How To Get Free Domain For Minecraft Server

Teamspeak Connection To Server Doesn’t Work Cmd Ping Doesn’t Work Either

Minecraft Server Tutorial – How to get a Free Domain Name –

I have the problem that I can hardly join any server via the Teamspeak client. The problem exists with both the domain and the IP. These are the servers and which I cannot join and which I cannot ping either. On the other hand, the connection works on a server of a friend who also uses a domain with . The network settings are as follows: – Fixed IP – DNS server:

System: Windows 7 64-bit network card: Intel Wireless-N 7260

How To Create A Subdomain

Nearly all domain registrars have the same configurations when it comes to setting up your domain/subdomain. As they are all very similar, we will cover how you can set it with GoDaddy.

Configuring/adding your subdomain

  • On this page, you will see a section labeled All your products and services. Under this, look for Domains.
  • Under Domains, you are going to see a listing of all the domains you have on your account. To the right of the domain, click on DNS. On this page, you are going to see a section named Records. There are two records we will be adding, the A Record and the SRV Record.
  • A Record

  • In the records section, click ADD and choose A from the dropdown.
  • You are going to see a few required values that will have to be filled out.
  • Host: Defines the subdomain, e.x play in play.mydomain.comPoints to: Defines the IP address the A record should resolve to. This will be your Minecraft Servers IP address.TTL: Defines the average time it takes for the changes to propagate.

  • You will want to first set Host to the subdomain you want. For example, if you put in Play for the Host, it will set it as
  • Next is Points to. You will want to set this to your server IP address .
  • After you set that, set the TTL to ½ hour. This will define the average time it takes for the changes to the domain records to propagate.
  • Here is an example of the end result:

    SRV Record

  • In the records section, click ADD and choose SRV from the dropdown.
  • Moving The Domain Name And Linking It To The Server

  • Head over to Namecheap FreeDNS and enter the domain name, e.g. “”. After creating an account, you’ll see a green alert telling you to change the name servers.
  • In the Freenom Management Dashboard, go to Management Tools > Nameservers. Click the “Use custom nameservers” option and enter the servers listed on the Namecheap page.
  • On the Namecheap page, hover over your account name on the top left and click Dashboard. Then click Manage next to your domain name. Click the Advanced DNS tab. If it blocks you from doing anything in this or the next step, then Namecheap did not verify the name servers yet, just keep refreshing the page.
  • Click the add new record button to create the following records:
    _minecraft _tcp 0 5Automatic
  • Make sure to press the green checkmarks next to the records to save them. In the Minecraft client, you should now be able to connect using just the domain name, e.g. “”. If not, try again in a couple hours.
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    Creating The Dns Records

    Once you have found the DNS for the domain you want to use, these steps will walk you through the record creating process. These steps assume you are already at the Custom resource records section of the DNS settings.

  • Make sure that the dropdown box is set to A
  • Confirm that the record got added in the list below the entry boxes.
  • Change the dropdown option above the list to be SRV
  • In the text box with the @, you will want to put _minecraft._tcp.If you made the A record with a subdomain, you will want to put the subdomain immediately following the _tcp. Example: If you have your A record set to be the @ box for the SRV record would need to be
  • In the box labelled Service parameters you will want to put the following in it: 10 5Note: Stay in this text box for the next couple steps as we will be adding more information into it.
  • Get the port of your Minecraft server, this is the number following the colon in the number IP address. Example: If your port is 12345, then you add that to the SRV record to make the second box: 10 5 12345.
  • Get your full domain for how people will be connecting to the server, if you did not use a subdomain it will just be something similar to If you used a subdomain in your A record, you will need to use something similar to
  • A Free Minecraft Server

    How to get a FREE custom IP address for your minecraft ...
  • Go to Configuration > Jar installer: Choose the right type and version. “Vanilla” means without mods/plugins. Also check the box that says to wipe everything and press the big install button.
  • Go to Console and press the start button. Do not leave the page while the server is booting, since you’ll have to agree to the EULA once it’s booted up. After agreeing, the server will restart automatically.
  • Once restarted, see if you can join the server using the IP and port given in Server Details > Service Information.
  • Go back to console, type “op < your username> ” and press enter. You should now be able to perform any commands. Press the stop button afterwards.
  • Go to Configuration > Public Renew. Fill in the required information, you can leave the reward command blank, but you probably want to check the box that allows your server to start if renewed. Make sure to share the link that appears on the right after saving with all players, so they can help keeping your server online. The server can be renewed every 10 minutes, adding 1.5 hours to a countdown timer, with a maximum of 12 hours. When the timer hits 0, your server gets stopped. If the server stays stopped for 3 days , the server along with all files and the world save will be permanently deleted. So make backups using file access.
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    How To Set Up Dns Records For Minecraft

