How To Make 3d Renders Of Your Minecraft Skin

How To Render Your Minecraft Creations In 3d Glory With Chunky

How to Make 3D Renders of Your Minecraft Skin

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If youre looking for a way to 3D render and preserve your favorite Minecraft creations, big or small, as beautiful images then look no further than Chunky. Whether you want to immortalize a whole city or a tiny cottage, its the right tool for the job.

Advanced Minecraft Skin Editor

Making skins for Minecraft is easy with PMCSkin3D our free online editing app. Learn how to Minecraft skin using paint tools, brushes and color palettes! Share your skins for Minecraft with the community! All of your progress and settings are saved to your local device allowing you to pick up where you left off.

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Render The 2nd Skin Layer 3d

Instead of a Texture that flys on the Skin the 2nd layer should be rendered 3D.

Should only be on fancy.

This would make so much sense it’s astounding!

Or change it in skin customization settings!

I like this.There are a few mods that do this and some skins can look a bit off. So if this was default people could disable the 3D if their skin doesn’t agree with it.

Never thought I’d type that last bit, what an odd phrase out of context.

Agreed with topic and the fancy suggestion. Would look much better.

Would look better for everything! Hats, Glasses, Gloves, Boots!

Maybe same with ladders and saplings and other 2D things?

I agree. Last time I remember this being suggested Dinnerbone seemed to like it. link

That’s exactly what I wanted over the years! 😀

Ah snap, that is SO cool!


This is the most epic idea I ever found here.

Fuck yea.

Like the other guy said, it should only be on fancy.

Would give skins many more possibilities and help people who can only make simple skins.

Did you took the screenshots with MorePlayerModels?

But i didn´t took the Screenshots. Have fun.

You’d just have to render the parts as if they were items. What i wanna say is that they already have the code that does that, they’d just have to use it for the head and decide on the thickness of the overlay.

But onfortunately it’s not that easy. What follows might not be popular but i’d like to add some technical details about what would be going on.

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This Is How You Turn Your Minecraft Creations Into 3d Models

    The Minecraft Team recently released the Better Together Update, designed to unify the console, mobile and Windows 10 PC versions of the game under one single Minecraft. It includes cross-platform play, infinite worlds, the community Marketplace and servers . For Windows 10 PC players, theres also integration with Paint 3D and, making it easy to export and share 3D creations and inspire others.

    Heres how you can create your own 3D Minecraft content in Windows

    Cinema 4d / 3d Software

    Another Minecraft Skin Render by Hoolychan on Newgrounds

    Once we have our .OBJ model and textures, weâll need a 3D modelling package in order to render it. I use Cinema 4D as personal preference, but Blender is a great free alternative with tons of tutorials and resources.

    Inside your 3D software of choice, import the .OBJ file that was exported using one of the converting tools.

    In Cinema 4D, click the âFileâ menu on the right, then âMerge Objectâ, and select the .OBJ file of your exported world.

    If the texture link is broken, everything will be black like this.

    In order to fix the problem, we must manually select all the material files on the bottom left corner, and change their texture link by clicking on â< < multiple values=””> > â on the right.< /multiple>

    A window will open. Select the world-RGBA.png texture exported with your .OBJ world. That is the sprite sheet of your worldâs textures.

    Now that the textures are linked and our world has become colourful, we must add the transparency to materials for blocks such as water and leaves.

    Once again, select all the textures, and on the bottom right panel, click on the âBasicâ tab. There will be a list of options to check from. Tick the âAlphaâ channel.

    An âAlphaâ tab will appear. Go in the Alpha tab and link the texture to the world-ALPHA.png like in the previous step.

    *If you use another software, you may have to manually add the textures too. In that case, dig around and try to link the color/diffuse channel and the alphachannel to the RGBA png.

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    Open A New Creative World Or An Existing Creative World

    If you are not using a creative world, you will need to enter creative mode by opening the in-game menu, enabling cheats, and changing your Personal game mode to Creative. This will allow you to use cheats, which are needed to enable the new Structure Block in-game. You will also need to change the Trust Player Permissions dropdown to Operator. This will allow you to use cheats, which are needed to enable the new Structure Block in-game.

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    Installing And Configuring Chunky

    Visit the Chunky website and grab the most current cross-platform binary bundle. There is a Windows installer but the binary bundle is a universal Java installer and just as easy to use. Extract to a well labeled folder and run the chunky.jar file.

    The installer will prompt you to pick a location:

    After selecting a directory, the Chunky launcher will load. Now is the time to select the directory that contains the map file you wish to work with . After selecting the folder, adjust the amount of memory allocated to Chunky. While it can run on a smaller amount of memory, if you have a bunch to spare you might as well speed your render up by allocating it to Chunky.

    Once you select a world , the world will load in a top-down view.

    Heres an aerial view of the same Survival Mode castle-in-progress we used for our Mapcrafter tutorial.

    Lets say we want to render that partially finished lighthouse weve been working on. All we need to do is select the chunks the lighthouse is sitting on by clicking on them.

    Then we simply click New Scene to start the rendering process. Chunky will ask us where we want the scene stored. By default, it stores your renders in /scenes/ off the main directory. Confirm where you want the new scene placed and click OK.

    The next stop is the Render Controls panel which is paired with the Preview panel. The settings here are a bit overwhelming. Wed suggest only messing with a few of them to start with .

    Converting World To 3d Object

    How To Make 3D Renders of Your Own Minecraft Skin in BLENDER! – 2021

    There are many different software you can use to convert Minecraft worlds to .OBJ models, such as Mineways, jMc2Obj, mcobj. You can also to see the full list. I use Mineways because the others are all command line programs, whereas Mineways has a user interface and is easier to use.

    Mineways is great for its intuitive layout and ease of use. Download Mineways, and place the extracted folder on your desktop. Once Mineways is opened, load your world and use the right-mouse-button to highlight the desired area to export. Note that under âFileâ, there is an option to set a terrain file, which is the Minecraft resource pack to use when exporting. There are already a few resource packs that come with Mineways but there is a way to add your own.

    To add your own resource pack, first locate it. It may be in the .minecraft folder, or in your downloads if you just downloaded it. Once located, open/extract the resource pack and find the âblocksâ folder . Copy its content to the âblocksâ folder inside your Mineways folder. Now simply run âTileMaker.exeâ or âTileMaker32.exeâ . It should generate a PNG terrain file called âterrainExt.pngâ. Rename that PNG or it will get overwritten if you generate a new resource pack. You can now load that terrain PNG in Mineways in âFile > Set Terrain Fileâ. My favorite is the Ovos Redemption pack for my renders.

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    What Is Chunky

    In a previous Minecraft tutorial we showed you . If youre interested in a more up-close and personal render than MapCrafter can provide, however, you need Chunky.

    Where MapCraft renders your Minecraft world in totality across all available chunks, Chunky renders a tiny portion of your Minecraft world in very high detail, so its a great tool for really showing off a build youre proud of.

    Further, you can really dig in with Chunky and set a wide variety of options unavailable in Mapcrafter: you can use custom texture packs, set the time of day and angle of the light, adjust the light sources, and otherwise tweak the render options and appearance of your rendered chunks to achieve a perfect look.

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