iOS devices.
    • Or, if you would like to own a hardcopy of your recordings, Aiseesoft screen recorder for Minecraft connects with other Aiseesoft products to burn your game activity sharing into DVDs or Blue-ray.
    • Make slideshows for multiple recordings to tell your unique story. Aiseesoft Minecraft recorder is more than a recorder. Instead, it provides a gateway for a suite of powerful free and paid tools you can access at your fingertips.

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