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the MY DOMAINS button, located on the top right hand corner.
  • For the A Record, leave the drop-down menu under Type as A, in the Host type in in your subdomain , and copy and paste your IP address into the answer field. Then click the blue Add Record button.
  • For the SRV Record, select SRV in the drop-down menu under Type. The enter the following for the fields:SERVICE: minecraftPORT: your server port TARGET: PRIO: 0Click ADD RECORD and it should look like the illustration below:That’s it! It should work once propagation is complete .
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    What Is A Domain Name

    Its easy! Think of a domain name as an address to your home, while the web hosting would be the actual building. If you want to find a store, you dont look for it by coordinates. You look for it by the address.

    Without domain names, we would have to memorise IP addresses, would be much harder and wouldnt let you make a good impression with a memorable domain name!

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    Choose Your Billing Terms

    After you select the appropriate plan, Hostinger asks you to choose a period for your plan: monthly, 12-month, 24-month, or 48-month.

    If you want the free domain, do not select the month-to-month payment option. Hostinger only includes the free domain with terms of one year or more.

    The longer your commitment, the greater the discount. You also stretch out that discount for as long as possible, because renewal pricing is never as good. This is not a Hostinger thing, this is just the way every host does it.

    And if you sign up for longer, Hostinger will actually lower the renewal rate. This is not common. As you can see in the image above, the renewal price for a single month of service is $10.29/month, whereas the renewal price for a 48-month term drops to $5.99/month.

    The downside to signing up for a longer period is that you have to pay upfront. Again, this is typical of every host, and the reason I like signing up for Hostinger is that it is a really great deal.

    Do the math out: Hostinger Premium Shared Hosting costs $95.52 for four years of hosting. Pay a hundred dollars today and dont worry about your website until current high school freshmen have graduated.

    When you factor in the savings of a free domain name, the price only looks better.

    How Can I Link My Domain Name To A Minecraft Server

    How to get a FREE Custom Domain for Your Minecraft Server!

    255651) Mapping a bare domain to your Minecraft serverHostValue: IP address of your Minecraft serverTTLServiceTTL2) Mapping a subdomain to your Minecraft server mc.yourdomain.tldPlease notemc.yourdomain.tldyour subdomainProtocolTargetProtocol Target mc.yourdomain.tldHostValueTTLService

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    Dev Community Is A Community Of 766941 Amazing Developers

    We’re a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers.

    In this tutorial, we will learn how to link a domain with our server or a VM instance located on the cloud. We will also learn how to get a free domain for a year using Freenom.

    NOTE:- If you are familiar with Google App Engine or AWS Elastic Beanstalk, you must already know that they provide a domain name instead of an IP address. However, this domain name is not easy to remember . So, you can link a Domain Name with this complex Domain as well. If you do not understand this paragraph, do not worry. It is just a bit of extra information!!!

    Can I Get A Free Email With My Domain Name

    Yes, although it also depends on the plan. Hostingers web hosting plans that offer free domains also come with free emails. Other domains might require email hosting to create an email account using the domain.We highly recommend creating an email account using your domain name. Here are some of the benefits of doing so:Branding. Especially for businesses and organizations, custom email using the domain will create a sense of legitimacy.Security. Users using the same domain for their email will find it easier and more secure to communicate with each other.Database. Create a centralized database for all users using the same domain for the email.

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    Should I Renew My Domain Name

    Yes, forgetting to renew a domain might cost you losing the domain or paying a redemption fee. The life cycle of every domain goes from active, expired, redemption period, and then pending delete. So, its better to avoid paying a redemption fee, which can cost up to hundreds of dollars.To renew a domain, make sure to check the registration period. Users can register and pay from one year and up to 10 years for the domain license. Users will pay less for the renewal if the domain is registered for a longer period of time.Some users often dont realize that a domain renewal fee is different from the original fee. For example, with a .com extension, the registration fee with Hostinger for the first year is $8.99/year, and the auto-renewal fee is $11/year.However, some renewals cost significantly higher than the first year fee. With a .live extension, the price for the first year with Hostinger is $3.50/year, but the renewal fee is $21/year. So, dont forget to check before purchasing.To renew a domain, check with the registrar most registrars offer an auto-renewal option for domain renewals. Auto-renewal means a registrar renews a domain annually without the authorization of the site owner.

    How To Create A Free Tk Domain For Your Server

    FREE Custom Minecraft Server Domains!
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    Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Be sure to check your spam folder.Step 7

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  • Quote from BartOwndHey, I was wondering if you need to change the .properties? I mean Server ? And if so, what is the port??? Do I need to localhost or also in advance

    Quote from chuckaknuckleOr better yet, just use Dyndns.

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    only when I connect from Direct Connect.

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    Cheap And Free Vps Server

    Make use of our free VPS Hosting servers, no matter you are students, developer and want it to use for your school projects or any personal needs. You can even book cheap domains from our domain booking page. No credit card required for getting free trial VPS hosting servers be it Windows or Linux.

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    Quick Faq For Domains

    Do I own the domain permanently?

    No, you have to renew the domain yearly. However, you can pay up to more than one year. As an example, you can pay a domain up to 10 years or less if would like to.

    How do I keep my domain safe?

    If you continue reading down below, well explain how to add your domain to Cloudflare. Cloudflare offers free SSL and DDOS protection.If youre not interested in using Cloudflare, youll need to pay extra money to your domain provider for SSL and DDOS protection.

    What if I dont renew it?

    Once the domain has expired, it will be available again for purchase to the public.

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    How To Connect Your Domain To A Minecraft Server

  • Minecraft
  • How to Connect Your Domain to a Minecraft Server
  • Log into your Scalacube account
  • Go to Domains
  • Select a free domain or purchase a paid domain
  • To connect own domain, click “I already have a domain”
  • Follow the process shown in guide and video
  • Enter servers or website using your existing domain
  • Pay For A Premium Site Builder Plan

    How to get a FREE domain name for Minecraft Server *TUTORIAL*

    Keeping in the same vein as above, youll likely notice if you build a site with Wix that you may not have to settle for the free subdomain.

    The catch? Youll need to bump up to a paid plan with your website builder.

    This may not be a worthwhile solution for some folks. Paying for a premium site builder plan is likely to not only negate the savings of a free domainitll almost certainly cost you more. Plus, whatever savings disappear after one year.

    But, if youre setting up an ecommerce site or something else that needs the enhanced features of a premium Wix or Squarespace plan anyway, this can be a way to mitigate some of that first-year expense.

    And, fortunately, even the base-level paid plans for Wix and Squarespace come with this bonus. In the case of Zyro, youll need to choose their Unleashed plan or higher. Fortunately, Zyro often slashes prices on their paid plans, too, for the first year.

    However, be very careful to research the rates at which these domains will renew. You dont want to get stuck with a bad deal that totally wipes away the savings of the first year for free and is more expensive in the end than just paying for a domain from the get-go.

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    Can You Help Me Set Up My Dns Record

    As every registrar is unique, we recommend first reaching out to your domain registrar for help. Often times, companies will have guides available or a support team on standby to help you.If you do need our assistance, feel free to reach out. While we can’t access external accounts, we’ll do our best to help you get things squared away.

    Choose Your Web Hosting Plan

    Pick your web hosting plan and get a free domain!

    Single Web Hosting

    • Free SSL help_outline
    • Free Domain
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee help_outline
    • 2 Databases

    Optimized for small and medium businesses

    • Free SSL help_outline
    • Free Domain help_outline
    • Unlimited Bandwidth help_outline
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    • Unlimited Databases
    • Daily Backups help_outline
    • Free CDN help_outline
    • Cloudflare Protected Nameservers help_outline

    Perfect package for personal websites

    • Free SSL help_outline
    • Free Domain help_outline
    • Unlimited Bandwidth help_outline
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee help_outline
    • Unlimited Databases

    Payment terms

    The plans shall be pre-paid, not divided in installments. The amount presented represents the product’s total price split by the number of months your plan will be live.

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    Configuring The Minecraft Custom Domain In Cpanel

    In the example below, Joe wants to give his friend the following domain name so they can connect to his custom Minecraft server.

    Joes custom minecraft domain:

  • Login to Cpanel
  • In the search bar type: zone editor and you will see the Zone Editor icon appear.
  • After you have clicked on the Zone Editor icon, you will see your custom Minecraft domain name in the list like below. Click on the Manage button to start editing the domain.
  • Now you will see a list of zone file settings for your custom Minecraft domain. For the purpose of this tutorial we have removed all unnecessary entries like MX and SPF etc.Now we will do two things.A. Edit the A Name record B. Add an SRV record So click on the Edit button next to the A Record entry.
  • Enter the IP of your Minecraft server into the Record field as shown below.
  • Now you need to add an SRV record for your custom Minecraft domain. Click on the Add Record button.
  • Now you will see the options to configure your new record, so first step is to select the SRV record type from the type dropdown.
  • When you select the SRV record from the type menu, some new fields will appear.
  • Now you need to enter the values for the SRV settings.These are the values for these fields.Name: _minecraft._tcpPort: 25565Target: joes-custom-minecraft-server.comWhen you are ready, click on the Add Record button apply the settings for the custom domain.
  • ALL DONE!!

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